Bobby just had to stress regulation. “We must win in regulation!” he cried in a post that saw him forget how the hockey gods work.

Instead the Kings lost in regulation for just the second time under Darryl Sutter, once again managing just a single measly goal for the second consecutive game. It wasn’t pretty and Jonathan Quick’s only birthday surprise was 2 minutes added to his penalty record.

One could say that the lack of offense killed the Kings once again, nothing new for this season. They did after all control their fair share of the game if we just forget the first period ever happened. Had they not been unwillingly to shoot on a late third period powerpla… Sorry, boob, perhaps this game goes to overtime tied 2-2. One could just say J.S. Giguere was on point tonight, which he was, suffocating chances in that tiresome style of boring play with which we are all too familiar. One could also say energy was an issue, as Jim Fox repeatedly did during the telecast. One probably should say that.

But I prefer to say that sloppy play in the defensive zone did the Kings in tonight much like it did against Calgary on Thursday. Limp wrists led to limp dicks. An inability to put that extra little zip on the puck at the end of a pass or a dump down the ice caused ample turnovers. The Colorado Avalanche raised no objections.

I’m not going to harp on any one player. This was a team loss. Nevermind, I want to harp on Jarret Stoll. I was so happy in the third period when Sutter demonstrated a coaching style that we rarely saw under Murray. Being useless on the ice leads to seeing the ice less and accordingly Sutter put Stoll on the third line. Huzzah!. Loktionov, who wasn’t fantastic but was certainly better than pointless got bumped up to play with Richards and Penner. So imagine my chagrin when on the Kings late boob I see Stoll skating with Richards and Penner once again. The boob did nothing but suck the energy out of the Kings bench and the building and Stoll, in the biggest impact he would have all night, took a high sticking penalty.

Should I also harp on Quick? Perhaps, but he slashed Daniel Winnik really hard, and while it was blatantly stupid, it was also highly amusing. Winnik deserved it, fuck him. None of the goals he gave up were particularly soft, though he probably should have come out to the top of the crease on the third goal and in retrospect a poke check was the wrong move against Cody McLeod’s breakaway. By no means Quick’s best effort, and Giguere outplayed him, but this game wasn’t lost on goaltending. It just didn’t help matters at all.

Hey! Let’s talk about the positives.

The first line still looked strong. Kopi was pretty awesome. Also, I got to see Heidi Androl and she was as pleasant at ever to gaze upon. That now concludes the evening’s positives.

The fourth line was OK in what few shifts they seemed to get. Though I still don’t know what Hunter does on this team.

Truly the best thing I can say about this game is that if Brown’s redirection off Kopi’s brilliant pass in the third goes two inches to the right, we probably at least get another point. But you make your own luck. You play like morons you don’t deserve luck.

Did Drew Doughty play?

Hey Lombardi, time to get Loki and Richards some wingers.