Trade, Tweak Or Is This Your Post Trade Deadline L.A. Kings?

Left Wing:
Alexander Semin
Zach Parise
Andrei Kostitsyn
Ray Whitney

Right Wing:
Ales Hemsky
Teemu Selanne
Brad Boyes
Ales Kotalik

These are your “rentals” for potential top 6 wings. Selanne is crossed out due to the duh factor. I didn’t bother including Ryan Smyth. He is allergic to the L.A. lifestyle or at least his wife may be. Remove Boyes and Kotalik because they suck and you have a list that includes Semin, Parise, Kostitsyn, Whitney and Hemsky.

Slim pickings but good players in there.

Any of these players will cost at minimum a 1st round pick and a prospect. From there, Semin and Parise would cost more.

I don’t want Hemsky because Surly’s screams from 315 could cause Ales to pull a groin or separate a shoulder.

If Phoenix is out of the running, Whitney could go. Would Dean trade for a pure rental and little chance of re-signing? Weren’t we in the hunt for him before he signed in Phoenix? I cannot recall. I can see this happening if the Coyotes are outside looking in.

Kostitsyn would come with his entourage of Russian…suits and I wonder if he is a Dean Lombardi type of player. Still, he has talent. I am struggling with this one. How would he look on Loktionov’s right instead of Trevor Lewis? Hmm…

Alexander Semin. A pure sniper. What would the Capitals want? The 1st and prospect we talked about and a roster player? It all comes down to price here. If Semin can be had for a reasonable one, I actually think Dean pulls the trigger.

Zach Parise. Deep breath. The rumors of Detroit being very interested in him makes me ill. Watching Parise in another shade of red except in our conference may drive me to hate him. We have discussed Parise to the L.A. Kings enough, no? An exceptional player with all of the skill and character you would want and who could in the PTME (post Terry Murray era) catapult us to contender status. A boy can dream.

Of course, we could also tweak the bottom six and do nothing else. We could trade for something other than a rental. So many options there to discuss. Or we could do nothing and be happy with what we have.


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  1. I’d like to see one addition on wing for Richards by way of a permanent line partner. His name is Simon Gagne.

    Since that’s a pipe dream, I wouldn’t mind having Bobby Ryan. I know he’s not on your list but I think he would make a brilliant King.

    Since that’s a pipe dream too, I’m going to go with Semin. Just don’t let Foxy have a “pea in his whistle” night with that name on the ice.

  2. Vinny Prospal? Probably wouldn’t cost much and would be a sneaky, under-the-radar kind of signing. He has 30 points in 45 games despite shooting his lowest percentage since 2006-2007. Would help the PP immensely. Is a -9 on a Columbus team that is -39. Not bad as a temporary stopgap to Parise :)

    • For the right price (not a 1st rounder), I think Prospal would be a very good choice.

      • Heard a guy from Puck Prospectus today on NHL radio, say that given the situation in Columbus and Prospals currently elevated value, he is probably the only player than can net Columbus any usable return for fixing their mess (Nash would net huge return but now you are in complete rebuild at that point), so it is almost a no-brainer to move him.

    • Got my vote

  3. Jack Johnson for Michael Grabner. Voynov fills the role of second Offensive Defenseman. Martinez moves back into the everynight lineup. The Islanders need some more firepower on the back end. The Kings gain speed and a pure sniper up front. Not to mention he’s 24, plays wing, and has a cheaper contract than Johnson for several more years.

    • Imho, i’d never trade JJ. He’s young for D-man and still getting better. Better to keep him and replace the soon to be too old Mitchell and Scuderi. Am talking 2-4yrs. later. Replace with Muzzin and Gravel or Forbort should they develop. Way too soon to give up on JJ. Just like the Flyers will remember with horror the day they traded Mike Richards.

    • JJ is going no where. Good player with a really good contract. Wants to be a King. He will be strong under Sutter and again he has a cap friendly contract.

      • He wants to be a red wing. Go to practice sometime. He either comes out wearing a tigers hat or a red wings hat. As for me Jj and Martinez for Bobby Ryan

        • Dude is from Michigan. After all crazy DL U of M talk reported by Gann Matsuda, JJ went out of his way to negotiate his own long term reasonable contract. Watch all the interviews he does now. It’s like he changed personalities w/ the DD of two years ago. Always on the verge of schoolgirl giggling. I, for one, will always be grateful for his happiness to be here. Ever meet Rob Blake? Met him at FF2. Dick. Even in preseason ’98. Yeah, he signed a rookie card. Begrudgingly. Just saying,since JJ signed his deal…. the weight of the world is off his shoulders he is always smiling and laughing giggling.

