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We are in Carolina. They have a 19-25-9 record and they are last in the Eastern Conference. That doesn’t mean they suck…well, they kind of suck but they’re still a good team. Hell, they have beaten the Bruins 3 times this season.

Their captain and center Eric Staal leads them in points. Their coveted left wing Tuomo Ruutu leads them in goals. Goalie Cam Ward has a goals against average of 2.80 although the fucker is in fuego the last 5 games and the Canes are 3-1-1. In other words, we are playing a bad team who is hot.

Jonathan Bernier you ask? Don’t know yet. But, I will be upset if Quick gets the start. We are burning Quick out and Bernier has to stay sharp. The only way that happens is if he gets games. It is the only criticism I have so far of Darryl Sutter but it’s a growing one.

So, here we go.

This is your open forum.

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  1. i am confused! Who leads Carolina in points? Staal or Ruutu? Late night Bobby?

  2. I love power play goals. Especially when its Kopi. Great pass from JW and he was right in the slot. I also love Kyle Clifford. Gleeson took the easy way out by flipping Cliffy to the ice. Hopefully Cliffy told him so.

    The kings passing, puck management this game is way better than last night.

    Anyone hear Bob Miller saying how he hates coming into building where the home team has won a cup before the kings? He said it makes him mad. I love Bob.


  3. 12 min to go and we’re down by one… I don’t know if I have the stomach to finish this game out…

  4. The Kings are having difficulty scoring goals.

  5. Dogshit
    Just complete dogshit. Take the fucking puck to the goal not to the wall for fucks sake.
    It’s painful to watch

    • I love your website, sick and tired of those pussies at the politically correct Kings Official Website giving me shit for telling them their morons. I told them to go fuck themselves.
      It’s kind of hard to score when A: you can’t put the puck on the net, B; there’s no traffic in front of the goalie (that only work’s on our goalie if it’s Bernier), C: you run the fucking Hoosier’s offense six passes before a shot.
      Did Forrest Gump design the offensive scheme?
      Here’s an idea, fire Jaime Kompon and hire Bernie Nicholls full fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Martinez and greene looked horrible.

  7. Complete lack of finishing talent.

  8. You know it’s bad, really bad when Surly nor Scribe put in an appearance. That or they’re off in a dark room somewhere ‘creating’. But probably asking themselves, what more is there possibly to say? Indeed. What more?

    • Surly is in Ojai treating Miss Surly to some wine tasting and delicious feasting for her birthday. Caught the last 10 minutes of the game in the hotel room. The screen was really washed out, as was our play from what I saw. I’m sick of only going ‘OH!’ once every 10 minutes of play.

      There is a problem in our players skulls. I’m wholly convinced that scoring goals has become an elusive spectre to them. They are the golfer standing standing over a 2 foot putt, doubting whether there is a break in the grass they didn’t see. By the time they stepped up to the ball, they’ve already missed.

    • Surly is out of town and I just finished watching the game (didn’t get home till 7). I am now going to go outside and break shit

      • @Surly and Scribe

        Thanks guys. See ya on the other thread. Damn, it’s really nice to be able to speak one’s mind here and say Exactly what one is thinking. Good to have this, because this is one of the most perplexing teams I’ve ever seen.

        During the Dionne years I remember people saying they were just one player away. This team, it feels like they’re three players away….. and given that they have No One in Manchester in the forward ranks, certainly not a winger, I have no idea where they’ll find one, nevermind three.

  9. Fatigue played a factor but still just not being able to score goals is just ridiculous at this point. It would be good to see at times when the forwards can switch things up a little. Rather than always passing the puck up to the point guy maybe turn into the slot and look for an open guy or shoot the puck on net. It’s looking robotic again.

    At this point with over 50 games into the season and still hasn’t figured out a way to score more goals these guys are hopeless.

  10. Is sutter ever going to start yelling. Man preseason contender to offseason rebuild. I can’t remember a season taking a complete 180 and without major man games lost to injury no less

  11. S.A.D.

    If they fired Murray while still having to pay him money to honor the contract, they are at least that much committed to winning this year. Hopefully, that was not their entire “slush fund,” and the Kings (Liewke/Anschutz) will allow Lombardi to max out the cap.

    I have to think it has been decided by now. I also think there will be a significant trade, and for one, I hope it’s Scuderi plus a top pick in 2013 for a 4 million dollar guy, or Bernier and Scuderi for a 6 million dollar guy.

