Dustin Brown: Does He Represent The L.A. Kings’ Intended Identity?

You can debate the importance of the captaincy in the NHL and hear persuasive arguments from each side. It is simply a question of perspective. Some place little importance in the C and proclaim it to be nothing more than a letter. Others believe the C has a limited place when the troops need rallying and leadership on the ice, especially in times of adversity. There are those who declare the captaincy to be representative of the heart and soul of the franchise. I come from another perspective – the C represents the team’s identity, what the team is or, for one still finding its place, what it wants to become. My perspective asks the following question – “when you think of the [insert team name here], what player exemplifies its identity?”

Let’s look at the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins and work backwards.

The Boston Bruins’ identity is that of a skilled, lunch pale and hard hat team with a mean streak that will punish you at both ends of the ice with its speed or size and strength. I just described Zdeno Chara, who nobody in this league wants to cross or fight for good reason. Their identity is that of a bear and they have the perfect captain to symbolize the grizzly persona.

Work this same analysis backward with the Chicago Blackhawks and Jonathan Toews, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby, the Detroit Red Wings and Nicklas Lidstrom, the Anaheim Ducks and Scott Niedermayer and continue until you pass Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings, Mark Messier and the New York Rangers, get to Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers and by all means, keep going…

Then think about the “elite” or notable teams in the league. Doesn’t Henrik Sedin represent the Vancouver Canucks’ identity? An ugly, dirty but highly skilled team? He is the Canucks and everything we loathe (and envy) about them.

Look at other teams that have somehow (despite so many limitations) found consistent success (though not necessarily a Cup) and their identity. Shea Weber and the Nashville Predators. The Phoenix Coyotes and Shane Doan.

How about the Sharks? They took the C away from Patrick Marleau for a reason and, despite what they may claim, I believe it was because Patrick did not represent the identity the San Jose Sharks wanted for themselves. Does Joe Thornton? A big, skilled but relatively mild-mannered (though certainly no longer “soft”) forward? There are arguments both ways. There is also the argument the lack of the C “fitting” with the identity is why the Sharks cannot get over the hump.

Almost without exception, past or present, franchises that have found success have done so with a captain that personified the team’s greatest strengths. When a team, as a whole, looks at its reflection, it should see its captain’s face staring back.

Is the reverse also true? Does a captain also reflect the team’s weaknesses? A reflection isn’t always flattering so the short answer is yes, but not always.

That brings us to the L.A. Kings. What are the L.A. Kings? A defensively elite team that consistently suffocates the opposing team’s offense but cannot generate enough of its own to win on a consistent basis. What player personifies everything the L.A. Kings are? Did the voice inside your head say, “Willie Mitchell.” Mine did at first. But I don’t always listen to it and I like to ask questions. If you immediately went to a forward, what player fits that defense first, Selke-like model? My head went Anze Kopitar first and Mike Richards second.

The more important question is what do the L.A. Kings want to become? My opinion, with Dean Lombardi at the helm, is a team that wins with elite goaltending, a deep and talented defense from 1-6 (with a defensive defenseman and an offensive one on each pairing) and a forward crop that, from top to bottom, fits the consistent mold of defensive responsible, mean, edgy, smart, smash mouth group that can skate, hit, fight and score 20-30 goals per forward in the top 6, an average of 10-15 goals per forward on the third line and a bruising energy infused fourth line. Dustin Brown is average, at best, defensively. He can hit. He is not mean. He is not edgy. He is smash mouth in his hitting only. He cannot fight. He is good for 15-25 goals per season and is wildly inconsistent from week to week. His hockey IQ is questionable.

Is he the L.A. Kings’ intended identity? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe Dustin Brown represents what Dean Lombardi wants this team to become. That is not to say Lombardi is right but don’t think for a second Mike Richards’ arrival here was a happy accident. Richards is exactly what Dean wants. The player who is to the Kings what the Leonidas character was to the Spartans in the movie 300. At the risk of injecting some humor, does Dustin Brown look like this guy?

Does this guy, to someone like Dean Lombardi, look captain material?

I told Jacob this evening that, if Dean Lombardi is still the L.A. Kings GM after this season, Dustin Brown will be playing elsewhere by the start of next season. I am not stating I agree with it but it is what I believe will occur.

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  1. “I told Jacob this evening that, if Dean Lombardi is still the L.A. Kings GM after this season, Dustin Brown will be playing elsewhere by the start of next season. I am not stating I agree with it but it is what I believe will occur.”

    Is that before or after Parise signs with LA? ;)

    • Stop being a kill joy with Parise. Yes, he will likely sign with the Red Wings along with Shea Weber. But can you let a boy dream?

    • Almost without exception, past or present, franchises that have found success have done so with a captain that personified the team’s greatest strengths. When a team, as a whole, looks at its reflection, it should see its captain’s face staring back.

      … Well, in most cases the best player on the team is the Captain. I don’t feel that Scott Niedermayer personified the ’07 Cup-winning Ducks or that Vincent Lecavalier personified the ’05 Lightning, off the top of my head.

      He is not mean. He is not edgy. He is smash mouth in his hitting only.

      … So, he’s not a dirty piece of shit. So what?

      He is good for 15-25 goals per season and is wildly inconsistent from week to week. His hockey IQ is questionable.

      … Actually he was good for 24-33 per season before this one. He’s streaky, like a certain ex-Flyer you have pictured up there. Brown’s hockey IQ isn’t poor at all. He’s disciplined and draws more penalties than he takes. He doesn’t get caught up in stupid shit on the ice.

      I told Jacob this evening that, if Dean Lombardi is still the L.A. Kings GM after this season, Dustin Brown will be playing elsewhere by the start of next season. I am not stating I agree with it but it is what I believe will occur.

      … And here’s why Dean needs to be fired, if this is accurate.

    • Never going to happen. Brown will stay.

  2. Funny that you bring this topic up because I’ve always sort of questioned Brown as the team captain. It never fit to me. I always saw it better fit for Kopitar if anybody else.

    As the Dallas game went on, no doubt the thought that Richards should be given the captaincy and Brownie given an A along with Kopitar. I would love to give it to Kopitar but he’s just too nice a guy. He’s rarely in people’s faces. I’ve never seen the guy fight (and that’s not why I watch hockey). He’s picked up his hitting this year to me. He’s like a workhorse to me. He goes out there, plays hard, grinds, plays both ways and scores the occasional goal.

    Then there’s Richards. The dude has that edge to him. When he fights he just flails but that’s ok to me because I see the guy’s heart when he’s fighting. He’s just laying it all out there. That one hit in the beginning of the season on Voracheck (right guy?) purposely lined his ass up and just drilled his ass sending a message on that hit to DD (but might also be some payback for the trade). Who did Brown and Kopitar nail on purpose for that hit on DD? I don’t remember if they did.

