Kings lost 2-1 tonight to the Florida Panthers. The offense was offensive. Anemic. Pathetic. I find it coincidental about 5 minutes after I screamed on twitter that the L.A. Kings need to activate the fucking defense (D1 specifically) because they are down 2-0, Jim Fox wouldn’t stop talking about it on the telecast. Maybe he was listening. Maybe it was obvious to everyone but the Kings. Maybe a team struggling to score goals needs to have that aggressive mentality from the DROP of the PUCK. Ugh.

Different topic.

I am not advocating. I am asking questions.

The L.A. Kings don’t want to sign Jeff Carter because he is a one-dimensional offensive forward?

So was Ilya Kovalchuk.

The L.A. Kings don’t want to take on that 10 + year, $5 million dollar + cap hit of Jeff Carter?

But they reportedly offered Ilya Kovalchuk $80 million for 15 years.

Jeff Carter is not a leader, he is not a Dean Lombardi “character” player?

Neither was Ilya Kovalchuk.

It’s not about the cash, it’s about the cap?

Cap hit on the Kings’ Kovalchuk offer and Carter’s contract is about the same. 5.33 vs. 5.27. So…

The L.A. Kings don’t have the cap space now?

From what is rumored (by just about everyone), the Blue Jackets will give Jeff Carter up for a song. Are we really to believe they won’t take Stoll or Penner’s expiring contracts?

But Jeff Carter likes to party!

So does Drew Doughty. So did and does Wayne Simmonds. So does Matt Greene. So did and does Mike Richards. So do I. So fucking what?

Jeff Carter, 27 years old (just turned), 493 games, 193 goals, 169 assists, 362 points, + 43.

Ilya Kovalchuk, 29 years old in April, 750 games, 391 goals, 361 assists, 752 points, - 107.

I am not advocating. I am asking questions. Because nobody else will. Especially this guy.