Jeff Carter, Ilya Kovalchuk & Questions Nobody Will Ask Dean Lombardi…

Kings lost 2-1 tonight to the Florida Panthers. The offense was offensive. Anemic. Pathetic. I find it coincidental about 5 minutes after I screamed on twitter that the L.A. Kings need to activate the fucking defense (D1 specifically) because they are down 2-0, Jim Fox wouldn’t stop talking about it on the telecast. Maybe he was listening. Maybe it was obvious to everyone but the Kings. Maybe a team struggling to score goals needs to have that aggressive mentality from the DROP of the PUCK. Ugh.

Different topic.

I am not advocating. I am asking questions.

The L.A. Kings don’t want to sign Jeff Carter because he is a one-dimensional offensive forward?

So was Ilya Kovalchuk.

The L.A. Kings don’t want to take on that 10 + year, $5 million dollar + cap hit of Jeff Carter?

But they reportedly offered Ilya Kovalchuk $80 million for 15 years.

Jeff Carter is not a leader, he is not a Dean Lombardi “character” player?

Neither was Ilya Kovalchuk.

It’s not about the cash, it’s about the cap?

Cap hit on the Kings’ Kovalchuk offer and Carter’s contract is about the same. 5.33 vs. 5.27. So…

The L.A. Kings don’t have the cap space now?

From what is rumored (by just about everyone), the Blue Jackets will give Jeff Carter up for a song. Are we really to believe they won’t take Stoll or Penner’s expiring contracts?

But Jeff Carter likes to party!

So does Drew Doughty. So did and does Wayne Simmonds. So does Matt Greene. So did and does Mike Richards. So do I. So fucking what?

Jeff Carter, 27 years old (just turned), 493 games, 193 goals, 169 assists, 362 points, + 43.

Ilya Kovalchuk, 29 years old in April, 750 games, 391 goals, 361 assists, 752 points, – 107.

I am not advocating. I am asking questions. Because nobody else will. Especially this guy.

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  1. Still sad the kings didn’t land kovalchuk. The kings scoring and power play would not be where it is today had they signed him.

  2. Yes I do! I dang well do ask questions. You know that Bobby. Hey, read the article Daryl’s development on Andy Andreoff (if you haven’t already). A perfect DL forward… to a ‘t’. (for your reading pleasure). THAT is the way Dean Lombardi thinks. And as long as he thinks like that, the Kings aren’t gonna win much of anything. Another ‘nice’ prospect… N to S game. Good teammate. Here’s one quote: ‘He’s a little old school as he gets into the hard areas and he is not afraid to get his nose dirty.’ Yep, just what they need. That’ll help em score some goals.

    I’m just as pissed off about it as you are. Dean lives, breathes, sweats and dreams defense and players who’ll get their noses dirty. However….. um um um (clearing my throat), if you study the nhl, you’ll notice that virtually every single good team has at least a player or two who may not get their nose dirty, but actually has something resembling a touch around the net.

    Personally I’d prefer to Draft one than to take on a ten year contract.

    Oh, and my last point. I highly recommend you watch Lupul’s goal for Toronto tonight. A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT WE LACK!! Perfect. Jammed up in front of the net. No space for him to get it past the goalie and traffic, so, he corrals the puck, pulls it back to where he can get space, and Then he deposits it oh so cooly into the net. That my friends is ‘hands’ and that’s something that other than Willie and supposedly Gagne, no one on the team has.

    See for yourself:,2,804&navid=sb:highlights


  3. And one attempt to say a lot in only a sentence. You know what Dean Lombardi’s biggest problem seems to be? He’s stubborn to a ‘t’. He won’t waver on his way of doing things…. it didn’t work in San Jose and it’s going the wrong direction here.

    Hope he can actually see that and make big time adjustments.

  4. Anyone who says its crazy to trade for Carter is delusional and moronic. The Kings NEED a sniper, and the only one available is Carter. So lets package up Bernier, Stoll, and 1st rounder for Carter, and maybe we can throw in Moller for Sanford. If we do this trade and re-sign Willie for around $3.5 mill we would still have about $6.5 mill cap space for next year.

    • lol. It will not take that to get Carter. I think a 2nd, a prospect in Manchester and conditional will do it.

      • You’re joking of course. If Scott Howson wants to get fired, that would be an excellent way to do it. Oh, and they don’t even have a 2nd this year I believe, so that would mean CBJ would get a 2nd the Next year?