    Let’s talk about the captains. Doan, Toews, Chara, Sedin, Niedermeyer, Thornton, etc. With the exception of Sedin would you really wanna fuck with them? Niedermeyer isn’t the biggest dude but I’ve seen that fucker club I think it was Worrell over the head with his stick then drop the gloves and go at it. Wtf? Are you gonna fuck with Doan? Thornton? Toews? Toews has got that psycho look in his eyes to me. I’ve always thought Brownie was that really good 3rd line shut down type player. Skates around and puts a hurtin on people’s asses and that always got the fans fired up but I never really saw him as being captain.

    Is it gonna turn this team around on a dime if the captaincy is changed? I doubt it but I think it’s a good step in the right direction.

    • I’ve been a Brown fan since day one. I’ve always argued against taking the C away from because no matter what he is no Marleau. But the story about Mike Richards saying to leave the kids alone when they came up a couple games ago and then he took out on the ice and got us all excited again has my mind working.

      But I still don’t want to be the kind of team that would take the C away. I also want this team to excel with Brown on it. He really love his Kings so hopefully Dean and the team can’t turn the scoring around so this does not become a necessity.

      • Where have you been man? We haven’t seen you around these parts for over a month.

      • NOW (now meaning next season) is the time to do it though. New coach with Sutter and you can have a new captain without overly shaking things up in a negative manner. Swapping Brown out after he had been with Sutter for half a season isn’t optimum, but still doable without being insulting.

        If Dean is gone and a new GM opts to replace Sutter as well (or if he doesn’t) it would make a C change even more doable imo.

  3. I’ve never liked Brown as Captain.

    I think when he was named Captain he absolutely personified what the Kings hoped to become but only sort of became.

    As to the idea of trading him… It tickles me and offends me. I see it as preposterous and completely unlikely, yet a side of me thinks you are right and this will happen. Trouble is I can’t decipher which is the logical thought and which is the emotional one.

    • It would be tough seeing Brown traded. The guy bleeds purple. He’s also one of my favorite kings players. But like in any business…moves happen. I hope this doesn’t happen though.

  4. What are you? Some kinda fucking communist?

    Either that or you’ve jammed your head so far up your ass you can’t see daylight, much less the “identity” of the Kings.

    All that happened when Philly made Richards captain was to piss off the media, piss off the fans, piss off management, piss off Richards, and grease his slide OUT of Flyerville.

    I seem to remember Luongo being captain of the Canucks. What “identity” did he bring to the team? Overrated skill players who choke when the game matters most? Okay . . . if that was the team’s true identity howcum he’s no longer wearing the “C”?

    Brown is no prima donna. His status as captain does not trigger envy or repressed hostility among his teammates. His demeanor is steady, stable, quiet, unassuming, and he is by no means the sort of hole-in-the-ice you’re describing. If he’s been a bit less consistent than you like, the same can be said for virtually every player in the league — from Charo and Toews and Thornton on down.

    Really, Scribe, you’ve got to start taking your Thorazine. These unwarranted essays into psychosis are beginning to disturb me.

    • The Luongo captaincy proves my point. He wasn’t what the Canucks wanted to be and, henceforth, they took the C away. See Marshmarleau, Patrick.

      Didn’t write I would make Richards captain. I wrote that is what Lombardi wants to do. More reading comprehension, less projection.

      Stable, quiet and unassuming is not what this GM wants for its on ice leader and team identity. You just described a good wife.

      What is Thorazine?

      • But Luongo is what the Canucks ARE. And exactly how UN-choke afflicted have they been since Sedin became captain? So much for your theory of choosing a captain to signify a team’s desired identity.

        I didn’t say you wanted Richards to be captain. I said what I said to give emphasis to my belief that Lombardi wasn’t scheming to make Richards captain. Personally, I don’t think Richards wants that role either.

        As you say, more reading comprehension, less projection. (Or are you feeling guilty because you let slip your TRUE feelings?)

        Stable, quiet, unassuming doesn’t mean Brown is a quiche-eating wash-out, lacking the “edge” you seem to think is indispensable for team leadership. Even under the new rules Brown is near the league top in hitting. THAT’s what Lombardi wants — and what he gets in Brown.

        Thorazine is a trademarked drug used in treating schizophrenics. Now that I see how disturbed a toon you really are, I’m wondering if Thorazine is strong enough.

        • Luongo does not represent the Canucks. He wasn’t their identity from the moment they gave him the C. Henrik is and was. The Canucks did not choke. They were beaten by a better balanced and a tougher team. I also wonder if the Bruins win that series if Kesler wasn’t injured. Perhaps you are thinking of San Jose’s blocked passage.

          Regarding Brown, we’ll see. Dinner at the Yardhouse before a game on it? You bring the Thorazine.

          • You can add Hamhuis to Kesler while you’re at it, and drop Mason Raymond, among others, into the mix. The team was sorely hit with injuries.

            Even with everyone healthy and their dicks fully erect I don’t think the series would have had a different outcome. Vancouver scratched out tight victories. Boston’s wins were grotesquely lopsided.

            In any case the regular season was meaningless when they met in the finals. During the 2010-11 season what exactly was Vancouver’s rank in team scoring, and PP and PK percentages? Where did the “better balanced” Bruins rank?

            But a single overtime goal saved them from being humiliated by an 0-3 Hawks come-back in the opening round. Don’t forget that the Canucks gave up the tying goal in that seventh game with little more than cunthairs left on the clock. If you wanna ponder “ifs” and “chokes”, just imagine how crazy the riot in the streets woulda been after THAT loss.

            Luongo doesn’t represent the Canucks? What is he? The local representative for the Prius dealership?

            Speaking of which . . . why not name Quick as our captain? I know it’s not usual and — as Luongo’s example has shown — not terribly successful to have one’s goaltender chosen for
            the role. But if the captain is meant to give “identity” to the team, or to specify what that identity is, who better to represent the Kings than Quick. He does have the advantage of being on-ice through most, if not all, the game. So communication with the officials is that much more convenient.

            Just a thought. Not that I agree with that thought — in fact, I most emphatically DISagree with it. But you get the point.

            Yes. I’ll bring the Thorazine.

        • I’m really getting tired of you knocking quiche, a perfectly delicious food.

  5. Definately Greener; true warrior.

  6. My worry is that Brown was made Captain because he was projected as the leader from among the then youthful core, and is now someone they cannot remove the C from without it being a major embarrassment to both team and player. Really, it seems to me that the only way to change the C would be to first trade Brown, and that doing so would be an admission of failure by Lombardi.

    I don’t have solutions, I just worry. Fun.

    I like Brown as Captain except that he does not fight. You can’t be an alpha male if you never get your hands dirty. Being disciplined is fine, but there have been many situations where a fight would have not even made a man-advantage, and other situations where games were decided and a retaliation penalty would have made no difference.

    I see little separation between Brendan Morrow and Dustin Brown, except that Morrow will get his hands dirty-with someone else’s blood. So as for being quiet, well Yzerman didn’t talk a lot but he would look at you and that was enough. Brown is no Yzerman, but still the point holds.

