The man says he’s fine. He says he should play tomorrow in Calgary.

Thank the gods I don’t believe in nor like very much, since after finally seeing a replay of the hit, if Kopitar truly is OK he deserves the title of Iron Man.


So it looks like there was no contact with the head by Morrow. I see it as a blindside hit, but I may be in the minority on that one. It’s a fine line between charging/blindsiding and taking a clean run at a guy who doesn’t have his head up. For me the difference comes from the fact that Kopitar was already covered going behind the net and that Morrow comes in at an obtuse angle from Kopi’s direction. Kopi is already dealing with Alex Goligoski hounding him from behind, and that’s where his attention was, so it’s not entirely just a case of a guy who isn’t paying attention. It’s a guy who is preoccupied with one player getting leveled by another. I won’t say it’s absolutely clean, because this hit walks a fine line for me, but I’m willing to acquiesce to it’s legality. I still reserve the right to want Morrow’s spine smashed repeatedly by cross-checks the next time we play the Stars.

We could talk about how stupid the automatic visor rule is in regards to Mike Richards’ fight with Morrow, one of those rules you forget exists until it is enforced, but there is little sense railing against what is written in black and white. The reason it is written, presumably to protect poor player’s fingers when throwing punches, doesn’t really seem worthy of a 2-minute penalty, let alone a game misconduct but let’s be not kid ourselves, the Kings inability to clear the zone for over 2 minutes gave the point away to Dallas. We typically view fighting as a way for player’s to police themselves. I think being known as a pussy for fighting intentionally with a visor should follow the same line of thinking, then again if being known as a pussy were enough then Jason Chimera would have been shamed into retirement a long time ago.

What I refuse to let go off is the other incident from the game. I will only be sighing about the play in OT with exasperation if supplemental discipline is not lain upon the squirrely head of Sheldon Souray.

Bad enough that Jamie Benn forces Williams’ head into the ice, just a dirty move by a shit stain yokel, but Souray coming over and throwing punches is abhorrent. A sign of a real douche bag. There simply is no way you can explain that one away to me.

But hey, Kopitar is OK and that’s what is really important. We got our point, are right in the thick of the standings and if the offense can continue to gel then the Kings should have little trouble pulling away from those teams whom we hope will be the also-rans.

Is there any denying that the Dallas Stars are the Kings biggest rivals? Anaheim may be just down the freeway, but the Stars are bumping our wheels on the road to hell.