L.A. Kings beat L.A. Kings Again 2-1…

So, take this article from Friday night’s game

Make Blues – Hurricanes.

Make score 2-1 instead of 1-0.

Add much better first period.

Add a sprinkle of average goaltending in short bursts.

And you get an L.A. Kings offense that beat an L.A. Kings team.


Because despite opportunities and scoring chances as well as puck possession and a good forecheck, the fucking L.A. Kings cannot mother fucking finish.

This is a team of play makers.

Dustin Penner and Jarret Stoll…don’t get me started.

Mr. Lombardi, get your ass in gear. Bring in a scorer you putz. It’s been 6 fucking years and you haven’t drafted, developed or traded for a top 6 left wing.

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  1. Trade Doughty for scoring like they did with Nicholl. Get a couple of good up and coming wingers. Maybe to Colorado for Stasny and and Jones or something.
    The fag isn’t even on tsn top 40 D men, Karlsson is and he’s only 21.
    Fuck Doughnuts Fuck him in the ass.
    And maybe Stastny can play wing.

    • Yikes, that’s nice.

    • I’m down for trading drew. Get some talented wingers for him. He is not worth the cap hit. What is he finally going to grow into the potential in the 8th year of his contract? Yeah it takes longer for d men to mature. Leverage your non- performing assets. We are so deep with dmen he will hardly be missed. Unless you like seeing missed checks and getting beat in a foot race. Bring in the fucking talent. Wasn’t JJ playing really good when drew was fucking over this franchise holding out? Thank god for quick that’s all I can say. Change the system. Do something. It’s like they got rid of those pieces of the team that made them successful. Zeus, simmer and smyth. We have a system that relies on front net presence yet we have no players to fill that absolutely critical role. How do you fuck that up?

      • I will just say this about Drew and the idea of trading him. Larry Murphy.

        If you trade Doughty, you better be getting a young super star forward back, coming the other way. If it is for anything less, we will regret that fucking day.

        • Please don’t compare Doughboy to Murphy. That’s like comparing Lidstrom to p.k. subban or in other words a leader and winner to a duphus. Nuff said.

    • “Fuck him in the ass”

      I hear ya man I knew that 7mil was a massive overpayment.
      If I’m DL I call his agent and say wtf I told you the kid wasn’t worth that you stupid asshole

  2. I can’t wait to see what DL trades for…if he even trades at all. I keep hearing Hemsky (please no).

  3. Bobby, I’m so sorry to have to call you on it, but you’re entirely (well, semi) wrong. You say he hasn’t drafted, developed or traded for a L wing. Well, maybe you aren’t wrong. He hasn’t done all that spectacular with the right side either.

    I suppose a combo of Simmer and the trade for Williams would have to qualify as a fairly decent job (not spectacular mind you…. out of all that we got one twenty goal season from one player…. JW last year). So, it’s average. I can’t consider it brilliant. But tack onto that the L wing and it’s —- it’s really pretty shitty to say the least.

    DL wants to do things His way. Guess what. He Did build a good defense, but if it were working we’d be winning games 2-1 and 3-2 instead of losing 1-0 and 2-1. Oh well. There’s always next year….. but not sure what will change in the interim, It’s not like we have these young exciting snipers in the AHL.
    The fact that Bernier has been used very poorly In Spite of Quick’s excellence has just dampened whatever you could get back in a trade for him.

    Bad utilization of assets.
    I wish I had more faith in DL to manage the forwards, but so far it’s not looking promising.

    • I think one of the main faults with DL is that he didn’t recognize the potential talents of our homegrown forwards (Moulson, Purcell) and let them go too soon. I know they are playing on lines with world-class players now but they still have the talent to score goals.

  4. They gotta get the puck to the net, not behind the net, not along the boards. Get some net front traffic. Cycling is good and a good way to hold onto the puck in the o zone, but they’ve gotta get open in the slot for the pass off the wall instead of supporting the guy with the puck along the wall. It’s pointless to cycle the puck if they aren’t going to shoot the fucking thing from a prime scoring area.
    Old habits die hard.

  5. I want Penner off of Richards’ line……..but really I just can’t wait for his contract to be off the books. I get sick when I go to cap geek and see that he makes more money than our captain

  6. Brown, Bernier or (Zatkoff), Stoll, and #1 for Nash. Then get a guy like Travis Moen.and Hall Gill.

    Rob Scuderi needs to go he plays to timid. It was his fault Skinner scored tonight.

    His $4 million can be reallocated elsewhere. In the offseason I would like to see Matt Greene gone he is a caveman.

    They need a whole change on the left and right wing from lines 1 and 2. Kompon needs to go.

    • So full rebuild eh?

