Drew-sanity! Kings Beat Blue Jackets In A 3-2 League

Drew Doughty giveth!

Though he was a -1 and, at times, sucked on D tonight.

We won in regulation!

With 0.4 seconds left against the worst team in the NHL…

What? I didn’t see anything. The clock didn’t stop…the clock, er, paused…besides, the only clock that matters is that of the time-keeper.

Dustin Penner scored a goal!

And he will now take the next 7 games off…

We had two power play goals!

Holy shit, we had two power play goals, I don’t care who we were or are playing. The power play has been clicking at a decent pace in the past many chances (28% in the last 9 games).

We are 14-0-1 in games we have scored 3 or more goals. It’s not about defense. It’s not about offense. It’s about balance.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Slava Voynov

1. Justin Williams

Honorable mention: Jack Johnson

And now in honor of our upcoming road trip…

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  1. uhhh…Drew had a goal and an assist. Columbus scored two goals total. How does Drew possibly end up a -1?

    • Powerplay goals don’t count toward or against your plus-minus.

    • Same way JJ ended up with 40 some odd points last season, but still ended up a -21.

    • Doughty was on the ice for both Jacket goals….in fact he blew the coverage both times. First goal he allowed a player to get a step ahead.

      On the second goal Doughty left Gillies and started up the ice (on offense I suppose) before the Kings had control. The puck went to Gillies who had an open net.

      I know Doughty had the game winner but I felt his overall play did not rate a star.

      • … On the first goal, it started with Richards turning the puck over and not getting the puck deep. When the puck was sent into the Kings’ zone, Scuderi got to it first but sent the puck along the boards the wrong way; he should have tried to send it to the weak side. Once Johnson held the puck in and sent it to the net, Prospal had a step on Scuderi and Brassard had a step on Doughty. Dorsett crept up into the play to turn it into a 3-on-2 down low, and both Richards and Stoll let him go without picking him up.

        Quick made the save on Prospal’s backhander but allowed a rebound that went directly to Brassard. Doughty, figuring Brassard would take the shot, got in front of the net to try and keep it out, but Brassard made a great behind-the-back pass to Dorsett for the goal. So, yes – Doughty was one of the players at fault for the goal, but Scuderi initially coughed the puck up in his own zone and lost HIS man as well, Quick overplayed Prospal’s shot and allowed a big rebound, Richards turned the puck over when he should have sent it deep and he and Stoll didn’t pick up a man going down low to even out the numbers.

        On the second goal, Loktionov and Richardson both failed to gain possession of the puck along the boards and clear the zone. There was a weak shot, I believe it was taken by Moore, and Quick made the save but inexplicably directed the rebound to Vermette. Again, Quick overcommitted while Vermette had the puck. Doughty lost a step to Gillies and Vermette hit Gillies with a good pass to set up the goal, which was shot into an open net. Once again, yes Doughty was caught behind his man, but again there were several players who also made mistakes leading up to that goal.

        All that being said, it wasn’t one of Doughty’s better games defensively; and he’ll play a better game than that 90% of the time. I’m not surprised to see that Doughty usually seems to get singled out by the usual suspects here for the goals given up while he’s on the ice. Have fun with that.

        I didn’t think that Doughty deserved the first star of the game, but those in the media who vote on that shit are stupid and usually don’t even bother to watch the game right in front of them. I thought Jack Johnson had a really nice game, solid defensively and made a terrific pass to set up Doughty for the winning goal – but he was overlooked. Mitchell also played a fine game, as did Anze. Overall, the Kings played alright – it was enough, barely, to beat a poor team.

        • I didn’t follow it as early as Richards but I do agree that from the point Scuderi became involved the play turned awkward and dropped into Doughty’s lap.

          And the second goal was proximal to Richardson’s (two) misjudgement(s) just shy of the half board. Lack of upper body strength impeded Loktionov ability to help Richardson.

          Even at that point it appeared the puck would be controlled by LA at the bottom of the circle so I saw it as Doughty moving into position for a breakout lane. We know what happened next.

          Sure there is a bit of hyperbole when I ragged on the guy but I am OK with that. Taken on the whole (on TV) I saw him play a very average game last night.

