Surly and I like Greg Wyshynski. He is a good writer and runs a successful website for Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy that has the more than occasional sense of humor and doesn’t always take itself too seriously. Hey, anyone who gives Ryan Lambert a job has to enjoy laughing and be playing with someone else’s money. As far as we can tell, Greg has one glaring character flaw and that is his undying allegiance to the New Jersey Devils. Today, Greg gave us this regarding Zach Parise. It is a double shot of lamentation with a chaser of concession.

At the Board of Governors meeting in Ottawa last weekend, it was confirmed that the New Jersey Devils are being subsidized as a financial train wreck forwarded revenue payments as their ownership group continues to battle and they face an $80 million debt obligation that could lead the team to bankruptcy.

So, good times then …


News on the state of New Jersey increased the speculation about captain Zach Parise leaving the State of New Jersey before he hits unrestricted free agency next summer. But according to the NY Post,word around the League is that Parise will remain a Devils through next month’s trade deadline.

From the NY Post:

Sources say inquiring general managers are getting the word Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is not dealing unrestricted free agent-to-be Zach Parise before the NHL’s Feb. 27 trade deadline.

Instead, it is thought if the Devils do not want to re-sign Parise in June, they’ll trade his rights to a team that wants an advance shot at negotiations before he becomes free July 1.

So the Ryan Suter Plan, essentially.

Kind of.

(A) This could be exactly the plan because the Devils are in playoff position and even though they don’t have a chance in Dante’s hell to go far, who gets rid of their captain when they can at least compete? or

(B) This is bullshit and Lou is waiting for an offer that makes his team better than it currently is (read: top 6 but not of Parise’s quality, a solid defensive prospect and a 1st), at which time he will send Parise off while cursing that moron Vanderbeek and the $100 million + contract he forced down the team’s throat over Ilya Kovalchuk.

Along the lines of (B), are you telling me that if the Kings offered Brown, Voynov and a 1st, Lamoriello wouldn’t fall over himself and drive Zach to the airport? No, I would not make that trade in case you are wondering. Too much. I want to get Zach for free. It will hurt more.

This should come as a shock to … no one. First, because the Devils believe they have a considerable shot at bringing Parise back. That may fly in the face of logic and spit in the face of their debt-collectors, but there’s a reason they gave him the captaincy.

They gave Parise the captaincy to guilt him into staying.

Second, because even if Lamoriello felt Parise wouldn’t re-sign, he’s been in a win-now mode since the lockout. He’s not going to undermine a veteran team — and one of his franchise goalie’s last runs — by dealing away the team’s best player (sorry, Ilya). He’d rather go for a Stanley Cup than trade when the value’s highest. Maybe not the best thing for the franchise, but without question the best thing for Lou.

Or he is banking (pun intended) that the Devils will work out their financial mess between now and July and he may actually have a prayer in the aforementioned hell to retain Zach.

As a Devils fan, I don’t expect Parise back, but I believe he could come back. (It also speaks to my being raised in Jersey, where pessimism has its own learning unit during kindergarten.) The team’s finances are one concern. His family pulling him back to Minnesota is another concern. The notion that Parise thinks he has a better shot at a Stanley Cup somewhere other than New Jersey is yet another.

But the school system in New Jersey, the weather, the economy, the misunderstood paradise that is Newark, all of those reasons Ilya Kovalchuk chose New Jersey over L.A. including the Russian Mafia…oh wait, Zach is American.

But hey, at least he’ll still be in red and black when the team’s eliminated in the first round again this postseason …

That’s the spirit.