Things I Learned While Trying to Stay Awake As The Flames Won 2-1 In A Shootout

Jonathan Quick is not a god, but rather a demigod and therefore will sometimes just get beat. I felt Iginla’s shot in my loins. Oh well.

Since we are on the subject, Voynov puts more weight behind his shots than Penner puts into the maple syrup bottle to squeeze out those last few drops. His shot is heavier than your average Texan. I kind of want to see him set up at the dots on the PP, let Richards run the point.

Penner played pretty well. Most of the team played well. No one played poorly. However I can’t say I noticed Trent Hunter on the ice more than twice and yet I noticed Clifford and Fraser constantly.

On a similar note, when did Richards become the weak link on his line? OK I suppose by his high standard he played poorly. But this has become his standard over the past several games. Could it be a bona fide slump? On this Kings team? Never.

Iginla wants to hump Dustin Brown. The refs also want to see Iginla hump Brown.

The Flames play the kind of hockey that makes casual fans watch less hockey.

Olli Jokinen is still really stupid looking from over 100 feet away. Ok I knew that one already.

The Kings do well when they make quick decisions on offense. They do poorly when they apply the same concept to their breakout passing.

Lewis is lots of fun to watch when he hits people.

I can see Loktionov’s confidence in his shoulders. I mean that quite literally. My trade deadline wish is for him to get this year’s version of the Frederik Modin trade. Get that boy a big bodied steely eyed veteran who loves the front of the net and you’ll have to start questioning which is our second line and which is our third.

I like Bailey. But I don’t like Bailey when he comes to my section and everyone stands in the middle of play.

Williams has his mojo back. I know this happened last game but I didn’t get to see that game so for me, it happened this game.

The Kings need to work on their 3-2 rushes and their 2-1 rushes when one man is leading the other by more than 2 strides.

Jack Johnson is a different player under Sutter, in a good way.

Sometimes I like not noticing Doughty all that much. Perhaps he is learning that from Scuderi.

Willie Mitchell is all that. He ate the chips and shoved the bag down your throat.

I think Staples Center has gotten colder. I noticed this at the Columbus game, thought it was a fluke but it has continually been colder. Maybe this a response to how many players complain about the shitty ice. Maybe my internal body temperature has forgotten its homeostatic happy place.

I think Scribe’s three stars are Brown, Voynov and Quick. I know he wants to refs from this game to see some stars. I recall a sentence during intermission beginning with the phrase “fucking French Canadian refs”. I just checked. I was close, his three stars were Brown, Voynov and Loktionov. Mine were Loktionov, Lewis and Voynov.

I bet Hammond’s key of threes are some facsimile of ‘Flames defense good’, ‘Kings offense not so good’ and ‘Sometimes hockey plays affect the outcome of the game’. Speaking of “The Key Three”, I believe that Hammond learned to misuse words from Terry Murray. Key is to adjective as compete is to noun. I should start using fuck fuck a preposition so I can fit in. Not a typo, fuck you can see fuck you’re paying attention.

I hate the shoot out more and more each time I see it. I hate it even more when it is the most exciting part of the game.

I hate that Quick got beaten by the same move twice, but I like that it means nothing come playoff time.

Hey, we got another point. And San Jose lost.

File this one under forgettable.

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  1. Desert dogs lost as well but in SO unfortunately.

  2. Staples is notably colder this year. Last year a tee-shirt under a Kings sweater (fuck all you who call it a “jersey”!) was ample. This year that will lead to frostbiten nipples.

    You’ll also notice that when the Ice Crew is working, there’s a dork who runs out and takes the temperature of the ice in several laces (with an infrared thermometer thingy.)

    I think Richards is still feeling the after effects if the concussion. remember how it took DD the better part of 20-25 games last year to get his groove back.