          • And he wants to be great. DD came stormin outta the gates. He’s regressed the last 2 years. JJ He has barely scratched the surface of his talent. Same with DD. Sorry to say dude, Judge in 2-3 years from now. Maybe even 3-4 years. I for one, since 1978

          • Stupid android. Since 1978-79, I have watched the Kings trade Young talent after young talent in exchange for aging names. I will say yet again, I am so happy to sit through Dean Lombardi’s rebuild as opposed to the Vachon’s and McMasters…… If you are a young Kings fan I am replying to, you have no clue what we’ve been through. We get Wayne Gretzky to pair up with Bernie nicholls

          • Goddamn android. He score 73 goals as the number two center, and gets traded for sandstrom in granato. Again if memory serves, but I do believe I am correct instead of being patient for 1 maybe 2 years, and getting wingers for both of them, bernie nicholls was traded away. I would be like trading Kopi or Richards for 2 mediocre wingers. Don’t get me wrong, I loved sandstrom, I loved granato. How much better woulld we have been served by keeping nichols for a year or three longer?
            a year or 2

          • Am done. cannot compete with android any longer. Good night Surly. Good night Scribe. I apologize For the weird cut off posts, but my phone lets me go so far, and then cuts off what I can see what I’m writing. Anyhow my problem not yours. hope all is well with the spouses. TRULY. Night boys.

          • You seriously crack me up! First the nuckle rapping…now your phone! I relate! Cannot say more then 4 sentences on here or you are off the page, and God forbid you spell incorrectly(stupid small touch screen) you cannot see to correct…aahhh
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • What is wrong with you cats and your phones? I never have these issues on my iphone and I often post from it

    • The Islander to target would be Kyle Okposo. He is a stud, who is underachieving on a shitty team. Young, tough, and great hands… and he is another U.S. national.

  4. I’d be shocked if Hemsky was traded to the Kings, especially after the Smyth and Penner trades. Especially after the Smyth trade. A lot of bad blood there.

    Parise would be my first choice and hopefully signed for a few years. Semin only as a rental at a really good price. I don’t see him as a good fit on this team. We need guys that put out effort on every shift. Even Penner seems to be buying in. I doubt Semin would be able to adjust to the Kings defensive style. He’s never shown that he’s capable of backchecking. In fact, I doubt he knows that there’s a defensive zone.

  5. i still think DL struggles bringing in a top flight scorer. Due to the fact that he is missing 2nd and 3rd round picks in this years draft. He’ll be holding a death grip on his picks(IMO). I think he plugs the 3rd and 4th lines with guys that have scored 20-30 in their careers a couple times. Cant think of any names. Some research would do me good. But guys like Ruutu, from carolina. (example). The only thing he has right now, unfortunately to trade is young D men. I would “rent” hemsky, Semin might cost too much like you said. Ray whitney is having a good season, could be a good option.

  6. Please no more injury prone players or Oilers please. In other words, not Hemsky. From this list I’d (obviously) want either Semin or Parise. I’m going to break the taboo and say Bobby Ryan? For some reason I don’t hate him as much as the others, maybe its because he was in Team USA for the Olympics. But I don’t think that trade would happen because the Ducks wont trade with us and make us stronger.

    • I don’t hate him because he’s not a douche also he is friends with most our team and by most accounts hates Perry. Also he wants to be a king. The sucks might trade with us only because hey need good d men and were one of the only teams deep enough there to trade for good offense

      • Crazy? With Loktionov getting comfy in the third line center role, and Richards/Kopi both doing well in the dots, our dependence on Stoll is lessened.

        Stoll, Martinez, and a pick for Ryan? We get our dangerous winger, Stoll plugs the forward hole left by Ryan, and Ducks get a good young D-man to help shore up their D. If they are going to let Ryan go at all, they are going into rebuild, and they won’t care if the guy filling his hole isn’t quite on his level, in fact, they’d probably appreciate the veteran leadership as they bring up kids, much as we did.

      • Pretty sure Ryan wants to be a flyer, but would be content as a King. I’d still take him. /dreaming

      • If the Kings and the Ducks ever want a true rivalry they better start trading with each other and make both team stronger. To have only been in the PO’s once at the same time is crazy!

  7. Any upgrades ill be happy with but ill pass on Whitney. Any guy who chooses Phoenix over LA can waste away in the desert for the last few seasons of his career.

    • Whitney would have signed here if Dean had offered him two years. But Dean wouldn’t budge and only offered one year. Whitney wanted job security so you can’t really blame him for choosing Phoenix over LA. Besides, Tippett ain’t such a ba guy to play for.

  8. We get Parise and this team is a legitimate cup contender. The guy’s work ethic is solid And he’s got the skills to put the puck in the net. Semin is good but I have a feeling he’d turn into another Penner when he first got here.

    • I agree but Zack would need to come with a contract.

      I would advocate for Semin. He is a man living on his past.

      I think DL has just one more shot to get it right before exhausting his resources.

      Parise combined with the staggered age of the defense places the club in an excellent position for several years with the ability to rotate younger, less expensive players into the line up and exchange aging defensemen as required.

