L.A. Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche Game Day: Bitter…Angry…



I haven’t forgotten that series.

No L.A. Kings player on our current roster was a King then. But plenty of fans at Staples Center were there. Only career Avalanche Milan Hejduk is a remnant from the 2001 series.

May Rob Blake go to the Hockey Hell of Inflame where, every February, he must rip out his heart in protest and wads of cash take its place over the ensuing 12 months until a new one grows back.



Eventually, I will get over that series. That game 7. Rob Blake’s existence. For now, each time I see that Avalanche jersey, I want to take a piss…on it.

We lost to these pricks 3-2 on October 30 and 2-1 on January 2, the latter in a shootout.

I am fucking tired of the shootout.

No more.

I want Colorado and their degenerate fan base leaving Staples Center soundly defeated and resigned that whatever good fortune or supernal pig skin intervention helped their football sports franchise will rebound and the inverse condemnation will decimate them in everything puck.

I want a fucking regulation win.

This is your open forum…

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  1. No. Even better than ripping his own heart out, Forberg gets to rip Blakes spleen out to replace his own

  2. I was at game six. Behind the net. Was an awesome game. Let’s kick some ass tonight!

  3. Sutt the Avs

    SUTT EM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Question, should JJ do a TEBOW or any King…..
    If they Suttin score?
    In their face……or ……out of place?

    • I would approve but he won’t. That was a one time thing. Maybe Drew will do it…ha ha, that would require Drew to score.

      • ‘ that would require Drew to score.’

        Does he still do that? I think the deal might have been 1 goal for every million dollars. So he needs four more then?
        What is this?

  5. Not only a regulation win but a blowout. Cmon squad stomp those fools!

  6. Regulation WIN!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. We swept them last season. they better get the win tonight

  8. I was at game 4, which sucked because I wasn’t able to stand up and cheer once. I also sat by the Patrick Roy freaking fan club all night. That series still haunts me, and is absolutely why I still hate the Avalanche to this very day (and it will probably continue as long as that team is in Colorado)

  9. Eventually, I will get over that series. That game 7.

    … I’ll never forget that series, or that whole season. That was the season I found out the Kings would never keep the promise they made when building the Staples Center – that the new building would enable the Kings to compete with Detroit, Colorado, and Dallas’s player payrolls. The Kings had no intention of competing with them at all, and that was made obvious when the Kings were willing to trade their best player to an elite team in their own conference.

    Instead, the Kings were exactly what those in upper management wanted them to be – an underdog, a lower-tier playoff team, a non-contender. And this mindset has continued to this day. The Kings haven’t had home ice in any playoff round since 1992. Ever wonder why, in every video about past playoffs, the Kings are always referred to as “upstarts”? This is why.

    A lot of things went right for the Kings in the 2001 postseason. They were very fortunate that Detroit lost Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman to injury during that first round. They were fortunate that the goalie they picked up off the discard pile, Felix Potvin, played some of the best games of his career in those playoffs. But they were undone in the end by the player they didn’t want anymore and by the conference rival they helped get over the hump. In the end, the team that was serious about winning a Cup did just that, and the team that wasn’t serious about winning it was just another victim. Ever wonder why a lot of Kings’ fans are so good at playing the part of the victim? This is why.

    • I was wearing Purple and Black war paint Braveheart style, at game six vs the Wings!
      Will never forget!
      Deadmarsh forever ……
      But now?????
      Why I love to see Deader and remember that game….I remember Adam Foote putting him head first into the boards, in Colorado ……destroying our playoff run and soon his career, since he never recovered completely.
      So tonight,it pains me two fold to see him behind the Colorado bench, at the place that where the roof almost caved in……

      I must Tebow the Hockey gods

  10. I’ve nothing against the Avs personally, I do however have something about getting (YAYYY) a win…. in A SSHHHOUTOUT!! How thrilling!!!!! Not.

    These guys are playing better, but at some point or other you’d better stop playing it ‘tight to the vest’ and hope that Quicker will bail you out so you can get a tie going into OT.

    Wanna win a round in the playoffs? Well they’d best start learning to win a few games in regulation. I think it was Scribe (but can’t remember for sure) who wrote about how the team is missing killer instinct. Well, they are. If you wanna go far in the playoffs you have to learn to put teams away.

    Or there is always the alternative of going back to school in the playoffs, getting up 4-0 on someone only to lose in OT….. again. Hopefully they learned That lesson last year.

    Jesus Bobby, I think I’m as t’eed off about it as you are too. Just for different reasons.

  11. Bobby, I was fine until I clicked my bookmark that is listed as Surly&Scribe. Fine f… ing influence you guys are.

  12. The Hockey Gods have spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All that pass through the gates at Staples, wearing Black & Silver, must piss on the Jersey of Blake
    Once this Jersey is fully anointed
    It will be rung out into the beer of all who wear Plum & Blue
    They they will all then make the face of Sutt
    and know they’ve been

  13. Amen to no more shootouts hate them and we can’t seem to get it done this yr. We need regulation wins and get a solid hold on a top 4 spot in the west

  14. Furlatt and Auger are reffing? I guess 5-on-5 play won’t be much of a factor tonight.

  15. What the fuck!

  16. Sutter says it perfect “that 1rst period they…………………….kicked our ass”. Maybe I heard it wrong.


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