Have You Heard? The Senators Are “Coming In Mad”

I laughed. From Hammond:

The Kings have one game left before an eight-game All-Star break, and it won’t be an easy one. The Ottawa Senators have been one of the surprise teams in the NHL this season. They’re averaging three goals per game — imagine that — and, of late, they’ve received some outstanding goaltending from Craig Anderson. The Senators have a 10-2-1 record since Dec. 27, and they’re also going to be coming into Staples Center mad, given that they were handed a 2-1 loss by the Anaheim Ducks yesterday. Not exactly the best situation for the Kings, particularly given that the Senators hadn’t lost a road game in regulation since Dec. 1. Justin Williams said he’s aware that the Kings will face a significant challenge.

Remember what I wrote before the recent game against the Vancouver Canucks where I declared that no loser talk was allowed?

That sentiment applies to this game as well, as it does to Rich’s express concern that the Senators are “coming in mad”, whatever the hell that means to our preparation and focus.

What the Senators are coming in is hot. They are a high scoring team. They’re fast, physical and, as Rich points out, getting top-notch goaltending.

To all of those things, I however could care less. You could apply those accolades to any good team in the league. Hell, I am sure opponents have said that about us since Sutter came aboard and given our performance during some of those games.

The point is winners don’t worry about their opponent’s preparation or purpose. They care about their own. The L.A. Kings have all the tools to beat any team on any given night. Their aggressive forecheck and neutralize zone pressure, superior defense and all-star goaltending can, at times, dominate and, at minimum, keep us in games.

If we want this game more than the Senators, we’ll win.

If not, we won’t.

I like a lot of what Darryl Sutter has done. The boys don’t have the excuse of a one-dimensional offense that hinders their ability to create, nor do they have the chemistry claim. Sutter is keeping the lines together but for a Westgarth substitution tonight. Jarret Stoll, Dustin Penner and Mike Richards have to be better hockey players on both ends of the ice. Drew Doughty, Jack Johnson and Matt Greene have to be smarter on defense. If they all are, we attack with depth, defend with depth and win with depth. If they don’t, see the Colorado Avalanche game for expected results.

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  1. Fuck Hammond!!

  2. The Kings are the team that needs to play mad and have all four lines show up and play better on both ends of the ice. No more mistakes by the Dmen.

    Curious comment from Sutter today (from LA Kings Insider)
    …I look at it as tonight is game 50, not that there is a break. Tommorow will be a harder day for the players than today is…

  3. … A few things about the Senators to get you ready for the game tonight:

    – They’re 22-21-7 without the shootout.
    – They’ve scored 149 goals and given up 151.

    – They give up 30.2 shots per 60 minutes at 5-on-5, 24th in the NHL.

    – They give up 53.8 shots per 60 minutes on the PK, tied for 27th in the NHL.
    – Their PK is 21st in the league, giving up 6.4 goals per 60 minutes.

    – Their PP is 20th in the league, scoring 5.5 goals per 60 minutes.

    For comparison:

    – The Kings are 19-20-10 without the shootout.
    – They have scored 103 goals and given up 104.

    – They give up 28 shots per 60 minutes at 5-on-5, 6th best in the NHL.

    – They give up 52.3 shots per 60 minutes on the PK, 20th in the NHL.
    – Their PK is 3rd in the league, giving up 4.1 goals per 60 minutes.

    – Their PP is tied for 29th in the league, scoring 4.2 goals per 60 minutes.

    What’s the key to the game?

    – Bernier’s play at even strength, and the first period.

    The Senators are 7th in the league in 5-on-5 shooting percentage; posting a very good mark of 9.2%. Meanwhile, Bernier’s save percentage at even strength is just .888, a terrible figure.

    Much has been made of the Kings’ league-low total of 20 goals in the first period this season. What might not be as well known is that the Senators give up more goals in the first period (50) than any other team except for Tampa Bay.

    • Quick was first off the ice today so he’ll probably get the start.

    • Bernier? I’m pretty sure Quick is in net again.

      • … Well, if Quick gets the start, that would be very unlike Sutter, as he’s usually given Quick all the starts against the Western conference opponents.

        Also, I thought it advantageous to start Bernier to at least give him a little work, since Quick will be busy during the whole All-Star spooge-fest.

        Bernier hasn’t had a start in two weeks, and of course will be idle another week before the season starts back up again.

        • . . . As I am Captain Accuracy, I can assure you that Quick was first off the ice . . . I have no stats to back that up though

        • Being around so many top scorers let’s hope he brings some of that mojo back to LA.

