A Request & Message To Dean Lombardi About Trades

This isn’t an open letter. I speak on behalf of myself although I suspect the great majority of L.A. Kings fans, especially the die-hard ones, will agree with me.

There is talk, rumors, probably bullshit for a variety of reasons, that Dean Lombardi has talked to the Tampa Bay Lightning about Ryan Malone and is dangling Jonathan Bernier as a return. A thanks to Matt Barry for bringing this rumor to our attention (although he did not originate it).

From said probable bullshit article, we get this:

Kings GM Dean Lombardi — reluctantly pushed into a ‘win now’ mentality by virtue of a $63 million payroll that contains underachiever Dustin Penner and injured veteran Simon Gagne, combined with pressure from ownership to have a deep playoff run — may be forced to break up the young goaltending tandem sooner than he wanted.

Ryan Malone is still a good hockey player. He is also past his prime (32 years old), is often injured, and is a used band-aid on the L.A. Kings left wing wound. I don’t give a damn how gritty he may be or that he may use his size well. I will stipulate he will help the Kings this season. None of that makes this trade a good one.

Any trade between the L.A. Kings and the Tampa Bay Lightning that brings Malone here and sends Jonathan Bernier there, even if it includes a draft pick back to us, is a mistake in both the short-term and long. To this L.A. Kings fan and thousands of others, I assure you “I was reluctantly pushed” or “we needed to win now” will fall on deaf ears and will elicit our wrath and demands for Dean’s termination. The days of the L.A. Kings selling off young assets for aging veterans to help now while hurting our future are over if AEG wants the continued support of its core fan base, Surly & I included.

Good hockey trades like that of Mike Richards for Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn that address the short-term and long-term needs of both teams are welcome with open arms. I do not regret that trade. There is always risk there for both teams but it is calculated. Wayne Simmonds is a solid hockey player and I am thrilled that he is doing well in Philadelphia. He regressed here because of Dean Lombardi’s unwise coaching decision with Terry Murray and firing Murray one season too late. Put a good player in a position to succeed and he often does. Put him in a position to fail (pit him against the opposing team’s top lines night in and night out and then demand increased offense under a system like that of Murray’s) and he will fail to meet the unreasonable expectations.

But a trade for Ryan Malone or any player of his age or status for one of our young top-tier players, especially a goalie, will show Dean Lombardi has either lost control or lost his mind.

If we make the playoffs and lose in the first round because of our weakness at left wing, then I expect Dean Lombardi to aggressively address that in the offseason. If the “hockey deal” is not there before the deadline, I expect Dean will do nothing or make a depth move. I will not throw my hands in the air and demand Lombardi be fired if we don’t go deep into the playoffs this season. I will do so if he trades for Malone or makes a similar move at our significant expense. I will do so if he again fails to address the left wing need in the offseason. Six years is enough time. The overzealous focus on building from the back-end has to stop. Thomas Hickey was a mistake. Colten Teubert was a mistake. Derek Forbort will likely be a mistake. Stop making 1st round mistakes. Do not compound them before the trade deadline.

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  1. I want this to be read in the context it is meant. Please don’t pull it out and landbash me.

    I’m a die-hard kings fan. I lived in TB for a few years, during their cup win in 2004. Brad Richards was the play-off MVP and I have no idea how, because St. Louis has been the best player on that team for 8 years. Better than richards, better than Vinny and even better than Stamkos at this point. If you don’t think so, take St. Louis off of Stamkos’ line and watch the goal count drop to the floor.

    St. Louis is much like a Sedin when it comes to his vision on the ice and his IQ. Except St. Louis is a monster in so many aspects of the game. He can pass, shoot, hit, grind and skate.

    Why in the world am I talking about St. Louis?

    Park that thought for a second and let me ask this, can we win a cup this year with this team + a major winger and some third line help?

    My belief is yes. Goaltending wins cups. We have one of the best in the league and add 40 goals to this team, we have one of the best teams in the league.

    So, I have this to say. I’m not worried about dangling Bernier for a guy in his 30’s. If we’ve got Quick lined up and can get even an average back-up in return, then dangle him.

