L.A. Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks: Victory!

November 10 wasn’t that long ago. But it was a different time. A different era. The same team and a different one. From our 3-2 loss against the Vancouver Canucks on November 10:

The Kings 5 on 5 failed in nearly every respect to generate quality scoring chances and getting the puck down low. Yeah, we got shots on goal but you know and I know shots from the perimeter and the point are low percentage and, unless your name is Terry Murray, you realize that an offense built around that is based on chance, hope and a prayer and is ill-equipped for scoring on any consistent basis.

I promise you, I assure you, Terry Murray will claim that we played well, we tried real hard, he liked the effort, etc. That is because Terry Murray looks at a game where there are shots on goal, despite the goal total, and there is cycling and a “heavy” game along the boards as a success regardless of the result. I promise you Terry Murray doesn’t think much needs to change on the offensive side of things. What Terry doesn’t know and will never say is that despite the 3-2 score, we were really never in it…and we can thank Jonathan Quick for only three goals against.

There was a time we could not keep up with the Canucks. We had to slow the play down to have a chance.

Now we skate with them.

Now we skate by them.

Now they chase us.

Now we are the skilled team they should fear.



7 goals to 3 in two games against the Canucks. I like the sound of that.

Before we get to the game, let me take a moment to thank the Hockey Gods for a very underrated player who is fast becoming one of my consistent favorites – Rob Scuderi. He doesn’t overpower. He doesn’t out skate. Against top forwards, he won’t out skill. But does he ever outsmart. A defenseman who almost always finds himself in the correct place on the ice to force forwards to the outside, take away passing lanes, get the inside step and position down low and every once in a while play goaltender is a jewel. Rob Scuderi may have saved this game in overtime but for the 60 + minutes before that play, he was the picture of defensive acumen.

Give credit to RubberToe Luongo for a well-played 65. Quickie probably wants that first goal back. Short side, no traffic, but as has become customary and almost expected with Jonathan Quick, he made some incredible saves throughout the game.

I loved every second of this hockey game’s 65 minutes. I cursed, yelled and protested to those same Hockey Gods when it had to conclude with the shootout.

Justin Williams was in beast mode.

Anze Kopitar is an all-star. Fuck the voting and the voters, Canadian homers and the entire province City of Ottawa can eat a dead man’s dick.

Dustin Penner scored a goal.

The powerplay produced yet again. I like Jamie Kompon being forbidden to talk to the players. That Darryl Sutter is one smart guy. Did you catch his very timely timeout? Good coaching. Awareness.

Did you complain, “Mike Richard in the shootout? Oh, come on!” followed by “MIKE RICHARDS! YEAH BABY!” Admit it…

That first period was something special. A preview perhaps of how dominant we can be in the post Murray era. An argument perhaps that this team has the skill to make the playoffs and go deep. I know, I want another left wing too. Maybe more than I want Zooey Deschanel.

I will not see Underworld Awakening unless Kate Beckinsale makes a personal visit to my dungeon in the mood for a little pain. I don’t give a damn how much the organization oversells it.

Psst…I told you fearing the Canucks was loser talk.

Around the league, Detroit beat Dallas 3-2 and San Jose beat Calgary 2-1, both in a…mother sutting shootout.

Score one for the Province:

If the Canucks came out any flatter Tuesday, Dustin Penner would have eaten them.

Hey losers, we outplayed you. You ain’t all that.

My Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Justin Williams

Suck it Vancouver.


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  1. Scuds is easily my favorite player. He’s not flashy, and he plays simple and is consistent in his play. He makes the difficult look easy. With Zus gone, he is definitely the new King’s Unsung Hero!

    • Suderi also does the little things, like picking the puck up for the Linesmen on icing calls, that are probably unnoticed by a casual fan.

      By the way, did anybody catch the Vancouver broadcast? These pundits were downgrading Quick’s accomplishments because the Kings lack of offense makes their opponents play softer. Really?

  2. Agree with you on Scuderi…he’s been a favorite all year and totally dependable. I also liike his post game comments, you can tell he’s a good veteran presense in the lockeroom. I think he and Mitchell are a huge piece of this team going deep and hopefully they both stay healthy.
    Penner’s best game, really played strong and hope he continues to do that, goals should come. Don’t like Stoll on the line…but until DL pulls off the trade , I guess he stays there.
    With the injurires cropping up (4 that NHL Live mentoned), Kopi has a good shot to be named to the All star game, (so should Hartnell , 20 goals, 38 points and +18).
    I think Sutter has done a good job, and one big change/difference I’ve seen is in the 3rd and 4th lines. They’re really playing well every shift. And even tho they aren’t scoring, they are keeping the puck in the O zone and eating minutes.
    Looking for a good game Thurs, I wonder if Bernier gets a start?

    OT- Horrible injury to Taylor Hall, one of his teammates stepped on his face….

  3. The squad brought it and will continue to bring it the rest of the season. One thing that is still bugging me is how DL didn’t want to fire TM. Is he really that stupid? The team doesn’t just dump the puck into the zone as their go to play but rather dump the puck in out of necessity.