          Excluding the last minute I believed he shaded himself too far to offense.

        • You nailed it…Not Doughty’s best game, not his worst, and both those goals were not just cuz of one guy. Someone once said, I think Jim Fox quoted him once, that it usually takes at least two mistakes for a goal to happen, and I believe in that theory. Unless we’re talking about Robb Stauber, that is.

          Stauber…Was it a save attempt, or a wave to someone in the stands? Nearsighted only? Sheesh.
          Thankfully we now have a guy that, even an off night, only gives up two.

        • Dutch..just wanted to compliment you on such a nice job describing those plays. Playing catch-up 2 days removed from game and I saw the plays vividly. Vert nice.
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. What the fuck was up with quick tonight? super sloppy.

    • What was up probably was that several of us were saying to rest him, as he’s gone cross country. I don’t know how many of the people who said he should play have traveled cross country back and forth, then had to play an nhl game with lots of others coming up and another trip to the east.

      We thought Bernier would have done fine. Would Bernier have given up more than 2? Can’t answer that question.

      • VWe agree completely. I worry about Quick’s fatigue level, too. Factor’s that do not console me are:
        (1) Sutter was raving about Quick’s fitness testing, according to Jim Fox. Hard to imagine that doesn’t make Sutter think, “He can take it.”
        (2) Sutter was the coach when Kiprusoff first started playing 97 games per year out of a possible 82. (I am joking, and so I now wish to introduce “sArCaSm FoNt) Sutter was the coach when Kiprusoff first started pLaYiNg 97 gAmEs pEr YeAr OuT oF a PoSsIbLe 82.
        (3) Sutter’s recent quote telling the media that he has no message for Bernier other than “He’s the backup. That’s his job. He has to be ready.”
        (4) Sutter saying he was trying to cut back Kopi’s ice time but was unable to do it because winning was more important. (This paraphrases Jim Fox paraphrasing Sutter)
        (5)Sutter already passed up putting Bernier in when there was a back-to-back opportunity for Bernier to play, and now did not let him rest after the All-Star travel, as you pointed out.
        Perhaps the only silver lining is that Sutter came in mid-season; probably whatever rest Quick is going to get already happened. Not sure how a few days in November, for example, are gonna help him in April.

        • Yes. A few points. 1) Quick will never say that he needs a break. He wants to play every game. 2) It’s not about last night, or even next week. It’s about the cumulative effect of constant travel, to say nothing of (and no one else that I’ve seen has made this point) the stress of having to play every game for a team that leaves him virtually no margin for error.

          Here’s a little story that you won’t get the impact from as you would need to have heard it. But on xfm home ice, Denis Potvin spoke about winning ‘one goal games’ and said that you could do it, you could do it, and then eventually it takes it’s toll and you just couldn’t get it done. That is very paraphrased, but I’ve always remembered that.

          • I watched the NHL channel Tuesday and the game round ups had so many shootouts. From post lockout..rule changes..etc. it is a much tighter game ..I think ALL the goalies are more under the gun these days.
            GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Doughty lost a step on his guy on the BJs second goal. Quick’s gonna get fried if he doesn’t get a break, he wasn’t as fast as he usually is.

    • See above. I made several posts on Insider, but there were always those that were saying ‘he’s fine…. he’s rested’. How in God’s name do They know how he is or isn’t unless they’re psychic?

      • Yeah I agree man he’s gotta be a little spent after all the festivities, give him a game off for fucks sake.
        What do we have a solid #2 for if we’re not gonna use him?

        As far as insider I still read it daily but hardly ever post there anymore it’s become a clusterfuck. 700 replies to one article. This site is way better. Cooler and more knowledgeable fans on here. You can actually have a conversation on S&S. Plus you can swear which is fuckin great

    • I thought Doughty started up ice early and left Gilles open

  4. 1st star Drew Doughty?????

    Lost his man in the corner, and while Drew was admiring his new haircut in the glass…that guy had 4 to 5 steps on him, got to the net, cradled the rebound and tipped it through his legs over to that rat Dorsett. Doughty comes crashing into the net like he saw a breakdown and gave a shit……Not Quicks fault on that goal.