        I don’t think so.

        • Pick(s) and prospect(s). That is what all the peeps are saying. We’ll see. Bet $20? Beers at a game? It will not be a top roster player that goes the other way.

          • Beers at a game….. when I come to LA. That’ll be the summer and then next hockey season, but remember it (smiley face).

            This is fun isn’t it Bobby? At least your blog helps us to laugh when whats happening on the ice is no laughing matter at the moment.

          • Someone has to entertain you maniacs. I would hate to think what each of you are capable of if Surly and I didn’t keep you occupied here.

          • You’re on – you won’t let me buy you a fricken beer anyway! I’m gonna need one of those really BIG Bass Ale’s at the Yard House – Say… St. Patty’s Day Game? You can drive me home, too.

          • “You can drive me home, too.”


  5. Is DL the final word on a trade or do the powers that be above him put the hammer down? How can they not see this mess? When do they step in? And the Kings aren’t the only teams looking for scoring help…

    • If you believe Leiweke, Dean is the last word

      • why would you believe Leiweke?

        Dustin Penner had Leiweke’s hands all over it. That was his move.

        Carter will go to Detroit for a pick and a prospect and they’ll win another cup. and we will give up our season tickets next year that we’ve had since 1987. And have had for 5 years living out in Denver and STILL HAVE but if they do nothing at the deadline we’re D O N E.

        • I am hearing a lot of people feel this way. Lots of fans are not renewing if the Kings don’t make a move and get past the first round. At some point, patience runs out. It has to. Next 3 weeks will be interesting.

        • Dustin Penner had Leiweke’s hands all over it. That was his move.

          … Huh??? First I’ve heard of that.

          • Come on Dutch do you really think that Lombardi is that stupid to overpay that much for Penner?

            Thats Leiweke all the way. Just like it was Leiweke telling Dean to fire Murray.

            We have to make the playoffs and have to go deep. If we don’t I think they’ll clean house again and start over with a new GM.

            Look how fast Florida turned it around with Dale Tallon. It shouldn’t take another 3 years for this team, but it will if Dean’s at the helm.

          • Come on Dutch do you really think that Lombardi is that stupid to overpay that much for Penner?

            … I didn’t really see it as an overpayment, to tell you the truth. When the deal went down, I was very much in favor of it.

            Lombardi dealt a guy who realistically wasn’t going to get a shot here (Teubert), plus a first rounder that turned out to be the 19th pick, for a 28-year-old guy who’d scored 53 goals in his last 144 games and had a Cup win on his resume. I think that’s a damn good trade, seeing as how so little was even on the block during that trade deadline.

            In his first six games here, Penner had 6 points. I was pretty excited about it. Then Kopitar got hurt, and … well, we know the rest of the story.

            I don’t believe there was anyone who felt Penner would only score 7 goals in 61 games here. Hindsight’s 20/20, though.

          • Concur. I loved the trade. In hindsight…I want that 1st back.

          • Bobby,

            Dean would have wasted the 1st round pick anyways. He would have drafted another defenseman that will never play for the Kings.

          • It’s galling to agree with Dutch and Scribe on the same post, but duty commands, and I must obey.

            I thought the Penner trade was a solid one — getting him for at least an additional year (so he was no rental), getting a forward with SIZE (which was one of our great advantages at the time), getting him without giving up a single roster player and only a draft pick (which we had at the time to spare) and Teubert (did we really need any MORE defensive prospects?)

            It was a deal-maker’s deal, and I greatly respected DL for it.

  6. Maybe Mikhail Grabovski can be had for cheap, guy has serious skill. He plays center but maybe something can be worked out. Also, since Chicago is looking for D( and I know this will be unpopular or not make sense to some as they have Duncan Keith) but how about a Doughty for Patrick Kane swap?

    • What are you smoking? Can you please reveal it?

      The guy who is their most creative player and scored their cup winning goal?


      • I’m smoking some good shit, can let you in on it since you might be da popolice.

        No…..I was reading some Blackhawks blog a while back. Whether its true or not they said Kane could be had because of certain incidents of which he was involved and also necessity to fill other positions like D and goal. I know it could be a long shot but a man can dream, can’t he?

        Also, Grabovski would be a great pickup I believe. I’ve seen the guy score some highlight reel goals. When he’s on his game he can light it up and maybe he will agree to a contract extension. I’m just not sold on Carter being a good idea for this team. Yeah, he may score some goals in the short term but he’s invisible in the playoffs and in the long term his contract may weigh us down as I don’t trust him. Okay, Thanks for reading.

