L.A. Kings vs. Calgary Flames Open Forum: Kopitar, Sutters, Cammy & Megan Fox

Looking Back

An intense, bordering on insane, game against the Dallas Stars ended 5-4 in the anti-climatic shootout. We trailed by two goals twice but came back to take a 4-3 lead in the third period, only to surrender it on a fluke goal that ended our perfect penalty kill streak.

Remember when we were unbeatable in the shootouts? This season, we suck ass. Jarret Stoll is hit and miss and All-Star goalie, Jonathan Quick looks mortal.

Still, one point is better than none, although such conciliation has done nothing to brighten my mood.

We are told Anze Kopitar is fine. Given the investment made in Kopi, I hope the L.A. Kings aren’t playing him if he is not ready, regardless of the fact he allegedly does not have a concussion.

Tonight’s Game

Enter Alberta, home of the Calgary Stampede, which I still have not attended to my disappointment (to Surly’s horror, I enjoy country music and know my way around horses and bulls). The great province of Alberta also hosts homesick, slow but still productive left wingers who need time away from Los Angeles to avoid…er…distractions. That is down the road from where we play tonight.

Jarome Iginla recently celebrated his monumental 500th goal. Calgary landed our old friend (and theirs), Michael Cammalleri, in exchange for Rene Bourque (I have the hardest time with Canadian names due to their excessive o’s and u’s) and some odds and ends. Cammy will likely be motivated to show those losers in Montreal that they blew it in a big way. Offensively gifted with plenty of snipe, I can’t help but think how much I would prefer to have Cammy at his $5 million + than Pancakes or even Jarret Stoll. Although the one player on Calgary I would give Penner’s left nut to get is Curtis Glencross. A dreamy left wing that does it all and comes with a mean streak made for L.A. A boy can dream.

Calgary is 13-5-2 at home but only 21-19-5 overall, good for 11th in the West with 47 points. The type of sustained offensive attack we have seen from the L.A. Kings is mandatory tonight. To say we haven’t had success in the Saddledome is akin to declaring Surly’s lack of success at bedding Megan Fox, although the Kings did nail them last game, while Jacob continues to hold out hope. Speaking of hugging and general affection, the hands on Darryl Sutter will coach against his brother, Brent.

Games To Watch Around The NHL

Colorado takes on Dallas, San Jose is at Columbus (puke), the free-falling Minnesota Wild are at St. Louis and go Flyers against the Predators.

This is your open forum.

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43 replies

  1. The thought — just the fucking THOUGHT! — of your dick in the same room with Megan Fox is triggering my gag reflex.

  2. in exchange for Rene Bourque (I have the hardest time with Canadian names due to their excessive o’s and u’s)

    … Oh, you mean Rene Bork. That was a terrible trade. Montreal’s implosion has been glorious to watch.

  3. Nothing wrong with country music. Msny of our boys like ..Surly might someday when he gets older ;)
    So tonight we face Cami..sniper with something to prove. It would be great to hold him scoreless.
    Question ..have any info on Raitis Ivanans? Haven’t seen anything since he went ouy with a concussion
    early last season.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Sorry Surly,
    When Megan Fox goes hockey, she’s mine! Once I’ve moved on, your still gonna lose out, because she will be so broken hearted that she will be ruined for men forever and will probably go gay.

    Your only chance is the long hair, but you’ll have to start wearing mini skirts, and high heels.

  5. Seems like the insider has crashed again. Either that, or it’s a maintenance day.

  6. I was thinking of giving you a thumbs down because of the Brent Sutter link. But since I was the idiot who clicked on the link and that was really a picture of Brent there, not some monster from a movie like Nosferatu for example, I’ll give you a thumbs up.

  7. Yeah it is crazy to think how cammi’s contract at the time was just unreasonable and he had to be moved. Now he would killer to have. Not one of DLs finest moments especially when it amounts to trading cammi for penner minus 1m, but I guess it made sense at the time.

  8. As always the Kings started out a little sluggish but they are slowly getting in a groove.

  9. RICHIE!! Kipper opened up those legs like Megan Fox in one of Surly’s dreams.

  10. Kopi!!!!!

    More than 2 goals for 3 games in a row! What awareness by Kopi. Beauty.

  11. … yes Mr. Nicholls please let the stick guys through dammit.

  12. Quick won’t know what to do with a two goal lead!

    . . . no, JT Dutch, I have no idea as to what Quick is really thinking

  13. Giordano is quite the asshole.

  14. How dominant did we look? We man handled them like Detroit and Chicago generally handled us. This team looks damn good under Sutter. The PP is also improving. Go Darryl Go. He is starting to make a believer out of me.

    • The third period was such a joy to watch. Every time the Flames had the puck in their zone there was someone putting pressure forcing them to make quick passes. This was a great game to watch.

      • Also…how key was that save by quick in the 1st (where he went post to post)?

      • Fucking A man. We are not in a shell anymore. The Terry Murray 1-3-1 in the third is gone…well, who am I kidding, it was the Terry Murray 1-3-1 all game that is gone.

        • Agreed. A month ago if we got this lead they would have just stayed back and tried to win it by playing defense. They were out looking for more. Loved it.

    • No fooling…I was not happy at all when DD chose him..I was way wrong!
      We have not played this physical a game all year…..in the last two years ..how long has it been?
      We have rediscovered taking the man into the boards. Our 4th line. 13/24/47 were checking machines. Pens even got in on the action. He does not like Camilari.
      I predict some ugly fights when they come to town next week.
      Nicely done Boys!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. Anyone notice that Taylor Hall had 116 assists?


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