      • Shit, at this point id rather see a rebuild than bringing in middle aged ‘talent’. We know we don’t have much of shit coming up from Manchester and we traded away simmer, so we might as well start back over and start collecting picks and prospects. Grabbing mid aged vets at the trade deadline is not going to fix this mess. Richards hasn’t been the.same since he got hurt and has literally been invisible since then. I feel a promising young star would generate more buzz and better vibes than this team that is comprised of 50% washed up vets and 50% under-achieving youngsters

      • Eh is a Canadian word. No this is not a full rebuild mode. It is called in with the new and out with the old.

  7. Trade for Tuomo Ruutu, call up Bud Holloway next year, and if we enter the draft in our current position, draft a guy like Tanner Pearson.

    • There is stupid and then there is you clueless. “Trade for Tuomo Ruutu”.

      Do you have a fucking clue? Trade for Tuomo Ruutu who is a UFA after this season genius. Trade for Tuomo Ruutu who is a 3rd line wing at most. Trade for Tuomo Ruutu because you read some crap on Bleacher Report, or heard his name on some NHL show.

      Do me a favor, type in Tuomo Ruutu, click on Wikipedia, and look at Tuomo’ Ruutu stats. Now that you have a clue, go away, or post something intelligent.

      “Call up Bud Hollaway next year” Call him up from where Sweden? Do me another favor, type in Bud Holloway, click on Wikipedia and look at Bud Holloway’ stats. Look at how many games Holloway has played in the NHL.

      “If we enter the draft in our current position, draft a guy like Tanner Pearson.”

      Tanner Pearson is a play maker. Tanner Pearson is an overage player in the OHL. Tanner Pearson has been passed over the past 2 NHL entry drafts.

      Yeah, the Kings need another play maker who wasn’t even good enough to be drafted in 2010 or 2011 in the NHL entry draft.

      • Your point about Bud Holloway is just stupid. If you shouldn’t call up anyone because they’ve never played an NHL game before, you’d have nobody playing in the NHL anymore (or you’d have a league full of geriatrics).

        • Your point about my point about Bud Holloway is just stupid. If you could call up a player who has signed a contract with Skelleftea AIK in Sweden’s Elitserien please enlighten me.

          Holloway is/was a restricted free-agent but declined the Kings’ qualifying offer in June 2011.

          Holloway has temporarily ended his tenure with the Kings that drafted him in the third round of the 2006 draft. (Lombardi pick)

          Last I checked, Holloway was never even called up by the Kings, so actually my point regarding Holloway is not stupid.

          • “call up Bud Holloway next year”

            This is entirely possible since he’s on a 1 year contract with Skelleftea. So no, we’re back to your dumb argument about a player not being good because he hasn’t played in the NHL.

            Also, “call up Bud Holloway last year” would have been a good idea as well.

  8. Firstly…Doughty for Nash. Please. Would accept that in a heartbeat.

    Secondly, where is Mike Richards? Before he came here, he was one of my favorite non-Kings players and I watched him quite a bit when he was in Philly. He was good on both sides of the puck and he was CREATIVE offensively. He creates plenty of scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. I haven’t seen that side of Mike Richards hardly at all since he’s been on the black hole Kings….where players go to die.

    PS, Wayne Simmonds has 16 goals this season…which would be tied for 1st on our team w Anze Kopitar. …..Simmonds has as many goals as Kopitar. Let me repeat that…Simmonds has as many goals as Kopitar. And he has more points than Mike Richards (granted, he’s played a few more games) …

    the LA Kings: Destroying a player’s offensive abilities season after season.

    • To be fair, he’s playing with better players, getting used differently, and getting a good amount of PP time with Giroux. He’s the garbage goal front of net guy but he’s not stuck on a line with scrubs and a left winger who can’t get up and down the ice anymore.

      He still has hands of stone and looks like he’s having a seizure when he skates. I imagine he’ll cool off after this year. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s good, but he’s not even close to as good as Kopi.

  9. Can someone please tell me what role AEG has in this whole discussion?

    • because, (I have believed this for years), that AEG purposely keeps the team and its staff at “just above mediocre” level, so they keep the fans excited, the seats full, jerseys selling and beer flowing. I don’t believe they care about its fan base or winning the cup. its all as bout the quarterly reports.

      • Why would they spend to the cap then? If it’s all about the quarterly reports, they’d have an internal cap, we’d have an exceptionally young team full of players on their cheap ELC’s, and they’d be satisfied with mediocrity. Drew Doughty would have been sent off to another team instead of signed long-term to a fat contract, and we probably wouldn’t have acquired Richards and Gagne.

        • And they wouldn’t have gone after Brad Richards or Ilya Kovalchuk so hard either.

          • my point is that, yes they will spend the money to bring a guy like Richards here, and let him fade into obscurity in the prime of his carrer, so they get assess in the seats. Bringing him, and Penner, and Gagne, are just visions of hope. the fact is when hard working guys get here, they suddenly turn into pylons. They go somewhere else they find their hands again and score 20-30 goals a season. I don’t believe AEG promotes a culture of winning. look at the coaches and players we’ve had in the last 20 years. Just good enough to get to the playoffs and then, right back into the shifter.

