The L.A. Kings Just Can’t Finish & I Am Exhausted Watching It

It’s not a fluke. It’s not a streak. It’s not a trend. It’s our fate.

Fuck you Dean Lombardi for not drafting and developing a single top 6 forward in 5 years and 10 months.

Fuck you for not valuing offense.

Fuck you for hiring Jamie Kompon. Fuck you for ever making Terry Murray our coach.

Fuck you for making every answer you give to a question sound like a filibuster. Fuck you in general and out of principle.

I am tired of seeing us lose 1-0 and 2-1. What is this, the 9TH game where Jonathan Quick has given up 1 goal and we have lost? 22ND game where we have scored 1 goal or zero? How many times have we been shut out? You’re going to do what now? Gut that defense and goaltending so you can bring in a goal scorer at the cost of a $7.8 million dollar per season cap hit? Because you chose Thomas Hickey, Colten Teubert, Derek Forbort? Because you could not land a single top free agent forward? Fuck you for being you.

Mike Richards may have nightmares after that missed shot on the powerplay. I know I will.

I am upset and irrational. This game got to me. This game struck a chord within me. I know we played two good periods but when you are up against the one rival you must beat after a dismal road trip and you can’t even score one fucking goal, you don’t deserve to win. You don’t deserve to make the playoffs. You don’t deserve to be among the best teams in the league.

As for the game, with less than 10 minutes left and down 1-0, we were sending in two forwards. The F3 came in late. The D1 stayed at the blue line. Do you know why we were getting so few shots on net in that third? Because we couldn’t recover the puck after we entered the zone. Because we were not outnumbering the Coyotes’ forwards. Meanwhile, Tippet was apparently smart enough to make sure there were three Coyotes around the puck at all times, two down low and one in support.

I don’t give a shit about the fights and garbage in the first period. I am not interested in being entertained. I want this team to start winning some games before we fall out of the playoffs and can’t get back. Fuck you Dean Lombardi. You exasperate me.

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  1. Sickening. And I don’t even think Nash is the answer. Just sucks and makes me envy fair weather sports fans.

  2. At least we replaced Terry Murray with a coach who knows how to run an offense.

  3. Dammit, the mescaline wore off too early. I was hallucinating the Kings with Scuderi down below the offensive goal line, then I imagined him leading a rush, I think it was early in the 2nd period. I actually envisioned the ghost of Davis Drewiske playing in a game, and then could have sworn I saw Dustin Brown get in a fight.

    What a trip, electric wine coolers are the best. Kopitar was in a shoving match, all the Kings were standing up for each other, Quick almost came in for a piece of the fight. I was soooo buzzed, man, it looked almost real!

    But then, midway thru the second the Coyotes 4th line came out for blood and the Kings didn’t respond. Torres running around, blind side runs attempted and barely missed, but the Kings, like my buzz, faded back into normalcy. Well, their personal normalcy. The intensity waned, it turned into a nice game of nice people skating around trying to do nice things and score really nice goals. But they didn’t.

    Total buzzkill.

  4. Here’s a skit: Quick on the phone with agent
    “Trade me right fucking now!”
    (End scene)

    • That doesnt seem too unrealistic! He has family and friend on the east coast. He is a workhorse. Games here are so late he doesnt get the credit he deservese.

    • Columbus is basically the Kings if you give them Quick (that’s a joke but it’s really not far from the truth). Shitty team with a terrific goalie.

  5. The Ducks are more deserving of playoff spot than the Kings. We fucking suck, seriously.
    Rick Nash won’t be coming to LA either, so let’s not get our hopes up.

  6. Well at least we have good D. And that is a good foundation. But I agree you just can’t draft that many defensemen. Build from the back out, I get it, but god damn man how many D picks is enough? We are paying for this mistake now. No balance in the build. The default draft strategy was to “get the best player” at your pick position but DL didn’t even manage to do that.

    • Remember the bit in that film? I think it might have been Treasure of Sierra Madre? “Badges?!! We don’t need no stinkin Badges”?

      Well DL’s mantra is “Balance?!! We don’t need no stinkin Balance!!”

  7. Game shoulda been tied 1-1 at least with Williams so open on that breakaway wasn’t even funny. He’s got to bury that shit. Ahh fuck what’s the use…its fucking true the coach can only do so much it comes down to the players and the players can’t get it done.

    • I’m convinced WIlliams thinks there are two goals one far to the left and one far to the right and that he can’t see that actual goal at all.

    • Disagree, I think that the players are fine and that its the system that doesn’t work. They are so worried about giving up an outnumbered attack that they rarely have one themselves. It’s just like basketball, if you wait until the defense is set it makes it much more difficult to score.