      One caveat about moving quickly however is so many loose ends in need of resolution. The team hasn’t quite jelled and appears headed for a number of off season mid and low level lineup changes and is still on honeymoon with a new coach. It might be best to play the year out, make the adjustments, make the trade(s) and shoot the works in 12-13.

      One other thought…in the unlikely event the Kings skid I would like to see a moratorium on trades until off season and experiment (within waiver restrictions) with some of the younger wings.

      • Opps…. “I would NOT advocate for Semin.”

        There, take that Alexander!

      • If the time is really now (and I think we’re hella close), it’s the cup or bust. Sign him on for several years. The only thing now is who’s gonna play with Richards and Williams?

        Gotta keep the goalie setup strong. I’d hate to let go of Quick. I believe the guy’s our man to the cup.

        The thing with the young guys as wing is they have little to no NHL experience and that makes me a little nervous of getting on this merry go round of wingers.

  9. Doubt if DL would go rental, more likely a permanent fit. There are a lot of sellers out there and depending on their needs, the kings have pieces to supply. Carolina (Ruutu) , Buffalo (Roy, Stafford), Islanders (Grabner, moulson) , Colmbus (Nash or Umberger) Montral (perhaps) or Edmonton or Calgary (Iginla or Glencross)
    As much as Parise would be great, NJ is in the playoff hunt and doubt if they’ll move him. He might have to wait for the off season.
    If DL signs a winger for Kopi, then the odd winger would rotate to Richards line wth Penner.
    I think DL has bult the team from the back up and wingers are last on his list. Whatever he doesn’t trade for, he’ll sign post season both top two lines have quality at wing

  10. Deano passed on Whitney on accounta Deano didnt wanna givd him a 2yr. deal. If memory serves…..

  11. DL would go perma fit, he has done it in the past. If that were to happen look at Philly or Edmonton, since he seems only to deal with either team when it comes to trades.

    DL should do nothing until the end of the season. Penner off the books, Stoll off the books cut bait with Parse, Hunter and resign WM to another 2 years, and Fraser for another year or 2. For a guy who supposedly was going to be bought out, Fraser has really been really good and not afraid to get his nose dirty. He has much better skills than Westgarth.

    The Kings have to make a decision about extending Quick for much more than his 1.8 and then go after a Parise.

    Sutter has the Kings looking more and more like the team everyone was hoping they would be, except Murray was just not going to take them to that next level nor the playoffs this season if he had been kept.

    My only concern is Dean Lombardi has never been able to sign a big name UFA. Lombardi has some sort of flag, which either players or the player agents just stay away from.

    The kids Toffoli/Vey/Weal might give the Kings that wing next season.

    Manchester really only has defensive players which other teams might want.

    Hickey has no chance of playing with the Kings unless something catastrophic were to happen. Hickey would be very attractive to teams needing a puck moving defenseman as It is becoming very apparent that Voynov is not going anywhere, which could also make Martinez trade foder, and maybe a goalie prospect Jones/Zatkoff if they do not plan on letting Bernier go, along with keeping Quick.

    The only thing I could see happening would be a Sutter/Lombardi decision. Sutter will know what or who he might like, since he is not that far removed from the GM position.

    • Keeping Bernier seems silly if Quick gets resigned, especially if there is no intention to lighten Quick’s schedule. Bernie’s just worth too much as trade bait, plus he goes RFA at the same time Quick goes UFA, which tacks on unnecessary extra cost when Jones and Zatkoff are both perfectly serviceable backups.

  12. Of course I want Parise here in L.A., and if not, stay the hell back east. I more see Deano going after Parise in F/A or sign and trade. The latter sounds dumber by the second. Sutter has been showing a great willingness to roll four lines. If the bottom six can be solidified, say with a Selke type forward, freeing up Kopi and Richards lines to concentrate on OHfense, leaving the third and fourth lines to perform their traditional roles, I see Cup. Maybe a rental LW if Gagne is done. But, what we lack, and what Stoll needs to accept, is he must be Zues. Ourthird line as a GREAT stopper line, like Zues, Meat, and Poni is what we need. Imagine if we had that as our 3rd line, with Mike Richards and Kopi as 1a &

  13. I worry about DL making a trade. I know Penner is playing way better now, but he still clearly made a hash of that trade. Add to that the fact that his Halpern and Modin trades were just ‘so-so’ – Modin a bit less perhaps.

    So, I worry about that. Even wrt to Penner, I have a hard time imagining that DL resigns him even if he ends up the season w 15 goals (total). So that one cost two firsts and a second.

    I’d sort of prefer to stay w what we have.

    That said, I didn’t know the Wings were interested in Parise (not surprised…. Rafalski did the NJ to Detroit shuttle) and I don’t care for that idea at all. And I can’t see where the Kings have enough cap space to make a substantial offer financially speaking to Parise…… and as Scribe says (or someone else said) that would most likely be in the off season as NJ is still in a playoff position so I don’t see Lou making any sort of move like that at all.

