Video: The Fame Makers With Richards, Kopitar, Doughty & Greene

The boys at Funny Or Die did this video for the fans. They sent it to me to share.

Click on the link and enjoy.

I chuckled.


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  1. The funny part is that’s probably exactly how an Anze call to Kim would go.

  2. I chortled, then a few guffaws.

    • Did you raise 1 hand in the air and twirled it while reverse-bowing upward when you guffawed? That’s the only way to guffaw!

  3. This is what happens when occasionally funny people begin to think that everything they do is funny. I could have spent a more productive 5 minutes staying on the toilet to make sure that all the Indian food from last night made it out without further incident.

  4. Opinions I have received elsewhere range from awful to hilarious.

    I disagree with both.

    It was fun…though not necessarily funny.

  5. My main thought after watching that: I hate that the Sac Kings were allowed to keep their name when they came to California.

  6. Well yes these guys do look king of awkward on TV, but they are funny. Drew is starting to get a bit self indulgent and you wonder if he knows it–that alone is funny.

    Now this begs the concept that one can only dream. If this team ever made it to the top, there would be some celebrity status for the players that they probably would deserve. Kopitar on Leno? Doughty on Jimmy Kimmel? Quick on a Weaties box?

    One can only dream…

  7. It beats all the cornball videos the Kings did in the past. This was well produced, and although goofy, was funnier than any past Kings video to date.

    If they had made the gags look a little less set up, and appear more natural, they’d of had gold on their hands. Still better than Chicagos’ Christmas caroling video.

    2 thumbs up (plus 1 middle finger).

    • It was editing, quicker cuts and less face time leading into gags would have enhanced the punches, but that would have been a tempo choice in conflct with the prolonged deadpans. I liked it a lot, especially the Doughty parts, but the best was Matt Greene’s Bieber poster.

  8. OK – that was farkin lame – but lame is funny. But this is LA – shouldn’t Anze asked Justin Bieber out on a date?


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