    Most of the game Drew appeared to be trying to do everything without moving his feet !!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING, bad passes, shots, decisions, he looked lazy and sobering up from his party break!!!!

    2nd goal, again Doughty!!! What the Fuck was he checking out on the rightside half board????? COLTEN GILLIES WIDE OPEN, Here’s a guy that never scores, tying the game, with Drew not 1 but 3 steps behind, because when he saw Vermin make that pass, it took 1 of Doughty’s strides to make up for 2 of Gillies. So it looked like the guy got 1 step on Doughty, when in fact he had 3 or so.
    JUST like the first Goal, Doughty distracted, out of position, GOAL……I will say that Quick also was way off the post, but that pass does not connect if Doughty’s on his AVERAGE game.

    The Assist to Williams, and the powerplay. Drew was the Benificiary of a sniper doing what a sniper should have been doing most of this season. Drew again gained the zone, Again stopped his feet, and had no other option but to pass it to Willie…..this could have been even strength, but it wasn’t it was a good shot!!!!!
    There was no set up, no seam pass, nothing resembling a power play…..
    Willie got another chance to beat their goalie from the slot, and as usual…save!

    0.04 seconds, powerplay……the power play looked good, but if was not the closing seconds, Jack Johnson is not going to be standing in the slot, and Drew Doughty is not going to be crashing the net, so as Jack said” he was looking for a forehand skick to get it to” WE’LL take the 2 points…..but Drew Doughty gets glorified for being LUCKY, and not Luc lucky!!!!

    He’s -1 for a reason!!!! 2 goals against, and stepped on the ice when Penner steals and scores, other wise we are stroking a -2 preformance as a 1st star night.

    Before we start popping Doughty’s cock & balls into our greatful mouths, go back and watch his game again…….

    Doughty was the last guy who deserved any praise for that effort

    • I thought Doughty used to played better defensively than offensively, in most games. Then, this year I felt he regressed in both areas until recently; after his poor performance against Ovechkin’s CAps I thought he improved in both areas. Now that his offense is coming around, it will be interesting to see if he can just settle things down in the D-Zone. I agree that most of last night’s problems were losing position, and not just simply staying “inside.”

      I think that scoring the game winner was good. I think that his carry into the zone on Williams’ goal was also good. His carry pushed the defender’s back and allowed him to stop at the point, and I felt he showed poise in doing so. Yes, the pass to Wiliams was not like a cross-ice one-timer-creating work of art, but in that case I thought he made a perfect read and correctly kept things simple.

      We have seen him play well defensively, and play well offensively. I think people don’t realize that we are still watching an evolution of style with this team. Making even small tweaks to the system, such as the breakout, since the start of the year and now even more changes under Sutter will inevitably produce problems with “chemistry” and anticipation.

      The power play has definitely been better, and Doughty is a huge part of the PP time. Defensively, it’s still very spotty.

      • I enjoy your articles Player X, but I don’t always understand you. But that’s what makes this web page so great….They say bring it….I don’t very often, but when I do, my bark has alot of bite.

        I would agree with you and Jim Fox about Doughty’s poise on that powerplay goal, if it hadn’t been the style of play he was displaying in every aspect of play. Both of you saw poise, I saw a bad tendency all game. Foxy also pointed out a great read Doughty made in the defensive zone,breaking up a play at home plate. I did jump out of my seat and yell ” Nice Drew”, but when I saw the replay, I was back to the same sentiments.

        Drew was not moving his feet all night!!!!!!! Plain and simple, TIME and SPACE were working against him in all areas, because this was how he played that game. His passes were shit, ended up giving the puck away many times, lost his man, lost his coverage, A SHIT Game!!!

        I do agree with you, that their is a learning curve, his importance on the power play, etc…..
        My point is HOW does he get 1st Star mainly
        Doughty is 21 / 22?? Still has alot to learn and do.
        But after watching an episode of NHL 36 with Nic Lidstrom, you see why at 41, he’s the best that’s ever been. And 1 million dollars less than Drew.
        We can disect Lidstrom inside and out, but what makes him truely great, is that he moves the puck with ease, is never just standing trying to read or force anything, plain and simple he moves his feet. And at 41, after watching that show Drew looked more like 41 and Lidstrom 22.