  8. After 28 years I am just about done! Maybe my dad got it right as much as I hate to say it. He switiched sides became a duck fan. He told me the ducks would win a cup before the kings…. well you know the story. One thing that Melrose use to always say drive to the net……well you know the story with that too made to the final round of the playsoff for their first time ever!!! Being a fan of the kings is definately a toll taker. But as a die hard fan I must pull myself togather and stick with the boys win or lose hockey is my fav sport the kings are my team Go Kings Go!

  9. thank. god. i got my tickets for free. i wouldn’t pay again to see us lose at home by a single goal. that’s twice this season i’ve been cheated by the yotes at home. god, i hate shane doan so much.


    But hey Simmonds got his 20th tonight. Man I wonder why all of a sudden he became productive???

  11. This team needs a core shake up. Amazing what subtracting two and adding two can do. Fuck it get Nash. Can we really do anything right? He should decision make with a coin toss.

    • At this point what is there to lose? An 8th seed berth and an absolute dismantling by the Red Wings?

      Its like if your car won’t start – you bypass parts until you figure out which one needs replaced – and if Nash can’t score here then I think it’s safe to assume it’s DL’s almighty “system” that is failing and the solution to the problem will then become clear.

  12. At this point go get Nash.. if they still can (God knows what this offensive showing did to the price tag). Because if they go get him and his 7.8M cap hit and HE can’t score then everyone on Earth knows its the fucking system. And fuck him for not putting Kompon out with the rest of the garbage – how the fuck does that cockbag get to keep his job? If I were half that shitty at my job I would have been out on my fucking ear long ago and this assbag gets to keep screwing my hockey team up. At the least its a poor administrative decision and at the worst its an egregious case of putting the interests of your pals above those of the organization. That’s reason enough to send DL packing at the end of the year in my opinion.

  13. Man what a let down night, sitting in section 104 row three, valentines day gift seats. The wife was indifferent, I left as frustrated as all of us fans. But just a couple of things to ponder before we all start thinking about giving up. Kings have only lost five in regulation in their last 25 prior to tonight, from my seat I saw missed call after missed call, tripping, interference. Kopi never touched that puck on the phx clearout that went over the glass with less than one minute on the clock (thanks to dvr slow motion) ..point is kings should have won this game…….they can change it up and score goals. At least that’s our hope as kings fans. I will continue to have faith in this team cuz I am a Kings fan to the core. D wins cups (goals do t

  14. Kings need some target practice… ABC shooting drills… Some teams just simply need time to get their shit together. Gagne was jammin before he went out. Team needs chemistry – we got the crew – simply wont be much of a run this year.

    • They should all have to do target practice drills for HOURS and HOURS a day. This is insane. Poor Quick.

      • They should all have to do target practice drills for HOURS and HOURS a day. This is insane. Poor Quick.

        … OK. I’ve got something to say about that game last night.

        The Kings played a wonderful game. They were energetic, they were smart, they weren’t going to be intimidated. They did a great job out there.

        So, they couldn’t finish. They shot wide on some great opportunities. THAT’S HOCKEY. Sometimes, luck doesn’t go your way. Sometimes, that rebound bounces away from where your players are positioned. Sometimes, you have a 6-on-4 late in the game and the opposing team’s defenseman (let’s call him “Adrian Aucoin”) breaks his stick and effectively gives you a 6-on-3 but the puck gets sent out of play and the official decides that the puck deflected off of one of your guys when it didn’t. That’s the breaks. It’s been a season of poor breaks and abnormally poor offense.

        This “poor Quick, boo hoo” nonsense has got to stop. It’s annoying as hell. Quick, partially because of his own improvement and partially because of the terrific defense he plays behind AND partially because of the coaches who play him every game, has seen his stock rise exponentially in the last three years. He’s an All-Star, and he has the reputation of a clutch goaltender despite never being on the winning side in a single playoff series. Quick is going to make a metric shit ton of money playing goalie in this league. Poor Quick, my ass.

        The Kings allowed just 21 shots last night. The Kings were all over Mike Smith – forcing him to flop every which way, forcing him to handle the puck repeatedly and pressuring and harassing him every time he did so, and were on his doorstep virtually the entire evening. “Poor” Jonathan Quick had the easiest night of any fucking player on the ice in that game, and in the end, he was outplayed yet again by his opposing netminder. At the end of the night, he goes into the book as saving 20 out of 21; improving his save percentage (and his reputation) a little bit more from where it was the day before. Wow, what a tough life he has! So, save your little Quick sob stories, alright? You make me want to puke.

