Jonathan Quick is not a god, but rather a demigod and therefore will sometimes just get beat. I felt Iginla’s shot in my loins. Oh well.

Since we are on the subject, Voynov puts more weight behind his shots than Penner puts into the maple syrup bottle to squeeze out those last few drops. His shot is heavier than your average Texan. I kind of want to see him set up at the dots on the PP, let Richards run the point.

Penner played pretty well. Most of the team played well. No one played poorly. However I can’t say I noticed Trent Hunter on the ice more than twice and yet I noticed Clifford and Fraser constantly.

On a similar note, when did Richards become the weak link on his line? OK I suppose by his high standard he played poorly. But this has become his standard over the past several games. Could it be a bona fide slump? On this Kings team? Never.

Iginla wants to hump Dustin Brown. The refs also want to see Iginla hump Brown.

The Flames play the kind of hockey that makes casual fans watch less hockey.

Olli Jokinen is still really stupid looking from over 100 feet away. Ok I knew that one already.

The Kings do well when they make quick decisions on offense. They do poorly when they apply the same concept to their breakout passing.

Lewis is lots of fun to watch when he hits people.

I can see Loktionov’s confidence in his shoulders. I mean that quite literally. My trade deadline wish is for him to get this year’s version of the Frederik Modin trade. Get that boy a big bodied steely eyed veteran who loves the front of the net and you’ll have to start questioning which is our second line and which is our third.

I like Bailey. But I don’t like Bailey when he comes to my section and everyone stands in the middle of play.

Williams has his mojo back. I know this happened last game but I didn’t get to see that game so for me, it happened this game.

The Kings need to work on their 3-2 rushes and their 2-1 rushes when one man is leading the other by more than 2 strides.

Jack Johnson is a different player under Sutter, in a good way.

Sometimes I like not noticing Doughty all that much. Perhaps he is learning that from Scuderi.

Willie Mitchell is all that. He ate the chips and shoved the bag down your throat.

I think Staples Center has gotten colder. I noticed this at the Columbus game, thought it was a fluke but it has continually been colder. Maybe this a response to how many players complain about the shitty ice. Maybe my internal body temperature has forgotten its homeostatic happy place.

I think Scribe’s three stars are Brown, Voynov and Quick. I know he wants to refs from this game to see some stars. I recall a sentence during intermission beginning with the phrase “fucking French Canadian refs”. I just checked. I was close, his three stars were Brown, Voynov and Loktionov. Mine were Loktionov, Lewis and Voynov.

I bet Hammond’s key of threes are some facsimile of ‘Flames defense good’, ‘Kings offense not so good’ and ‘Sometimes hockey plays affect the outcome of the game’. Speaking of “The Key Three”, I believe that Hammond learned to misuse words from Terry Murray. Key is to adjective as compete is to noun. I should start using fuck fuck a preposition so I can fit in. Not a typo, fuck you can see fuck you’re paying attention.

I hate the shoot out more and more each time I see it. I hate it even more when it is the most exciting part of the game.

I hate that Quick got beaten by the same move twice, but I like that it means nothing come playoff time.

Hey, we got another point. And San Jose lost.

File this one under forgettable.