In Breaking News, 1 Goal Is Not Enough To Defeat NY Islanders

It was a battle of nitwits.

Skill vs. Toughness.

Brawn vs. Finesse.

The sole sniper with a single bullet and an eagle eye in the brush vs. the wild spray of the blind barbarian’s machine gun fire.

The barbarian is on the ground, a bloody hole amid his brow.

Mark Streit, oh captain, their captain, ended a 1-1 tie shortly into overtime to send the Kings to Dallas to finish out their road trip, where they can at best garner 5 points out of a possible 12 before heading back to Staples.


Hey, at least is was a fairly exciting game. Quick made some fantastic plays as the small but talented Islanders forward bunch darted in and out of the slot in the Kings end. He also smacked Parental Abuse Parenteau down to the ice which was highly amusing. Gotta love the edge our boy Quick has added to his game this year. Jordan Nolan put us all on the edges of our seats at least 4 times with would be first NHL goal in first NHL game scoring chances. Finish? Hah, at this point we should consider the chances themselves to be strokes of genius luck. Dwight King didn’t suck, Doughty played one of his better games and Andrei Loktionov scored his first goal of the season. Huzzah!

Huz… Hu… Well after that it’s more like a Beavis & Butthead “huh-huh-huh”. Because you’d have to be an idiot to smirk at anything else that the Kings have done lately.

I don’t care to hear or speak about anything the other team did well. The Kings continue to be their own worst enemies offensively and a complete ineptitude around the net is at fault. Lose pucks aren’t gathered, rebounds aren’t corralled, battles in blue paint are not won. The Kings had 35 shots on goal. 35. The chances were there, the finish was not. Nor did I see anyone really try and take over the game. Mr. Doughty, Mr. Kopitar, Mr. Richards, that would be your job.

Perhaps I react a bit too harshly. Up until the anticlimactic shift that Streit simply dominated to end the game I was quite enjoying my morning of hockey. But to loose a game in OT with 3 of your players being made to look stupid doesn’t leave one with a pleasant feeling in the bones.

I have nothing else to say. At least games against Dallas are always full of piss and vinegar, much like my Saturday.

What is it Bobby does to lighten the mood? Ah, yes.


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  1. Streit reminds me a little like Dan Boyle. Great awareness, great skating. Watching him play defense and control the blue like got me thinking that the Kings need a player exactly like that. Captain with great leadership qualities. I don’t love the man like that but what’s not to love about his game.

    Anyways, another thing got me thinking. The Kings suck, I mean really. Not a cohesive unit, no leadership. Several buffoons in the lineup that will hopefully go at the trade deadline or atleast come next season. What can you expect from Kopitar and Richards when they have teammates like this. I want to see veteran blueliner next season along with Voynov at point. Hemsky needs to come. I’d like Parise but that’s a pipe dream but atleast some depth like they have in Detroit or Boston. Who knows, maybe Toffoli will come around and Kozun or Vey.


  2. The more games I watch the Kings play the more I would like to see Carter on the Kings. We need finisher! Those 4 chances that Nolan had (he did play suprisingly good) would have been buried by the likes of a Carter.

    The Kings still make the playoffs and probably lose in the first round, but I’m thnking with a Carter and some younger guys moving up the ranks on this team, we’ll be much better next year.

    Our expectations of this team where pre-mature this year. With the loses of Zues and Symth, expecially, has really given us a lack of that skill in front of goalies/net. Those two guys got dirty/cheap goals that seem to elude the Kings this year. I truly believe we are that one finisher away from having 7 to 10 more wins this year.

    Why does Trent Hunter still have a job? If the Islanders didn’t want him, what did the Kings honestly think they could get from a Douche like this?

  3. WWLD?

    What Would Lappy Do?

  4. I hate Danny Boyle.

  5. Keep sitting Pancakes. Hopefully Nolan and King will start clicking with Richards. It looked to me like they were starting to develop some chemistry later on in the game. Gotta feel bad for Quick though. Kinda reminds me of that pic you threw up…you’re a cool guy, got lots of money But you just can’t get the fucker up. Kinda sounds like this squad.

  6. I think its time for everyone to accept, the Kings are just not a good hockey team. There is clearly a disconnect between management and the players, and owners.

    You can add anyone in the world you want, it is not going to matter the remainder of this season.

    Timmy is in denial, Lombardi is passing the blame at everyone but himself and Sutter has to stroke the fragile egos of a group of professional hockey players who just do not play well together.