        • Once again I find myself saying I appreciate your comments. Reading what you said 24 hours after the game and rewatching and taping it, I can see the hame in a better light. I think the problem for myself and many other bleeding purple/black and white King loyalists we are disheartened to see our boys give it their all and still not get a W. Especially with standings so close and this year’s expectations maybe too high. We did play well, but in the end not well enough..if I can see one reoccurring problem it is that the Kings do not play a 60 minute game of energy. This time of year we should be able to play hard for 60. We do not get the full details of who is playing at less then 100%, but still I feel we run out of sream. The last 5 minutes if we are behind there seems to be a resurgence but with our lack of scoring we run out of time.
          GO KINGS GO!!!

        • We say poor Quick because he works his a– off only to lose by 1 goal?!!! Ahhhhh? I am so lost right now I can’t see straight!

  15. It’s 2am. I just got home. I blew a .28 on my portable breathalyzer (a must for everyone who IS a Kings fan) and couldn’t drive for 4 hours after the game. Yes, I sobered up downtown. Steaming. Stewing. Wondering what the hell I did in my past life to deserve this shit.

    I’m so happy I’m working in SF this weekend. Can’t WAIT to get blown out by Calgary.

    Simmonds scored his 19th and 20th today. PROOF that Murray and his shit system sucked.

    • Also, makes one question that trade. I know you had to make the trade, but do you have to give up Simmonds And Schenn And a 2nd. I don’t care which way you slice the cake.
      That’s too much.

      Far better trade than the Penner trade…. but what trade isn’t?

      I really think someone with a new fresh pov needs to come in, but I’ve no faith in AEG to be able to select someone who’d get it done.

      When Glen Sather…. Glen Sather is looking like a genius compared to Lombardi, there is a problem.
      Yet they have Kreider, Hagelin, Stepan, Calllahan up front to say nothing of picking Dan Girardi from total obscurity, Del Zotto and fleecing Montreal to get Ryan McDonagh for Scott Gomez…. you’re doing something right. He proves without question that you Can build a defense without completely and utterly ignoring the offense. They’ve developed several good forwards in the last few years with Kreider coming.
      Lombardi has developed not one top 6 forward as Bobby says, in almost six years. That doesn’t wash, hasn’t gotten it done and seemingly won’t get it done unless Toffoli is the real deal….. at the nhl level.

  16. Kings have become hard. Not hard to play against. Just hard to watch.

    Only word that come to mind right now is “FUCK!”. Somebody figure out what’s broken, and fix it please.

    Jim Fox mentioned that down the stretch, teams will tighten up defensively in preperation for the playoffs. The Kings are used to low scoring games, and will have the advatage. That makes no sense at all too me.

    If the Kings can’t score now, then how are they gonna score the same when teams are playing even tighter defense in the playoffs?

    I tried to mention this on the insider today, and everyone who responded believes the Kings are scoring enough for the playoffs, and that it’s the other teams who score more, who are going to crumble at the sight of our awsome D.

    Somehow, magically we’re going to keep scoring at a rate of 1 or 2 goals a game, and the rest of the league won’t be prepared for our overwhelming blitzkrieg of a defensive system.

    Am I missing something here?

    Even if they score less during the playoffs, it will be 2 or 3 goals the Kings will have to overcome. It’s time to scrap this offensive system completely. No more puck management. No more regroups. No more basing the entire system on point shots and reabounds.

    The rebounds are too unpredictable (if they even hit the net), and basing the entire offense on screened shots, and rebound control is not working.

  17. Both barrels tonight Bobby, well done. And Fuck You Lombardi!

  18. Bobby: My sentiments……exactly!

    ……..and the organization raised my season ticket prices AGAIN for the 2012-2013 season!! You mean…I have to pay MORE to see the Kings bore me to death. Fuck you AEG, Fuck you Lombardi, Fuck you (insert player name here who cannot execute on the ice), Fuck you Staples Center for having shitty food, rude service and out of control beer prices, Fuck you marketing department for not one damn giveaway this year (e.g.: Bobblehead, T-shirt, etc.) and Fuck you In-Arena entertainment for all your shitty music each and every night!! YOU ARE RAISING MY PRICES FOR THIS!! Go fuck yourself!!

  19. I’ve been saying it for a year and a half. At least a year and a half. And certain times when I did on JftC about specific drafts and what not, someone would jump on me. Hey he drafted Voynov. He drafted Clifford.

    Yeah. Right. With as many picks as they had they better have come up with something out of it just on pure luck alone.