    Leaders don’t always inspire by success; Brown doesn;’t have to win a bunch of fights. But it was Richards that stepped up against Morrow, and I think Richards would have stepped up against anyone regardless of the likely outcome. He stepped up. Brown has not, does not, but should.

    • I don’t put a lot of stock into the fighting thing (it is a factor but not a big one) but I do put it in the post whistle attitude. Greene cannot fight either (he down right sucks at it) but he brings that intimidation element. So does Richards. Brown doesn’t have the edge about him and the alpha male analogy is a good one. I mean, if a player is not going to lead by offense, lead by defense or lead by toughness in hockey, by what example is he leading?

      Regarding Yzerman, didn’t talk a lot? The hell he didn’t. He was always yapping at the refs at least that is what I remember. Unless you meant he wasn’t a rah rah guy in the locker room which I don’t recall one way or another.

      • Mario Lemieux is the perfect example of a big player who didn’t have to fight all the time to help his team.
        The difference between Lemieux and say someone like, Dustin Penner for example, he scored and played hard all the time.
        Penner is the Randy Moss of hockey, he takes off shifts, games, weeks, months and now in an ice rink near you seasons!!!!
        Undoubtedly, Super Mario had more talent, no shit!!
        He also had more adversity (back injuries also, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, atrial fibrillation and said fuck you and took it on, Penner let his teammates down for pancakes.
        I’m not saying back pain is fun, I’ve had it and gone to work for alot less than the $4.250 million he’s getting this season!!

      • Going from memory here, and of course subjective impression, but in every interview or character description I can remember from co-players and coaches and commentators he was always described as a quiet, intense guy that didn’t say much because he didn’t have to. Not a mute, but much like Brown in that he was not outspoken like Messier. Messier always seemed to be talking to guys while on the bench in-game, I thought Yzerman was different.

        They all talk a lot on the ice, but in much of that they are talking as players. I am thinking about them talking on the bench, or in the locker room, or after games, critiquing guys and motivating guys. Not that I really know what happens in the private times, none of us do, just going on what others have said about Yzerman.

  7. Brown is not going anywhere. He will be with the kings next season. I do believe that.

  8. I still believe the players should have input on the Captain and the two Assistants or Alternate Captains (whatever the fuck you want to call them!) but,
    if the coach is hired and fired by the play of his team he should have the final say with his assistant coaches, period!
    This should be re-done every season as far as I’m concerned, some people’s prioritie’s change during life, we get older, have kids, deal with injuries, personalities in the workplace, coaching changes, organizational philosophy, changes in players, etc.
    If I’m the new coach, maybe I don’t want Dustin Brown to be my Captain next season and don’t need to give a fucking reason!
    If the management has my back then, there shouldn’t be a problem should there?
    My point is and has been for some time this year, not last, Brown should’ve relinquished the Captaincy already himself, for the good of the team, instead he looks like Drew Doughty (a selfish, what’s in it for me prick!!)
    Kopitar should be Captain, he’s earned it and Richards by his play with the team should be the new Assistant Captain and Greene should keep what he has.
    There are only three other players I would even think about giving a letter to,
    in this order of merit: Quick, Clifford and Johnson.
    If Doughty retires a King (God help us all!!) he should never, ever be given a fucking letter, that selfish prick!!!
    I’ve spoken to: Taylor, Gretzky, Robitaille, Fox, Dionne, Vachon, McSorley, Robinson, Nicholls, Blake, Granato, Beck and numerous head and assistant coaches throughout the years as a Kings fan and none of them ever talked about themselves the way Drew Doughty does.
    Believe me Bernie Nicholls was a great offensive player, very full of himself and confident (that’s one of the reasons he was traded) and Drew Doughty couldn’t carry his jock strap!!!

  9. Since your talking “Captains”, here’s a list of every team, along with a list of “Assistant Captains”.

    Anaheim Ducks “C” Ryan Getzlaf “A” Saku Koivu, Teemu Selanne

    Boston Bruins “C” Zdeno Chara “A” Patrice Bergeron, Andrew Ference, Chris Kelly

    Buffalo Sabres “C” Jason Pominville “A” Paul Gaustad, Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, Thomas Vanek

    Calgary Flames “C” Jarome Iginla “A” Jay Bouwmeester, Mark Giordano

    Carolina Hurricanes “C” Eric Staal “A” Tim Gleason, Brandon Sutter

    Chicago Blackhawks “C” Jonathan Toews “A” Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Patrick Sharp

    Colorado Avalanche “C” Milan Hejduk “A” Paul Stastny, rotating

    Columbus Blue Jackets “C” Rick Nash “A” Derek Dorsett, Vaclav Prospal, R. J. Umberger, Antoine Vermette, James Wisniewski

    Dallas Stars “C” Brenden Morrow “A” Loui Eriksson, Steve Ott, Stephane Robidas

    Detroit Red Wings “C” Nicklas Lidstrom “A” Pavel Datsyuk, Niklas Kronwall, Henrik Zetterberg

    Edmonton Oilers “C” Shawn Horcoff “A” Ales Hemsky, Ryan Whitney

    Florida Panthers “C” Vacant “A” Brian Campbell, Ed Jovanovski, Tomas Kopecky, Stephen Weiss

    Los Angeles Kings “C” Dustin Brown “A” Matt Greene, Anze Kopitar

    Minnesota Wild “C” Mikko Koivu “A” Matt Cullen, Dany Heatley, Nick Schultz

    Montreal Canadiens “C” Brian Giontaa “A” Hal Gill, Andrei Markova

    Nashville Predators “C” Shea Weber “A” Mike Fisher, Ryan Suter

    New Jersey Devils “C” Zach Parise “A” Patrik Elias, Ilya Kovalchuk

    New York Islanders “C” Mark Streit “A” Kyle Okposo, Brian Rolston, Steve Staios, John Tavares

    New York Rangers “C” Ryan Callahan “A” Brad Richards, Marc Staal

    Ottawa Senators “C” Daniel Alfredsson “A” Chris Phillips, Jason Spezza

    Philadelphia Flyers “C” Chris Pronger “A” Daniel Briere, Claude Giroux, Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell

    Phoenix Coyotes “C” Shane Doan “A” Martin Hanzal, Keith Yandle

    Pittsburgh Penguins “C” Sidney Crosby “A” Evgeni Malkin, Brooks Orpik, Jordan Staal

    St. Louis Blues “C” David Backes “A” Barret Jackman, Jamie Langenbrunner, Andy McDonald, Alexander Steen

    San Jose Sharks “C” Joe Thornton “A” Dan Boyle, Ryane Clowe, Patrick Marleau

    Tampa Bay Lightning “C” Vincent Lecavalier “A” Mattias Ohlund, Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos

    Toronto Maple Leafs “C” Dion Phaneuf “A” Colby Armstrong, Mikhail Grabovski, Mike Komisarek

    Vancouver Canucks “C” Henrik Sedin “A” Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Manny Malhotra, Daniel Sedin

    Washington Capitals “C” Alexander Ovechkin “A” Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Knuble

    Winnipeg Jets “C” Andrew Ladd “A” Dustin Byfuglien, Tobias Enstrom, Mark Stuart, Chris Thorburn

    • What’s your point?
      I have a computer too!!
      I don’t give a shit, who the other team’s Captain and
      Assistant Captains are, “douche nozzle”!
      I made my point, why don’t you make one?
      Otherwise go surf some porn or something and leave us real LA Kings fans to, “talk amongst ourselves”.