  14. We need somebody for sure. Gagne is likely not coming back, and that leaves us with… Westgarth to fill in on injury? I think, if you can get Parise somehow at the right price, then you do that. Otherwise, we’re pulling somebody into our bottom six i would imagine. Does anybody REALLY see Semin in a Kings uni? And regardless of his recent apology, i doubt there’s any chance of us dipping into the pool of Oil.

    Realistically, we don’t get Parise or anybody else to fill the top six on a rental basis. The price will be high and in Parise’s case, he likely walks at the end. My money is on somebody Dean can get short term or relatively low price for our bottom six group. If we were sitting somewhere in the top of the conference, then maybe i’d expect a top rental to come our way.

    • I agree. Reallistically, I doubt Dean will pull the trigger big after Penner. Longshot, Toffoli or Vey come up to afford Brown to stay on LW.
      Overall, I expect DL’s 2012 Halpern/ Modin. I don’t think, with every other GM in the league knowing Gagne’s done, that DL will trade from a position of weakness. DL covets his depth too much. And this year, the addition of Mike Richards, I’m ok with just solidifying the bottom six, especially with DS so willing to roll 4 lines. If the third line can be adjusted to be the stopper line, and a quality 4th line to boot, the way DS has this team going, and yes I know it’s still too small a sample size, the top six should be able, this team should be able to beat anyone, and I say this because of Quick and Bernier are lights out. BTW, I am stuffed with the DS specie of Crow.

      h th the D.Sutter

  15. Giving up much for a rental makes little sense; you end up giving up more than you get. Doubt there is a “breakhrough player” that will get the Kings deeper in the playoffs. Would stick with what we have.

    Yes I would like to see Parise here. However, I don’t think it is DL’s fault that the Kings cannot sign big name free agents. This probably has more to do with the lack of a winning culture in LA, The Kings have opened up their pocketbook when they have needed to…

    • Dean has been at the helm for 6 years. Isn’t he responsible for much of that culture to which you refer?

      • I’m not sure i’d say he’s responsible for “much”. By now, it would have been nice to at least be considered a top team in the west that players consider, but we certainly didn’t have much going for us when he got here. In my mind, his best acquisition is Richards, and we all know there’s no way he would have signed here if he’d been scouting the market.

        I’d also mention that beyond a winning culture, and despite what some people say, LA isn’t a hockey town. Some of that may change if we win, but it would take a LOT of winning in my mind for most guys to look at LA ahead of some other cities as places to sign long term and i don’t think you can fault Dean there.

        I guess i’m splitting hairs though since he’s definitely had enough time to have done something by this point.

        • Is San Jose a hockey town? Northern California.

        • I don’t know if our players — or any players interested in suiting up with the Kings — really WANT L.A. to be considered a “hockey” town.

          We’re definitely a media city. And winners always make the news.

          But there’s a lot to be said — and some guys have said it — about L.A. being less of a pressure cooker for hockey players than more hysterical markets like, say, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Philadelphia.

          Being able to shop at the local Trader Joe’s without paparazzi zipping round you like a pack of jungle gnats, yet occasionally getting recognized and petted by a fan here and there — that might satisfy your hunger for fame yet still cater to your need for privacy.

          Wayne Simmonds was loved by hockey fans in this town, but he was hardly known to, or reported by, the sports-media establishment. Yet almost as soon as he put on his Flyer threads he was mumbo-jumbo-ed through the the press, TV and print, with cameras jammed up his ass, over stories that had little, if anything, to do with hockey or with his skill in playing it.

          When I began following the Kings the team was known as some sort of old-timers’ burial ground, where decrepit elephants, already bereft of the ivory that made them famous, came to die. In exchange for us letting them fade away in the SoCal sun, we traded off our draft picks.

          The thinking, I suppose, was that L.A. — not being a “hockey town” — needed marquee names on the team to pack audiences into the Forum.

          But that was all bullshit. The simple truth that other NHL organizations had already mastered was this — if you wanna full house, just put a winning team on the ice.

          Yes, it does take talented players — even what we lovingly call “superstars” — to help a squad win. But such players are not indispensable to success. Very often these acquisitions are only superstars because of what they’ve accomplished on other teams. Once their owners perceive the intimations of incipient decline they unload them for draft picks that replenish their teams with Bossys and LaFleurs and Bourques.

          When he could still strap on his gear Terry Sawchuk was widely considered the greatest goalie in history. Yet how many playoff series did he win with the Kings?

          I guess what I’m driving at is that no single player, regardless of his position, can guarantee success for the Kings. Personally, I think it would be insane to “rent” some big-titted winger at the cost of further draft picks. Consider for a moment what we’ve already expended in trades that were meant to put us among the NHL elite.

          If Parise — or any prospective free agent — has any interest in playing for the Kings, he’ll keep his dick hard for that prospect come season’s end. But if we gotta lay out a hefty bankroll in talent, prospects, or picks just to buy the right to be the first to talk with him, I say “pass”.