    “Your’e goalie has to be your best player every game.” He is. Your goalie prevents pucks from going into the net. He is, and almost 94% of the time give or take. Your defense is expected to prevent the other guys from getting high percentage chances, which help your goalie prevent the puck from going into the net. Fuck statistics, they aren’t on the ice playing and the defense has issues which the goaltending has been masking this whole season.

    I don’t think anyone expected the scoring to be significantly down this entire season on this team, but it has.

    A handful of offseason moves, a lot of praise about how this franchise has built a core group of young, and talented players, ready to make that next step. The envy of the NHL in terms of prospects.

    Fuck it, even a government bailout like the automakers got, and the investment firms got from that Bush guy can’t save this team right now.

    Captain Queeg has no more tricks, and the USS Kings are about to abandon the slowly sinking ship.

    May day, May day, May day will fall upon deaf ears because this years model will be done in April.

    Disagree with me all you want, point out all the statistics you want, it is not going to change how many goals the Kings score, or are expected to score.

    • I will say this much: Quisp wrote an article after 16 games (?) about the scoring and forecasted it for the rest of the season. He made the point that usually the 16-20 mark was reasonable to project where the offense was going.

      I never ever expect them to all of a sudden put a streak of 5-6 games together where they score an average of 3 goals. Two games………… maybe. Mayyyybe. But we’re 3/4 of the way thru the season and I’ve seen absolutely nothing to make me believe that thats gonna change anytime soon.

      They play a very tight game, Quick gives them chance after chance in a tie game to get the go-ahead goal (see today’s game as Exhibit A), and more often than not they don’t get it done.

      I can’t honestly see that changing this season. Who knows where it’ll all go for next year. Could be a massive improvement or could be the same record all over again.

      Main point: using your words ‘There is clearly a disconnect between management and the players, and owners.’ Yes agree that it is organizational. For me, no ands, ifs or buts about that.

      • Quisp I believe also forecasted that the law of averages would catch up and the Kings would get out of the scoring cellar because so many players were below their goal scoring average. At least that is what I vaguely recall. Or maybe I wrote that. Who the fuck can remember. I know I believed that at some point too and when Murray was fired, I thought, okay, time to do this. But for “flashes”, not much. I wonder how much of this is psychological at this point. How much of it is in the players’ “heads”.

        Also, it bears noting for Dean Lombardi’s future – without Quick, the Kings are near the bottom of the West.

        • Well then, perhaps he can find a lovely sort of card to send to Dave Taylor to thank him for drafting Quick, because w/o him you’re absolutely right, and probably end of the road for DL in LA.

          Also, as for the psychological aspect, you’re probably right about that. I know that when I listen to the games I’m thrilled if they have a goal scored by the 2nd period as that seems about standard these days. And that well may be in the teams’ psychology at the moment.

        • So sad that for so many years before goaltending was really the one big thing holding this team back from contention. Now that we have a world class goalie, it matters not without the offense to back it up.

          • Surly…. I think the operative word is sad.
            It’s so so frustrating for all of us. I imagine all of us would like to know what JQ is thinking about now, because while he is a very steady sort of character, he can’t be any too pleased with the situation.

          • Once again, why the fuck don’t we put Doughty and/or Johnson up on offense for part or all of the game.
            We need some offense!!!
            3 points out of a possible 10 is that a good road trip so far?
            We’ve gotten points from the Islanders and Lightning, hello.
            They both suck!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Unfortunately, we’re way past the point of averaging.

          To me it looks like they are one loss away from just playing out the season. If they happen to bang a few in a couple of nights in a row then maybe they’ll reconsider.

          At the time Quisp wrote “Averages” I doubt any of us were ready to admit that ultimately the likes of the Kings Offense hadn’t been seen since the Scouts played in Kansas City.

          Currently LA is on pace to match the 1955 NY Rangers 70 game season for fewest goals…

  7. In Quick’s 24 losses, total of goals scored….. 29. Yes, twenty-nine. Hey, that’s like 1.08 goals a game.

    Damn. Bobby, Surly, that isn’t very good.

  8. Larry Murphy….Fucking intense man.

  9. Watching some of the game now. Since I worked early this morning.

    Seriously, Trent Hunter. How and when can this man not be on the team anymore? Just a huge disappointment. For every one thing I might see that he does thy benefits a game. If it a goal or hit or clear during a PK. It is just not worth seeing him play the rest of the minutes. I’m done with this guy. He is bad.

    Also with the almost goal by Nolan assisted by King and Richards. Riches gets cross checked in the numbers totally. No call that was lame.

    This road trip was not the 6-1-3 of last year and it makes me sad.