    If you’re going to have the Bettman Point and the shootout, they need to make additional adjustments:

    3 Point for winning in Regulation
    2 Points for OT or S/O (loser still gets one)

    That’s the standard “every game is a 3 point game” yammering. But let’s not just steal that from soccer; let’s steal some good stuff from rugby too:

    1 Bonus point for scoring 4 or more goals
    1 Bonus point for a Shutout

    So there could actually be 5 point games. Imaging how that would Sutt things up. Think of the fun when playoffs races and seeding gets tight. There’d be a lot of desperate hustle on the ice.

    Wouldn’t you love to see Penner become that “big bodied steely eyed veteran” — I would. But I know that ain’t gonna happen. “Steelly eyed” bullshit, I want a gimlet eyed sniper on the wing first.


    • You should be taken to the back by the chemical shed and shot for those suggestions. Here is a better idea. No shootout. Game ends in a fucking tie. Each team gets a point. Another idea – if you must have that abortion of a shootout, winner gets 2 points. Loser gets 0. Think teams will work harder to win in OT? Think the shootout will become more exciting with more on the line?

      In short, the Bettman point SUCKS

    • I like the three point and two point ideas. Anything more than will never fly though

    • I’ve been having the same thoughts about Richards. I doubt he’s really back to himself after the concussion.

  3. We definitely need some help on the wing. For the 2nd and the 3rd lines. How do we get 4 wingers without giving up too much?

    • What? How do we get 4 wingers?

      We are missing Gagne. Gagne under Sutter > Gagner under Murray. Yes, speculation in part but Sutter wouldn’t ask him to play the “dot to boards” game.

      I too believe Richards is either feeling the effects of the concussion or he is just in a slump. He has played hurt (very hurt) before and if that is the case, I am actually annoyed.

      The Kings have to be better on breakaways. How many did we have against the Canucks and Flames that we fucked up? It’s time for some DRILLS.

      That zebra St. Paul or St. Pierre or whatever the hell his name is is right up there with Furlatt and Morton.

      Andrei Loktionov is slowly entering beast mode. He looks like a top flight play maker out there. If he had a wing or Lewis had hands, there is your third line that will chip in goals every other game or so.

      • Or it’s time to find a winger or two who has those moves and skills that make one more effective one on one. Same for the 2 on 1’s. The skilled teams take advantage of those situations as often as not. The Kings don’t take advantage of them very often.

        Other than Richards scoring on a breakaway (and maybe Brownie once (?) and Lewis in the Dallas game, I can’t remember the last King to score on a clean breakaway or especially on a 2 on 1.

  4. Didn’t see a problem with the refs tonight. They seemed consistent and fair overall, didn’t notice them at all, which is good.

    hmmm, I feel like we have too many playmakers and not enough finishers on this team (duh). Kopi? Playmaker. Willy? Playmaker. Penner? Playmaker. Lokti? Playmaker. Richards? Playmaker. Richardson? Kind of a playmaker. Brown? Finisher. Of checks. Hunter? Finished, hopefully.

    Stoll? Playboy.

    • Stoll is gone if Dean can trade him. There is no Stoll. His new name is “packaged.”

    • Wow the cheap cross check and then the I’m just gonna lay on you move to Brown by Iginla, the numerous tripping non calls. The lame ass “hooking” calls against us. If they’re gonna call that kinda game give us some back at some point. Nothing. Nothing went against the Flamers.

      • Except that one in OT which they tanked.

      • Iggy basically tries to stick his penis in Brown’s ass and no call. I mean, I thought the icing call on Clifford was bad but graphic images like that shouldn’t be allowed on TV let alone in the middle of a hockey game. I guess those French Canadians must like that stuff…

    • See my comments just above your post.

  5. These 1 pointers are gonna fuck us come playoff time. Sutter is what 6 Ot wins? Its better than loosing obviously but that’s 6 missed points. We gotta put teams away. We passed and held onto the puck real good tonight but there were stretches where there was no killer instinct to get it to the net. It was almost like they were mesmerized by their own cycle and so impressed with it they just kept doing it. Like when a dog chases his tail in an endless loop.