          Let’s play the cards we have. We already anted up a LOT to get them. And this hand is not over, not by a long shot.

          • Do you have a twin sister?

          • I said that as a joke because I’ve been watching the Kings since ’78-’79. All I should have to say is ” McMaster.” I was 7 then in ’78, and nothing changed…… well a little under Taylor. Lieweke gets a bad rap. So does Anshutz and his other other billionaire partner. But at no other time in Kings history has a GM, DL, whether told to, or done so by standing up to management, been given the time to rebuild. I didn’t add resources, because McNall, for all his faults…….went all in. You obviously had to attend the $4 bleeds game featuring Jerry Korab, and Brian Engblom, watch the fiascos that lost us Ray Bourque and Kevkn Stevens, losing Murphy’s Larry and Mike, not to mention the trading ofAlexei Zhitnik just coming into his prime, for the snowman Grant fuhr. Well past his prime. You’ve been through the BS and we think alike………anyway, if you have a twin sister………is why I asked.

            CrownLine……….only to see never added to, or watched Murphy’s Larry an Mike

          • You had to mention Larry Murphy. Now I’m in a bad mood.

          • Why is android so retarded? It lets you post so far, then wont let u see what ur writing. Let alone erasing! Motorola atrix dual core. More like dual nuts on yor screen as you write.

          • I remember the graveyard era. Why? Anders Hawkenson; Pete Stemkowski; Syl Apps; and so on. And I agree…hang tight to those draft picks.

            Now LA has TV contracts, sold out games and bloggers to put a skate blade under a team’s ass. If not a hockey city, a healthy hockey crowd.

            With the team in flux I too feel the need to stick with what we got, see how the cake turns out and then apply the frosting.

            Unlike last season, I still can’t, in all honesty, determine what type of team we have and how the coaching looks long term.

      • I am interested to see if Sutter will improve L.A.’s chances at attracting better players. I’ve heard nothing but good things from his former players and we all know how the Kings felt about their coach at the start of the season. Players talk and DS rewards his players for hard work which is something nearly every player elite to 4th liner appreciates.

  16. Parise and semin are pipe dreams at this point. As long ad Phoenix is in the race, they will keep Whitney. DL is not looking to give up much to get sone additional scoring depth. I like prospal or kositsyn but at what price. Any major move will be UFA in the offseason. The chemistry we have right now Is pretty good and I don’t think he wants to mess with any of the core players. Unless an unbelievable offer comes around I think you are looking at cheap additions where we may not give up depth giving a salary dump to those teams already out of it.

  17. We have to do something about the Gagne situation, and that is the only reason I would even think rental, but it will be at the end of the season (technically the trade deadline) when Dean doesn’t have to pay a fortune.

    I am not into rubbing TM’s face in mud because I think that bath has already been taken by too many Kingsfans, and it’s time to move on, but Damn TM for never putting an all former Philly line together with a Gagne-Richards-Williams line.

    Now we might have lost Gags for the season, and that was a line I was waiting for ever since DL announced he signed Gagne. I still hold out hope that Sutter will put Penner-Kopitar-Brown together at some point, only because I said it would work ever since DL brought Penner in, and TM had only put those 3 together 8 shifts this season.

    Nobody listens to me. lol

  18. I am doubting Dean will pull the trigger on anything at all, but if he does it seems like it would be under very specific circumstances. The Kings would have to be looking really good for this year, Gagne would have to be still not at all close to returning, and his trading partner would have to have a pure top-3-on-any-team forward available.

    If that were the case, Dean would still have to find the Cap space, and I really don’t like losing a forward to get a forward, it just makes no sense. Not even if you get a much better forward, because you lose a player to get a player, and the line-up is already thin up front.

    I would trade Scuderi and Bernier for a blue chip real deal major mofo forward.

    Scuderi because he is the highest cap hit in his role, and we cannot lose the offense, such as it is (or isn’t, or as it is supposed to eb but so far ain’t) from Johnson and The Drew. I like Mitchell the most, Greene is making less and would not clear as much room, so you would have a top 4 of Doughty Mitchell, Johnson Greene, Voynov and Martinez/Drewiske. Muzzin is still out there, right? Somebody could be called up for very limited minutes, or to platoon with Drewiske.

    Bernier is never gonna be the number one goalie as long as Quick is healthy and signed. I know Bernier is cheap, and it is insane to have the quality in net that we do for only 3 million, but you gotta give something to get something and if we want top flight forward talent we gotta give something, too. Zatkoff, Jones, we got guys coming up and we can always sign some better than mediocre backup. If Quick goes down, we lose in the playeoffs no matter who is in net, barring a miracle. Plus, the trade would come just when Quick is gonna be setting up to peak for the playoffs, so thye backup will not be beeded as much, anyway.

    Like I aid, I am only proposing something drastic but necessary, which Lombardi could only do if it looked like the Kings were really positioned for a deep playoff run. A smaller trade, or a lateral move, would accomplish very little, especially when he has so many options available via free agency this coming summer.