      • Who the fuck asked you? I was just listing them. If you are offended go, tough shit! LOL

        • My comment wasn’t a response to yours, it just came after yours. It was a response to the article. Take your hockey elitist attitude and wrap your ass cheeeks around it, douche bag.

          • My hockey elitist attitude?
            Fuck you!
            If I want a list of all the hockey team captains and assistant captains, they’re easily available 24 hours a day on that magic picture box in front of you with the pretty flat typewriter on NHL.com, moron!
            I didn’t know we had Forrest “Fucking” Gump on this web site Dominick!!!
            This website is for LA Kings fans!

          • You want to insult because I listed the captains. Lijke your fucking lame comment was a stroke of genius breaking new ground. Fuck You Matt Hawkins.

        • No, who the fuck asked you?

    • Almost all of the Capts. listed make more money than Brown, and a good portion of the ass Captians as well……

      Brown has rarely been injured, and is the top of the league in hit’s every season…..

      We value faceoff win’s more than Hit’s?????
      Hit’s = separation, loosening of the puck, and in some opposing players their stool….passes get hurried, mistakes are made under the checking part of the game….
      Brown Excells at this…..without getting dirty and taking penalties……result is that he creates turnovers and change of possession
      Now if he could just stay on his feet, and be more consistant making play’s the turnovers wouldn’t even out at times…..
      But , Brown is a hockey player…….

    • I, for one, appreciate the work, Dominick.

      Tough guy Captains (willing to fight): Getzlaf, Chara, Iginla, Morrow, Callahan, Pronger, Doan, Crosby, Backes, Thornton, Phaneuf, Ovechkin, Ladd.

      Maybes: Staal, Toews, Weber

      Non-Fighters: Pominville, Hejduk, Nash, Lidstrom, Horcoff, Brown, Koivu, Gionta, Parise, Streit, Alfredsson, LeCavalier, Sedin.

      13 Fight, 13 don’t, 3 might, and one vacancy. No clear disparity between the groups as far as overall success, there are league-best and league-worst in each category.

      I guess conventional wisdom says you don’t need a Captain that will drop the gloves after all. But I still wish ours would.

      Thanks for the laughs Dominick and Jason W. We may lock you in a room or elevator together as soon as we can arrange the video feed. And no biting.

  10. Bu but but I just purchased a Brown jersey!!
    Nooooooo!!! Lol

  11. By the way Dominick:

    You’re not getting a fucking Christmas Card from me this year or ever!!!

    Dominick Gump: “But, Jason you’re my Daddy”.
    Lt. Jason: ” Run you idiot, run!”

  12. It’s hard to have a battle of wits, with an un-armed man!!

    • Only an unarmed man thinks he’s battling. Now that I did read your comment, I see why your attacking anybody who is posting.

      You totally missinterpreted my comment to be a response to yours, because you thought after your done ranting, everything involved you.

      My comments had nothting to do with yours, and wasn’t even connected to yours by a reply comment. Rant on Megaolithic Hockey blogger.

  13. You said “lunch PALE” – that made me laugh.

  14. I agree that a captain shapes a teams identity. The first player I thought of that fit that mold was Ryan Callahan. The NYR had no identity last season, they haven’t had an identity in years. This season they make Callahan the captain, a blue-collar, rough around the edges kind of player. He’s a smart player, but definitely not the most skilled individual on the team. His style became the Rangers style. They lead the league in hits, they work hard and grind the other team down. When a team has a distinct personality and identity they are successful, whether they’re a finesse team or a defensive team they have a clear objective. The Kings don’t know who they are, or who they want to be which is one of the main reasons they have yet to have any real success. Look at the team last year, they were big, tough and crashed the net. Well this year they lost a lot of the players that fit that mold and replaced them with more skilled guys. They needed to change their style and they didn’t and now we’re left with a team of square pegs and round holes.Will a different captain change that? I don’t know I’m not in that locker room. But one thing I do know is the Kings have to figure out who they want to be before they can really right the ship.

    • Exactly what I was going to say. …Callahan is a firecracker and I dare you to watch a game where he’s not going 100% full throttle every shift. The Rangers, to me, are the perfect example of a well-coached, well-performing team that’s based on the model Tortarella brought in. Not to mention they have arguably the best goalie in the league between their pipes.

      I love Dustin Brown…I wear his jersey, proudly. Of course, he frustrates me just as any other player, but god dammit, I love the kid. I agree that his hockey IQ isn’t the best and he makes mistakes, but I would never question his will and his heart towards this team.

      It would be a long week of a whiskey binge if they traded him…

    • Great example of Callahan, and the Rangers couldn’t have picked a better guy to lead. He plays hard and tough for 60 minutes in all areas. Among all the other terrific things he does to lead is his willingness to block shots. The other players watch him doing that and they do it as well, it’s one reason (the Rnagers lead the league in blocked shots) that the Rangers have the fewest allowed.
      Every time the Rangers come to town and throttle the Flyers (like last weekend when Callahan was outstanding again blocking shots, hitting, and threw in a hattrick) I curse the fact he’s not a Flyer…

      • Your spot on. With Callahan Its almost an intangible. I’ve watched him several times at the MSG and seems to radiate “captain”.

        For the Kings, Brown as captain was perfect for the team last year and the year before. But this year, I can’t point to any one player I’d name Captain.

  15. Points about Dustin brown well taken! But for the last few weeks. My head keeps going back to Jim fox saying it at triangles. I have been specifically watching that sinse. All I see. Are thteeKings lined up on the board 1,2,3 in a row in the middle of the ice. I’m afraid this goes much deeper than captain!

  16. Brownie came into the league at 18…..his Capt. was Matty Norstrom

    Matty came to camp in better condition EVERY season than everyone else, and led by that example every year he wore the ” C ”

    Since Matty left, Brown has lead by the same example, holding summer workouts, with any teamates commited to come into camp strong and ready.

    Brownie and Matty both hit and play/played the checking game as their bread and butter, and are respected for it throughout the league

    It seems the young Brown looked up to his Capt so much it made a Career impact on him…..

    The Kings by this example are not plagued by injuries, those that commited to conditioning are healthy…….so far are injuries have been to players with history or head injuries, with the exception of the Pancake episode.

    In my opinion this does somewhat give the Kings an Identity…..and that comes from Brown, taking his Captains strength, and making it a team goal….

    I’m sticking with Brown!!!!!!