        Let’s swallow this 7 million dollar pill, and not with a grain of salt……

        • We aren’t so far apart on Doughty, really. I thought Fox was really over-pumping Doughty’s positives a lot recently, as if to rehabilitate his reputation. And again, to be more clear, I agree that Doughty did not make a whiz-bang play on that Williams goal, and Fox was talking like Doughty “really took over” as if Doughty did something spectacular. But, I also feel you were being too harsh on Doughty in that one particular play. For me, he did what he was supposed to do, and made a good carry then stopped it up for a simple possession pass.

          Easy to be confused when talking about yearlong trends and 15 game trends, maybe I was not clear enough.

          Thanks for the compliment, by the way. Bark away man…Salute.

        • I also watched the Lindstrom segment…and gained a true admiration for the man. He does skate so masterfully, and is totally at one with his stick. HOF hands down.
          GO KINGS GO!!!

      • I felt he cheated a bit last night and got caught twice. Perhaps a maturity issue…trying to boost numbers against a poor team…

  5. Here’s my 3 stars……and Honorable mentions Concidering we played Columbus!!!

    1st Star——-Dustin Pancakes……..if this effort continues to IMPROVE, look out.

    2nd Star——Trevor Lewis…………..he found his hands??? Not One shift off, if he keeps it up, should be on Richards line, instead of Richardsons

    3rd Star——-Kyle Clifford……………against a team that hit’s everything, he was furocious, consistant and looked like a veteran power forward, his effort slowed them down all night.

    ( Honorable Mentions )

    Jack Johnson……for finding a forehand to win the game, but no star for the half dozen times you failed to keep the puck inside the blueline!!

    Justin Williams….for showing us why you can score 30+ goals as a sniper, but no star for showing us why you WON’T.

    Jonathan Quick..Another 2 goal or less preformance, our All-Star, our model of consistancy. YES, Bernier should have been given the nod for this game, IF any game remaining this season!!!! BUT, you still shut down their most skilled guys and gave us a chance for the win.
    NO Star, for all the fucking douchebags that say you looked slow, tired, jetlagged or hungover from The All – Star Game!!!! That was more rest than you’ve seen so far this season…..no respect again for OUR BEST PLAYER!!!
    NO Star, because this shit is the reason you will sign with an East Coast team after next season, you’ll never get respect here, or from LA Kings fans
    No Star, because when you do sign on the east coast, YOU WILL WIN THE HART, the Vesina and Conn Smythe leaving all these fucks seeing Stars.

    • Cliffors was all over them in the third. His forechecking is wearing opponents down and causing turn overs. And not just brute strengh but picking up pucks. Brown too was having great hits in their zone in the third.

  6. Quick to me hasn’t shown any signs of being tired, and all this burned out worry is hyperbole. If you think it’s happening, then it must be happening. No one from the Kings side has even acknowleged that there’s an issue, and yet Quick gives up 2 goals, and he’s tired.

    On DD, the guy is covering top3 players now, and even though he got burned on 1 play where the player who scored, 9 out of 10 times would of been stopped in that situation, that was 1 out of those 10. Doesn’t matter that he had about 6 feet of net to shoot at (which I fail to see how that was DD’s fault). DD won the game by scoring the game winner, but he’s still a peice of shit?

    How is it that nobody can see that he has 9 points out of his last 10 games, and still considered a loser. I think it doesn’t matter what anyone does, people are still bitching. Too bad, because they ought to be enjoying themselves.

    Were on the road to recovery, and nobody’s gonna see it till after the fact, then claim how they’ve stood behind this team through thick and thin. I’ll still be sitting here thinking “bullshit”!

    • I read the comments that were made by a few posters. They said nothing to the effect that because he gave up 2 goals that shows he’s tired.

      They said that he looked a bit sloppy (one post) and slower (another post). I’m not here to say one way or the other because I didn’t see the game.

      I personally would be amazed if someone from the Kings were to say something as that would be contrary to Sutter. Terry Murray didn’t say anything two years ago. And then after the season admitted that he rode him to hard.

