It was a battle of nitwits.

Skill vs. Toughness.

Brawn vs. Finesse.

The sole sniper with a single bullet and an eagle eye in the brush vs. the wild spray of the blind barbarian’s machine gun fire.

The barbarian is on the ground, a bloody hole amid his brow.

Mark Streit, oh captain, their captain, ended a 1-1 tie shortly into overtime to send the Kings to Dallas to finish out their road trip, where they can at best garner 5 points out of a possible 12 before heading back to Staples.


Hey, at least is was a fairly exciting game. Quick made some fantastic plays as the small but talented Islanders forward bunch darted in and out of the slot in the Kings end. He also smacked Parental Abuse Parenteau down to the ice which was highly amusing. Gotta love the edge our boy Quick has added to his game this year. Jordan Nolan put us all on the edges of our seats at least 4 times with would be first NHL goal in first NHL game scoring chances. Finish? Hah, at this point we should consider the chances themselves to be strokes of genius luck. Dwight King didn’t suck, Doughty played one of his better games and Andrei Loktionov scored his first goal of the season. Huzzah!

Huz… Hu… Well after that it’s more like a Beavis & Butthead “huh-huh-huh”. Because you’d have to be an idiot to smirk at anything else that the Kings have done lately.

I don’t care to hear or speak about anything the other team did well. The Kings continue to be their own worst enemies offensively and a complete ineptitude around the net is at fault. Lose pucks aren’t gathered, rebounds aren’t corralled, battles in blue paint are not won. The Kings had 35 shots on goal. 35. The chances were there, the finish was not. Nor did I see anyone really try and take over the game. Mr. Doughty, Mr. Kopitar, Mr. Richards, that would be your job.

Perhaps I react a bit too harshly. Up until the anticlimactic shift that Streit simply dominated to end the game I was quite enjoying my morning of hockey. But to loose a game in OT with 3 of your players being made to look stupid doesn’t leave one with a pleasant feeling in the bones.

I have nothing else to say. At least games against Dallas are always full of piss and vinegar, much like my Saturday.

What is it Bobby does to lighten the mood? Ah, yes.