          • Take your meds.

          • I guess I missed the last time we went past the second round. Sorry I ment first round.

          • AEG promotes nothing in terms of culture save for sterility.

            The idea of a conspiracy is a bit ridiculous but there is certainly something to be said for the team lacking a passionate owner. AEG would have no qualms with the team winning a Cup, however they are also content to not win one so long as the fans keep coming and LA Live stays hot. To go so far as to say the purposefully keep the team from succeeding too much, well that’s just frustration seeping into logic.

          • So therefore it’s a conspiracy…

          • LA, (AND AEG) concentrates its focus on The Lakers, The Dodgers, and The Angels. Primarily the Lakers. The Lakers are expected to win the title every year, if they don’t its an epic failure. The Dodgers have suffered through some terrible years with ownership, The Angels are always doing something to improve. If the Kings don’t make the playoffs or win a cup, nobody except for the fans, would ever know. Culture of Winning, doesnt mean putting up a billboard with a catchy slogan every year. If its not the coaches, and its not the players, and its not showing up to work because you have a sore neck after eating breakfast, then who’s actually holding anyone accountable for mediocre season, after mediocre season?

          • maybe not a conspiracy per say, its more like fraud.

          • There’s a world of difference between being inept and there being a conspiracy on the part of ownership to keep the team forever mediocre.

          • And ownership clearly wants to win, otherwise they wouldn’t have opened their wallet for Doughty, spent to the cap, and chased big-name free agents. They could have easily stuck with Schenn and Simmonds, sent Doughty packing for 3 1st rounders or some young, cheaper players, and filling holes via the farm vs free agency. They could have easily saved about $5-10 million if they really didn’t care about winning.

            Just because they hired someone who isn’t going to get us there doesn’t mean it’s fraud or a conspiracy. You speak like there’s some kind of way to know beforehand how to win a cup, like it’s a trivial thing. Like all you have to do is make the right moves, and there’s no luck involved. You have 29 other teams competing for the Cup and most of them are trying their best at it. You draft players
            when they are barely out of high school and you expect GM’s to get the right guy every time, and then criticize with the benefit of hindsight.

            I’m as critical of the team as anyone, but I just don’t think it has as much to do with ownership as it does the GM. I believe he has been given (pretty much) everything he needs from ownership to make this team succeed.

      • ok, granted there is a difference. However, when on paper you have a powerhouse team, with 6 or more potential 30-40 goal scorers, who look frustrated as hell when they are out their praying for a goal, and the slight possibility that maybe just being an “ok” team is just “ok” with the ones writing the checks. I for one don’t want to see the players up on the jumbotron, joking about who’s always late to practice, which I found out at the Columbus game is a tie between Mitchell and Doughty. Inexcusable.

  10. I really have to wonder – look at good players before they arrived

    Stoll – effective second line center
    Richards – all around badass
    Penner – 30 goal scorer with defensive weaknesses.
    Ponikarovsky – 20 goal scorer before and after. Not during?

    And look at bad players after they left

    Purcell – 30 goal scorer
    Moulson – Headed for 40.

    The lists are longer, I just took the highlights. I think the evidence is starting to mount. This team is where goal scorers come to die. You can only wonder what Kopi, Brown, Williams, etc. would be doing on a team that had a healthy culture of goal scoring. After such a history of this Lombardi Kings taking scoring talent and mauling it (and vice-versa), is it really still possible to believe that our problem is lack of talent?

    • hmm, good point. And it points to system and the team’s focus during practice/development etc.

    • Purcell isn’t headed for 30 btw, he’s on pace for 21. Moulson for 36.

      • And Poni for 14.

        So a bit of exaggeration on your part. But fair point anyways.

        • And Simmonds Just got his 17th… so he’d be leading the Kings in scoring. It’s also his career high. And he has a few games left in the season yet to eclipse that.

          • I’m pretty sure he was just on the ice for the full two minutes of the last Flyers PP. I made some comments earlier in this thread about him. The Kings never really used him like that since we had Smyth.

            He did score 16 and 14 with us, IIRC, while being used in more defensive roles. Add a few more PPG and he isn’t that far off what he’s doing this year.

            I think it’s more telling not what he has done with Philly, but what our top six has done here.

            While I do think we’ve improved under Sutter, we have still remained a defensive team, we still take far too long to make outlet passes and get the puck up the ice out of our zone, letting the trap get back into position on us before moving the puck, etc. There are a lot of similarities in systems still. I can’t really blame Sutter for not making wholesale changes since he has not been able to run his own training camp.

            The coaching change has also made it more apparent that we need some more finishers. The third and fourth lines have been doing a good job of maintaining offensive zone pressure under Sutter, but no one can put the puck away. This problem existed under Murray but it’s harder to tell when you struggle to get any quality chances at all.


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