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Here are some fresh articles around the media world that may be of interest:

The Edmonton Journal comparing the L.A. Kings rebuild and that of the Oilers

Sporting News, in a well written article, stating the Kings need more goals to reach their…goals (I see what you did there)

My favorite paragraph from this article was:

Yes, the game was fatality-free, but Sutter is either in denial or blind to the facts. Saturday was the 10th time in 56 games this season that Los Angeles lost 2-1. It was the Kings’ 11th overtime or shootout loss, and seventh since Sutter took the coaching reins. Including the defeats for which they have received a consolation point, a full two-thirds of the Kings’ losses this season have been by one goal.

Those goals are what separate Los Angeles from being an elite team, and even if Sutter wants to make the case that “probably 20” teams could use more scoring, there is no escaping the fact that his is one of them.

From earlier in the week, if you missed it, Helene Elliott preaching patience. Well, maybe not preaching.

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  1. Flipping channels and the U2 video for “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” pops up and I automatically thought of the Kings and the never ending search for goals :/

  2. In regards to the Sutter quote reference from today… What can he say? He can’t come out and say ya we suck at scoring. He’s got to be positive for the sake of the players. If it’s all mayday mayday we’re sinking it won’t help matters at all.

    I think he knows more than anyone the predicament we’re in. Thats just my two cents on that.

    • Knock Knock!
      Who’s There?
      say goodbye to the playoffs Kings fans!!

    • Agree. He’s shielding his team.

      Who cares what the coach says after a game, imo. Half of the time players and coaches give canned bullshit answers. There’s really no point except to give the newspapers some quotes to put into their stupid articles.

      • I guess what I don’t hear from anyone in the King’s camp is the blow up that Kobe had in losing to the Knicks. Whether you like Kobe or not you can’t dismiss his single focus on winning. I just would like to see Kopi, Brownie or even Richards (as an outsider) really go off about what the problems are. Its time for the players in the locker room to start to solve some of the problems themselves and begin to play outside the stated system. All of them have played in more offensive systems and should begin to freelance some within the established lines.

        • I think that’s best done inside the locker room. You don’t have to put your teammates on blast every time you lose.

          Kobe is an egomaniac with poor social skills (from what I hear he has few teammates who he is close friends with). His blast isn’t really going to change his team’s fortunes.

          • I wouldn’t say the “blast” was for a single loss or even a current slump, but for a season long “system” problem. Either we don’t have the right players to work this system or the system itself is broken. I’d just like to hear the players acknownedge that they are playing the system but that there is problems with the system.

  3. So fucking what…….

    Its difficult to score when your defenseman can’t get the Puck through traffic or make a good outlet pass. A couple of them are especially weak in the corners and give the opposing team more time in their own zone so that has to be upgraded.

    Most of the forwards don’t have the finishing touch, the killer instinct, the ability to get to the net quickly, or the hard accurate wrist shot to nail the top corner. Often times the speed is just not there either.

    Man, this team needs a guy like Hemsky or even a Grabovski. I wouldn’t mind a guy like Stastny coming to the team. Only thing good right now is Quick. Man this team has holes.

  4. I think if the opposing team kept their net empty the entire game…the Kings would still lose 2-1.

  5. … The Kings haven’t been scoring because their shooting percentage is the lowest in the NHL. It’s been one of those seasons where the puck isn’t going in the net. Whether that’s a result of bad luck or lack of finishing touch is up to whoever is talking about it; I think it’s been a lot of bad luck and a little lack of finishing touch. They have their moments where they don’t break the puck out of their zone well, or don’t execute their offense well, but there are definitely moments where they do everything well and the puck still stays out.

    The reason why people harp on their mistakes is because mistakes become magnified when a team’s not scoring. The reason why people say the Kings don’t try is because any team that isn’t scoring is going to look lethargic. If the Kings didn’t try and if all they did was make mistakes, they would have a bad defense to go with their bad offense, they would be one of the worst (if not THE worst) team in the league, and Quick’s performance would look nowhere near as good as it does now. Only the elite have better D than the Kings: Detroit, San Jose, Pittsburgh, and the Hitchcock-led Blues. The Kings aren’t a bad team. They’re just having trouble finding positive results.

