Shea Weber & Ryan Suter Are Dangerous Men

The Nashville Predators are 9-1-0 in their last 10.

They have 64 points.

They are third in the Central Division, arguably the best division in the league at the moment (who would have thunk it) and only three points out first place in the entire NHL.


They have something like $14.4 million dollars in cap space.

Even more impressive.

They are also being held hostage by Shea Weber and Ryan Suter.

Weber’s words lead a reasonable person to believe he has no interest in signing anytime soon. Ryan Suter dropped the little bomb today that he won’t negotiate a contract before the trade deadline.

Both of them are using the “we want to see if the organization is committed to winning” line as the reason they have not signed.

Whatever. They want money, lots of it, Nashville’s financial situation is not stable and both want to play in a bigger and more secure market. Winning is part of that equation as well but the rest of it is not the “politically correct” thing to say. I doubt any of them would be honest enough to state, “we want a shit load of money from a big market team that has stable ownership and we just don’t see that in Nashville, no offense of course.”

So, what becomes of them? That is the subject of this article.

Shea Weber is the best defenseman in the league. I can write that and mean it. I would take him over any of ours and all others. Ryan Suter is a damn good defenseman. Top 10? I don’t know. He is an All-Star though. Suter is also due for a raise from his current $3.5 million.

I don’t want to see Weber or Suter on San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas, Detroit or Colorado. Each of these teams has the cap space and/or players to land one of these two and, of the two, I am most concerned about Shea Weber. He is a franchise player. Does Bobby Ryan like country music? Because that is a possibility. Dan Boyle has a limited NTC starting June 30, 2012 (he can pick 8 teams he won’t go to) and Brent Burns plus picks and prospects is in the ballpark. Dallas has the cap space. So does Detroit, which makes me ill as does Colorado.

What about the L.A. Kings? Come on. Is that even realistic? Drew Doughty for Shea Weber, with an understanding between the two clubs that we can talk to Weber’s people ahead of time and make a quick trade and sign? Don’t be crazy. Dean sending Drew to Nashville as a fuck you for the summer bullshit and a King size middle finger to Don Meehan? You’ve lost your mind. Who thinks like that?

Go east you bastards! That is all I am saying.

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12 replies

  1. You are shaking my tidy cocoon, dude.

  2. Well this is an interesting discussion but remember the Kings need offense. Don’t get too carried away.

    How about some more of those women with the tattoos?

    • “How about some more of those women with the tattoos?”

      Hear! Hear!

      I’m also anxious for a bit of offense. Weber’s great, no argument. But we’ve been beating Nashville’s ass — even on Nashville ice — more often than not. If I understand Bobby’s article he’s less concerned with getting “the best defenseman in the league” than he is with keeping someone else — principally in our conference — from getting him.

      If that’s the bee up Bobby’s ass why doesn’t he just shoot the sunuvabitch and be done with it.

      • Nailed it. Reading comprehension is The Tuan’s ally. Not sure why anyone thought I was suggesting the Kings land him. To the contrary, I don’t want our neighbors to do so.

  3. Why Drew? Why not JJ and another player? He’ll only cost 2 million more than what JJ will be making and the cap will rise, and we don’t have to witness JJ’s stupid mistakes anymore. Meanwhile, he’ll make DD that much BETTER and they’ll both be locked up long term and teams will fear us… unlike they do now.

  4. Other than the fact that jj is killing drew doughty. we have enough defenders and prospects we need to focus on offence

  5. Detroit will get one or both of them. They need to replace Lidstrom and they have the cap space to pay for Suter.

  6. So What, about the Kings. No!

  7. Just reading this article makes me realize what a vulnerable position Lombardi has left the Kings in being up to the cap and having drafted relatively poorly.

    So when a really good team…. with cap space like Detroit, SJ or whoever is able to grab a player like that, it just makes a really difficult job for the Kings all that much more difficult. Plus, keep in mind that any player like Weber would be only too delighted to go to Detroit. And I have to believe that Detroit is thinking that they’ll need someone to replace Lidstrom. A GM like Holland actually thinks of these things I’m quite certain, ahead of time.
    Sort of like the Colts planning for post Peyton Manning.

    • ….. and Detroit has a history of pulling in significant dmen at various times in their history be it Chelios, or Rafalski.
      If it isn’t Weber then it could well be Suter.


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