      • That’s not a thought that is expressed just here on this thread, but all over the Kings blogs on every Kingsfan sites. Insider, Jewells, so on, and so forth. Kingsfans everywhere are complaining, and have been for 3 months now. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of it, but it is a phenominon that is happening.

    • Sing it, Dominick!

    • Well said Dominck, my thoughts as well.

  7. Hey guys,

    The reason why the clock malfunctioned is due to the fact there are 2 other teams playing in the same building. The first start of last nights game should go to the Multi Million $$$ Staples Center Scoreboard Time clock. MVP MVP MVP MVP.

  8. IHOP (International House of Penner) coming through. Drew “Johnny on the spot” Doughty coming up huge. I thought he played a decent game. The boys were up and down but made it through that’s all I care about. Sad thing for BJ is the clock incident. Not like a point matters to these guys at this point.

  9. Did you guys see NHL Live yesterday?

    The Columbus Blue Jackets beat writer came on and said he knew for a fact Carter would be traded, and when E.J. asked if they wanted a good return or just wanted to get rid of him, he said they just wanted to get rid of him, weren’t looking for much of a return, really just wanted to cut their losses on a failed experiment. The beat writer even said the town he was in that night (Los Angeles) might be the place Carter would go.

    I used a cheap mic plugged into my computer to record the audio. If anyone knows how I can post it here or submit it as an article, please let me know.

  10. In any event, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Jeff Carter is the sweetest deal that has been or is going to be available to Kings for a top sniper in a long time. The Blue Jackets are giving off every indication, without actually saying it outright, that Carter wants to be traded, they want to trade him, and they will essentially give him away to anyone who will take him.

    Did I tell you or did I tell you? This is the deal to make.

    • Who would he replace? Stoll? Pancakes?

      • What? Carter would play on one of the top two lines, either with Kopitar or Mike Richards. This would push someone down a line, strengthening the 3rd line, which would push someone on the 3rd line down to the 4th line, strengthening the 4th line as well. So it would improve every line.

        • There’s a rumor that the Leafs are looking to pick him up. I don’t know a thing about this guy. I guess if he’s better than Stoll or Pancakes, goal scoring wise, I could live with it. But it sounds like the guy will turn out to be another pancakes. I dunno maybe with him playing with Richards again it might spark something.

          • Where do you people get this stuff? I just said the Leafs arent interested in him because their GM has taken a philosophical stance against front loaded contracts, and he doesnt want to look like a hypocrite.

            The Leafs arent interested in Carter. Almost no one is interested because most contending teams have set cores, very little cap room, and are happy with their rosters, while rebuilding teams have no reason to acquire Carter.

            Thats the point. There is very little competition for him, which is why hes available for so little.

            Carter better than Stoll or Penner? I feel like Im on Jewels From The Crown here. Yes, hes better, than both. Combined.

  11. . . . I time all the games with my own personal stop watch, so I can prove there was no clock malfunction. In my next post I will go in depth about how to push the buttons on a timer

  12. Carter seems like it would be a good trade, but isn’t he a natural center and prefers center even though he can play wing? How does that really solve our winger problems? I get the situation. I get the value of the player. I get the favirable cap hit. I get that this is more realistic to help now than possible parise in the offseason. Will DL really pull the trigger?

    • Jesus christ. Do I have to explain everything? Moving from center to wing is cake, its an easier position with less defensive responsibilities. The Sharks had a line last year with three centers on it, Pavelski, Wellwood, and Torrey Mitchell. And those guys dont even have skillsets suited for wing besides Mitchell.

      “How does that really solve our winger problems?” Because you play him at wing. He’s fast, he’s strong along the boards, he likes to shoot, he plays a straight line game. He’s a shooter. He’s not Paul Stastny, who loves making plays from the center position, who doesnt play the style suited to a winger. Jeff Carter, for all intensive purposes, is a winger, just one who got put at center during youth hockey and has developed there. But when you look at his actual talent skill set, he has much more in common with a prototypical winger like Jarome Iginla than he does with the prototypical center like Sidney Crosby.