  10. Wow Phx with a 4 game win streak. Think the Kings can pull something like that off?

    • I think because of what happened the last two years in the business end of the season everyone thought that they’d find a way to repeat that this year. The one thing that was left unaccounted for was the fact that that will be a very tall task given that the team is hard pressed to score more than one goal a game, unless the other team makes some major gaffes.

      I’m not being positive and not negative, but neutral. Fact is that the month of March is a huge dilemma and they could very easily fall out of playoff contention.

      The question I then pose to myself is: could that conceivably be good for them in the long run…. to have to take a very
      serious look at this organization and dissect it right down to every detail.

      Cause imo that’s exactly what is needed. And that includes DL accepting that while he adores players like Clifford, Simmer and Nolan (as well he should), they’ll only get you so far.

      If he wanted to be just like the boys in Philly, you’ll notice that they complement the edgy players with the Briere’s, the Giroux’s and the Couturier’s. That’s the game today DL. You may not like it, you may even hate it, ……………………………………………… but that’s the game today.

    • Sorry guys I know this is totally unrelated but it came up in one of those side deals when I found the Mora clip. I thought it worthy to bring in some laughter.

  11. Which is more dead, Whitney Houston or the Kings offense?

  12. There is so much talk about the lack of scoring as the fault of the players but it does appear that offensively challanged players that leave the Kings suddenly find hands of gold. I watched WS have puck after puck go off his stick for two years with the Kings but then he goes to Philly and all he does is put it in the back of the net. Guys come from other teams as 20-25 goal scorers and suddenly turn into 10-12 goal guys in black and silver. It has to be the system and not the players, right??????

    • I have an article coming on this very issue

      • Niesy on JftC just made a post regarding this issue.
        Here is a part of it: The penner fitness thing…look, in the shape he was already IN, he had a track record of scoring. I don’t buy the fitness is making him suck thing one bit. He’s in better shape now and scores less.

        What pisses me off is that they almost immediately wanted to change him. They suck at scoring and they want to change a 25 goal scorer’s game. WHY? Why put him on a shutdown line? Don’t get players you think you have to change. 15 year old girls get better advice from Cosmo.

        Me again here….. so back again to my point about Dean being terribly stubborn and not willing to budge. I really have to ask myself if he surrounds himself w nothing but ‘yes’ men. Even Poni will probably end up with around 13 this year at least, from 5 last year. I Can’t Believe that Lombardi doesn’t see this and ask what the problem might be. If he’s of the opinion always that it’s the player’s fault, then he’s in big trouble. A little self interrogation never goes amiss in anyone’s life for those so inclined.

        • ‘Don’t get players you think you have to change’.

          He does. He wasn’t happy with Moulson’s game. I find it to be not a bad game. He wasn’t happy with Moller’s either. Yes, I understand he got knocked off the puck often. But then have him call Dave Taylor. He was a skinny unimposing dude when younger and managed to transform himself.

          I could be wrong…. for sure, but it seems to me that some players are drafted and then they don’t work out for specific reasons…… which were evident as I see it before they were even drafted in certain cases. I can’t imagine they didn’t see that Moller was a skill player and not incredibly strong in the corners and all. If they didn’t see that then they weren’t doing their job very well.

  13. Who the fuck, is that GODDESS?

  14. Tell the Grammy’s to fuck off!!
    No more long road trips in February!

  15. What is it Bobby does to lighten the mood? Ah, yes.

    Bobby, my dick thanks you!!!

  16. Just watch any other NHL game and you will truly see how horribly horrendous the kings are. It really puts it into perspective. I think any team other the kings plays a better brand of hockey

  17. I just did the math Kings fans.
    I know that scares you, Bazinga!!
    The Kings have received approximately 44% of the possible points against their opponents they’ll face the rest of the season or 32 points out of a possible 72 points.
    16 wins and 20 losses, granted that could be an overtime or shoot out loss, so you could add a point but, you get the idea.
    By that formula, the Kings on that pace (when they could actually score sometimes), the Kings will gain 23 points out of the possible 52 points left against all the remaining opponents they have already faced this season.
    That gives them a grand total of 86 points.
    Most so called “experts” predicted at the beginning of the season it would take about 95-98 points to make the Western Conference Playoffs compared to 97 points just last season.
    In other words, We Are FUCKED!!!

    • You know, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

      Maybe, just maybe, TM’s firing will set up DL’s firing and we can get some people in who are more offensive minded personnel. I’m not talking 6 goals a game, but you look at some of the best defensive teams in the NHL, they are also near the top in offense as well. We don’t have to play a D or die game.


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