    I’ve seen organizations draft poorly. That….. of course. But I don’t remember an organization drafting this far out of balance.
    Eyes were telling me that the movement of the team was slow and low on skill level. Announcers of other teams sometimes commented on the Kings lack of team speed.

    Give up one goal…. often. What a great team and job putting it together. Oh wait,…. problem is, when they only give up one they can’t score at all, and when they give up the magic no 2 (which most any team in the league would agree to) they only get one.

    How Dean Lombardi can still be convinced that his way works, I have no idea.
    My Mom often used the phrase in life about certain people that they are in denial.
    She doesn’t follow the Kings, but her phrase could apply nicely to the management.

  20. Again…the old addage, “A person who does the same thing over and over and expects different results is the definition of insanity.” …this is Lombardi. “With the Kings _____ pick in the draft, we select ______, a Defensemen” ……”Dean, your team can’t score” …”Okay, I will fix this in the draft” ….”With the Kings _____ pick in the draft, we select _______, a Defensemen”

    “Dean….Have you seen this kid Claude Giroux? He could surely become a dynamic forward for your squad….”

    “I have a better idea!”

    “With the 17th overall selection, the Kings pick Trevor Lewis”


    Lombardi, “Okay, Quicky, time to negotiate that extension.”
    Quick, “Are you out of your fucking mind? I’m off to the East you fucking assclown, where I’ll actually get some wins and have a chance at playoff success.”

    Simmonds has 20 goals. More than any Kings player.

    Lombardi should take a look at how the Rangers are run…he might learn a thing or two.

    Fuck him up his greasy, stretched asshole.

  21. Agree with everything you criticized Dean Lombardi for. His failings have gotten the Kings to this point.

    However, now we’re here. Now we’re at this point. While it would be ideal if the Kings already had their versions of Rick Nash, and didnt have to give up anything to give get one now, that’s not our reality.

    Because of Dean Lombardi’s failings.

    Still, it’s our reality now, and now we have to look at what helps us the most now.

    The Kings lost 1-0 tonight. I don’t know about anyone else, but while I was watching the game, not once did the thought “well thank god we at least have Jonathan Bernier as our backup on the bench” entire my mind.

    In other words, the Kings lost 1-0 tonight, and not once did Jonathan Bernier do anything about it. Not once did he help the Kings even come close to scoring a goal.

    Because he’s a backup goaltender. He’s not even on the ice.

    So trading him would not be gutting anything, and if I have to pick between him and Rick Nash, I pick him. Jack Johnson is more concerning, but unfortunately we dont have Doug Wilson as the Kings GM, so we actually have to give up good players when we acquire stars. I can tell you one thing, Rick Nash is a much better player than JJ, and he will help the team much better than JJ. I think Voynov can replace Johnson much more easily than Dwight King can fill Rick Nash’s would-be roster spot.

    Ideally, a good organization, with a good GM, drafts his own stars. This is not a well run organization. This is not a good GM. This is certainly not an ideal situation. A GM who doesn’t draft his own stars has to somehow find a way to get someone else’s, and that’s what this Rick Nash situation is. At least if the Kings get him, even if they give up a lot of assets, even if Nash costs a lot, at least at the end of the day the Kings will then have an elite goal scorer, once and for all. Because thats the one positive at the center of all this. Whatever you don’t like about the idea of trading for Nash, at least it’s Rick Nash. You’re not going to find a better player available. You might find better cap hits, but in terms of talent, this is as good as it gets in the trade market, the free agent market, any market.

    • You’re right when it comes to JB not helping. You’re right that Nash (hell Carter also) would help more than JB would have last night.

      But and this is a very big BUT……Quick goes down to injury, or LA doesn’t re-sign him next summer then what? It’s the same situation as NFL teams with a great QB and two scrub back-up QBs. The starter goes down and the team collapses. Sure the scrub may win you a game here or there, but in the long run they don’t have what it takes to win. JB is the King’s insurance policy against that for now.

      At the same time LA could be looking at the same situation say in two seasons. JQ bolts from LA to go back east and JB is the starter. LA still is losing games 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, etc.

      At that point should have LA made the gamble on trading JB back in ’11-’12 for a scorer?

      Everyone knows, hell even JQ and JB know both of them won’t be with this team for the long haul. Both want to play and be “the guy”. There is only one net out there and LA is going run with JQ for obvious reasons.

      As much as I love having a 1A and 1B in net. It isn’t doing the team any good when it can’t even score 2 goals regualrly to even have a chance of winning a game.

      I love having JB around, but DL has to leverage him into a sniper at this point. Then pray JQ stays healthy and he can get a capable backup included in a trade, until either Jones or Zatkoff are ready.