      In the future, when it comes to Jeff Carter, could everyone try to think for themselves a little bit? The guy is has the build of a winger, the play style of a winger, he’s played wing in the past, he’s a goal scorer which Kopitar needs… and you’re asking me how it would solve the wing situation? YOU PUT HIM ON THE WING. THATS HOW. Remember how the Kings tried to sign Brad Richards over the offseason? You really think that was to make him the 3rd line center? No, they were going to put him at wing even though it wasnt his normal position. And I mean, Richards is a center. Not like Carter, who really is a winger through and through even if hes played more center during his career, Richards is definitely a center. But the Kings understood the quality of the player is much more important than the position. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Claude Giroux, they dont just all of a sudden become bad players if you play them at wing instead of center. It’s about adding talent when its available. Thats why the Kings tried to sign Brad Richards, even though they didnt need another center. He was the best talent available at the time, and this is a Kings team that needs talent wherever they can get it.

      But even Richards is a bad example because, like I said, Carter is actually a winger through and through.

      So thats how he solves the wing problem. You put him at wing. As long as hes willing to play wing for you, and I think hes willing to do anything to get out of Columbus (its a joke, hed be willing anyway), you’re set.

      You really could have answered this question for yourself. Look at all the words and time I wasted having to explain something this simple. I go from one comment asking me whether Carter is a better goal scorer than Jarret Stoll to another asking me how a 46 goal scorer with an elite wrist shot who has played wing in the past would solve the hole on Kopitar’s line. I mean come on.

  13. I wonder how much of this stuff the players/staff/management read…?
    I hope they do cuz I absolutely LOVE the way that the voices and sentiments of us all are conveyed through these forums by S&S & others. He’ll, I can even throw in my two cents every now & then! Thanks S&S!
    BTW, is Matt Barry Drew Doughty’s muse??

  14. Carter won’t happen. Not next week, and not by the trade deadline. Anybody who tells you different, is probably trying to sell you something. Parise won’t either.

    Hope that you guys feel better now. lol

    • Has a inside source told you this or something? Or are you just banking on Lombardi’s incompetence? Because if it’s the latter, yeah, I’m pretty sure it won’t happen, either. That would mean a Kings team that could actually score goals, which would probably break the foundations of the universe. It’s like true time travel. It creates a paradox, so there are laws in place within the universe that would probably prevent it from happening.

      The Kings scoring goals would be a paradox as well. That’s why even though there is a 46 goal scorer in his prime available to the Kings for very little assets, at a fantastic 5.2 million dollar cap hit, Dean Lombardi isn’t going to acquire him. You can rest assured, he will offer even bigger, longer contracts to free agents every offseason, but they won’t actually come to LA, so the universe is safe. This is a situation where the Kings could actually realistically get the player, which is why it requires Lombardi not offering at all. if he did he would actually get this one, which would cause the Mayan’s 2012 prophecy to come true.

      Anyway Dominick, I hope we’re wrong and they get him. I really want them to acquire the guy. I think I’ve been right enough in the past when the organization has been wrong, Im owed this one swing of the bat here, this one leap of faith. I wish the doubters here would just take my word for this one and put some pressure on the Kings to get the guy. I mean really, is he going to make the Kings worse? The only potential downside is a career ending injury and you get stuck with the cash of that long term contract (but still not the cap hit, it would go on LTIR), but career ending injuries are extremely rare, and they could happen to anyone on any contract. Theres always a risk, in the Kopitar, Johnson, and Doughty deals, too, but its extremely small, and you should never not make a move just because youre worried “what if the worst happens?”

      So I hope we’re wrong and Lombardi steps up for once here. I cant emphasize how rare this opportunity is to get a player this talented, in his prime, for a great cap hit. And if you havent watched him a lot, he is so damn talented. The absolute complete goal scorer package. Its rare to get that much speed, skill, and size all in one package. If you didnt like Kovalchuk because of the attitude, this is the closest you will ever get to Kovalchuk with a more likable demeanor. Ovechkin isnt becoming available any time soon. Kovalchuk at his best is still more talented than Carter, in my mind, at least hes a little faster and more slick than even Carter, but Carter has more size than him. Hes sort of a slightly more power/size skewed version of that type of player. He is someone who can win you games with one shot. He is someone who can take shifts off and still score. His shot has been called the best in the NHL (wrist shot, that is). The amount of power he gets on the wrist shot without having to wind up at all is amazing. So is the accuracy.

