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  1. NBC Sports Network, the NHL are pathetic. Sidney Crosby gets more time, than Quick and this save?
    FUCK YOU NHL. The world doesn’t revolve around Crosby. I don’t care!
    FUCK YOU NHL for the East Coast Bias!
    FUCK YOU NHL for not giving Quick the respect he deserves.
    I didn’t see the CBC broadcast, but “THE SAVE” as it should be known as in this video is from CBC. Where is the NBC/NHL Network clip?
    This is about the only time that annoying Doc Emerick scream “OHHHHH WHAT A SAVE by Quick on Fruity Lupuls.
    Is it me, or does Pierre Mcguire sound like he is slurring, or talking longer than the oxygen in his lungs to speak to a player.
    Maybe Pierre is just getting too excited.

    Frankly NHL Network/NBC I don’t fucking care and I ranker you!

  2. Wasn’t that fun?
    GO KINGS GO !!!


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