  7. Doughty for Nash. Picks and prospects for Carter.

  8. We need scoring help ASAP!

  9. This isn’t lookin good. I agree if carter can be had for not much we should grab him. I was against it because of his supposed no trade. That if he wasn’t workin out we’d be stuck with him. But his agent says there isn’t a no trade. So if that’s the case we should do it. The cap hit is pretty good and will seem cheap in a few years.

    Otherwise who else are we gonna get? I’d be for Nash or parise obviously but think we don’t stand a chance against Detroit where he’s concerned. Other than those guys maybe Calgary would deal iginla in the offseason.

    I don’t see any other top 3 wingers that might be available.

    Hopefully AEG has patience and is not gonna fire dean if he doesn’t make a big move. I hope they can see that this team is realistically 3 yrs away and will not rush a major deal. It would be great for the fans to get some more goals on the board but I’m willing to give this build a little more time.

    • I doesn’t take 9 years to build a team that can make it past the first round when you are spending to the Cap.

    • Hopefully AEG has patience and is not gonna fire dean if he doesn’t make a big move. I hope they can see that this team is realistically 3 yrs away and will not rush a major deal. It would be great for the fans to get some more goals on the board but I’m willing to give this build a little more time.

      … What specifically has been done in the last five and a half years to make you feel like you’re willing to wait three more?

      • Dutch and Bobby,
        all I’m sayin is that we are pretty close (few pieces away) and if we don’t win the cup in the next year or two I’m not gonna get too pissed. What i care about is that the team is competitive, is making the playoffs and still has upside. As long as we still have upside, we are on track. If we plateau then I’d be pissed. I don’t think we ate really there yet until Doughty gets deadly serious about his job. Most teams that win the cup have a fairly mature D in terms of age and development.

        Some teams have done a 5 yr rebuild and won and some teams have done a slower build but gotten there as well.
        I think we were sold on the 5 yr build and that after that, we’d be right there. Thats the mistake they made, It doesn’t always work like that. Look at Boston, they been right there for several years and even had a few first round exits if I remember right. And people were callin for Chiarellis head too if they didnt go further but they built that team by tweaking every year and it ultimately clicked and now they have a beast of a team.

        DL has definitely made some stupid moves/draft picks and it has thrown off the rebuild but I think the core is there. We have a rock solid D a Vezina calibre goalie, and two very good centers. Most teams would kill to have that as a foundation.

        So I think we are gonna get there with a little bit longer build than the 5yr bs they sold to everybody but we will get there. My point was that I just hope AEG is smart enough to see the long term picture and realize what they have.

        The cap issue is pretty sad right now and it looks even worse when we are paying guys 3-4 mill who can’t score or are sittin home with a concussion. Last summer it looked great. What was it, 5×20+ goal scorers? It looked like we were gonna pour goals into the net, balance across the lines. But TM poured cold water on that real quick.

        I’m still not sure Sutter is the right coach. I was against his hiring and I think the jury is still out. If what Barry said Is true then he may not be able to improve the offense very much and his hiring may cost DL his job.

        • all I’m sayin is that we are pretty close (few pieces away) and if we don’t win the cup in the next year or two I’m not gonna get too pissed.

          … I think they’re farther away than you want to believe. They need to round out their top six, they need to do something about their bottom six, and they have to make a decision about their philosophy, in that they have fostered so much of a defensive mentality here that it’s sucked away almost all of their offense. I think three more years is too much time to really make a prediction about where they will be, but I certainly don’t see any contending for the Cup this season or next season.

          As long as we still have upside, we are on track.

          … What is the Kings’ upside? Voynov’s been alright, but he’s not even getting a consistent chance to be in the lineup every game. Loktionov is the only player this season who hasn’t recorded a goal. Martinez rarely plays. Bernier rarely plays. I don’t see much of an opportunity for Hickey to play once Mitchell gets an extension. Clifford shows some great flashes, but he’s still playing fewer than ten minutes a game. I just don’t see where the upside really is, here. I expected much more from this regime in terms of grooming and playing youngsters than we’ve seen over the last five and a half years.

          I don’t think we ate really there yet until Doughty gets deadly serious about his job.