      Hes the whole package. Hes fun to watch, which remember, as fans, it’s about being entertained, too, and this team is boring right now. Hes consistently productive, and healthy except for some fluke injuries this year that hes recovered from. Most the forwards to become available as UFAs have been 30-32, which is only a couple years off from most goal scorers starting to slide in production. Carter is 27 and has plenty of years left of great hockey. Moreover, he has the type of build, or the game I guess I should say, where hes not overly dependent on any one talent, he has size, speed, everything, and hes such a good athlete, hes the type of player that will have a long shelf life. Think Joe Thornton, I guess. He’s 32, his numbers may be down but he looks as much a thoroughbred as ever. Thats because hes just got such big bone structure, such a big powerful body, hes going to go on longer than most forwards.

      Carter is similar. Hes just big, strong, thoroughbred, he will be a top line player into his mid 30s, which should alleviate concerns of the long contract.

      Not to mention, people complaining about the long contract dont even understand how it works. “What if at 37 years old, hes a 4th line player, but were stuck with a 5 million cap hit?”

      Um, if at any point towards the end hes not worth the cap hit anymore, you can buy him out. 0 risk.

      “But if you buy out someone with a 5 million cap hit say 2 years before his contract expires, doesnt that mean you get stuck with 2-2.5 million per year for the next four years, a huge waste of cap space?”

      No. Thats what people dont understand (unless Im wrong hahahaha). Its not the cap hit that the buyout looks at, its the money left. Thats the beauty of these front loaded contracts. There really is zero risk. All these idiots (unless im wrong) keep talking about how towards the end they will be terrible deals, and whats going to happen, but all the money has already been spent. Those last three-four years are just 500k-1mil per year. Which means, you buy out Carter with only 5ook on his deal for the last two seasons, youre only stuck with 200k on your cap. Some teams currently have worse overages right now than that.

      So you think about it. How much cap room are you saving RIGHT NOW on Carter because hes on a frontloaded deal? About 1.5M-2 mil. Hed be in the 6.5-7 mil range per year cap hit if he wasnt frontloaded.

      So if you acquire Carter now, and he plays with you for the next eight seasons, you’re saving at least 1.5 mil per year in cap room because of the frontloaded contract. Everyone agrees thats the plus side of it. But the idiots (unless Im wrong) think theres another side to it, when youre stuck with a guy at 40 years of age and he still has that 5.2 mil cap hit.

      Except, if you just buy him out, like I said, your cap punishment is only 200k for the next 2,3, 4 years.

      So if you look at it overall, you had the guy playing well for eight years, and saved at least 1.5 mil in cap those eight years. Over eight years, you saved a total of 1.5 x 8 = 12 mil in cap space, or an average of 1.5 per year.

      And then at the end, it cost you 200k a year for, lets go with the maximum just to emphasize the point, four years. 200k times 4 years is 800k.

      So the contract saved you 12 mil in cap space (probably more usually), and cost you 800k, which means overall it helped you by 11.2 mil.

      And all that risk people talk about? As long as you are allowed to buy out players according to the CBA, and as long as you structure the long term deal so that the low money years start at age 36 for the player (or whenever you think the earliest is that he could start to regress), there is no risk! It’s just a trade off, a trade off that is really heavily weighted in your favor. You get to save 12 mil in cap space for the immediate future (and NOW is always most important to winning) while only losing 800k 10 years from now. It’s beneficial in terms of the time period, giving you the gain NOW, when you want it, not later on, while putting off the tiny 200k downside until 10 years from now, and its beneficial in terms of net cap space saved, which also means youre getting better value for your player than you otherwise would have.

      So I know fans sweat these long deals because thats what they are told to do from the pundits, but no one has thought this through. Only the smart GMs, as evidenced by teams with front loaded deals making the Stanley Cup Final every season. These deals are beneficial, not a hindrance. And the risk is so much smaller than anyone realizes.

      Hope they get Carter.


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