    But go all the way. Trade him and Doughty (not necessarily to the same team) and bring back a few cup assets. You add Malone, St. Louis and Roloson to this team (minus Bernie and DD), we can win now and for the next few years.

    This contingent on Quick being able to be resigned.

    Booo away all you want, but I add this to my views. Bob Miller is my favorite King. Hands down, twice on Sunday. He is older, he is miscalling names and he is still the best PBP guy in the game, maybe ever. But he doesn’t have more than 3 years left and that is pushing it.

    I’d rather win one cup with him calling it, than five after him.

    I’m not saying St. Louis and Malone are the only options. What I’m saying is, make the big moves now to win now. Give up DD and Benier. If it gets us Parise, great. Nash, great. St louis, great. I now DD and Bernier are worth more than just one of those players, so trade them both and get more.

    But do it now.

    Win a cup for Mr. Miller. Him shedding tears for the team he has given his career to is worth over paying for.

    If we can’t win with this team, then don’t make the big trades – but I think we can.

    • Garrett you do realize that when the Kings win the cup it will be with either Doc Emerick or Brian Hayward doing the call and not Bob Miller?

      It’s going to be a damn shame but NBC has their own announcers and I would think that Bob will be sitting in his seat in section 114* and watch the game 6 and the Kings winning the cup.

      Could be 115, I’m talking from memory where Judy sits.

    • Malone’s health is the key to it I think.Big and NOW are the important things though.TB & NJ can use backend help,we need scoring and/or scoring depth.Did you see Quick at the end of the Avs gm?He NEVER does stuff like that & he’s been playing behind this offensively challenged bunch for a few years now;just totally frustrated,one would have to be;2-1 or 1-0 or no W.Parise & Hedberg for DD,Stoll,Bernier & cash.

    • Marty has a no movement clause. I don’t think he’d want to move to LA. Same thing with Malone.

    • I liked your comment up until the part that said trade DD. I don’t get why fans keep saying this. We just signed him to that monster deal, trading him a season after makes no sense. Especially when potential was a huge factor playing in the contract and considering that DD is no where near his prime. DD along with other plays like Kopi, Quick, JJ and Brown are at the central core of this team’s nucleus. They give the team its identity; the team is built around them. We want to add to that, not replace it. Bernier/Penner or Stoll/1st rounder should be enough to get us a top notch goal scoring winger. i’m sick of hearing this bullshit of “trade doughty, trade brown” and sometimes I even read “trade Kopitar”. That’s why none of you are GM’s and DL is. Once again: add to the core, don’t replace it.

  2. “The days of the L.A. Kings selling off young assets for aging veterans to help now while hurting our future are over if AEG wants the continued support of its core fan base, Surly & I included.”

    No need to comment when you’re doing it for us. Couldn’t agree more.

  3. I agree about Malone, but my feeling is Tampa contacted LA. That is how the rumor was started. Now Bernier has not proven himself to be traded for a guy like Parise, so If we do trade Bernier I can see it being for top 6 player but not for an All star. I know Brown was involve, but still NJ wont take that. I wouldnt. I can see MacAruther coming our way. Luke Schenn been rumored now since Lilies sign. Ill try MacAruther, Schenn, for Voynov, Stoll. That would lower the cap lower for the Leags. Stoll Last year, and Voynov a great prospect. Then we can let go Willie Mitchell in the offseason even tho he a beast but grants us we have Schenn for the future with JJ and DD. Just a thought.

  4. Offseaon…

    Please, no more Peter Stemkowskis or Rick Chartraws.

  5. Tuutu, Whitney or MacArthur for as little as possible in return. Go back to the drawing board in the offseason.

    I like ruutu for the front net presence and grit that we lost with smyth and Zeus

    I am a fan of trading DD, JB and a pick for something big.

    We need wingers. Bottom line. A couple top 6. With DP and JS gone and the assets we have to trade

    I would not trade SV. He is too good and he is cheap now.

    I like the schenn for mitchell idea, but I would try and resign mitchell for 3 more years.

