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  1. How lucky was that fan behind the net that was slamming the glass when Cliffy scored? Cliffy skated right up to the glass and slammed the glass right back at him while letting out a victory yell.

    Would of been a moment to remember for any Kingsfan.

    My lame, but memorable fan moment was at the old forum, and standing next to the glass when Gretzky was stretching, and he looked over at us and gave us a head nodd, and a smile.

    Kinda stupid, but I’ll always remember it.

  2. Cliffy…does the guy look like a serial killer or what? Cliffy’s career path…hmmm…axe murderer or pro hockey player??? Not like there’s a whole lotta variance there. :D

  3. Cliffy!! One young toughie.. have not seen a Gordie Howe in how long??
    It was great.. and the game as well..
    Hope our guys enjoy their time off .. relax.. refresh.. renew.. but stay game ready as well.. do not want to lose our edge :)
    GL and have Fun to Quicker!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    PS.. any word on the fitness tests.. did not browse around the internet but saw
    nada from our S&S

  4. Thanks for posting the video Scribe. As for Clifford’s eyes, see Siberian Husky.


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