So after Bakersfield’s Ian McKenzie lays out Ontario’s Kevin Estrada, this ensues…

A few observations:

1. This was fun to watch. A little like 12 monkeys fucking a football but fun.

2. If you’re going to be the third man in and start shit, expect shit.

3. “Cats and dogs living together”? Wasn’t that a Bill Murray line from Ghostbusters?

4. JF, brother, when you challenge the opposing goalie to a fight, you approach and call him out and ask him to take off his mask. If he obliges, you fight. If he doesn’t, you call him a pussy until he does. THEN, you beat the shit out of him.

5. Was that a clean hit? Did he leave his feet before or after the hit? Did it target the head? I will admit it did remind me of the type of hit our own Dustin Brown used to throw.