    • You gotta give the Flames some credit here. They were falling back, collapsing on the zone entries. They had 4 players down low every time we had puck control. One guy was applying pressure. They were not going to allow any second opps which is why we were getting so many shots on net in the 1st period and through 1/2 of the second. What did the Kings in was their breakouts and their PK although, to be blunt, that is a shitty goal by Quick to give up. Short side from the dot. I know Iggy can shoot but that is a save he has to make.

      • Yeah he shoulda had that one, he had plenty of time to get in front it, bad angle on quicks part. But holy fuck iginla has a shot that seems like it would go through a guy. Wish he was on our team

      • A guy winding up from the faceoff dot, and you blame the goalie for not stopping it? The shot was full strength at about 30ft., and lets not forget who the shooter was.

        Even if Quick knocked it in himself would I fault him for letting in just 1 goal to a superstar who’s wide open.

      • that is a shitty goal by Quick to give up. Short side from the dot. I know Iggy can shoot but that is a save he has to make.

        … Those were my thoughts exactly. It wasn’t a soft goal. But. He HAS to get in front of that shot.

        Now, if there’s a rebound and it’s banged in by Iginla or one of the other Flames, then that’s another story – I would be looking at the defense and blaming them for not getting the puck out of immediate danger. If it’s a one-timer, there’s NO one to blame because Lewis didn’t have a stick to break up the cross pass.

        I thought the Kings played well enough defensively (and Calgary’s offense was feeble enough) to get a shutout. I’m not blaming Quick for the loss; it was a PP goal and the Kings shouldn’t have taken the bench minor in the first place. But I have heard over and over and over again how much Quick has been “saving” the Kings and “stealing” games, merely because the Kings are a known defensive team who haven’t scored a lot of goals.

        Don’t get me wrong – Quick has had an outstanding season. But this isn’t a season where the Kings have been outplayed game after game and Quick is stealing the team points they had no right getting otherwise. This isn’t a Dominik Hasek-esque season, here. The Kings, more often than not, outplay their opposition, and they outplayed Calgary last night. There have been quite a few games (last night’s being one of them) where Quick has simply been outdone by the opposing goalie.

        Quick is likely to be nominated for the Vezina trophy this season if he keeps his numbers up, and he might even win it. He is considered among the elite of goaltenders right now. Elite goalies can’t get beaten on the short side from that point on the ice with a shot that isn’t a one-timer. Yes, Iginla has a great shot. Is it unreasonable to expect a goalie who is considered to be elite to stop him?

        • … Dammit, I hate that WP doesn’t have a preview feature.

        • I think this post is overstating it a bit. In general, yes Quick should have that shot if he is elite. But everyone is just going to get beat once in a while, even elite goalies particularly when it’s an elite shooter with all the time and space he could ask for. If Quick lets that shot in 1 time out of 10 chances, I think that is fairy reasonable even for an elite goalie. If he lets that shot in semi regularly then we’ve got a problem, but e doesnt do that. I’m sure Quick wants that one back but really the crappy part here isn’t that he let in such a goal, but that it occurred in a tight game when it did. That’s what stings, the timing and the game around it more than the goal itself. If that goal happens and we are up by two we probably don’t say anything more about it than hey, what a beautiful shot by that asshole Iginla.

  6. I wrote about this on the insider, but wanted to bring it up here too. There’s been a high concentration of OT games lately.

    The record isn’t what’s concerning, but the amount of them in such a concentrated time frame.

    The Kings during the Europe trip was 3 out of 4 games went to the extra time frame, and that was a distraction the Kings were just dying to get through.

    Since then, the Kings next 28 games saw 4 extra minute games. The last 16 games, the Kings saw 10 extra minute games.

  7. I am not a fan of the shootout, but I am a fan of goal-scoring. I do see some irony here where the article correctly says the shootout was the most exciting part of that particular game, while it is also criticiized for being a non-hockey abberation.

    The same sentiment that disliked this type of game was what the shootout was intended to remedy. Teams can’t really try harder to win based on points available; they are already trying to win. Putting more points out there does not guarantee more offensive-mindedness.

