Ass in face.

That is the goal of every forward, especially the wings, when the Kings have the puck and are shooting from the point.

Ass in the goalie’s face to be specific.

On the first line, that is Dustin Brown. On the second, Dustin Penner. On the third, Brad Richardson. On the fourth, tonight, it was a rotation of all three forwards in Kevin Westgarth, Colin Fraser & Kyle Clifford. Not a coincidence that line dominated.

I haven’t done a post game in the recap format for a while and this game earned it.

The L.A. Kings first period goal came exactly as described, above. Colin Fraser provided the screen, with honorable mention to Kevin Westgarth for general havoc, during a Willie Mitchell point wrist shot. That first goal wouldn’t have happened without Kyle Clifford’s hustle to the puck along the boards.

Most encouraging in the first was the play of the bottom three lines. Mike Richards had jump as did, gasp, Dustin Penner, at least for a little while. The third line of Richardson, Loktionov & Lewis maintained their fore and back check. The fourth, in addition to scoring the only period goal, sustained pressure when they had the puck and were checking everything in sight. Most discouraging was two wasted powerplay opportunities where the Kings struggled to even enter the zone.

The second frame giveth another man advantage (aka “boob”) but an efficient boob it was not. 0 for 3 by this point and 1 of 13 in the last several.

Some guy named Mo Williams was in the crowd…No relation to Justin. Apparently, he plays for a San Diego sports franchise. I am assuming that based on the team name of “Clippers”. Fuck off.

At the 8:52 mark, I leapt out of my seat as the fourth best line of Clifford, Fraser & Westgarth struck again. Kyle popped it in after a he took the initial shot, Fraser and Westgarth crashed and Cliffy found himself all alone with the puck to the right of Anderson without a Senator within molesting distance.

Can we all agree that referees, Dan O’Rourke and Tim Peel are morons? Jarret Stoll is crashing the net, he makes ZERO contact with Anderson, is in a stopping motion, Anderson then throws his flippers at Jarret and we get the interference call? Win or lose, each game, there is one bad, idiotic or phantom call. Tonight, there was more than one. I hope this improves by playoff time.

The Kings killed the disadvantage (barely) and Drew took a…well, he did his impression of a rag doll on a hit or be hit by Greening. Is that right, the dude’s name is Greening? That is an unfortunate name. Drew responded a couple of shifts later when he put on a show at the 3:44 mark with a left deke at the blue line, right deke and shoulder fake between two Senators and a shot on goal from below the hashmarks. No goal but another boob, er, powerplay. Drew had a solid game.

Since we have sucked 5-4, the zebras gave us a 5-3 and Jack Mother Fucking Johnson BURIED it with a one-timer from the inside of the right circle…the kind of goal on a set play for which I have begged, pleaded, beseeched and screamed during the prior coaching era. Dustin Brown provided the requisite ass in face.

Down 3-0, I bet the Ottawa Senators were real angry, right Rich? But they were angry coming in so they must have been flipping out by this point. Referee Tim Peel, a man with a clear sense of humor, double downed on that rage by making an awful, AWFUL penalty shot call. He thought Chris Phillips covered the puck in the crease when he did no such thing. It wasn’t even a close call. Trevor Lewis felt terrible and offered Anderson a puck…in the back of his net with his soon to be declared patented head, shoulder, scrotum fake that left Craig Anderson flopping, down and out. Trevor Lewis – offensive juggernaut. Imagine if he had TWO of those moves, one for each side.




Twenty shots in the second period.


None by the top two lines.


And we still had a period left.

Alex Auld replaced Chris Anderson in net for the Senators. Didn’t we have a goalie named Auld? I don’t think it was this one. Did you know Alex Auld has played for 8 different teams in the past 8 seasons? I looked that up. Well, he has played for Ottawa twice in that time span but they were two different Ottawa teams.Mike Richards received the early “I am sorry, I fucked up that call, here is a make up one and best of luck” from the refs and gave the Senators the powerplay with which they did nothing. So the zebras gave them another…and they scored, the bastards, some hack named Daniel Alfredsson who I wish was a King. And another, what we can kindly call a”phantom.” Apparently, 3 wrongs make a right up your ass, you incompetent baboons, Dan O’Rourke and Tim Peel, go get a job as a Walmart greeter!

Where were we?

Kings win 4-1.

58 points. We are tied with the San Jose Sharks for first place in the division and are 7th in the conference, 4 points ahead of Colorado and 4 behind Nashville.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Colin Fraser

2. Trevor Lewis

1. Kyle Clifford with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

Happy Chinese New Year…the Year of the Dragon.