  17. Brown, Penner and Martinez for Nash. Penner is a dark horse and could revitalize his game with a move to a not-so-Sutteresk defensive system. MArtinez would be a nice compliment to a D that basically only have Tyutin as a viable D line threat. I’d throw in a pick here too, but I’m stingier than DL …Brown and Martinez is good enough building blocks for Columbus for a few years (enough time to evaluate rookies while being semi-competitive).

    • Actually there was some stuff on a Columbus site a couple weeks ago I found when surfing for trade rumors that said DL began offering a package for Nash at the end of Nov. and Brown was a part of that (and I’m sure Richards being on the team makes trading Brown easier)but Howson (according the guy who printed the blog who ‘claimed’ he heard it via a friend within the Blue jackets org) wanted Brown and Johnson as part of the package and DL wouldn’t trade Johnson. He did say he heard the latest offer included Brown, Martinez, Bernier and a pick for Sanford and Nash. I don’t see that happening, but one of the people who replied was from Toronto and said he heard Brown was being offered to the Leafs as well…Trading your captain midyear is bad Karma…off season is hard enough (and I agree with the commentor above that the players should vote on the C and A). But I guess is you can get somebody as good as Nash coming back and you don’t have an elite scoring winger, you do it .

  18. Jonathan Bernier, Dustin Brown and other fodder for Rick Nash!!!

  19. …Almost without exception, past or present, franchises that have found success have done so with a captain that personified the team’s greatest strengths. When a team, as a whole, looks at its reflection, it should see its captain’s face staring back…

    I agree with this. And each club has their own build, some clubs are fast skating elite, some are hard working defensive and still others a tough physical team. I think the GM and coach should have some say in what player from their club best defines what image they want reflected. But the players on the team should be the ones who decide. THey need to determine who on the team is the one they’ll go to war for.
    SOmetimes that is the best player on the team, other times (like the case of Callahan) it’s the best leader, a warrior that the troops can identify with because he’s not elite, with a natural skill set they can’t acheive no matter how hard they work; he’s a platoon guy like them and they see the fire in his eyes and the affect his passion has during play and they follow.
    I think a captain should be a warrior, like the gladitors who led their units in battle. He’s the guy who will defend his men to the end, taking on all comers, the guy who can carry the team if required, who plays his balls off and his fire in his eyes and bloodlust in his heart. Mike Richards did that for the Flyers and while he wore the C, when you heard the name of the team, it was his face you saw. And that physical style, grit and guts was what you thought of.

    It might be when Brown was named Captain very young and was the best choice at the time. And unless he’s traded he should keep the C, stripping a captain (flash to image of Chuck Conners getting his stripes ripped off his uniform in the old western series Branded, right in front of his men) and having him remain on the team usually creates a fracture. For me it’s too hard for a player to share the room with the guy who used to be captain when there’s a hole where the C used to be. I don’t think that’s good for a team

    This team has excellent leaders in Mitchell, Scuderi and Richards who are not lettered yet.
    Should a trade occur either now or in June, any of them would be great choices.
    Richards has worn the C on every team he’s played for (except the Phantoms, he arrived midyear) and led every team to the championships, it’s a job he’s good at because wherever he plays he earns the respect of the players because he’s got their backs 100% and he shoulders pressure well,esp in the playoffs, when it counts.
    He’s a warrior and part wolverine. He can strike fear in the hearts of his opponents when he’s chasing them down the ice because he’s got a mean streak inside him a mile wide. And when that dose of nasty comes out, it gives the edge to any team he plays for.

    • Nice post Dierdre, love the wolverine thing abpout Richards. I do recall you’re claiming in the past (I am pretty sure it was you, sorry if not) that Richards was doing all the actual leading on the Kings. At that time, I felt the idea was over the top.

      Now, although we agree that it would be a potential disaster to strip Brown of the C (soooo cool the “Branded” reference) we don’t yet agree that Richards is the total leader. It is getting closer all the the time on the ice, however, I just hope Brown can expand his role in response to what Richards exhibits.

  20. As far as the fighting aspect of Richards’, and his toughness compared to Brown.. He’s only fought 2 times in a Kings’ uniform earlier in the season. Dustin Brown is almost leading the entire league in hits. Does Richards’ 2 fights mean more to everyone than Dustin Browns’ hitting everything not wearing a Kings jersey on the ice?

    • It’s not the emphasis on fighting per se, but sticking up for your teammates at the critical moment. If Richards had been in 5 or 6 fights, we’d be rightfully criticizing him for being undisciplined and selfish. In fact, I wouldn’t disagree with anyone that thought that Richards did go overboard after that legal check that Morrow laid on Kopi, and that furthermore, he should have been on top of the visor rule.

      I like Brown, and in the waning days of Blake’s tenure, I truly thought that Brown would be a better choice as captain since he always came across as a great locker room leader in interviews, and didn’t have Blake’s penchant for disloyalty. It just seems to me that Brown has a hit and run game where he’s more of a nuisance than a bruiser, and there have been so many times over the years where he’s stood by as others have stood tall. The next time he defends a teammate will be the first.

  21. Was on the Royal 1/2’s website earlier and he had a picture posted that was absolute genius.

    • Dominick, have you ever actually played hockey?
      On ice skates, not a video game?
      The first line RW should be one of the leading scorers every year on the team.
      Hitting is great, it wears down the opponent, makes some adversaries hesitate which causes openings and mistakes, builds moral on the team and in the arena but, hitting can be done by all players on the team, no matter what their size.
      We need our top line to produce offense consistently!!
      Hitting can happen in every single game and Dustin Brown doesn’t bring it every night like he used to!

      • Do you smoke crack? Oh yea, Dustin Brown has scored more points than any right winger since Pavol Dimitra 05′. Have you ever played hockey jerky boy?

        Dustin Brown has also produced more points with Kopi than any player Kopi has ever played with. If you have nothing smart to say then just keep your mouth shut.

        • You mean for the Kings?
          So what, live in the now!

          Ya, I have played hockey Gump!
          I’m 6’5″ and 280 lbs of fuck you!
          I wouldn’t take you into the boards, I’d take you through them!

          Here’s something smart to say fucker!!

          Since Kopitar and Brown have been on the Kings together (2006-2007 to today):
          Kopitar has 155 g, 253 a, =408 points
          Brown has 139 g, 162 a, =301 points

          in that same time period:
          Lecavalier has 191 g, 245 a, =436 points
          St. Louis has 174 g, 334 a, =508 points

          Brown is 6′, 204 lbs and 27 years of age
          he has -207 total points than St. Louis

          St. Louis is 5’8″ (skating!), 176 lbs and 36 years of age

          All this was done by Lecavalier and St. Louis after already winning the Stanley Cup!!

          So Fuck You Dominick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • “Ya, I have played hockey Gump!
            I’m 6’5″ and 280 lbs of fuck you!
            I wouldn’t take you into the boards, I’d take you through them!”