  6. Can Lombardi trade himself to Tampa? And take Kompon with him?

  7. I would love to see the Kings make a run at Rick Nash. Columbus needs a goalie and a defenseman. We’ve got Bernier and a surplus of D. Nash is one of the premier wingers in the league and can actually play great defensive hockey (just remember him at the Olympics on a line with Toews). Plus, he’s still in his prime.

    I drool thinking of him on a line with Kopitar. My god, it would be glorious.

    • That line also had Richards on it and was considered Canada’s best line and one of the best in the tourny. So I would try Nash with Richards first to see if the chemistry is still there.

      • I couldn’t remember the third guy on that line, but if it was Richards, then yeah, toss him on a line with Richards and let them find that magic again.

  8. Bottom line is TM was putting T.Hunter out on the PP.Sutter puts Stoll out there.If that’s not an indictment of the GM and an embarassment to fans nothing is.

  9. Ahhhh. The trials and tribulations of an Armchair GM. The problem as always, is giving up something that allows you to both fill a need and replace that which you gave up.

    Addition by Subtraction is never an easy proposition.

  10. Completely agree. A trade like that would mirror Dave Taylor’s desperation at trade deadlines. Bernier if anything is part of a package to get a bigger player, a top-3 player.

    What I fear most (only because we’ve seen it before) is the inclusion of a forward prospect like Toffoli. You don’t see Philly or Boston or Detroit giving up their top prospects when they still make trades. They maintain their depth on their team AND their prospects, so young talent is always flowing into the team.

    It comes down to smart asset management. Something we aren’t accustomed to as Kings’ fans.

    Also, keep in mind, Malone has a no movement clause, so he’d have to approve a trade to the Kings (which rumor has it, he doesn’t want to move west).

    • And that No trade clause could be the best thing for Kings fans if DL was going to make that retarded trade.

  11. Malone for Bernier makes no sense. 1 is at the start of his career, and the other is on the ass end. Not to mention that although he’s often injured, he has never played in Philly before, so he doesn’t fit DL’s M.O..

  12. MALONE!?! For Bernie? Disappointing speculation on such a beautiful day in so cal. One of the heart breaking things about being a sports fan is the powerless aspect. Lombardi is going to make a trade all of his own. I am just hoping the hockey Gods are telepathically erasing Bernie from his mind. This could be the hugest mistake of his career if he does so. WHY?

    Is Martin Jones NHL ready? Is Jeff Zaktkoff? I have never seen them play so I actually don’t know that. We could assume no. Although we could also assume they could play like Hackett for Minnesota in there first NHL game. Willing to take the chance on relying on a kindergartener? I know it is unrealistic to think that the Kings will keep the goal tending dynamic duo we have forever but DAMN I want to see Quickie AND Bernie lift the cup.

    Please don’t spoil my dream Deano. Please.

  13. My main reason for beginning, and I mean barely beginning, to question Dean Lombardi is the left wing problem. It can be said, although inaccurately, that over his entire tenure Lombardi has failed to plan for the missing LW (as in missing link).

    This problem has not gone un-addressed. Looking at just this year’s potential roster, after planning long-term Lombardi had Smyth for this season, with Brown not perfectly suited to full-time LW but able to platoon in. Lombardi knew he needed another LW. Penner was supposed to be it, so he got him late last year to be available for this year. Then Penner under-performed. Lombardi needed a better LW. Then, Gagne was supposed to be it.

    To me, this was a solid try to fill an obvious hole. Losing Smyth was a shock to everyone, but it opened cap room. Lombardi plugged in Gagne.

    If I look at Lombardi, I see the over-emphasis on defensemen; just look at the way the salary cap is eaten by D-men disproportionately to the Forwards. I did a whole article on this somewhere, take my word we are way high in relation between Forwards and D-men, even more so when you realize the great bargain we have getting two great goalies for 3 mill in cap hit.

    Which brings me to the idea of trading Bernier. I would be willing to trade him, even to package him with a prospect forward and a high pick in 2013. I might put Martinez into the mix, not in addition but in place of the prospect or the pick. But, I would only do that for a top-3 guy, a guy with two years on contract in his 20’s and no older than 28. There is no way a straight-up trade of Bernier for Malone makes sense UNLESS it is step one in a two-step maneuver beyond my comprehension at this time.

