“Old Time Hockey” Brawl Between Ontario & Bakersfield

So after Bakersfield’s Ian McKenzie lays out Ontario’s Kevin Estrada, this ensues…

A few observations:

1. This was fun to watch. A little like 12 monkeys fucking a football but fun.

2. If you’re going to be the third man in and start shit, expect shit.

3. “Cats and dogs living together”? Wasn’t that a Bill Murray line from Ghostbusters?

4. JF, brother, when you challenge the opposing goalie to a fight, you approach and call him out and ask him to take off his mask. If he obliges, you fight. If he doesn’t, you call him a pussy until he does. THEN, you beat the shit out of him.

5. Was that a clean hit? Did he leave his feet before or after the hit? Did it target the head? I will admit it did remind me of the type of hit our own Dustin Brown used to throw.

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  1. I have been a hockey fan for MANY years but only recently started watching ECHL since I moved to Las Vegas. I can honestly say I have not seen so many ‘brawls’ on the ice while watching this league since the days of the “Broad Street Bullies”. This one was a ‘doozy’!

    • Ha! I’ve been in Vegas for several years and for whatever reason have yet to make it down to a Wranglers game. It’s funny you say that because everything I hear says you are pretty much guaranteed several fights every game.

  2. I live in Bakersfield, and have been to several Condors games, That being said, It is all about the Reign when they come into town. Bakersfield has really struggled to win at,……..well, anything this year. They are at the bottom of the league in just about everything this year. I guess the frustrations of being in last place finally got to them and the Reign have repeatedly kicked the Condors butts all year! This looks like the exception to the rule. The Reign should have brought their brawlers to the dance, cause unfortunately this dance card appears to have gone to the Condors.Anyways, GO REIGN GO!!!!!!!! lol!

  3. Dude!!! Insane hit! I have no problems with that hit. That guy or any other forward will think twice about going around the net like that. As far as 3rd man in I’d want my teammates to step up and throw some blows. The original guy was laid the hell out and his teammate went about business. Other than that it’s straight outta of a scene in Slap Shot.

    • Right on. Clean hit, feet came up after. Estrada even got back up and tag teamed that dude. I like his heart. He’s no Hextall, but Berube at least has a pair.

  4. Berube fighting with that gutless goaltender for Bakersfield who didn’t have the nads to take off his mask.
    If that wus, would have removed his mask, Berube would have rawked him, instead of smashing his hand into a mask.
    Love the brawl, but if goalies are going to go, masks are removed that is the code.

    • Ya, would have loved to see the other goalie’s mask come off…

      With respect to the 4th observation, the pansy goalie actually started throwing blows first.

      I was shocked to see the hit a second time and find that it did look clean… Almost as shocked as I was that the guy was not only conscious *and* made it back on his feet, but actually started throwing a few punches himself! Clean or not, a hit like that needs retaliation.

  5. I love how these moron annoucers call Estrada gutless while their goalie won’t take his helmet off during the goalie fight. Man watching that makes my blood boil and makes me wish I was still playing I would have knock that Condors goalie the fuck out.

  6. Oh man that was awesome to watch! Fighting and hockey go together like salsa with mexican food. You need both of them. I hate these pansies who come out (like that article on fox news the other day) saying fighting is not needed in NHL anymore and that its barbaric etc. Fools!

  7. Did I get my comment deleted? Sorry if I crossed the line.

  8. Alrighty, then…

    Wasn’t at the game, saw it on B2 in its entirety.

    Point #1:
    The hit was clean. What is it they say about KEEPING YOUR HEAD UP while you skate? His (Estrada’s) head was down, down, down as he comes around the net and gets waxed, and he still had the puck on his stick as contact is made. Ian McKenzie did not leave the ice or target the head.

    Point #2:
    There needed to be fisticuffs during this game. Refs lost control in the first period, with uneven calling of penalties (game decided by early PPs). Granted, my 10-win Condors are not very good. Granted, the Condors coach is an idiot who used to be one of my most hated opponents for dirty play. Granted, I wish this season were over already & the coach fired, but that is ECHL hockey for another day… It should be noted that over 5000 people were at this game.

    The Reign are small and fast, and a pretty good team. They were up 5-1 & likely thought they’d be outta there for the season without any damage done. But to skate as though nothing would ever happen to you via retaliation is arrogant enough to deserve what happened with this hit.

    Point #3:
    The line brawl was properly funny, right down to the goalie fight. The Condors goalie is at the end of his career, just got smoked in these weekend games, and let in enough softies to deserve release. Lucky for him the idiot coach is his best friend, who’s definitely got his back. The Reign goalie is good, and was only sticking up for his teammates, but to engage as the odd man in was really stupid. Luckily the Reign goalie was not hurt. That he ended up fighting someone with his mask still on was his own fault.

    Point #4:
    The Condors have the worst record in the league for a reason. They will be the only West Coast team out of the playoffs this season. That leads to the obvious question: Why didn’t the Reign have enforcers on the ice for the last 60 seconds?

    Point #5:
    The last time the Condors goalie participated in a line brawl was a game with Yutaka Fukufuji/Remember him? I was at that game, and for the only time in my life put my camera away before the final horn. I deserved not to get pictures of that event. J.P. Berube deserved any physical punishment he put himself in the way of. Estrada came up off the ice as the third man in & dished out some punishment of his own. Estrada & McKenzie were suspended for a game…

    Point #6:

    • Loved the break down, and agree with all your points.

      I admit I don’t know the Condors all that well, and my first thought was you when I saw the video, but I did get pissed when I saw the goalie fighting, and initiating another fight (with the other goalie) while he still had his face mask on, and made no attempt to take it off.


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