    Scuderi plays great defense, I know, I know. But, he kills offensive zone time and he is usually paired with Doughty in a stopper role. Lately Sutter has been putting Doughty out there with Kopi a bit more often, but I want Doughty to be given even more time with Kopi’s line out there, and pair him with Mitchell who is far more creative and mobile than Scuderi.

    If there is any room for sacrifice, it is in the defensive game; you gotta do more than just tweak systems, and Scuderi is an offensive liability.

    If someone promised me a nickel for every time Scuderi just dumps it back down the boards I could hire Parise myself. He tries to do otherwise, and has been trying more lately, but he is not mobile enough to deke a guy and get the shot thru. His default is to dump it back down the boards, our forwards have to leave the middle of the ice and re-commit to a cycle, he creates a 50/50 puck that wastes energy recovering, it empties the scoring area of KINGS and makes one whole side of the ice completely predictable.

    Scuderi and Bernier can bring some major talent the other way, cap space is sufficiently cleared, and we are3 already carrying 8 defensemen. If they need an 8th due to injury, Muzzin. I’m okay with platooning Martinez and Voynov, Drewiske steps up if an injury to Greene or Mitchell.

    Many have said Greene is not ready for top 4 minutes, yet he is paired with Johnson and already gets significant minutes there. Again, it ain’t perfect, but Doughty is eating cap space on D, and he needs to earn it, plus the Kings need goals.

    If they can’t afford to give up some defensive capability, exactly what are the Kings going to offer in trade anyway? Stoll? Penner? Do you think other teams are calling and asking about those guys?

    It all gets fixed over the summer with Penner and Stoll opening more cap space, plus if the Kings don’t start scoring it won’t matter how many goals they do or do not give up.

    Pull the goddamn trigger. Find out what it will take, offer 90 percent and settle.

    Mitchell Doughty
    Johnson Greene
    Drewiske Martinez/Voynov

  12. I think my 2nd round prediction was a little premature. This team sucks, they know they suck and they ain’t getting it done to score more goals. Seriously if it wasn’t for Quick this team would be fighting for a spot right now with the BJs.

  13. Lombardi, pull the fucking trigger already.
    We can’t score with the players we have!
    Trade anyone but: Kopitar, Richards, Williams, or Quick.
    Yes, I’m completely FUCKING serious!!!!!!!
    Bring in Nash and Carter, get it done!!!!!

  14. My problem with the last two games besides not being able to score was bad defensive plays and bad goaltending causing us to lose points.
    Doughty missed his hit against St. Louis allowing a two on one for the only regulation goal last night (that’s a point at least).
    Bernier gave up two bad goals tonight and both goals had bad defensive positioning again, including Doughty again on the second goal I believe it was (probably two points).
    Doughty is becoming a defensive liability because he can’t play as physical as he always wants to.
    He doesn’t have the same size as Johnson, Greene or experience as Scuderi.
    I’ve said for several years, give me Rob Blake over Drew Doughty anyday!!!!

    • One problem is that our mistakes, even one, is magnified if it ends up in the back of our net because we can’t erase it with consistent offense. This team just can’t finish. It’s like a man with no hands, on viagra and a perpetual erection, all in the middle of the desert.

    • Like Blake never ran around like an idiot trying to make a big hit, missed, and ended up waaaaaaaaaay out of position…

      That was his signature move the last several years of his career.

      • That was his only move the last couple of years, but the first 6-8 years of his career with Larry Robinson as a mentor to start he was one of the best 5 defensemen in the league on the point and in hitting.
        There’s a reason his picture was plastered on buses all over LA, he hit like one.
        We need a consistent hitter that scares the hell out of guys coming down the middle or up the boards.
        Brownie is good and Greenie isn’t to bad, I want Shea Weber hits, I wants spleens shooting out of assholes!!!!!

  15. I know Dean Lombardi reads this blog, so I’ll show him what trade to make since he’s having a hard time figuring it out for himself!
    Doughty, Bernier and Penner to Tampa Bay for:
    Malone, Moore, Kubina and Purcell.
    Get it done Dean!!!!

  16. The only change I would make to keep the defenseman and forward(s) long term is take Hedman or Brewer instead of Kubina and Lecavalier instead of Malone and Purcell.
    Calgary, Phoenix, Dallas and yes Anaheim are catching up quick, we don’t have two weeks to do something.
    We need to do it now!!!


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