          … Here we go again. Did you know Doughty has two fewer points this season than the greatest hockey player in the history of ever, Mike Richards? He has to be doing something right, here.

          Look at Boston, they been right there for several years and even had a few first round exits if I remember right.

          … They were upset in seven games in the first round by Montreal, then lost twice in the second round in seven-game series.

          The Kings have not seen a playoff series go the full seven since 2002, and haven’t made the second round since 2001. It’s a big difference, and I don’t see the Kings going to the second round this year; if they don’t turn things around, they’re going to miss the playoffs altogether.

          I’m still not sure Sutter is the right coach. I was against his hiring and I think the jury is still out. If what Barry said Is true then he may not be able to improve the offense very much

          … Improve the offense??? Sutter is a defensive coach, friend. Look at it this way: Sutter came into a situation where the Kings had the worst offense in the league. He can’t HELP but improve that a little, right? Wouldn’t take very much, right? Nowhere to go but up, right? And they’ve actually gotten worse!

          Again, this goes hand-in-hand with what I’m talking about – the philosophy of this regime. I love a rock solid defense as much as the next guy, but to what degree are you willing to completely cripple your offense to get there?

          The Kings need to get more offensive, not defensive. They need to really find out if Quick is going to stay consistent, even without a great defense holding his hand. They need to understand that big league talent is NOT in short supply, and that they have players in their own system who can do certain things to help them win games in the future. Once they’ve taken a look at everyone, they then can decide who’s going to work out for them and who they can offer in a trade, instead of choosing not to give many of them an opportunity and finding out too late that they could play all along.

          • I agree with everything you say about the regime and philosophy.

            However as to your last paragraph, who are these offensive players in the system? Kozun has been very disappointing in the AHL, Toffili would likely get lit up if he was rushed. Vey is the one I have the most hope for right now but everyone who has seen him play this year says he is wildly inconsistent and may have his own identity issues. Dean hasn’t drafted or developed a crop of forwards to draw from. I suppose we could see what Cliche could do. Maybe Kaunisto can be the next Holmstom. Perhaps Nolan can do something. But there really isn’t a guy who look at right now and go “all this kid needs is the opportunity”. The only one of those we really have is Loktionov, who is getting his shot and The best thing about his game is… Defense? Better believe. Sad but true.

          • I agree about the bottom six, it currently sucks. With a few smart trades or lower level UFA signings those kind of players are easier to come by than the top 6. DL has not done a good job there. In his defense he’s probably thinking that guys like Richardson, Clifford, and Lewis could perform well in the bottom given their development in the last few years. But I think that has a lot to do with system, which is on his watch
            as well.

            As far as their upside there’s several players who arent close to their potential. Doughty isnt close to where he is projected to be and what he was signed for. I think Kopitar is capable of more and Johnson is continuing to improve. Quick is starting to play to his potential.

            Richards has dropped off the map and it could be either the lingering effects of his concussion or
            or the system has sapped his creativity.

            “… Improve the offense??? Sutter is a defensive coach, friend”
            Right, thats what I’m saying. he probably won’t improve the offense. I’m not sold on the guy.

      • “What specifically has been done in the last five and a half years to make you feel like you’re willing to wait three more?”

        We’ve gone from being a sieve for other teams’ goal-scorers to build up stats against to being one of the best defensive teams in hockey. As of this microsecond we’re in the playoffs. Were we there five-and-a-half years ago?

        Lombardi’s deals and decisions made that happen. It didn’t happen because of our high-powered offense.

        It’s not like DL is trying to dodge the offensive issues. He’s willing to make — and has made — significant trades and spent real dough to improve the offense.

        I was as saddened and frustrated about last night as anyone else here. Our offense looked sick. But there is a kernel, a germ of SOMETHING that’s going on in OTHER games.

        I was unhappy with guillotining Murray for others’ sins, but I do detect a difference — an improvement — in our work in the offensive zone.

  10. We are fucking done!!!
    We will be lucky if Anaheim doesn’t catch us at this point!!
    For fucks sake!!
    I’m starting to feel like I’m a Cubs fan.
    Phoenix will pass us, Dallas, Calgary,Minnesota and Colorado.
    Chicago has lost six games in a row and we can’t pass them.
    We should’ve put San Jose in our rear view by now.
    We are fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t care about next year, I care about this year and now we are screwed.
    I was that patient fan that waited year by year as we stockpiled picks and missed the playoffs, I’m done with that patience bullshit.
    Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DL better be making a trade for a top 6 winger because I don’t see a long line of Free Agents scrambing to sign with the Kings.