    I do not fault Lombardi for the hole at LW. I see plans, and contingency plans, a surprise player move and a risky but necessary free agent signing. With Smyth or Gagne you have LW1, and Brown can play there, too, plus he even likes it more. So on paper, having Brown as fill-in and/or top 6 LW, Gagne as solid LW and Penner as 2nd or 3rd line LW depending on game-to-game match-ups was a very solid plan going into this season. Now Smyth is gone, Gagne is hurt and Penner is still under-performing, but Brown is doing well and a drastic move for an aging scorer most likely to be a meat-and-potatoes guy is a worse reaction to a bad situation.

    • Good post. I understand DL’s answers to trying to address the left wing problem, but feel the problem goes deeper than just finding a winger.

      I don’t see any of his moves through trade or free agency as the problem because he had no way of knowing ahead of time that Gagne would be injured, or Penner wouldn’t pan out, and those are the breaks that all GM’s face.

      The real problem is that he has set things up to be veteran dependant on those positions. DL has spent a majority of his draft pick capitalon defensemen. Even when he didn’t need too, he still drafted more defensemen.

      This in turn has created a plethora of D-men, and no top end wingers at his disposal. When he started, the Kings were so Center heavy that we are still converting Centers to wing.

      He didn’t need to draft another goalie, or Defnsemen the last few drafts in the 1rst round when he’s had a left wing problem for 5 years now.

      He has purposely left those positions to be filled by veterans, or late round wingers. 2 of those wingers are quality prospects in Weal, and Tiffoli, but Forbort, Gibson, and even going back to Hickey (who I like), and Tuebert, I’m totally wondering how he could not see any wingers worth taking.

      If he does stay next draft, and picks 2 defensemen, and a goalie with his first 3 picks, I think I’ll shoot myself.

      • You’re sugar coating it. He fucked up. He was too back end focused and didn’t put stock in goal scorers.

        • BOBBT…… AGREE. OH, BY THE WAY (isn’t it great that I don’t get bumped here for the caps?). I agree. I agree so much I just can’t find other words.

          As for Dominick’s post….. Dom, as you know sometimes we disagree but a portion of your post was very accurate: ‘The real problem is that he has set things up to be veteran dependant on those positions. DL has spent a majority of his draft pick capitalon defensemen. Even when he didn’t need too, he still drafted more defensemen.

          This in turn has created a plethora of D-men, and no top end wingers at his disposal. When he started, the Kings were so Center heavy that we are still converting Centers to wing.’

          Where I totally agree with Bobby is in the simple fact that he didn’t put stock in goal scorers (I’ve been saying it until I’m fed up with seeing my fingers type it…. I need some of that G DRINK stuff after typing it cause it wears me out).

          But one more point. One can say ‘hey Deano was on top of it, he addressed the need signing Gagne’. But the wise man (symbolically speaking…. not me talking about me) would say….’what did he expect? he had a long history of injuries’ and that to me is clearly why Yzerman wouldn’t offer him anymore than a one year contract. If you look at it realistically now, how often from this point on, this year, next year…. do you think Gagne will be keen on going into the corners knowing that that one last hit could end his career? So, I’m with Scribe. He fucked up. Plain and simple.

          He pulled a bit of a rabbit out of a hat with JW with his injury history, and Zus just had the one serious injury. But players bodies break down after too much. Look at Pronger. Lately it’s been one thing after another w him.

          Bottom line…… Dean had very very little balance in putting this team together. What he Did do he did pretty well. But that lack of balance for the moment has kept the Kings in that space where they struggle against the Edm’s and CBJ’s of the world cause they score One goal (or is it two?) in a total of three games…. two of them at Staples. Based on the evidence you can’t convince me that Dean did this the right way. Part of it is on the players….. but a bigger part is on DL.

      • Lomabardi has said that if you draft for position you get in trouble, that the best policy is to draft the best player available. I am not saying I agree with it, but thar’s his view.

        This view can be productive if those D-men achieve potential and can be used as assets in trade, for example, to fill holes. Find a team long on forwards, trade a d-man. Seems like taking two steps, both risky, to solve one problem.