    • Bernier is the only stop gap if we lose Quick, or can’t afford him next season. Bernier has been groomed as insurance, and if DL was forced to trade Quick, or let him walk the following summer, Bernier is his most logical replacement (hope to god it never comes down to that).

      The Kings would not trade Bernier this season, then paint themselves into a corner with only 2 rookies in Jones, or Zatkoff to take Quicks place if we don’t sign him.

      DL is a planner, who covers his bets. It might not work out all the time, but I doubt he’d say “lets do it now, then worry about that when the time comes”.

      He’s positioned Quick, and Berniers contracts to be up for renegotiations together for a reason. If 1 proves difficult, the other ends up the franchise goalie.

      Bernier might not be #1 as long as Quick is here, but Quicks not a lock to be here forever. If Quick signs long term next season, THEN Bernier is gone.

      • Agree with every single word you wrote here. Hey Dom, does that mean you have to check your pulse? – insert smiley here

    • Bernier gets better andd lights out the more work he gets. As far as Scuderi…he is what you need in the playoffs. Mitchell, too. I’d rather see Zatkoff go than Jones or Berube. I’d loove to see a deal made for, say, Nash. I just don’t think that with all the daft picks traded away, DL would trigger that deal even for prospects. I’ve already posted it, but we may just be better off creating a true stopper 3rd line, and an adjustment to the fourth line. We have a coach willing to roll four lines and Jonathans Quick and Bernier are out of this world. Gagne is the wild card. We, well alot of us were against DS as coach because we wanted balance. My points, I believe, will give us that balance. DS has been a pleasant surprise. Again…..Gagne?
      And does anyone else feel sick pulling for the ducks tonight?

      • I am not pulling for the fucking Ducks. Fuck them. They can suck on the bottom of Jim Tuan’s shit stained shoe. The Coyotes may finally be out of lives. Great coaching took them far as he made chicken soup out of chicken shit for years.

        • Ok, i’ll rephrase it. I want the coyotes to lose. It makes me sick to have ducks benefit. Do you really think I want the ducks to win? How dare you,sir?

        • It’s Tuan Jim, you reading-impaired fuckhead. Do something useful, like posting tit shots.

          I share your distaste for the Ducks. But they’re less to be feared at the moment than the Coyotes. Do not underestimate their coach, who can still slip them into the Your-Wife-Away-From-Home slot at playoff time.

          I don’t want the teams behind us to lose. I want them stepped on. I want their spirits crushed, their whole lives turned to refuse. As of this microsecond the Tippet Terriers are the targets of my hatred and disdain.

          So — much as it wrenches my guts to say it — tonight I’m pulling for Anaheim.

          (Christ, even as I say it I feel myself being inoculated with scum.)

    • Do you think it might be beneficial to keep Bernier, not just as a back up for the remainder of this season, but as leverage to sign Quick’s next contract to a lower cap hit?

      • There is that value come contract time, but the scenario I was talking about would only come if it looked like thsi was the year to go super deep, and that would be worth mortgaging a little of the future. If Dean makes a move like this, it would have to be the perfect storm of availability and need.

  19. I think Selanne would be someone we should go for if available. He come a bit cheaper than other rentals because he would limit the teams he would be willing to go to. At this point I could only see SJ and LA in the running so he could be near his family. I should say DET too because almost any player would go there as rental if given the option.

    • Selanne will not play for the KINGS, His no trade clause prohibits this.

      • ha ha. Are you making this shit up? No way his NTC says he will not play to the Kings.

        • I know he would rather go to the Sharks, Blackhawks Red Wings & Flyers than help the Kings over the Ducks!!!!
          I was being sarcastic, as well as frustrated!!!!
          If Anaheim tried to move him here, he would air mail his personally used toilet paper from Finland for them to hang from the rafters, with a number 8 drawn in fecal matter.
          Bobby Ryan……different story!!!!!!

  20. Forget signing quick, he’ll want a lot of money. Let bernie step in and save the money in signing a parise type and re-signing penner. Trade gagne in the off season and free up some cap space. Bernier can do it.

    • Parise is a problem because we’ll have Kopi signing the next year for over 7 million. There’s gonna be some shuffling by Dean, and I’m sure he’ll free up the money somewhere, but I still wonder if DL will take on another 7 million dollar (or more) salary.

      Maybe a 4 mill, or even 5 mill, but not 7 or 8. S&S have no problems with it though. ;)

    • Wont be able to trade Gagne but for a 4th-5th rounder. Shame. Love his play and how he instantaneously sticks up for his teammates.
      ……….but for concussions.

