We’re so close to first place in the division! Only 3 points away. Nevermind that San Jose perpetually has 3 games in hand. Still, we could end the night 1 point behind them.

We HAD a decent lead on Phoenix. But that last road trip put and end to that. The Coyotes are two points behind the Kings so tonight is one of those games that either makes life a hell of a lot more difficult for the Kings, or gives them some breathing room. With Calgary, who we play in two days, just a point behind the Coyotes, the Kings need to start doing themselves some favors. Tied for 6th, a far cry from 5th and on the cusp on 9th, the playoff race is in ramping up into full gear.

Going into the game, the talks of the town Jordan Nolan and Dwight King are coming off scoring both of their first goals in the NHL. Yesterday Sutter had strong words to keep their efforts up and their egos in check.

“They’re nothing special”

Ouch. Context? Fuck context.

Sutter’s attitude is that they should be scoring those goals. They should be playing well. If they don’t or can’t, well that’s why they were in the AHL to begin with and tough cow-he-recently-milked titty. Jarret Stoll is supposedly going to be ready to go as early as Saturday so this could be the last time we see one of these freakishly large children for a while.

(As an aside, if you like it when Scribe gets angry and sad, keep reading Hammond’s interview for the part where Sutter essentially says he thinks Brandon Kozun isn’t special enough to be an NHL player.)

The fanless Mutts are playing well lately, 6-2-2 in their last 10 games… though they did just lose in overtime to the Sharks. We all know how frustrating it is to lose in OT. Almost makes you mad even… like, Phoenix is going to be really mad tonight! Well I’m mad too damnit! I haven’t been to a live Kings’ game in weeks! And Dustin Penner hogged all the syrup at breakfast! And…. and… and it will be a normal, division rivalry game. Far as I can tell there is nothing particularly special going on with the Coyotes’ roster and for the Kings it looks like Davis Drewiske might replace Alec Martinez. Cue the “auditioning for a trade” rumor. Clearly this is because Columbus wants Drewiske and Martinez for Rick Nash and needs to see Drewiske play and Lombardi doesn’t want to risk Martinez getting injured. It’s all so obvious now. Or better yet, there is no trade and Alec Martinez upset Sutter this morning before practice by laughing at a joke Penner told and is now in Sutter’s doghouse, or hog shed or chicken coup or whatever he owns.