(on finishing the trip with a win…)
SUTTER: “We played really well. The only time I had any issue was the first game of the trip, the first period against St. Louis. Other than that, I thought we played really well. You’ve kind of always got to separate it. We’ve struggled to score. That’s not a secret now. It’s not about our work or compete, I know that. Our kids play hard.’’



I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom to throw up my pancake breakfast, salad lunch, and turkey & provolone sandwich dinner.

There must be an explanation. Sutter really didn’t say that. Hammond, that son of a bitch, he threw it in there. It’s like those parentheses he does except he didn’t put a parentheses around it. Murray used to say that. Nobody else. Nobody else on this planet says it. Forget grammar. Forget sentence structure or noun verb agreement! This must mean something. It’s a code. It’s a fucking code. Murray isn’t Sutter. Sutter isn’t Murray. Wait, wait, wait, have we ever seen Murray and Sutter together, in one place? It could be. It fucking very well could be. They are the same person. That would make sense. Lombardi loved Murray and he loves Sutter. That’s a lot of love for a couple of really old fucks. Is it coincidence that he loves them both and one allegedly replaced the other so seamlessly? That is why the offense is still struggling. Murray wasn’t fired. Terry Murray is still here. They tried to hide it from us, oh they tried, but they failed! They fucking failed and there is the proof right fucking there in print, RIGHT THERE in front of our eyes. Oh, Dean, you clever bastard, you thought you fooled us, well NOT this blogger. We are on to you. We caught you red handed. I have to tell Leiweke. What if he’s in on it? What if all of AEG is in on it? I should call Surly. But he didn’t call me. Why didn’t he call me? He notices shit like this faster than I do. Maybe he’s in on it too. He’s a spy. Mother fucker, that explains a lot. That explains why we got all of those Doughty rumors wrong. That source of ours, it was probably Surly, who was Hammond, who was Lombardi, who was Sutter, who was Murray. Murray, that shit with his stone faced, stoic demeanor. He wasn’t being calm. He had no expression because he is a fucking alien and that explains why he can’t speak the language, that explains why Lombardi makes no sense, why Sutter sounds so fucking odd and why Hammond can’t write worth a shit. They’re all the same person. They’re all each other! They’re all Surly!! All quiet now, all quiet, we’ll get through this…we’ll get through this…it’s a verb, it’s a verb, compete…it’s a verb…

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  1. Lol that’s all I can say

  2. The book 1984 really stuck with you eh?

  3. It’s entirely possible. I have yet to see Bernie Nicholls and Nicholas Cage in the same room at the same time!

  4. LMFAO!! Good stuff Bobby!!

  5. I am surprised it took you so long to figure it out!! We’re all in on it!!!

  6. Ahhh….you know that Sutter is renting Murray’s pad right? Murray is Sutter’s fucking landlord!

  7. Get hold of yourself, Scribe!

    The bloggers on this site look up to you and Surly for sobriety and coherence.

    Well . . . maybe that’s stretching it a bit . . .

  8. What is that shit you are on and where can I get some??? ;-0
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. Oh sure. Of course it’s a giant conspiracy and we are all in on it, and actually we are all the same three people you see over and over…

    OR…could it be that those words, that language, that style of explanation, the system, the culture, and whichever of those things it is that is causing complete failure to score…maybe those things are coming from a singular source? Sutter never used those words before. Where did he pick them up, I wonder? Maybe from his boss who is telling him what is expected?

  10. I think TM is still the coach but DS is just the new face. TM has a control center at his house that DS is renting a room in and TM talks to DS through an ear piece.

  11. I call shenanigans!!!

    We need to start rochambeauing some mother-fuckers!!!

  12. FYI: If you threw-up, you would have to duck, for it might hit you on the way down.

    You have to throw out, or if a lot of force is used it would be a “projectile vomit”. It’s kind of like when Cartman had that alien satellite in his ass and farted flames.

  13. It’s not about our work or compete, I know that.

    Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue.

  14. Wait, WHAT??? You guys were the only thing keeping me sane during the Doughty drama. Are you saying you never really had a source?

    Next thing you’ll try to tell me is that there is no Santa Claus. Not falling for it.

  15. First, that was hilarious, but it really isn’t. Alex Jones has got nothing on this, so he must involved too. I used to wonder why Tom Lykis disappeared off the face of the planet, but its now obvious! He knew too much! Scribe, forget about trying to see Surlys long form birth certificate, run!! Run for your life!! I am sure Vancouver is safe, sine who the hell would want to live there with those people? God speed Scribe, God speed…

  16. It explains why Bob Miller has been reduced to a babbling idiot (as much as it pains me to say it)


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