        • I am telling you, whenever you think of Quick getting rest, or other advantages to having Bernier play, think “Kiprusoff” and you will be cured.

          In 2003-2004, Kiprusoff was traded to the Flames mid-November and later missed 4 weeks with a knee injury, but still appeared in 38 games for the Flames. That was the year Sutter took the Flames to the Cup finals, so that would have re-inforced the thinking that such a workload is okay.

          Then, in 2005-2006, while still under Sutter, Kiprusoff played in 74 games.

          Rest Quick? We’ll see.

          • Hey, just wanted to tell you that I just saw your comments on the other thread wrt DD.
            Where you said ‘A mountain of potential buried under a cavalier attitude. It’s just not enough to only say you want to get better, it takes self-effacing appraisal and honest effort.’

            Dude, not just saying ‘oh how right’ for the sake of it…. but I really appreciate your insights.. because that’s what I see.

            To be clear, I’m Not touting myself up, but my life is as a photographer and I tend to take in information visually (looking at TM told you alot about what was holding him back – as he did have so many admirable qualities)…. and when I look at Drew I see that slightly cavalier attitude.

            Some would call it swagger, but I don’t. Look at his buddy Logan Couture. That guy – you can see it, is ‘deadly serious’ if you’ll excuse the expression. You watch his face and his behavior.

            I know that supposedly Drew is out there having loads of fun, but I’m not seeing him having fun, the little I’ve seen him on tv this year. I see other stuff happening as well…. but it is subtle and he does need to mature (though I hate the cheese analogy…. so let’s just say grow up a bit). How often do Chris Pronger or particularly Nik Lidstrom look cavalier?

            Not very often would be my response.

          • Hey, Player-X, how’d you like Donuts that period?

            Did you see that 3 on 3 turn into a 2 on 1 on his partner?

            Donuts and Pancakes, only the Kings.

          • There are holes in Doughnut’s game, that’s what I say.

          • I am telling you, whenever you think of Quick getting rest, or other advantages to having Bernier play, think “Kiprusoff” and you will be cured.

            … Thanks again for making a completely unrelated argument. Quick is being backed up by a young goaltender who the Kings have groomed to be a future number one for someone in this league, if not the Kings.

            Kiprusoff was backed up by Brian Boucher, Jamie McLennan, and Curtis Joseph. None of them were in the same position Bernier is in now.

            If the Kings want to play Quick all the time and don’t care to continue Bernier’s development, that’s on them. They can give Quick 82 starts a season for all I care. If the Kings want to waste their assets, they’ll pay for it in time. I’m over this team doing stupid shit – they’ve done it for decades. It’s not new.

          • Even when I agree with you, you come off like a total asshole. Wow, man, get laid or something, please.

  4. Oh boy bet the boys are shaking in their boots. Of all the crazy things to say I can’t believe that I’m actually sort of relieved that Westgarth is playing instead of Hunter! Shit is getting outta hand here! What’s up with the Lameass Ducks lately? Beating Co and now the Sens?? No worries not like they’re going to the playoffs anyways.

  5. Did he really say an “eight game All Star break?”

  6. … I just learned a new rule. If a player tries to stop his forward momentum in order to not interfere with the opposing goalie, and the opposing goalie clearly initiates the contact, it’s still apparently goaltender interference. I wasn’t aware this change had been made to the league’s rule book.

  7. Why isn’t Surly in 315 tonight!!!! I have the biggest douche bag Sens fans here behind me

  8. You’re correct. Willie Migchell did jam that bag o chips down their throats.
    Instead of “Hockey 2.0″ you do English 101? You know, explain the difference between ” then”and “than?”

  9. While I’m glad the Kings are up 4-0, that penalty shot call needs to be reviewable. It was a decent play by that defenseman. Jim Fox was right, the ref was in good position, he just made the wrong call.

  10. Looks like they’re leaving mad too.

  11. FUCK! DD got 2 assists, we should trade his ass.

    • … No wait guys GUYS he totally sucks, he’s “curb level”, he plays terrible defense despite the head coach openly saying he’s relied upon to shut down the opposing team’s top players, also Due Droughty and hey let me go ahead and create a bunch of different aliases and stalk people I don’t like on S & S, GO HOCKEY

      • Somebody is stalking you? BTW, we check for different aliases. We see the IP numbers. Unless they are using different ones (possible I realize), there are none. I think the fact someone has a Not JT Dutch and is trolling you is a huge compliment. You have your own paparazzi.