    • What you say has merit. Luck is a factor. Not the predominant factor though. This is a problem that has existed for YEARS under Murray. Unless you equate luck with curse, eventually a team breaks out of its bad luck and the puck bounces right again. This is about finishing which is a combination of a lack of finishers and old habits dying hard. The Kings have shows flashes of offensive brilliance under Sutter but they have been flashes (sometime entire periods and sometimes an entire game). They just cannot find that on a consistent basis. A sniper would help. Getting rid of Penner and Stoll or getting them out of the top 6 would help. Brown having hands would help. Kopitar not being so damn streaky would help a lot. Richards having wingers, yeah that would help. Dean Lombardi fucking stopping the trades for players who are one sneeze away a concussion or a career ending injury – that would help a lot.

      • You understand it man. That’s it.
        For those who say it’s bad luck….. hey, I believe to a large extent we make our own luck.

        Someone on one of the threads (that was a bit ‘edgy’) said when you look at other nhl teams, the Kings look really bad. Now I don’t agree with that, but what I do see watching other nhl teams is A) far more creativity in the offensive zone and B) Bobby… Help me with this… the words don’t come easily…… there is something about a number of players where you can See that they have what I’d call an ‘ease’ and a confidence in what we’ll call the relatively high scoring areas. Even without the puck, they just seem to know where to be. You can see that they don’t have a sort of je ne sais quoi with the puck in the offensive zone.

        If anyone can’t see that (including the GM) then they’re deluding themselves. Then they need to watch some of the Philly, Boston, Vancouver and Detroit games carefully and do some homework.

        Yet, to me there is nothing all that surprising about the whole scenario. Dean Lombardi clearly likes a certain type of player, and many of those players are far more in the Simmer mold. But one reason Simmer is doing well is because he has other more creative players to balance out his type of a game. Put Simmer with nothing but Simmer’s and you’re probably not gonna get the same result for him. Does that make any sense?

        This is really difficult to write about as there are so many aspects that come into play.

      • This is a problem that has existed for YEARS under Murray.

        … Last season, the Kings were tied for the 9th best shooting percentage in the league at 5-on-5. The season before that, they were in a three way tie for 8th best in the NHL in the same category. Even in their poor 08-09 season, the Kings were 25th in shooting percentage, but not last.

        Are you willing to say that the team has worse finishers now than they did before? I don’t feel that the other teams simply “figured out” Murray’s system, because if that was the case, why didn’t they figure it out in 09-10 or 10-11? Sure, defenses change and adjustments are made, but to see an across-the-board dearth of scoring … there’s more to it than simply a gameplan.

        I didn’t expect the Kings to be a good offensive team this year; I expected them to be around the middle of the pack. What they’ve done this season is perplexing. I’ve said this before – I don’t remember seeing so many chances end in failure due to poor bounces since the 98-99 season, and that season cost a head coach his job as well.

        What’s killing the Kings is that the few top forwards they have are unlucky and all of the bottom forwards they have are unskilled.

        Getting rid of Penner and Stoll or getting them out of the top 6 would help

        … So who do you put there? I liked how Nolan and King played against the Islanders, but that’s the Islanders and those two guys really don’t belong in the top six on any NHL team. Penner’s slumped mightily over the last 50-55 games he’s played with the Kings, but he’s a top six player. I don’t see where it benefits the team to play him anywhere else.

        Stoll wouldn’t be in the top six if it weren’t for the injury to Gagne, but realistically who can you expect to play up there? Stoll had 43 points last season. Richards is on pace for about 50 this season.

        With Stoll out, that leaves the Kings with one first-line player and four second-line players. Anyone else in the top six is going to be a case of the team asking more out of a player than what he’s currently capable of producing. Realistically, they have no one to step in. They just don’t have the talent.

        • They had a high shooting percentage and a low goals per game last year. So it really doesn’t matter much how our luck is panning out, we still have a hard time scoring.

