I don’t want Rick Nash on the L.A. Kings…


…because he will cost too much.

If Jonathan Quick is injured, do you want to put our goaltending faith into some scrub? I don’t. Jonathan Bernier is valuable and should not be traded. Update: Since writing this article, some have questioned what is so valuable about Bernier. I thought I would make a list of why I don’t let Bernier go:

1. Quick hasn’t proved anything in the playoffs; 

2. As much as Quick has been our MVP,  I am not presumptuous enough to say Quick is better than Bernier and Quick is this team’s number 1 in the long term. How many examples have you seen of goalies playing out of their mind one season and falling on their faces another?

3. I am biased with Bernier because I love his hybrid style and while Quick is the better athlete, I am still not certain he is the better goalie.

4. Ask yourself this question – is Quick locked up in his contract? No. It’s a factor. A big one.

Jack Johnson is a better player this season than he was last. He was a better player last than he was the season before. In other words, every season, he is getting better. Jack Johnson’s ceiling (read: potential) is very high, about as high as it gets for offensive defensemen. I don’t want to see Jack mother f’in going anywhere.

Drew Doughty is the franchise. For all of the grief he receives, that $56 million dollar son o’ bitch has world class talent and with maturity can become the Kings’ most valuable player (and a Norris nominee) on a consistent basis.

Anze Kopitar is untouchable. My friend, Matt Barry, made this proposal:

My proposed deal would actually be Carter/Nash/Mason for Kopitar/Bernier/Penner


Rick Nash isn’t worth Kopitar’s swollen left nut. As I tweeted Matt, if Kopitar goes the other way for Nash, I will quit.

Lombardi will not trade Mike Richards so it’s not even worth a discussion.

Without Jonathan Quick, we’d all by crying.

Now, if Lombardi can pull off Rick Nash for Dustin Brown, Andrei Loktionov (which would make Quisp very sad) and a 2nd, fine. Substitute Loktionov for Voynov, fine. I would be sad to see each of those players go, but that’s a good hockey deal. Nash is better than Brown, will score more goals and the fact he is in his prime is worth one of our younger players to win now. That is as far as I would take it. Of course, salary would have to go the other way of course, likely Penner. Anything more and Columbus can go fuck itself…respectfully of course.