      • …”he plays terrible defense despite the head coach openly saying he’s relied upon to shut down the opposing team’s top players”

        You probably meant to say offense. Sloppy.

        “…he’s relied upon to shut down the opposing team’s top players”

        Yeah, like when he’s on the power play. Fucking simpletin, have you never heard of a coach trying to defuse criticism by reframing an argument? And why was the question brought up, because it was NOT an issue?

        You asked me once to cite believers that Doughty, er wait, let me say Droughty cuz it pisses you off and he is still in that goal-scoring drought anyway, that Droughty is having an off year. Do Bob Miller and Jim Fox count? Again, last night in the pregame Bob said Doughty didn’t get the start to the season he wanted but is coming around, then Fox concurs before saying he is playing better lately. Did he not need to get better?

        Doughty has been guilty of “curb level” defense, as he played in the Capitals game. I note that you bever responded when I cited actual game times on the clock when he was beaten for position yielding two on ones, when he got caught “roving” and gave up a 2 on 1 that resulted in a goal, etc. But now, you have the gall (that reads intellectual dishonesty) to come here and crow an “I told you so” after Doughty has one good game? As if that proves you were right previously?

        You come off like a clown act J.T., a snide and cruel condescending clown act complete with red nose and silly car horn.

        Fun chat.

        • simpletin=simpleton. oops. Have a field day with it. I am usially a gooder spellor.

        • … Hey Sybil. Create a few more usernames and keep stalking. Fight the good fight.

          • JT once again we are pretty damn certain you are wrong about this whole “someone is stalking you by making several usenames” thing.

            While it’s certainly possible to switch IP addresses and create different logins with different emails, it takes a level of dedication I don’t believe you, or any of us in the Kings blogosphere, are worth.

          • … Look, I understand what you and Bobby are saying but I’ve seen this before, and it doesn’t take any effort at all to do. None of these other usernames popped up until Sybil got all butthurt at me for not liking his article. I don’t buy it being any kind of coincidence.

          • People getting on your ass JT? That’s nothing new and didn’t just start with Player-X’s article.

            You have a fan club JT, wouldn’t you WANT it to be larger than 1. ;)

            I’ve seen it before too JT, and I still think you are crazy. You like conspiracy theories though, like your one where the Kings intentionally stay only almost good enough to compete, so I guess there is no harm in your harboring one more.

          • I think JT Dutch is worth that. He is approaching icon status. That is a credit to him.

          • I don’t need multiple user names to make you look foolish. And what, if any, multiple posts would even qualify as “stalking” you anyway? Whose feelings are hurt, yours or mine?

            If you can’t withstand criticism from multiple sources, try examining your usual tone of discourse. Look within, Grasshoppahh.

    • Fuck! DD had one good game, a very good game, so that negates all the obvious mistakes he ever made and proves that people with detailed and specific criticisms were wrong the whole time.
      Not like you to be so shallow and snide.

      • Dude! You are not the only person on here saying negative stuff about DD. I find your comments very intelectually thought provoking. But there are plenty saying “trade his ass”, “DD’s worthless”, and so on.

        Why the second I say anything to the contrary do you automatically champion against it like some personal attack on you?

        Everybody who thinks DD is a peice of shit is OK to say so, but when I mock them, you take it personal.

        • Guess I did go kinda schoolgirl on that one with you, sorry Dominick.

          • No problem. Just remember, even though I might not agree with you at times, you are someone that I do have the utmost respect for, and admire your knowlege of the game.

            My comments were geared more towards guys like Gustov, BamaKingsfan, and others who have been brutal on DD since way back in June.

            DD has 22, and is climbing with Sutter as coach. He’s only 6 points out of the top 10, and on a roll.

            All this while being the only 1 in the top 50 to miss camp, and have a concussion. He will end the season inside the to 10 on a 30th ranked team offensively, just watch.

            I will be right!

          • That is top 10 out of all defensemen in the NHL in scoring. He’s 6 points out of top 10 in scoring by defensemen, and is more than capable of making up that gap.

            The 6 million will pan out, over the entire season, and he’s taking more defensive match ups, so JJ’s +/- is going to improve too. My predictions aill prove true, unless there’s an injury.

          • glad you saw the apology, hope you are right about the rest of the year. If he played every game like he did against the Sens, I would have no reason to complain. Let’s hope for consistency, but also more goals.


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