  12. Jeff Carter likes to shit the bed in playoffs and is a lazy prima donna. It might still be worth it if the price is right though.

  13. The funny thing about Pancakes is that his is supposed to be his contract year. Shouldn’t he be playing your Ass off in hopes that he can then land an even bigger deal come summer time? Maybe show that last season was a complete fluke? The guy seems like he just does not give two shits about playing here.

    Saw some highlights of the Flyers game…must be nice having Schenn and Simmonds getting it done for you as Richards is really going no where here. As the games tick by DL is looking more and more like a retard that likes to fart in his bathtub laughing his ass off. The guy’s moronical.

  14. this team is fucked, i dont care who we trade for. THere is no urgency and passion to get the fucking puck and do something with it.

    We have a bunch of players who have just settled in to being responsible defensively, and the fucking games are boring.

    For the first time ever in the 20 years of watching the kings, when the score went to 2-0 I just hit fast forward. Then I saw the score change to 2-1 and I just grunted, before I could even think of stopping to watch the last minute it changed to 3-1 and OVER.

    This is the first year I decided to not get my 10pack tickets, and I am glad.

    Fuck you DL and your fucking endless defensive picks.

  15. I like the Doughty for Nash scenario. I doughty it will happen though…
    Ba dap boom!

    • My friend, Nash is nearly 30 years old. In other words, no fucking way. If you are going to trade Doughty, you get back a signed Parise. You get back a Kane. You get back equal talent and youth at the other end. You don’t get a player whose best days may be behind him.

      • Nash is 27, he still has years of primo scoring to do.

        Do it Dean, make my wish come true.

        • Shit, you’re right. Putting down the joint. He’s 28 in June. Too old. Picking up the joint.

          • did someone say JOINT? Thanks for the reminder. I’m gonna smoke 2 joints in the morning, I’ll smoke 2 joints at night. I’ll smoke 2 joints in the afternoon, it’ll make me feel alright. I’ll smoke 2 joints in time of peace and 2 in time of war. I’ll smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, and then I’ll smoke 2 more.

  16. Remember that game a couple of years ago when the Kings were down 3-0 to Dallas and then they came back and score 4 goals in the 3rd to win?
    Me neither.

  17. If Hemsky is available and we can get him for a decent deal I say get him. How much worse can it get at this point. We’re still dead fucking last in goals scored.

  18. this was a tweeted posted in the kings PGT on hfboards: “Helene: when i talked to him [Lombardi] monday he was already talking about next season and cap space he gains July 1 to make moves. draw your own conclusion

  19. Take the “C” from Brown now and give it to Kopitar, put Brown on the third line and put Richards back on the first line with Williams and Kopitar.
    Give Richards an “A” and put Doughty up on offense, if you want to pay him like an offensive player you might as well play him like one!!!
    Let Doughty play wing on a line with Stoll and Clifford and crash the fuck out of the net!
    Put Brown on the third line with Lewis and Richardson and then make the fourth line Hunter, Fraser and Westgarth, for fucks sake Sutter do I have to do everything for you?

  20. I’ve been a Kings fan since 1982 and I’m tired of “waiting until next year”!
    Fuck that!!!
    At least the old shitty teams played hard every night and scored some goals, this is pathetic!
    I used to walk up five minutes before a game and sit next to the boards during the weekend games after driving 3 1/2 hours to a game, I’ve paid my dues people!
    Fuck, I drank RC Cola, it tasted like shit!!!

  21. We need some Deadmarsh’s, Krushelnyski’s, Conacher’s, Rychel’s, McSorley’s on the ice and in the locker room.
    We have scorers, we need some players with heart and grit that play for their teammates and for the emblem on their chest!
    I love Kopitar, Richards, Williams, Greene and Clifford, we need more of them.

  22. Hey, I just drank some iced tea and it tasked like pure excrement.

    There is your second nominee. I am truly honored.

  23. Why the fuck am I on moderation?

    • Oh. I think its because I accidentally type something Extra on my email. Tee-hee, here I was about to bash you guys and say you’re no better than Hammond. You know I think you guys are the greatest. Hail Surly and Scribe.