            Geezzusss….no shit you’ll take him through the boards cuz you can’t fucking stop. 285 and on skates? I play hockey…on ice skates…I’m 5’10” 195 lbs and I will skate circles around your ass…backwards…stickhandling!

          • Lecavalier, and St.Luis weren’t coached by Murray, and don’t play on a team that is 30th in offense. Anymore brightness you can shine my way? I could do this all day long.

            By the way, I’m only 6’1″ 220lbs,, but you couldn’t catch me you fat fuck.

          • Try checking your players name’s spelling for a change.
            As far as the fat fuck comment, I could loose some weight, as most of us who are 40+ could, you’ll still be a fucking dumbass!!!

          • No, they were coached by the guy who has the Rangers going after the top record in the entire NHL.
            Who’s fault is that?
            Fuck you!!!

          • So your brilliant rebuttle is to correct my speeling and insult me more.

            Damn, where do these guys come from, Anahiem?

      • … I liked you better when you were talking about RC Cola.

  22. Just for you Bobby,

    Kings trade Johnson, Bernier and a 2013 1st round pick for Rick Nash. Kings sign Parise on July 1st and Mitchell agrees to a $2.5 million, 1-year contract.


    Dustin Brown ($3.175m) / Anze Kopitar ($6.800m) / Rick Nash ($7.800m)
    Zach Parise ($7.000m) / Mike Richards ($5.750m) / Justin Williams ($3.650m)
    Kyle Clifford ($0.870m) / Andrei Loktionov ($0.816m) / Trevor Lewis ($0.725m)
    Dwight King ($0.591m) / Brad Richardson ($1.175m) / Jordan Nolan ($0.531m)
    Simon Gagne ($3.500m) / Kevin Westgarth ($0.725m)

    Rob Scuderi ($3.400m) / Drew Doughty ($7.000m)
    Vyacheslav Voinov ($0.816m) / Willie Mitchell ($2.500m)
    Alec Martinez ($0.737m) / Matt Greene ($2.950m)
    Davis Drewiske ($0.616m)

    Jonathan Quick ($1.800m) / Jeff Zatkoff ($0.577m)

    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,508,332; BONUSES: $342,500
    CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $791,668

    If Gagne ends up on LTIR/retires, the Kings will be able to go over the cap by $3.5 million. Salary cap will probably go up with the TV contract and Winnipeg being added this season.

    Do it Dean. :)

    • No, we don’t have the cap room and we should be trading Doughty not Johnson!!
      He was a professional, he was quiet, didn’t hold out and got his contract done unselfishly.
      He’s about 2.5 million less per year on our cap hit is only one point behind Doughty in scoring with 24 points (8g,16a) and is third on the defense in hits with 64 behind, Greene and Doughty.
      Doughty- 52 (pim)
      Johnson- 18 (pim)
      Doughty has developed a really bad habit of cross-checking people and he’s being called for it and getting a reputation as a dirty player.
      Being a dirty player and an edgy player are two different things.
      We don’t need to be killing more penalties because our defensemen are to lazy to skate or hit, instead they use their sticks.
      Another stat:
      Doughty- 6′, 212, 22
      Johnson- 6”, 219, 25 is more mature.
      No, not only is he older, he acts more mature, i.e. more professional!!!

    • That’s for next season, as far as Parise is concerned.
      I don’t know about you but, I still give a fuck about this one!!!
      They can’t do the Nash trade the way you stated it, they would be over the cap!
      Like I said before, trade Doughty instead, anyway and then the deal is ok.
      Change the deal to:
      Bernier, Doughty and a 1st round pick 2013 for Nash and Sanford.

      • The Kings would just waive/trade Hunter and Penner if needed for the cap to work.

        • …this season

        • We can trade Penner to someone like the Rangers or Maple Leafs, who covet size and are creative accountants.
          If would could just get a 4th or 5th rounder for him, that would be better than just releasing the bum!

          • Who’d give us value back for Penner?

            With so many of his own team’s fans wiping their asses on him, with him being a healthy scratch, having the reputation of a pokey, lazy jackoff — an EXPENSIVE lazy jackoff — who gets injured by eating one-pancake too many, no one would pay his real worth to get him.

            I “covert SIZE” too. Penner will be mighty cheap at year’s end. We could buy him for a lot less than he costs us now — and I don’t think he’s as fucked as everyone else believes.

      • “Bernier, Doughty and a 1st round pick 2013 for Nash and Sanford”

        I’m looking that deal up in my index under “MIND, you’re out of your fucking . . .”

        • … Yeah, my head hurts with a lot of these “proposals”.

        • Really?
          How much do you think a 6’4″, 219 lbs, 27 year old,
          5 time NHL All-Star right winger
          Captain of his team in his prime is worth?

          By the way he already has 277 g+ 250 a =
          527 points in just 648 games.

          Bernier, Doughty (who haven’t done shit) and a pick that we don’t know anything about!
          Ya, you’re right, I’m way out of line.

          • I like Nash and would love to have him, but numbers DO lie occasionally.

            He’s put up 277 goals, but only 18 so far this year — My nerve! That’s as many as Wayne Simmonds has!

            He’s a great RW, but his plus-minus is the Absolute Worst of any forward in the league. By the end of the season he might even put Patrick O’Sullivan’s old records to shame.

            And we also have his prodigious play-off experience to count on.

            Of course, we could save money on his contract. He’s only $7.8-mil for each of the next six years, plus the chump-change for Sanford as a back-up goalie we don’t really need.

            And it is about time we shook up the team, isn’t it? — maybe unloading our “franchise defenseman” and the all-we’ve-seen-is-potential Bernier, who total out at little more than $8-mil a season, plus a nameless, unidentified draft pick who might wind up no better than, say, Brown or Kopitar.

            I yearn for the good ol’ days of buccaneer deals, when we sent off Robitaille and got Stevens (?) in return. Or picked up Ron Grahame, whose career was wasted by Bob Berry, for the price of a draft choice that wound being Ray Bourque.

            But — like I say — I DO like Nash and would love him in a Kings uniform. But we’ve spent a lot to get what we have. I’d kinda like to make use of it before we scheme to piss it away on Fantasyland deals that ain’t gonna happen.

            So please forgive me if I’m not trade-happy. I think you’re underestimating what we’ve already got. And overestimating the sort of deals that can be made.

          • No, I’ve spoke extensively in the past with Dave Taylor when he was the Kings GM, he was approachable. (Lombardi not as much)
            I’ve even spoken in person to Glen Sather about the Wayne Gretzky trade to LA, so I think I know what the fuck I’m talking about.
            I spoke to Dave Taylor less than a week before he traded Bernie Nicholls to the NY Rangers for I believe it was Tony Granato and Tomas Sandstrom.
            I also spoke to Dave several times during team struggles in the early 90’s that called for trades or coaching changes.
            I realize unlike some people, that this isn’t fantasy hockey, there are real live people and families, involved in these deals and speculations, just like the people I’m communicating with on this blog and who communicate back.
            Furthermore, just like some of those people I communicate with on this website, I disagree with management and player decisions on the Kings.
            Now, if I were the GM of the Kings, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you fuckers right now, that’s for sure.
            Instead I would be on the phone changing people’s lives by trying to acquire one of the top five right wingers in the game today. (Nash) and a back-up goalie (Sanford), who I believe already beat us this year 1-0 and out-dueled our stud goalie (Quick) in the process.
            Once again for an overpaid, top 15-20 defensemen (Doughty) and a back-up goalie (Bernier), with a career record of 18-16-4, 2.57 gaa and .908 save %.
            By the way Sanford’s career record
            is 47-50-15, 2.70 gaa and .905 save% with a pretty shitty team and primarily as a back-up just like Bernier has been so far.
            I think I’m the one being realistic here, not you!!