    • I’m Sure Tampa Bay would hand over Stamkos for Quick…..
      There is a HUGE question mark as to whether he want’s to be a King in the future, and there may be no price that could keep him here!
      The Rafters….a cup….all the records he’s breaking and setting in a Kings jersey…..remain a King?
      We’ll get a HUGE return for Quick!!! But can Bernier take us to the Cup???? Will we still have to pay Bernier to his potential like Drew Doughty just to keep him??
      QUICK is the HIGHEST priority……..Look at the Rangers NOW.
      They’ve brought in talent year after year, but Lundquist is the Center piece of the team. They have built around him, and the youth have finally arrived. They added some talent and are serious contenders.
      There is no player on this team more valuable than J. Quick

      • What question mark is that? (“…huge question mark as to whether Quick wants to be a King in the future”)

        • Yeah…. where the hell does it say that there is a Question as to whether Quick wants to stay here?
          That’s the first I’ve heard about it. Unless you know Matt Moulson’s wife.

          • UMMMM…..OK

            I remember, and I’m not saying it was you guy’s

            Quick was the stepping stone, the now guy until the 2nd coming of Christ named Bernier took over and became Lord of all Goalie’s!!!!!!

            Bernier does not play…..Bernier does not get traded…..where are all the Quick bashers NOW.

            Are the Kings trying to keep him, I’d say YES, because last season we played Bernier more because the season before that, Quick was supposedly overplayed, tired, couldn’t win #40, wasn’t great in the playoff’s!!!
            All his buddy’s from Manch, got tossed away to east coast teams, and have maybe received more recognition there, than Quick has yet to get out here!
            He was raised in that east coast rivalry, lots of attention to hockey environment. Many of the top teams will have enough cap space after next season to out bid us for Quick. Boston could be that team….and he grew up a Bruins fan.
            No I don’t know Moulson’s wife, or Boyle’s 12 siblings or Purcell’s gynocologist. But if he’s a King, #32 hanging next to Rogie, setting every record a Kings goalie could, and is OK with just that…….I hope he forget’s the fans that couldn’t wait for Bernier, called him Mr. Softee and the playoff losses he got the blame for.
            I have hope with this All-Star selection, he is starting to get recognition he was due, and as the best player on this LA Kings team. He is the face of this team…..not Doughty, Kopi or Brown.

  21. If Dean Lombardi makes a trade with anyone, I suspect it’ll be Hooters, because what the Kings are in the market for is wings.

  22. Parise is 1st choice. I have a feeling NJ doesnt trade him if they are locked in playoff spot even though its risk to loose him. Maybe they do it if they are on the bubble? On the other hand they would be crazy not to try to re-sign him and match any offer, that guy is the franchise. Lou’s no dummy. Kovalchuk is a floater. Fuck the Wings. But Im not gonna get my hopes up given our free agency track record. But holy fuck we would dominate with that guy on the top line.

    If the Wings do get Parise then they owe us Zetterberg.

    Shane Doan? Hell yeah, that guy would be great for us. Hes still a good player and could be more affordable on his next deal. And as much as I like Brown Doan would probably be a better captain.

    I say fuck no to semin at all costs, that guy is a 1 way player and douche.

    I am all for going for the wizard Whitney. That is a solid depth guy who would be huge in the playoffs. I think DL did want him and he was willing to come but they couldnt agree on a deal, that was a M Barry rumor I believe.

    Rutu could be descent.

    Aside from free agents there are also good old fashioned trades.

    I wish we had gone after Hartnell before he got on pace for almost 40 this year.
    He could have been had for a reasonable price. JVR is having an off year but could bounce back. Philly needs D.

    If the Flames dont make the playoffs I wonder if they finally break up the team.
    If so Iginla would be sick on a line with Kopitar or Richards. We get Iginla and we would rule. I wonder if we could afford the contract for 1 year until he’s up for a new deal. I wonder if they would move Glencross?

    Andrew Ladd?

    If the Ducks (fuckers) blow up the team why not try to get Ryan?

    • Agree. YAY, you’re smart! Me too, I’d love to have Parise…. but you actually muttered (or wrote) the key words… ‘Lou’s no dummy’. You can say that again.

      I know it would be like amazing to get him, but truth be told, after reading what Scribe wrote, IF he were going somewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be the Wings (unfortunately).
      If I’m not mistaken he played college hockey and I assume it might have been in the northeast as well? Not taking the time now to chase down that info.

  23. Bobby Scribe, sorry to mention Larry something or other, so to put a smile on your face, do you remember J.P. Kelly tossing Gordie Howe over the boards? So far i canf find video of it. But a friend of mine has is it on Beta VCR. To make it up to you, will find a way to send you the video. #17, J.P. Kelly hit 52 yr old Gordie Howe and blasted him upside down over the boards. Just gimme a little time. We’re talking beta here.

  24. The rumor I heard of Nash for Johnson and some change is the one I say they should still do. With Nash the kings become a cup favorite, and possibly a dynasty.