        Other wings in the organization include all those that are mourned as they do better under other teams: Boyle, Moulson, Purcell, etc. Of course, this is the conundrum; would they have done well here if we were their second team? Did they need the ass-kick of being discarded to improve, or was the Kings’ organization not a good fit? Most say Murray Murray Murray, but while Murray si condemned and Sutter is applauded the goals for stays the same and the goals against goes down. Jury still out I guess.

        Purcell was a freaking joke when he was here. The guy had linemates, ice time, PP, and he was snake bit and appeared hopeless. He was a head case here, and not in Tampa.

        Boyle was a dud, lacked motivation and I think the move
        was the difference that sparked him to hire the skating coach.

        Moulson, as I understand, was not given a solid chance here at all, but I know very little about it personally.

        Point being that there have been a lot of disappointing results from a lot of supposedly top-line forwards, so at least the bodies were there even if they weren’t developed well. This only speaks to the drafting angle, but not the overall verdict on Lombardi’s “forward planning.”

        • Player X, I think you know how much I enjoy and look forward to your posts. You bring up a really good point…. the ‘best player available thing’. Now that would be great…. but not too many people can convince me that Thomas Hickey is better than Logan Couture.
          Totally see why he went for Bernier when he did. No proven person in goal at that time, so perfect to draft for position.

          I don’t think too many would say that Colten Teubert is a better player than Eric Karlson (hint, he was drafted in the first round of the all star draft…. so, yeah probably better than Teubert), Tyler Myers, Michael del Zotto is like +26 or something this year.

          So I’d be fine(r) if some of these guys were really solid, but Teubert wouldn’t be on the team yet if he were w the Kings org, and who knows if Hickey will ever make the team.

          I’m not saying for the 100th time that Dean hasn’t done some outstanding things for the Kings. At times I get the feeling that two or three people think I’m like Anthony used to be on Insider (fire TM, fire DL, fire this, fire that). That’s not my style. At the same time I’m not gonna drink the kool-aid that DL has built the team into a serious SC contender.

          What gets me is that, with a bit better drafting and more overall balance in his approach, the team would be closer to being exactly that imo. But they are where they are.

          • Like I said, I did not say I agree with drafting the best player available as a theory, and I also don’t think it was accomplished in practice. Of course second-guessing draft decisions after a few years is pointless in most single cases, but with Lombardi there is a pattern.

            Martinez and Voynov represent two from among how many? Not sure of the actual percentage of draftees that ever become NHL regulars, but it seems like Lombardi overdid the defensemen at the expense of forwards.

            If you look at it from a results-based angle, it is one thing. I was just pointing out that the position of forward, and especially LW, has not been completely ignored. I think the discussion is a matter of degrees of neglect or of decisions that di not pan out, and not a matter of abject failure.

          • Your response actually makes very good sense. I do agree that LW was not ignored when taken in context. Clearly I do feel that it could have been approached very differently.

            Also, same take as I have: Voynov and Martinez are two out of how many? Exactly. This is a guy that was stock piling draft picks and what he did is imo the very least that one would expect of any professional, so consequently I have a problem when people start going on about the amazing building job he’s done.

            If one has been starved (as we have as Kings fans), then any sort of little meal looks like a feast.

        • Just for the record, I was in the Purcell, Boyle, Moulson, Moller, Parse, Lokti, Lewis, Vey, Cliche, and Holloway corners on the lack of offensive developement arguement long before we ever lost any of them, or sent any of them back to Manchester.

          Now that TM is gone, that arguement is moot, but in regards to Purcell, Boyle, and Moulson, I still owe plenty of people a big fat “I told you so!”. Parse never fully recovered.

          Lokti, Lewis, Vey, Cliche, Moller, and Holloway are still pending.

          The way I see it, TM had never developed his own scorers from scratch.

          He turned Simmonds, and Clifford into fine grinders, developed our young D core, and helped some already established young players become excellent 2 way players, but as far as turning a young prospect into a scorer, when he was just trying to figure out the NHL, ZERO!

