From MayorsManor on Friday January 20:

After practice today, coach Darryl Sutter was asked if there’s been any message to Bernier, in terms of staying prepared?

“That’s his job,” said Sutter. “We have one season that’s done on Monday or Tuesday (referring to the upcoming break in the NHL schedule for the All Star Game). Then, another one starts a week after that. That’s the only way I look at it. I’m not about anything other than getting the max out of everybody. If the players have to stay ready and sharp in practice, that’s going to be there problem, not mine. He’s been fine though, he’s been awesome. What more do you want? Obviously he probably wants to play more. But, it’s about winning games right now. We’re in a playoff battle. When he goes in, he better look at like it’s game seven.”

Do you have a rough plan for the goalie rotation?

“I think everybody that has an ace does that or tries to. But, very seldom does that hold. Especially in a year where our team gets a seven day break. So, that’s what you have to try and manage. Quite honestly, we have 32 games left after the break and we have six back to backs and a lot of road games. So, you have to think that he’s going to play more than he did in the first 50 (games).

In law school, you learn that a contract requires an offer, acceptance and consideration. Consideration means something of value that is bargained for exchange. When this trinity comes together, you have a meeting of the minds or, if you prefer Latin as I do, consensus ad idem.

Darryl Sutter has made an offer.

“OBJECTION!” you may proclaim. “There is no such offer, Scribe! He merely implies Jonathan Bernier may get more games.”

First, fuck off.

Second, we have an implied contract. Sutter has implied he will play Bernier more post All-Star Break. I have implied that if he fails to do so, I may become angry and suddenly and without notice take unkindly to his unintended quips that smell of shit and sheep. Two implications make an express agreement. The mob is fickle. Around these parts, they are also dangerous.

Jonathan Bernier gets a minimum 20% of the remaining games or we enforce our contractual rights through an assault of apoplectic prose…and it can start on Monday against Ottawa.