Kings vs. Panthers Open Forum: The Best Revenge Is A W

Last time we played Florida, we won. Kevin Dineen whined. A lot.

(on the game recap…) “We thoroughly outplayed them. They were trying to run around and chase us and hack us and slash us. When you are getting outplayed as badly as they were, that’s the response. We walk out of here feeling very good about the way we played and we move forward from there.’’

(on the goaltending…) “Goaltending was a strong point at both ends of the ice. There was plenty of opportunities and their goalie [Jonathan Quick] certainly got them a couple of points and Theo [Jose Theodore] gave us every chance to win.’’

(on the physicality of the game…) “We didn’t need to get physical. All they were trying to do was cross=check and they [the referees] let a lot of things go late in the game. When you are outplaying a team by a wide margin, you stick with what was working for you and they had a real tough time handling our speed.’’

Sans the whining, he wasn’t too far off. The L.A. Kings did get outplayed for most of the game and Jonathan Quick was outstanding.

You may recall that was also the game we lost Mike Richards to a concussion.

So here we are. We meet again. Florida has struggled. They just got their butt handed to them by Washington 4-0 and before that by Tampa Bay 6-3. Cue the Rich Hammond “the ____ [opposing team name here] is going to be mad.” January was a tough month for Florida. They won 2 out of 9. “____ [opposing team name here] will be pissed off!” We have beaten them 7 straight. “____ [opposing team name here] will be fucking livid!”

Who gives a damn?


We have our own problems. It starts with scoring goals. Mike Richards has 1, freaking 1, in the last 19 games. Is he due? Overdue. Did you know we are 15-0-1 when we scoring 3 or more goals? Do you know why? No, not because it’s a 3-2 league. It’s because our defense and goaltending is outstanding and one of the best in the league. The thing that separates this team from being a legitimate Cup contender is offensive support. I know sometimes we get frustrated with the team, coaches, management and so forth but the holes are two wings, one to the left and the other right of Mike Richards. Too simple? Maybe. But I don’t get paid $1 million per year to figure it out. Dean Lombardi does. Figure it out, Dean.

Why is Matt Barry so upset? The aforementioned concussion. Barry wants Blood. Think W, Matt. Just the W.

This is your open forum.

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  1. Speed kills. Last time we played them, I expected the pace to be faster, and they completely changed it up on us. This time Sutter has to get the guys to dictate the tempo.

    As far as Richards not scoring because his wingers lack talent, They have been scoring the same as Richards ever since they were put together.

    I say stop using that line as a shut down unit, and play Kopis’ line on tyhose match ups whenever possible. That line has suffered on possession stats for weeks, but Sutter won’t change their coverage.

    Hope Brown knocks Boogerslime over the boards, and we get the W!

  2. First of all, congrats to Mike Richards, tonight is his 500Th game in the NHL.

    Agree, we need the W, it’s a little late for revenge. Anything that could have been done, should have been done that night. Post game comment by Moreau (which supported what I saw) that during the third period, regarding laying body and wood on Bergenheim and other panthers, the ref told him to ‘back off, you made your point’. I didn’t expect Browne to do anything, because he’s not defended his teammates in that regard all year, it’s just not what he does. The reason that Scuds and co went after Bergenheim (which the commentators even noted that ‘this is uncharacteristic of a Kings team) is because Richards has been the guy watching their backs all year, which is what a leader does, from Game 2 agasint Buffalo, when Bernier got ran at by 3 Sabres , Browne was shown skating away to the bench, Richards went right into the hornets nest, in the middle of two of the Sabres and confronted them until a ref pulled him away. He’s been doing that all year , including going rightfor Morrow when Kopi went down (somethingby the way nobody did when Kopi got hit during Richards absense) And no, that didn’t cost the Kings that game, going down by 2 goals twice and giving up those 3 goals hurt them and cost them the W. That he’s had their back, all year, that goes a long way for the guys who share that locker room with him and sit next to him on the bench, it means a lot more than I think most fans realize and it’ s the reason they’ll go to war for him.
    Brown had the opportunity during the whole 3rd period to apply a lethal and legal check on Bergenheim and chose not to. It’s too late for him to come to the party now.

    Richards has to score, we all know that. But the post concussion effect he’s fighting thru was the large reason of why he didn’t play well in Jan. Claude Giroux is also suffering from the effects of a concussion (and missed only 10 days vs 21 for Richards) Giroux didn’t score a goal for a whole month (finally got an empty netter last week) and his play is not the same as pre concussion, nor is point production or defensive play in his zone.
    Richards has looked better in the last 3, esp in Carolina and TNBay. IF Penner continues to play strong, that will help and goals should come, Stoll is a lost cause

    Hopefully DL gets Kopi a winger and somebody falls off the first line and onto Richards line, a skilled winger would help.

    Go Kings…4-1 win…
    Hoping Loki gets going soon too…

  3. Brown is not a fighter. Correction – he is a terrible fighter. It’s not his thing. Never has been. I expect nothing from Brown other than what he brings on the ice while the game is in play. He is not Shane Doan. He is not Brendan Morrow. He is not even Ryan Getzlaf. Does that make him a bad captain? No. That is why we have Westgarth, Clifford and, to a much lesser extent, Greene…who is also a piss poor fighter.

    • I knew Brown was not a fighter even before I became a Kings fan and that’s one way to answer when one of your teammates is run at, not the only way. Thing is, I rarely see him even confront the aggessor, which is something I like to see in a leader, esp a Captain.
      Greene, Scuderi and Moreau were primarily the three who stepped up in the third period of that game, Brown could have chosen to do that.
      Even SToll went after Bergenheim (as one blogger said’ hit him with his purse’)
      YBrown puts a pound of sweat in everything he
      does and there’s no questioning his work ethic and drive. But I like more in a leader, esp a Captain and I don’t see that enough in him
      Like when Richards went down Dec 1 , the team lost 5 straight and only won 2 in the 9 games he missed. THat was when this team took the tumble in the divison and lost crucial points. That’s when a leader should have stepped up, neither he nor Kopi did that.

  4. Apparently the Kings could care less about my birthday…

  5. If there was a game the Kings should’ve gotten revenge on it was this game. Richards gets knocked out in the previous meeting and Florida talked a lot of shit aterwards. So what do the Kings do? Play uninspired, embarassing, bullshit you can barely call hockey.

    God forbid they score 3 goals more than once every 2 fucking weeks.

    No goals for Richards in 20 games?? Did he ever have a drought even close to that in Philly? I highly doubt it.

    The beer just got a touch more bitter.

  6. What else is fucking new…Zero offense.

  7. … Well, I posted before the All-Star game that I would have had Bernier starting the game today. Nice to see him get in some work at least.


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