  24. Ahem. Nobody running a Kings blog with ask these questions besides you guys, sure, but not nobody, period. I was all for signing Kovalchuk, still said it was a mistake missing him even when he wasnt producing the first half of last year in New Jersey and everyone was laughing like they got screwed, and I’ve been trying to convince you guys about Jeff Carter for weeks.

    It goes back to what I’ve been saying all along. Its been almost two seasons already since Kovalchuk signed. Is he perfect? No. Was having to pay him 100 mil perfect? Definitely no.

    Yet, not since then, almost two seasons, has one player become available to the Kings who can even score goals half as well as Kovalchuk could. Only one other player was available, period, and not to the Kings, and that was 31 year old Brad Richards, who signed a contract just as ridiculous and possibly more risky based on his age than the one Kovalchuk signed. But thats irrelevant because he didnt want to come to the Kings.

    Point is, at the time everyone wanted to complain about Kovalchuk’s imperfects, but here we are 140 games or so later, and the Kings still cant score, and no one has come available since.

    Except for Carter, now. Would I prefer Kovalchuk? Youre damn right I would. Hes better. But Carter isnt far behind, and the Kings are lucky he’s available. And available to the Kings.

    But, you see what happens when the Kings dont get the one guy who is available. Its been 140 games from Kovalchuk being available to Carter. And thats actually lucky, like I said. Usually its longer. So because the Kings didnt sign Kovalchuk, they went on not being able to score for 140 games. If they dont get Carter, you can expect it to be at least 140 more, probably more.

    Thats the point Ive been trying to make for weeks. You get hung up on all the imperfections of these players, you dont sign them when they become available, and meanwhile the biggest imperfection of all that you’re completely ignoring is YOUR TEAM. Your team can’t score. These guys could have fixed that, but you didnt sign them because of some overblown thing.

  25. Really, I can simplify it even more.

    The Kings are 30th in league offense right now. To win the Cup, generally you need to be top 5.

    So let me pose this question to everyone. What’s your plan to make the Kings one of the five best scoring teams in the NHL this season?

    And remember, Zach Parise likely isn’t an option because he probably won’t want to re-sign in LA, so paying a big price to get him for just the end of this year is a waste of assets (plus NJ is in the playoff picture, he probably wont be available, anyway). Ovechkin, Stamkos, Iginla, and so on, aren’t available, either.

    What’s your plan to make the Kings one of the five best scoring teams in the NHL? If you’re not going to trade for Jeff Carter, what’s your plan to turn this team from an awful offense to a great one?

    You could change the coach, he might get the team from 30th to 25th in goals, even 20th (that would be miraculous), though it’s not likely, but even if that happened, and it didn’t sacrifice the defense, you’d still be the 20th ranked offense with a top 5 defense. Last year, the Bruins were a top 5 offense and a top 5 defense. Same with the other team in the Finals, the Canucks. Same with the Blackhawks and Red Wings when they won their Cups.

    So Parise isn’t an option. No other star players of that calibre or close are said to be available. Changing the coach doesn’t magically take you from 30th in offense to 5th. It just doesnt happen, just like a team of a truly elite offensive talent doesnt have the 30th ranked offense no matter who their coach is. Point being, its not just the coach. A bad coach can make your offense rank 5 points below where it should, even 10 in the worst extremes. It doesn’t take you from a top 5 offense, or a top 10, or even a top 15, to 30th. To be 30th, you have to be lacking in talent, too.

    So keeping in mind that its not just a coaching problem, and you need to add tangible talent goal scoring ability to this team to fix the problem…

    What’s your plan?

    My plan is Jeff Carter. Not because he’s the ideal plan I would dream up in my head if I could have any plan, not because he’s a perfect player, but because when I look around, I see the same thing you just saw when I asked you what your plan was: there is no other plan with even half as much potential to improve the Kings offense as Jeff Carter.

    That’s the point. There is no other plan. There is no other top line forward with a fantastic cap hit available for peanuts.

    Just Carter. That’s why you make this deal tomorrow if you can, before Columbus wakes up and realizes they’re actually considering giving away a top line sniper with a 5.27 mil cap hit for free!

  26. I’d still rather have Rick Nash over Carter, you can’t coach size.
    He’s also a leader, that’s never been questioned.
    The Kings need to unload Penner, Doughty, Bernier and Stoll to get that done.
    Columbus would take Penner to get Doughty I think, Stoll and Bernier should look good to someone like Tampa Bay, go after Brewer and Roloson for a backup goalie and a replacement for Doughty at a lower cap hit with size and under contract for a few years.