          • So you spoke with Dave Taylor. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

            Does that increase the size of your dick? Or just your dickheadedness?

            I’ve spoken — at length — with Dave Taylor. I hashed hockey stories with him while he was still stuttering. I spoke with Bruce McNall about the very trade that shipped Nichols to the Rangers for Granato and Sandstrom. (By the way, wasn’t Dave Taylor still on the team and not yet the GM when that trade was made?) I tossed beers and chatted hockey with Jimmy Fox, talked up-close-and-personal with Larry Murphy, Don Perry, Pete Demers, and dozens of other Kings players and organizational people.

            So don’t play the old-soldier with us, pal. Neither your opinion nor mine is worth any more on this site than Scribe’s or Surly’s or Dom’s or Dutch’s or anybody else’s.

            Yeah, I agree that if YOU were the GM you wouldn’t be wasting your time talking to us on this blog. But there’s a good side to that as well: We wouldn’t be wasting our time listening to you.

            I dunno what the bee is that flew up your ass today or what it is you’ve got against Dom. Did you catch him fucking your old
            lady? Did he catch YOU jacking off into your cereal? What accounts for your hostility and for your cloying desperation to not only be right, but to shit on everyone else for being wrong?

            Wherever I go I’m usually the most obnoxious asshole on the site. But you’re really giving me a run for my money.

            Take some advice from one who knows: You’re not persuading anybody here that you know any more than they do or that you’re any hipper than they are when it comes to evaluating prospective trades. In fact, you’re delivering unanswerable evidence that under your self-righteous tirades you’re just a fucking idiot.

            Incidentally, it’s really bad form to correct someone else’s grammar — especially when your own is so inept.

  23. Oh boy it will be a long 2 weeks full of speculation, debates and arguments all over kings boards and blogs. Let the fun begin!

  24. Sorry, about the typo- Johnson is 6’1″.

  25. “Some place little importance in the C and proclaim it to be nothing more than a letter.” CORRECT!!!

    And you people have way too much fucking time on your hands.

    • It is just a letter. Richards, and others are already doing the job without it. I don’t think anyone is sitting back saying their gonna wait till someone sows the letter on their jersey.

      Brown might have the letter now, but it makes no difference in the locker room who is wearing it really. Everybody is doing what they do regardless.

      • Once again, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!
        Ya, it does matter who’s wearing the letters and it does matter in the locker room.
        If your Captain is the biggest, baddest mother-fucker on the ice and hits everything that moves, practices hard, comes to camp in shape, doesn’t hold out for his own contract (get’s it done early and fairly!) and gives his all every shift. He doesn’t have to be the leading scorer on the team or even an offensive player (see Zdeno Chara).
        I can guarantee you when you’re thinking about doing something stupid, unprofessional or selfish when he’s around you might not do it or you’ll have him and the rest of the locker room to answer to. That’s what a real “Captain” is and I’m pretty fucking sure, you’ve never earned the right to be one!!!

        • Why don’t you let the adults talk and just sit back and listen. Zedeno Charra isn’t even an option for the Kings.

        • One thing for sure, is that Bobby Clarke embodied the heart and soul of the cup winning Flyers, as much as they might have been thugs, he represented the determination to walk thru walls.

          Huge impact on that team between him and Bernie Parent.

    • … It’s not that it’s no more than a letter, it’s that different players have different traits and different brands of leadership. Some lead by example by their hard work in practice. Some lead by example with their outstanding skill. Others are more “rah-rah” and lead that way. Others lead by intimidation. Sometimes, you’ll see guys become leaders in the way they treat people on and off the ice; with their maturity and so-called life skills. Some are more intellectual leaders, in that they can draw up strategy in the room or on the bench and go out on the ice and are actually able to execute what they drew up – they are able to achieve temporary perfection in an imperfect game. Some guys combine a few of these traits.

      Having a letter on the sweater is an honor and a responsibility, but it takes a certain amount of leadership from a lot of people collectively to achieve the ultimate goal. One thing I’ll never forget was Mike Bossy talking about the 80s Oilers and why they were so good. He said “It wasn’t just Gretzky’s leadership. It was Gretzky, and Messier, and Coffey, and Lowe, and Anderson, and Kurri, and Fuhr, and Glen Sather … it was all of them, together.”

  26. Ok…who the hell put up the “Nash for Bernier, Penner, Hunter…and a pick” rumor for Eklund to see? That guy is going into spasm right now. C’mon guys, this isn’t funny…stop messing with his head. He actually believes it.

    • Blew up the insider for an hour, and Rich actually erased a whole sequence of posts reacting to it before it got out of hand. Now that was funny!

      It actually hasn’t stopped yet.

    • On a different site….but with Mason thrown in…all nonsense speculation

  27. Dominick: spelling not speeling and Anaheim not Anahiem.
    You’re still a dumbass!!!!

    • If you don’t find the humor in the fact that I mispeeled the word mispelled, I’ve just lost hope of being able to screw with you because you won’t get it.

  28. Dominick:
    Don’t insult my intelligence and then spell shit wrong, asshole!!
    I normally give people a pass on that kind of thing because it’s supposed to be a relaxed blog, not a newspaper.
    I didn’t call you a 220 lb weakling did I?
    Your stupidity is something you were born with and I’m willing to get past that if you could just recognize, you’re a fucking dumbass!!
    It’s the first step in this twelve step program.

    • Are these the steps you took. If your offering me counseling, or want to be my big brother or something, I’m all good.

  29. Hey Scribe, and surly,
    You guys have been awfully quiet on the bogus Nash rumors. Just wondering.

  30. By the way Dominick:

    Zdeno Chara was my example of a “Captain” on another NHL team
    (without fucking listing them all), who doesn’t necessarily have to score to be a leader on that team.
    My point was, he (Chara is a defensmen) and when he scores it’s a bonus, when Dustin Brown scores it’s expected and the hitting is a bonus.
    The problem with Brown is it’s now the hits are coming and the scoring isn’t!
    He has 33 games this year with no points at, on the first line!
    More than a dozen streaks of two games or more with no points and he doesn’t hit as consistently as he used to.
    I used Chara as my reference because, he would be the guy you would have to answer to first in the Bruins locker room, if you played hockey in Boston and fucked up, good luck, bad ass!!!

