Kevin Westgarth To The Rescue! Ottawa Senators Vs LA Kings Game Day

The pattern of win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win under Darryl Sutter has been broken. We’ve lost two in a row. A travesty. A sham. An injustice.

Times like these call for drastic measures. Times like these call for Kevin Westgarth.

For once I don’t laud Westy’s insertion into the lineup entirely sarcastically. My bemusement is twofold. Ottawa is tough. They have more than their fare share of goons, thugs and generally unpleasant assholes. Also, Trent Hunter, who Westy is replacing, is less useful than the slab of meat in a cold locker that people like Westgarth use for training purposes. Westgarth has actually been a fairly decent player in what few games he has had this season. Hunter we expect to score though he doesn’t bother. We expect less from Kevin and by simple virtue of perspective we are therefore happier with him in the lineup. Relativity is our friend.

So there you have it. Westgarth will play and we will win. Completely relatable, linear facts.

But seriously folks, what Kings team will show up tonight? The one that drives the forecheck and crashes the net like a drunken redneck forces open a glass beer bottle with his mangled teeth, exposed roots and pain be damned? The team that puts a crispness on passes that would make the finest iceberg lettuce jealous? Or the team of late, the one that shies away from the blue paint like a Canadian broadcaster skirts around responsibility for losses, the limp dicked, limp wristed Nancy’s that let Calgary’s archaic defensive system suffocate them and Colorado line up their teeth on a curb and stomp their necks with fruity colored galoshes?

Let’s hope for the former. Tonight my focus is on Richards and Doughty. I expect rebound games from both as I demand they be ashamed of themselves for their lack of difference making.

The Senators are on a roll. 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. Sounds like a team that needs to be taken down a notch or two. Perhaps for once we won’t be the team that takes their opponent less seriously than they should. San Jose is finally losing some games, time for us to start winning ours.

OK, your turn.


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9 replies

  1. Westgarth hasn’t been fighting as much as he used to compared to the last few seasons.
    Dude needs to step it up and bring some ruckus

  2. Surly, your use of metaphor is always a welcomed sight to my eyes.

  3. Someone will need to help Clifford tonight.

  4. Both Richards and Doughty especially Doughty need to bring it tonight. If I see him constantly putting pucks in the defenders skates I’m gonna put a hole in my tv.

    • Brick him! Remember that? The rubber brick sold for people like you… and me.

      So here, let me help. Instead of being driven to viewer-on-TV violence and scaring the kids, ignore the shot-blocks and faux pas-ses and focus on Doughty being last back on well-defended Kings’ rushes that yield potent counter-attacks.

      Or, to preserve your sanity and find the happy place, look for his adroit jab-style of board play in our D-zone, where he remains upright and 2 feet away from the opponent unless he is taking that overused crosscheck out of his arsenal of gifted techniques.

      I am here to help.


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