          Guys like Boyle, Moulson, and Purcell developed somewhere else.

  14. Interesting comments.
    I just found this site and like it…More open and better discussion than XXXXXXX
    My two cents.
    No way we trade Voynov at all. He has incredible potential. You dont see other teams trading away their big stars like Tavares , Hall , Eberle , Sequin etc etc…
    ANd no way should we trade Bernier for Malone….No way.
    Im ok with trading Bernier but only for the likes of Nash or Parise or the like.
    yes it would take more than Bernier for such a deal.
    How about trading Bernier to Edmonton for their first round Pick and someone right now like Hemsky. Lets make a trade that makes us richer. Or Columbus for their first round pick and something now. lets go for the first or second overal lpick next draft..The number one is really exciting to me..No way is it right for Edmonton to be able to get three firsts three years in a row. But the way they are going it looks possible.
    Do such a trade that also doesnt hurt us this year.
    Meanwhile dump JS and a Hickey or Drewiske or a junior goalie for someone like a Whitney or a Macarthur or Malone . Fill in our need for a left wing for this year.
    Then with our great pick for next year shoot for Parise in off season. ( Ill trade a fair price for him now or Nash. They are so desirable)

  15. IF DL is going to trade Bernier , he better get something back that’s not named Malone. He knows he needs a top scoring winger and there are some out there and teams that need a good goalie.
    OT- I’m watching the NHL All Star Draft and Karlsson, the 21 year old Dman from Ottawa has 47 points…wow…that’s amazing.

    • He might as well be the reincarnation of Dave Taylor if he does that. Because he’s really screwed himself bigtime if he trades Bernier for almost anyone (except a fab forward with years on his contract…. and I don’t expect that to happen).

      Also, read on tsn this morning that Darren Dreger said Bernier for Ales Hemsky could be interesting. Equal to Malone on the insanity scale.

      Oh, and by the way, if he were to trade Bernier, and he can’t sign Quick, what exactly do the Kings do next?

      • Go out and pay for a free agent with 1/2 the talent, or stake our next 2 seasons on 3 rookies who have no NHL experience, even at back up.

        Trading Bernier is a baaaaaad idea.

  16. Why wait to get the scoring left winger in the off season? With Parise and talks of Nash waiving his no trade clause there is no reason the kings don’t get either of those 2.

  17. The lot of you can go fuck yourselves.

    DL’s plan to build from the ass out, piling up assets in net and on the blue line, has worked and worked well. It STILL works well.

    We’re not scoring now for a variety of reasons. But as of this microsecond we’re playoff-bound and can take the ice with anybody. Are we doing that with offense?

    It’s pointless to jack our dicks into a trade frenzy. The Penner deal was a good deal at the time it was made. DL spent nothing from the current roster to bring him here. People act like Stoll’s shit stinks this year, but even into last season’s first-round series against San Jose he was the Son of God. He started this past October as a bottom-six center for the first time since he came here. What did everybody think was gonna happen to his numbers?

    We just got a different coach a few weeks ago. Remember? And each and every guy on our top six has scored thirty goals in a single season at some time or other. We WILL score with the guys we have.

    So zip your flies back up and play out this string for another stretch of games. If hysteria is to be the order of the day, we still have about a month left before the trade deadline. But I don’t want Lombardi forced to make deals with the fans and ownership nibbling at his ass. We saw what went down when he was forced to unload Smyth. (To be honest, Fraser has wound up being more valuable than we expected.)

    Oh. My opinion of Bernier for Malone? Or trading Doughty? Or even trading Martinez? Are you guys outa your fucking minds? DO NOT PISS AWAY SOLID NEW STOCK TO BUILD AN INVENTORY OF OLD SHIT.

    • Breathe Tuan, Breathe……..relax……OK? LMAO!

    • I think that you would do well to just ‘gentle down’ the rhetoric first of all. Dude, we’re all fans here.

      The one thing you said that clearly I tend to see a bit differently is your following paragraph: DL’s plan to build from the ass out, piling up assets in net and on the blue line, has worked and worked well. It STILL works well.

