November 10 wasn’t that long ago. But it was a different time. A different era. The same team and a different one. From our 3-2 loss against the Vancouver Canucks on November 10:

The Kings 5 on 5 failed in nearly every respect to generate quality scoring chances and getting the puck down low. Yeah, we got shots on goal but you know and I know shots from the perimeter and the point are low percentage and, unless your name is Terry Murray, you realize that an offense built around that is based on chance, hope and a prayer and is ill-equipped for scoring on any consistent basis.

I promise you, I assure you, Terry Murray will claim that we played well, we tried real hard, he liked the effort, etc. That is because Terry Murray looks at a game where there are shots on goal, despite the goal total, and there is cycling and a “heavy” game along the boards as a success regardless of the result. I promise you Terry Murray doesn’t think much needs to change on the offensive side of things. What Terry doesn’t know and will never say is that despite the 3-2 score, we were really never in it…and we can thank Jonathan Quick for only three goals against.

There was a time we could not keep up with the Canucks. We had to slow the play down to have a chance.

Now we skate with them.

Now we skate by them.

Now they chase us.

Now we are the skilled team they should fear.



7 goals to 3 in two games against the Canucks. I like the sound of that.

Before we get to the game, let me take a moment to thank the Hockey Gods for a very underrated player who is fast becoming one of my consistent favorites – Rob Scuderi. He doesn’t overpower. He doesn’t out skate. Against top forwards, he won’t out skill. But does he ever outsmart. A defenseman who almost always finds himself in the correct place on the ice to force forwards to the outside, take away passing lanes, get the inside step and position down low and every once in a while play goaltender is a jewel. Rob Scuderi may have saved this game in overtime but for the 60 + minutes before that play, he was the picture of defensive acumen.

Give credit to RubberToe Luongo for a well-played 65. Quickie probably wants that first goal back. Short side, no traffic, but as has become customary and almost expected with Jonathan Quick, he made some incredible saves throughout the game.

I loved every second of this hockey game’s 65 minutes. I cursed, yelled and protested to those same Hockey Gods when it had to conclude with the shootout.

Justin Williams was in beast mode.

Anze Kopitar is an all-star. Fuck the voting and the voters, Canadian homers and the entire province City of Ottawa can eat a dead man’s dick.

Dustin Penner scored a goal.

The powerplay produced yet again. I like Jamie Kompon being forbidden to talk to the players. That Darryl Sutter is one smart guy. Did you catch his very timely timeout? Good coaching. Awareness.

Did you complain, “Mike Richard in the shootout? Oh, come on!” followed by “MIKE RICHARDS! YEAH BABY!” Admit it…

That first period was something special. A preview perhaps of how dominant we can be in the post Murray era. An argument perhaps that this team has the skill to make the playoffs and go deep. I know, I want another left wing too. Maybe more than I want Zooey Deschanel.

I will not see Underworld Awakening unless Kate Beckinsale makes a personal visit to my dungeon in the mood for a little pain. I don’t give a damn how much the organization oversells it.

Psst…I told you fearing the Canucks was loser talk.

Around the league, Detroit beat Dallas 3-2 and San Jose beat Calgary 2-1, both in a…mother sutting shootout.

Score one for the Province:

If the Canucks came out any flatter Tuesday, Dustin Penner would have eaten them.

Hey losers, we outplayed you. You ain’t all that.

My Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Justin Williams

Suck it Vancouver.