  27. One thing that would help, just saying.
    Get an offensive coach onboard full-time.
    We have three defensive coaches right now!

  28. I’m so excited, this is going to be an awesome run! They came out flying last night and immediately set the pace for the remaining season. They’ve put the pressure on them selves by upping the ante from last season. Unbelievable…it couldn’t have been better scripted when one of them caught a break early on. That was a huge mofo!
    Troy got together with his old linemate and added an additional weapon by splitting up in 2’s. Those gator folks are nuts!

    Oh, yeah…there was a hockey game on tonight to…but who gives a shit.

  29. So, who replaces Dean Lombardi?

    I don’t know anything about what to look for in a future GM, hopefully one that feels the NHL is different since the lockout and doesn’t want defense-only hockey.

    Are there any “good” ones just sitting around with scouting jobs currently? What do you look for in a GM? A former player?

  30. I agree on activating the D earlier Bobby. I was actually screamin at the TV when Florida scored, and the Kings didn’t respond. The Kings up till that point were dominating the game, and if they had a few outnumbered chances coming back, I would of been fine with it.

    Better than sitting back in a good defensive position, waiting to lose. Kings didn’t ratchet up their attack till well into the 3rd period.

  31. Kovalchuk is a proven 40 goal scorer (has done it more than once).

    Jeff Carter now has two bad knees and a bad shoulder, which might be worth the risk if he wasn’t under contract for 10 more years.

    The asking price is not the issue, its the liability factor. SeeDi

  32. Kovalchuk is a proven 40 goal scorer (has done it more than once).

    Jeff Carter now has two bad knees and a bad shoulder, which might be worth the risk if he wasn’t under contract for 10 more years.

    The asking price is not the issue, its the liability factor. See DiPietro, Rick.

  33. The Kings offensive problems have been solved. The Kings new second line: King-Richards-Nolan.

    Dean Lombardi’s 6 year plan…

  34. Every guy who started this year on our top-six had scored 30 goals in one season or another.

    When Murray was put to death Dustin Brown said, quite soberly, that all the tools needed to do the job are already on the roster.

    I agree with him. On paper the Kings have a powerfully erect dick. On ice, it goes limp.

    So why is there this constant push to change personnel? Why this juvenile miasmic fantasy that a Carter or a Hemsky — or even a Parise — will come to us out of the fog and –voila! — we’re suddenly a contendah?

    Since summer began we’ve made some dramatic and costly and (one would think) sublimely “intelligent” moves to transform ourselves into an offensively creative juggernaut.

    Not happening, folks. We’re dealing here with something that NO one has figured out. It’s the fucking Curse of the Cat People.

    We just gotta ride it out. Not much of a plan, I admit. But why tear an otherwise good team apart while it’s still in the playoff race, UNLESS YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SURE YOU’RE MAKING THE RIGHT MOVES?

    And — I know you guys’ll forgive me for saying so — all your notions about trades at the deadline seem to me like they’re issuing from the asses of bulls. We got dealt a good hand in October, and now in February there’s plenty of chips in the pot. I say we should play our cards and not somehow dream of pulling an Ace off another team’s roster.

    • Waiting for positive change is not very likely to create that change when the trend line is negative. Self-instruction, self-motivation, “building leaders,” learning the hard way, etc.,was an experiment at which Murray failed.

      Maybe the Kings need INSTRUCTION on actual offensive tactics. Let’s get a guy to do that, we could call him a “coacher” or something.

      The Kings went from Murray to a guy that is much better at inspiration, but is apparenty not much better at devising attack strategies and reinforcing attack mentality. The numbers say he is worse, offensively speaking. And Bernie Nicholls, for all his scoring ability as a player, seems more like a railbird (to follow your poker analogy) than a disciplined instructor capable of willing his guys to improve.

      Nicholls is a happy-go-lucky dilettante, Sutter is a perfect fit for the way the Kings were and not a good fit for the way the Kings need to be.

  35. Why is nobody commenting on my Doughty idea of putting him on offense?
    I’m totally fucking serious!!
    They did it with Marty McSorley and I think we can all agree Drew is a better puck handler and skater than #33 was.
    Let him play both positions in the game and give extra minutes to younger defenders, why the hell not?
    If we get a lead pull back, if we get behind open it up!
    I respect your folks opinions or I wouldn’t throw this out there.
    Don’t be a dead fuck, move!!!


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