There are a few things that annoy me.

One of them is hearing or reading things like the L.A. Kings better be careful (or better be on their game) because the Vancouver Canucks are coming into tonight’s match pissed off after shitting the bed against Anaheim. As if a pissed off versus a pissed on Vancouver Canucks team is going to make a difference in how the L.A. Kings prepare for the game or approach it.

It’s ignorant talk.

Sutter: Well boys, Vancouver is coming in pissed off. I guess that means the game plan is out today.

Several Players: Oh no, coach! What do we do?

Sutter: I don’t know. Jamie, what do you think?

Kompon: You said I wasn’t allowed to talk to the players anymore.

Sutter: I did say that…Bernie, any thoughts?

Nicholls: What? Sorry, I was googling a picture of Matt Greene’s girlfriend…Greener, nice buddy. Very nice.

Sutter: Let me see that later. John? Any ideas?

Stevens: What would Surly & Scribe tell us to do?

Greene: Break heads…

Johnson: Have the Sisters spitting blood…

Williams: Put Burrows’ face through Luongo’s ass…

Kompon: Fire me…sorry, I just wanted to feel involved.

Voynov:  надрать задницу чертов!

Loktionov: Exactly!

Richards: [whispering to Kopi] who the fuck are Surly & Scribe?

Quick: Fuck Vancouver! I am Jonathan Mother Fucking Quick!

Johnson: [offended]

Clifford: Let’s kick some fucking ass!

Players: [rising up] Yeah!!