    • Only hole in your theory is that DB didn’t play the whole season on the first line. He played a really big portion of it on Richards line. He has scored the same as Richards up to this point, and yet Richards is considered a bigger scoring threat, and Captain like material.

      Also, Charra can suck my balls. He isn’t a King, and the Kings don’t have any Charras’ to put in the line up. Ass!

  31. Tuan Jim:

    So you get after me for listing what I would call some references, life experiences and tell me I’m acting like an old-soldier (which is an insult to anyone currently serving in the military!)

    To quote you:

    “So you spoke with Dave Taylor. Whoop-de-fucking-doo”.

    Then give me some of your resume and that’s ok?

    “I’ve spoken — at length — with Dave Taylor. I hashed hockey stories with him while he was still stuttering. I spoke with Bruce McNall about the very trade that shipped Nichols to the Rangers for Granato and Sandstrom. (By the way, wasn’t Dave Taylor still on the team and not yet the GM when that trade was made?) I tossed beers and chatted hockey with Jimmy Fox, talked up-close-and-personal with Larry Murphy, Don Perry, Pete Demers, and dozens of other Kings players and organizational people”.

    You’re hilarious and hypocritical all at the same time!

    “So don’t play the old-soldier with us, pal. Neither your opinion nor mine is worth any more on this site than Scribe’s or Surly’s or Dom’s or Dutch’s or anybody else’s”.

    Show me where in the fuck, I said anybody’s opinion was less important than mine on this website!
    You can’t.
    I said someone was being a dumbass, a fucking dumbass, Forrest Gump, a douche, a douche nozzle and some other assorted descriptions, modifiers and nouns included.
    Not once, did I say anyone’s opinion was less important than mine, nor will I.

    Another life story about my writing skills.
    That I know you would love to hear Tuan Jim.
    I don’t know what you do for a living and don’t really care but, I’ve worked professionally as a sports reporter, editor and photographer for a multi-Peabody Award Winning Newspaper (look it up) and been nominated myself.

    Ya, I’ll occasionally make typos or misuse a word, I’m human.
    Cut me some slack and I’ll cut you some.
    Give me some shit and I’ll give you a bathtub full!

    Two more things: First, I respect the hell out of Surly and Scribe’s LA Kings Blog and the forum they’ve provided, for all of us whether we’re: assholes, douches or dumbasses!
    Second, I’ve survived cancer and a brain tumor in the last year and a half, so a little name calling isn’t going to kill me.

    So Tuan Jim, FUCK OFF!

    Go Kings!!!!

    • Listen, fucknuts. I don’t give a shit if you’ve been nominated for the Nobel prize. And, yes. Some of the best authors in American literature came from sports journalism. But you ain’t no Ring Lardner or Damon Runyon, mister. You write the way Danny Maloney used to play hockey — skate up the wing like gangbusters, then fumble the puck like a cat getting gnarled in a ball of yarn.

      The only reason I gave you a “resume” was to let you know your own personal history wasn’t unique and that others have spoken to the same guys you have. By the way, you say:

      “I spoke to Dave Taylor less than a week before he traded Bernie Nicholls to the NY Rangers for I believe it was Tony Granato and Tomas Sandstrom.”

      Taylor didn’t make that trade — or if he did, he was still skating on the team and NOT the GM when he did it. So I don’t know what on earth you and he could have found to talk about if “his” making that trade was the subject of your conversation.

      You act like I should be intimidated by your credentials. I got news for you, shit-for-brains. I’ve done business with REAL heavyweights, guys whose opinions command respect because of their intrinsic merit — not because they glad-hand and back-slap a lotta sports celebrities, licking enough ass to build a repository of names they can drop when the going gets tough and they can’t rely upon their own feeble wits to keep their heads above water.

      I’ve even got a richer personal history to draw on. In fact, I was in the Marines in Vietnam, so I don’t need you to criticize me for insulting anyone serving in the military because I chided you for playing the “old soldier”. That particular remark of yours shows precisely how chickenshit you are under your 6-foot-5-inch frame. You have what my fellow Marines used to call “back trouble” — not injured in the usual sense, just discolored by that broad yellow streak that runs along your spine.

      So if you wanna play I-know-more-celebs-than-you, I’ll play it with you. If you wanna play my-opinion-is-wiser-than-yours-because-I’m (a) older, (b) louder, (c) a man with a literary past, I’ll play that, too. And I’ll kick your pathetic ass no matter what the game is.

      You see, Jason. I’m your fucking dybbuk. I’m the horror that you always dreaded meeting on this blog.

      You don’t have the weapons to deal with me. I can out-think you, out-write you, and out-bullshit you. Forget personal histories and resumes and all the rest of it. This is between the two of us. One-on-one. Mano-a-mano. One-sunuvabitch-to-another.

      By God, I even had my own chest surgically cut open and my pipes reworked in the past few years. So, please, don’t try sucking our dicks for sympathy for your physical disabilities — that really IS what you’re doing? Isn’t it?

      I congratulate you for overcoming your cancer and your brain tumor.

      Unfortunately, your doctors didn’t reach the root of your problem — inoperable stupidity.

      And that, I fear, is terminal.

      • That was an absolute work of art. I had to read it twice to fully enjoy it. LMAO!

      • Thank you for your service.
        I have multiple family members that have served in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines.
        I wasn’t looking for any sympathy, in fact when I was at UCLA for treatment last year and saw little children with deep, black circles around their eyes and their misshapened heads caused by tumors and other growths it reminded me how lucky I’ve been in my life.
        ( I have four healthy children)
        I also just happened to see one of the greatest athletes of our time at his alma mater, UCLA (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), he was there for a check-up of his own treatments.
        I didn’t feel like any less of a person when he was there, just like I don’t think any less of you because I’ve met or talked to some people maybe you haven’t.
        It’s called life sir and I was sharing some of mine with you and you took it as bragging.
        My grandfather was also a War Veteran.
        He was in WWII and he was only 16 years old when he enlisted of his own will (lied about his age) in order to kill the bastards that bombed our country and he was also my best friend in life until the day he died.
        He is the one who introduced me to some guy named Wayne Gretzky on a huge satellite dish on our country farm in 1982.
        Having been born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California I had never seen an ice rink or a hockey game in person and I was 13 years old.
        Over the past 29, almost 30 years I’ve evolved into an LA Kings fan and started following them passionately in 1985.
        I’ve seen every Kings game in person, or available on cable, satellite or on the internet since 1986.
        Even on my honeymoon on February 28th,1990 when they hosted Edmonton. (I had tickets, couldn’t go)
        I listened to the game on an am radio, I believe it was still Bob Miller and Nick Nickson at the time
        (don’t quote me Tuan).
        Still the most penalized game in LA Kings history for total penalties by one team and by both teams.
        I’ve been there through thick and thin and I have a right to my opinion just like you do.

  32. Game, Set and Match!!

    To quote Bob Barker, “Bitch!”


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