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  1. You mean Rinaldo, right? I think Brayden learned a valuable lesson here. Kovalchuk isn’t Semin.

  2. Well, Dana White needs to have a UFC in Russia, and the co-main event could be Kovalchuk vs Cro cop and the main Dos Santos vs Fedor (out of retirement).

    Kovalchuk was giving Schenn an airplane ride before he dropped him.

    Rinaldo will pay! Janssen is still with NJ and either Clarkson or Janssen will take care of Rinaldo.

  3. Ooooohhhhh! Schenn getting rocked. I don’t know how that right can land any cleaner. I didn’t know Schenn was a fighter.

  4. Who cares if he’s ok, he’s not a King. Fuck’em!

  5. The kid can’t catch a break. Always injured.

    But, he seems to be fine now. Just scored a beauty on a breakaway vs the Rangers.

  6. What a hockey player. Kovalchuk started off the season a tad slow, sort of like Doughty in that he seemed to not have the jump in his legs he normally does, but hes gotten it back mostly the last month or two, unlike Doughty, and back to being, if not the league’s most talented pure goal scorer (especially now that Ovechkin has declined), then second best right behind Malkin.

    Just a fantastic talent. Its too bad it didnt work out with the Kings and he didnt take the deal for 80 million. He is exactly what the Kings need right now and I dont think theyre going to find anything close for a long time. Carter would be the closest (unless Parise wants to come to LA), and I would be very happy with him, but hes not Kovalchuk. No one matches Kovalchuk in goal scoring talent in my book besides Ovechkin at his best, which hes not, and Malkin. But Malkin is the most talented player in the NHL, probably will still be when Crosby comes back. Not in two-way play, but offensively. Hes the closest thing we have to Jaromir Jagr in his prime, Malkin that is. Just exceptional.

    Anyway good for Kovalchuk proving the naysayers wrong again. There are hundreds of players out there you can pay 500k to to play defense and block shots, Kovalchuk has shown in NJ and even more so in Atlanta that the style of defense he plays is completely adequate given his level of talent. Too bad the Kings couldnt get him. Damn. So talented.

  7. Braydon should take fighting lessons from his bro Luke! :-)


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