In high school, I knew a kid named Brenden. I punched him on the school bus once. He was talking shit. I turned around, he looked at me, I looked at him and I popped him right on the nose. It bled. His eyes watered. I felt better.

There was nobody to punch tonight. Strangely, I am ok with that. I am fine. Surly is not fine. If you heard an explosion and saw a mushroom cloud between L.A. and the Valley, that was Surly’s head. It combusted.

Why am I fine?

We scored four goals. We came back twice, down by two goals, tied the game and took the lead. As far as I am concerned, we owned the overtime, as we did the second and third periods. Losing in the shootout isn’t losing. The shootout isn’t even hockey.

The powerplay rapidly improved. And I know why. After the first powerplay that looked like garbage, Surly leaned over to me and said, “we have to come up with a different name than powerplay when we write about it. We can’t call it that. There is no fucking power.” I thought for a moment and responded, “boob.” He laughed with a “what?” “We’re going to call it boob,” I told him. “Boob?” he asked. “Boob,” I repeated. Throughout the rest of the game, we had six boobs, at which Surly & I screamed “BOOB!” at the outset and a few times throughout. We scored on 50% of the remaining six. Boob.

Did the officiating suck?

Kind of.

Doughty oversold that tripping call. It was a trip but if he just fell, verses dive hard forward, he probably gets that call. The fact that it led to a rush the other way and a goal is the part that burned my butt and Surly…well, Surly nearly lost it.

Was that a penalty on Brenden Morrow? You tell me. I haven’t seen the replay and they didn’t show it at the game.

Mike Richards stepped up but fighting Morrow requires someone bigger and stronger. On the one hand, bravo to Richards for stepping in. On the other, we lost this game because of those two penalties. Another butt burning.

Did Doughty charge? I think so. He was helped by a push but he did not stop. I can only assume that is why the goal did not count.

Benn should have gotten a penalty. Souray should have been ejected from the game. The bastards dog pile Justin Williams, both are throwing punches, Souray comes in while Justin is down, that was the worst part of the officiating tonight. I hope the league looks at suspending Souray. I may be dreaming on that one.

They missed a couple of obstruction calls but that is nearly every game.

Am I concerned?

Yes. I am worried about Anze Kopitar’s injury but stressing or freaking out about it solves nothing. My brothers and sisters, don’t give yourself an ulcer. I suspect it is a concussion or a shoulder. I haven’t seen the video replay (they didn’t show one at the game) of Brenden Morrow’s hit…I have decided I hate that name…but the consensus is it wasn’t a “dirty” hit. We’ll see. As I write this, we don’t have a status update other than Darryl Sutter’s statement that he has a bloody nose. Update: Call it a sneaking suspicion – or maybe I heard something :) – but I think Kopi will be fine. We’ll see.

Kopitar and Simon Gagne’s absence, the latter of which is likely the rest of the season, is the loss of two top six forwards. Dean Lombardi is stressed out. Who comes up from Manchester? Cliche? Does a wing get a call up and Brad Richardson, Trevor Lewis or Jarret Stoll go to center? This can be the subject of another article but the options are many…and some of them have a yikes component.

Mike Richards had an awful game. Another one. With Kopitar’s injury, Richie better get his shit together and fast.

My three L.A. Kings stars

3. Trevor Lewis

2. Jack Johnson

1. Anze Kopitar

I have an image of Surly struggling with the key to his front door, thinking about our peanut & clitoris discussion and laughing, thinking about the game, filling up with rage, breaking his door down and then trying to figure out how he will explain that one to his girlfriend who likely jumped twenty feet out of bed.

You’re up Kings fans.