  6. The worst part of this road trip is to sit on the couch and watch how they don’t pass the puck timely. They seem to second guess every pass and hold off a 1/2 second before they try. At that point the pass is intercepted and the opportunity lost. Best line last night was without a doubt Richards’ line. I can’t tell if Nolan is just playing on adrenaline or if he’s that much better than Penner. He was in the right position all night long and crash the net when needed and held his distance when needed. King was complementing Richards pretty well, but like I said…adrenaline or not? Time will tell…

  7. Wow, I expected the tone of that Edmonton Journal article to be: “the Kings rebuild has failed, time to fire Lombardi and start over again.” The fact that the writer didn’t, surprised me. I know it’s very easy for me to get impatient with this process. I’m certain Lombardi expected this season to be a step up from last season. Hopefully, this season’s results show Lombardi what holes still need to filled. While I’d love immediate results, I don’t expect them. I’m willing to give Dean a little more time. “Penner was merely a setback.”

    • “I’m willing to give Dean a little more time. “Penner was merely a setback.”

      You really need a reality check! Lombardi has had 6 years now, with the past 2 years making the playoffs.

      Lombardi has used the same strategy he used in San Jose to build this team. This formula does not work anymore.

      Lets review: “Lombardi was relieved of his duties, along with head coach Darryl Sutter, late in the 2002–03 NHL season, a season in which many felt the Sharks would go deep in the playoffs, but struggled with a slow start and never recovered. This could be mainly attributed to the lengthy contract hold-out of star goalie Evgeni Nabokov.”

      The whole Doughty drama was a hold-out, and can be applied to Doughty’ missing training camp.

      I don’t know if this is a coincidence or just reality, that Lombardi can only build a team, that can make the playoffs, but is never good enough to get out of the 1st round.

      Lombardi allowed Frolov to walk. He allowed Murray to jerk him around, so he only scored 19 goals in the 09/10, when Frolov had scored 32 goals with Murray in 08/09.

      Lombardi did not give Matt Moulson a real chance to show what he could do, both under Crawford and Murray.
      Moulson played 22 games when Crawford was coach, and played 7 games under Murray.

      I spoke to Nick Nixon and Daryl Evans, and Nick didn’t want to commit, and let Daryl answer. Daryl said ” Moulson was given a chance, but did not show he was ready to play with the Kings” 29 games and 10 pts. Not exactly poor, but certainly not enough games to make a fair evaluation.

      I understand that Moulson is playing with Tavares as his center, but Moulson is going to have his 3rd straight season with 30+ goals. I guess Lombardi was really wrong.

      How many forwards have the Kings developed in their system?
      2 maybe, and that is a stretch. 1 is Trevor Lewis (1st round pick), good speed, horrible finish. 2 is Loktionov, who is playing on a 3rd line, but just scored his 1st goal since last season. Prior to this current season, Loktionov was injured in the 09/10, and 10/11 seasons with shoulder injuries which required surgery or extended time out.

      Wayne Simmonds a projected power forward. Simmonds played 3 seasons with the Kings, all under Terry Murray. In the system that Terry Murray used, Simmonds was a 3rd line wing, and was progressing, at least until last season.

      Murray felt Simmonds was not progressing as projected. Lombardi allowed Simmonds be part of the trade for Mike Richards. Maybe it because he is playing with better players but in 55 games so far 18 goals and 16 assists.

      Simmonds currently has more goals than Kopitar, and would rank 3rd in points with the Kings right now.
      His drafting has been horrible, especially when there has been a significant need for speed at the forward position.

      Brayden Schenn fell into his lap, as did Drew Doughty. We are still waiting for Kozun/Vey/Weal/Toffoli.

      When you resort to drafting the best player available, rather then drafting the best player at a specific position, that is a problem.

      Forbort/Gibson Yeah the Kings need another defenseman, and another goalie.

      I’m writing so much, I can’t even stress enough how, Lombardi should not get a 7th year.

      Thanks Dean for building a foundation for the Kings. Unfortunetly your 5 year rebuild has now entered into the 6th year, and this team you proclaimed was the team you wanted, is not the same team, we all were all told, “Our time is Now”.

      Dean “Your time is done”.

      • … Agree with everything you said about Moulson, Frolov, Simmonds – your entire post, really, except that I believe that you should draft the best player available, not the best player at a certain position. Once he’s drafted, you can then trade him at some point to fill the holes you need to fill.

        • That is the correct drafting method for all sports. Only those that are desperate start reaching for need. The best case is when the best player available matches team need. Has Dean traded down in drafts to pick up more picks and has anyone evaluated/listed the players passed on?


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