      We’re not scoring now for a variety of reasons. But as of this microsecond we’re playoff-bound and can take the ice with anybody. Are we doing that with offense?

      My opinion: If you’re losing 1-0 At Home to the Columbus BJ’s, if you’re losing 3-0 At Home to Edmonton, if you can’t beat Colorado in Three tries this year…. my opinion of what that means is that you aren’t beating the teams below you that you would be expected to beat. Good teams beat the teams they are expected to beat. That doesn’t mean that the above mentioned teams never beat Detroit or Chicago…. but certainly not with the alarming consistency of what has happened with the Kings.

      So to me DL’s plan has not worked out as well as you say, so we have to agree to disagree. In games such as the CBJ game, they need one fricken goal. One goal. They are the absolute worst in the entire league in scoring goals in the first period this season.
      So, occasionally they hold the other team scoreless in the 1st as well. It’s a question of what one considers successful, what one considers to be working.

      It’s for sure working….. if the goal is to be a really nice .500 team. In that case, yes I do agree with you that it works. If the goal is to move into the elite group of teams where one finds Boston, Detroit, San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, NYR, Philly, then to me it’s not there. There is a big difference between being able to beat any of those teams, and being at that level consistently.

    • wow man, Meth?

      I see no hysteria here. I see one guy demonstrating verbal histrionics.

      I see mostly tossing ideas around about a rumor that on it’s face is unlikely, and that opened up some other ideas about more worthy trade options. Then I see someone coming in and bellowing out like a drunk in a bar being awakened at closing time.

      Finally, at the end, you get to the actual discussion, but then agree with most here; don’t trade young for old, and if you trade the very good young make sure you get solid gold in their prime.

  18. I agree, this would be right up there with the worst kings trades ever if it happens. Malone is nothing more than a weak patch and isn’t worth much, maybe a draft pick or 7th D. I disagree about forbort though, I think that kid will be pretty solid eventually.

    I also would hate to see Lombardi make a trade for a winger just for the sake of making a trade. Penner deal as an example. Everybody knew the guy sucked. We shouldn’t do a deal for another weak winger. It should be a good hockey deal for a top 3 or 6 or nothing.

    • Well said. They aren’t gonna win a Stanley Cup this year, so he’d do better to pick up eventually an offensive winger that is rather one dimensional who they can get for like a 5th round pick, or prospect (and not a top prospect).

      Otherwise, I wouldn’t tend to do a thing. And I certainly would under almost no circumstances move Bernier.

  19. New Thread…don’t know how to start ine??
    CONGRATS to Quick!!!!
    What a honor to be picked so high..
    esp already having Lunquist…How Cool!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  20. Surly, and scribe,
    Have you guys seen these?
    I wouldn’t mind getting some thoughts on prospects, and some thoughts on projected scoring.

    • Funny you mention it because I just saw it on the Insider just now. I like the prospects but imo we don’t have time for that unless he’s like a Voynov. There’s a learning curve, Loktionov, that the guys will have to go through when they get bumped to the NHL level. There’s a reason why these guys are still in the AHL or what ever minor league they’re playing in.

      We need someone who is basically plug and play. Someone who has the NHL experience already. Doesn’t need to be an old vet but someone with at least three years of solid NHL experience. As much as I would love to have Parise here, I’m not sure how likely that is. I’m starting to think maybe this Brassard kid from BJ would fit in. If the 1st line can build with what they’ve been doing, that’s a solid line. It’s the 2nd line that needs the help.

      Pens and Stoll need to go. Gagne has probably played his last NHL game. Brassard on wing with Richards. Young kid, fast, still has room to grow, Richards can take him under his wing. Now the other side is empty….

  21. We need to get oscar moller back! but he signed an extention. so we have to wait another season

    • Not sure, but isn’t Kitsyns contract up after this season? He is still Kings property, and has plenty of experience to make the leap to a North American style of play.

      He would of bumped Lokti this season, but had already made the commitment before the Kings talked him into trying out here in Jr’s, and had to play out a contract.

      He’s playing against bigger players now, and the KHL is a rough league. Very laxed on aggressive penalties, and no policies towards headshots. The quality of life is lower there, and the pay is less.


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