  25. I have been wanting the most trade value for Jack Johnson for the last few seasons. We have Drew’s contract that NOBODY is going to touch, and plenty of young untested rising D-men,. both offensive and defensive.
    Voynov is only going to get better, BUT we said and paid for that with Drew, and so far it’s frustrating. Voynov may be the keeper, Martinez the sleeper. We would be getting way less value for Marty just for the shadow cast by JJ,DD & VV. So why don’t we call a spade a spade, If we are going to make a trade, and try to improve the smartest move should be made, or let the playoff chips fall into place.
    Can we trade DD??? Highly doubtfull, but what if?? What team has talent, is not playing to the payroll, and needs a shakeup if the playoff’s aren’t achieved??
    BUFFALO??? They may just turn sellers, and our UFA’s and their UFA’s won’t make us better. Trading outside the east could make us the right partner.
    We can’t trade our 1st rounder, or we will miss the DEEP draft this year altogether. Stoll for Boyes will not solve anything long term, and Lombardi has said that trades need to address both sides needs.
    Drew Stafford…..if we are looking to the future, this may be the piece we need, WHY?
    We Want Parise… does Detroit, Toronto and many others.
    He wants to play for a contender, so did Brad Richards, but chose NY over LA because he wanted to play for Tortorella again.
    Parise, Johnson & Stafford won the National Championship as High Schoolers with their buddy Sid. But, where is Sid, and what’s the chance of any of them playing with him??
    If we LOVE Parise, and want that edge to bring him here to LA, then we need Johnson, and if we could bring in Stafford, Parise may follow.
    Drew Doughty & Trevor Lewis for Christain Erhoff & Drew Stafford
    Buffalo will not give up Myers, and going into next season will be in need of a soilid 2 way center. Doughty will be a beast with Myers. Stafford will be with Parise. Erhoff was a Lombardi draft pick, proven playoff preformer, and with all these young D-men in our system, Mitchell probably gone next season, Scuderi the next, maybe the right guy to lead them at 4 mil cap hit.
    8 mil cap hit swapped, addressing needs for both teams!!!!
    Again……this is the only reason I would keep Jack Johnson, and Deano has ALWAYS traded players that hold out for more money….ALWAYS!!!!

  26. About Johnson and Detriot……………

    If you want to see Parise go to the Red Wings, send Johnson there.

    My Stomach is twisting just thinking of it!

    • You must have been hit to the head if you think DD isn’t tradeable, and may have a concussion if you actually want to trade him. I agree with your assessment on VV and AM. I say trade JJ and his constant turnovers before even thinking of trading DD.

      • Concussion…..NO, Hit to the head …..Yes!!!!

        By the reality stick

        Doughty is tradeable, but he isn’t going to bring back the return we would want. Not with 2 goals ( I’m not counting that overtime winner he lost, found a skate, then the back of the net!!!! Not for 7 million) all the blown coverages and turnovers.
        I’ve been wanting the Kings to trade Jack Johnson for years, and now with VV & AM, WHAT IS THE HOLD UP!!!
        Parise is the only reason that makes sence

        Did Gagne come here asking for a job, NO. Guy’s like Williams and Richards, along with Coaches Stevens & Murray made it a comfortable and enticing choice.
        What besides a Kings ramsom is going to make him choose LA. A chance for a cup? A contender? Well with him we really look dangerous, but so would, Detroit, Toronto, Colorado,Minnesota or even Anaheim.
        Jack Johnson may help him sway, and if we could add Stafford we may not even have to break the bank ( Cap )
        For me Jack finally has more value than he ever did before……..

        • I’m not counting that overtime winner he lost, found a skate, then the back of the net!!!!

          … Wait, what??? Are we judging goals, now? I guess we better take off about 200 from Luc Robitaille’s total – they weren’t pretty enough, apparently.

  27. I have to agree with most of what you said, except for Brad Boyes. He is not far removed from getting 70+ goals in just two seasons. Also what I like about him is that Buf only gave up a 2nd rounder to get him so he won’t cost us anything more than that. Low risk high reward for him. Also he never played with guys as good as Kopi or Richards in Buf either, he could be a good fit. BTW Whitney turned down a chance to come to LA a few years ago at the deadline cause we didn’t want to sign him to a three year extension.

    • So if we trade for Boyes (3rd rounder) and then send Lokti down to Manchester cause he is one of the only guys we can send down without worrying about waivers, we would have lines of:
      Brown Kopi Williams
      Penner Richards Boyes
      Richardson Stoll Lewis
      Clifford Fraser Hunter/Westgarth

      Then in the offseason try and sign Parise, and if he doesn’t sign here go after Semin (for the right price of course, non of this $6.8 mill crap for him).

      • Semin scored on a blistering shot – top shelf just inside the post, the other night…. and understand that his agent felt that should up the asking price to $6.95M

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  29. Was just checking the Kings schedule for the month of March. Really really tough.
    Out of nine games they play the Wings twice, Vanc, Boston, San Jose, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville and Calgary. Better hope they situate themselves well by then.

    • That actually makes me happier. The Kings play better against the better teams.

      If the Kings ended against Anaheim, Edmonton and Columbus, they would probably lose all of the games.


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