Last time we played Florida, we won. Kevin Dineen whined. A lot.

(on the game recap…) “We thoroughly outplayed them. They were trying to run around and chase us and hack us and slash us. When you are getting outplayed as badly as they were, that’s the response. We walk out of here feeling very good about the way we played and we move forward from there.’’

(on the goaltending…) “Goaltending was a strong point at both ends of the ice. There was plenty of opportunities and their goalie [Jonathan Quick] certainly got them a couple of points and Theo [Jose Theodore] gave us every chance to win.’’

(on the physicality of the game…) “We didn’t need to get physical. All they were trying to do was cross=check and they [the referees] let a lot of things go late in the game. When you are outplaying a team by a wide margin, you stick with what was working for you and they had a real tough time handling our speed.’’

Sans the whining, he wasn’t too far off. The L.A. Kings did get outplayed for most of the game and Jonathan Quick was outstanding.

You may recall that was also the game we lost Mike Richards to a concussion.

So here we are. We meet again. Florida has struggled. They just got their butt handed to them by Washington 4-0 and before that by Tampa Bay 6-3. Cue the Rich Hammond “the ____ [opposing team name here] is going to be mad.” January was a tough month for Florida. They won 2 out of 9. “____ [opposing team name here] will be pissed off!” We have beaten them 7 straight. “____ [opposing team name here] will be fucking livid!”

Who gives a damn?


We have our own problems. It starts with scoring goals. Mike Richards has 1, freaking 1, in the last 19 games. Is he due? Overdue. Did you know we are 15-0-1 when we scoring 3 or more goals? Do you know why? No, not because it’s a 3-2 league. It’s because our defense and goaltending is outstanding and one of the best in the league. The thing that separates this team from being a legitimate Cup contender is offensive support. I know sometimes we get frustrated with the team, coaches, management and so forth but the holes are two wings, one to the left and the other right of Mike Richards. Too simple? Maybe. But I don’t get paid $1 million per year to figure it out. Dean Lombardi does. Figure it out, Dean.

Why is Matt Barry so upset? The aforementioned concussion. Barry wants Blood. Think W, Matt. Just the W.

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