    Next up another beating to Calgary followed by do over slaughter to the Oilers. Damnit it’s good to see the team finally coming together!

  4. Victory for everyone but pancakes. When Fox gave him a chance to win an Aunt Jemima Syrup contract what does Pancakes do?

    “ah, I don’t like Aunt Jemima Syrup. I like new age syrup, I like to eat healthy.”

    First didn’t anyone explain Hollywood and endorsements to Pancakes? Second, when did Pancakes not have a healthy appetite?

  5. I admit it. I had those exact reactions to Richards in the shootout. Also, that was a really fun game to watch. Go Kings Go! Suck it ‘Nucks!

  6. Also thought Sutter made great use of the timeout, someting Murray rarely ever thought of.
    This team really likes playing for Sutter and it shows. They seem to be gaining confidence every game.
    That bodes well for the rest of the year.

  7. The Sedin Sisters…Two girls, no cup.

  8. Mike Richards played like ass tonight. He’s has a serious case of chronic FPS (fancy play syndrome). It hasn’t bit him in the ass much until after he came back from his upper body injury. Someone plz show him a compilation of all the shitty cute plays he tries to make that end up as bad turnovers. He can do so much better than that.

    • Richards pulled the 6 year old kid, snow plow slow down on Mr. RubberToe, in that shootout.

      That’s about as non-fancy, if this don’t work I’ll take over Pancakes spot as the most joked about King, but if this works….how stupid will RubberToe look, shootout move EVER.

  9. “Did you complain, “Mike Richard in the shootout? Oh, come on!” followed by “MIKE RICHARDS! YEAH BABY!” Admit it…”

    I sure did. I was also happy to see Williams in there though after being on fire, as well as being happy Johnson got a chance again.

    Canucks looked extremely shitty at many points in the game, but not to take away from Kings’ efforts because so many of them were absolutely next level tearing it up tonight. Luongo gave that team a point tonight.

    No recognition for the 3rd line? They didn’t produce but they brought good intensity and were a crazy nuisance on the forecheck tonight.

  10. I hate the Casucks and their fucking transplant fans in LA. Fuck you cunts. Nothing would be better than to show those a holes a first round exit in the playoffs in our building.

  11. Surprised your article didn’t touch on some more subjects like politics, footwear, Penis pumps, or euthanasia. Man you were all over the place tonight. lol

    Started out with a TM comparison, then attempted to appease to the Hockey Gods with some Scuderi worship, spent some time acknowleging some players, insulting Kompon, plugged a few hotties, referenced a few articles, and ended up somewhere around your 3 stars.

  12. I appreciate you keeping your sanguine game predictions in your pants until the final score was in.

    But elsewhere your article tampers with The Primal Forces.

    Not content to degrade Megan Fox with your admiration, now you subject Kate Beckinsale to it.

    Are you gonna march from one hot lick to another, saliva dripping from your canines, spoiling the fantasies of better men?

    For shame, Scribe. Shame.

    • P.S. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should stop posting links to cheesecake pictures.

    • Beckinsale is a real woman…..

      Sutter is a real coach

      Scuderi is a real defenceman

      Upgrades from Fox, Murray & He who shall not be called Dew

      There’s Hope for you yet

  13. It occurs to me that the Kings have the least productive offense in the entire league — yet, we are at this moment in the play-offs.

    We have SOMEthing going for us, something besides Quick.

  14. ‘Tis I, Captain Accuracy

  15. I have to say… I gasped when Clifford tried that full-speed Forsberg against Luongo. Shame he didn’t get it. So close.

  16. Rob Scuderi is a hard working guy who goes about his job quietly and with great determination! He had a great game last night and actually I think he pretty much has good games all the time….he is always there in the frey doing his part!



    I was there in person, one of only a handful of Kings fans in attendance. There happened to be only one other Kings fan in my section, and he was within high-five distance, which was sort of a relief because I had a lot to cheer about!!!

    I will say, I’ve gone to a bunch of Kings games here in Vancouver, and I’ve been noticing the number of Kings fans slowly dwindling, to the point where there really were only a handful of us there. What’s up with that?!

    It got me thinking about how miserable the Kings organization has been about promoting its team, both in LA and outside of LA. How is it that every fucking douchebag in Vancouver walks around with a Dodgers or Lakers cap and yet I NEVER see a Kings cap? Surely it can’t be that there isn’t an MLB or NBA (at least not anymore!) team in or most other parts of this country. People will wear anything with an LA logo on them, except for the KINGS! Seriously, what is up with that?! You’ve got thousands of people cheering for the Wings or Hawks or Pens here in Canada who don’t even know what state those teams call home.

    I guess I should be happy that we don’t have that many fairweather hipster fans flaunting our team’s colors everywhere, but hey, sometimes it’s nice to at least think that our team is worthy of being co-opted by hipsters! HA!

  18. Ottawa is a city not a province, wow weren’t you just complaining about how insulted you were about a Canadian newspaper spelling Los Angeles wrong. Talk about Kettle…..black.


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