It’s not a fluke. It’s not a streak. It’s not a trend. It’s our fate.

Fuck you Dean Lombardi for not drafting and developing a single top 6 forward in 5 years and 10 months.

Fuck you for not valuing offense.

Fuck you for hiring Jamie Kompon. Fuck you for ever making Terry Murray our coach.

Fuck you for making every answer you give to a question sound like a filibuster. Fuck you in general and out of principle.

I am tired of seeing us lose 1-0 and 2-1. What is this, the 9TH game where Jonathan Quick has given up 1 goal and we have lost? 22ND game where we have scored 1 goal or zero? How many times have we been shut out? You’re going to do what now? Gut that defense and goaltending so you can bring in a goal scorer at the cost of a $7.8 million dollar per season cap hit? Because you chose Thomas Hickey, Colten Teubert, Derek Forbort? Because you could not land a single top free agent forward? Fuck you for being you.

Mike Richards may have nightmares after that missed shot on the powerplay. I know I will.

I am upset and irrational. This game got to me. This game struck a chord within me. I know we played two good periods but when you are up against the one rival you must beat after a dismal road trip and you can’t even score one fucking goal, you don’t deserve to win. You don’t deserve to make the playoffs. You don’t deserve to be among the best teams in the league.

As for the game, with less than 10 minutes left and down 1-0, we were sending in two forwards. The F3 came in late. The D1 stayed at the blue line. Do you know why we were getting so few shots on net in that third? Because we couldn’t recover the puck after we entered the zone. Because we were not outnumbering the Coyotes’ forwards. Meanwhile, Tippet was apparently smart enough to make sure there were three Coyotes around the puck at all times, two down low and one in support.

I don’t give a shit about the fights and garbage in the first period. I am not interested in being entertained. I want this team to start winning some games before we fall out of the playoffs and can’t get back. Fuck you Dean Lombardi. You exasperate me.