    More points available would not guarantee the game opening up; already, teams are working hard to protect against giving up the extra point instead of taking risks to get teh extra point. When was the last time you actually saw 3 forwards and one defenseman in OT? It was on a power play, not when equal strength.

    If you are gonna change the game for more offense, which is what many of the rule changes over the last couple of years have been intended to do, why not just make the nets 6 inches taller? Same footprint, but more roof space. Higher skill, as it were, would be rewarded. Goalies still know where the posts are, but the butterfly would then leave the high corners exposed. Also, raising the crossbar would allow for higher tips to be allowed, within the current “below the crossbar” rule.

    Goalies today are taller, the equipment is better, systems are better, and players are better. The trap was one problem, but now all teams block shots better and collapse to the slot. If you can’t make the pads smaller ( which you could but they won’t) then make the net bigger, but just not wider.

  8. Here’s what scares me:

    Last season, the Kings were 10-2 in the shootout (83% success), thus, netting them 10 points in the standings. They only made the playoffs w/ a 3 point safety net.

    This season the Kings are 4-6 (which is tied for most shootouts in the NHL)…(40% success) and they will no doubt be in at least a few more this season…

    One could argue that a big reason the Kings made the playoffs last year was because of their shootout success…

    From the looks of it, that sure as hell ain’t repeating again so they better start pulling some W’s in regulation or they just might be fucked come April.

    PS, Dusty Pennis should have had the open net shot last night. Fail.

    • One could argue that a big reason the Kings made the playoffs last year was because of their shootout success…

      … I can’t tell you how many times I DID make this argument last summer and fall. The shootout saved the Kings’ asses, and to rely on the Kings sustaining that type of success was (and is) a fool’s game.

      Progress HAS been made under Sutter. The Kings, instead of losing games, are now tying them. That’s all well and good, but if they want to make the playoffs, they’re going to have to start winning games – and winning them in regulation. Especially at home.

  9. i think come trade deadline stoll and martinez are gone, but for who?

  10. I agree with the colder Staples lately, and that makes sense given that you see these Ice Technicians coming out to the ice during commercial time outs with their yellow hand-held infrared temperature readers, taking status readings at various points on the surface.

    Also, anyone notice this today?

    What say you about Clifford? I think he is growing into a solid 4th line energy player, far more than a goon. Bash this author?

    • … Pretty much anything from bleacher report can be considered garbage and/or cyber-graffiti. Just keep that in mind and go from there.

      As for Clifford, he just turned 21. He’s still learning. He works his ass off. He’s shown flashes of brilliance; hell, if he had scored on that breakaway with that Kopitar style drag-and-leave move up in Vancouver, he would have brought the damn house down and opened a LOT of eyes. It says a lot about Kyle that he even tried that move. As his confidence and his ice time increases, he’ll be more productive. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • I would say, taken on face value, there’s an argument to be made there. 4th line guy. Handful of points. I’d argue he doesn’t have that many penalty min, but whatever.

      But that article has him lumped in with guys like Carcillo, who are basically dirty players. They are out there being pests, making dangerous plays. Clifford is not a dirty player and fights to protect his team mates. He’s also a kid. My money is on Clifford evolving into a very strong 3rd line winger that stays in the league for a long time based on hard work and a rounded out skill set. His point total is also strongly tied to a team that’s clearly struggled to score. So there’s that too.

      In short, this article sucks.

    • Bleacher report sucks balls.

  11. I can attest to Surly’s testimony that Slava’s packing a cannon that he fires so hard he should be required to carry a permit. I’ve watched it for the past few seasons down in Manchester, and it never ceased to amaze me how he put it where he did as accurately as he did.

    Bud Holloway used to have a mean slapper from the point too; my favorite highlight of which was when he made an opposing goaltender flinch when the shot was at his head. You know that poor sap never heard the end of that in the locker room. I’m pretty sure it was the Monarchs’ GWG, too. You can see some of his finer work in highlights on the website for the Swedish team he’s playing on now – Skellefteå Aik – with another former Monarch, Oscar Moller.


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