  22. I’ve been in Detoilet all week for work, so my Center Ice is back home. Listened to the first 2 periods on the radio. Thank god I went to bed after the second. Thank god I wasn’t home watching it, cussing, getting pissed, hitting the scotch for 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. Just not worth it at this point.

    Change HAS to happen this offseason. Whether they make the playoffs or not.
    From DL, to the coaches, to the players. Change HAS to happen. The organization as a whole will fail without some type of big change and/or shake-up. I am not just talking a big trade like Nash or Carter. There needs to be change at a higher level that will bring in new and fresh energy and viewpoints.

    Stale….that is how you describe the Kings right now.

    • I want to post something and that ‘something’ is what Whiskeypete said:
      ‘There needs to be change at a higher level that will bring in new and fresh energy and viewpoints.

      Stale….that is how you describe the Kings right now.’

    • There are three things still around from the Terry Murray regime besides the players: Jaime Kompon, John Stevens and Dean Lombardi.

      I said on this very blog a few days ago that the Kings need to:
      Fire Dean Lombardi, replace him with Wayne Gretzky as GM
      Retain Darryl Sutter for now as Head Coach.
      Fire John Stevens, replace him with Tony Granato (or Bernie Nicholls if he’s willing) as an offensive assistant to help run the powerplay.
      Fire Jaime “Tampon” Kompon, (I don’t know how he ever got the fucking job!!!), replace him with Mark Hardy.
      Mark has had personal problems and taken care of them like a man and deserves a second chance with this organization.
      He’s sure and the fuck better than Stevens or Kompon!!

  23. Well put.

    The root of this team’s issues go straight to the top with their absentee owner. For any corporation to succeed, there must be a fundamental philosophy to succeed from the top. Anschutz clearly understands this given his tremendous corporate success. Ownership in a professional sports organization, however, presents a different dynamic because it involves emotion, passion and loyalty. If you compare Mike Ilitch, Jerry Buss and Robert Kraft, all owners of successful teams in their respective sports, what do they have in common? Among the many similar traits that they share, passion, love, emotion and loyalty for the teams that they own come to mind. In other words, they are fans of their teams! They lead from the top and demand success from their teams, and their teams eventually succeed. Can anyone really suggest that Anschutz has ever conveyed the same for the Kings…ever? His absentee ownership in the team is a strategic play that simply equates success with mediocrity.

    For Anschutz, owning the Kings is not about his passion for the team or even hockey (does he even know what “icing the puck” is?). Owning the Kings is purely about the strategic non-hockey related business opportunities that develop from it.

    Mediocrity will remain the philosophy of this organization until a change in ownership takes place. Sadly, when all is said and done, Anschutz will remain the owner, Leiweke will keep his job, Lombardi will leave with a fat severance and a new GM will be brought in to usher in a new “era” and start the process all over again.

    • Amen Brother!

      I cannot react to the insanity of rumors when, as you have stated, the problems with the Kings performances start from the top. Until the pressure from the owner drives accountability to all levels, we are going to feel his way for a long time.

      Maybe Mark Cuban want’s to buy the team?

  24. Last sentence, you mean to say ” You exasperate me”.

    Same here. At this point I won;t buy tickets. I watch on TV. I am too pissed off…

  25. Thats such a good post about ownership. Someone really significant and who is linked in w the Lakers told me several years ago that the Kings ownership was a very big issue in terms of the effect that it has on the team.

    I have to say that that is where it all starts. We can say all we want about Dean Lombardi, but the fact is that if he left, I have no faith that AEG would have a clue as to where to turn to shift things in the right direction.

  26. Preach it. Haven’t been this upset with the team in my 20+ years of being a fan. Not spending a cent on them until major changes are made. Let’s hope our next rebuild goes better. Here’s to the 2020 Kings!

  27. It would be great to have an owner that is also a fan. But it isnt absolutely necessary. Yes it would be great to see uncle phil bleeding for the team but that isnt going to win anything.

    What will and has been stated is an owner that gives a shit about the team and wont settle for mediocrity. Here you have a team that has for two years essentially stuck in neutral without even a glimpse of how it will get on track. The team needs someone at the top to bring some measure of emotion. Whether its phil, t liweekly, luc or dl. Somebody up high has to show they give a shit.

    Remember the quotes last weekend about king and nolan? It was about how the guys fed off the emotion and excitement those two brought. Where else from the top down to the coaches do you see this same type of emotion, excitement or sense of urgency? No where. Dean shows about as much emotion as a used popsicle wrapper. Tim L…..yeah whatever. Luc has and does show it but the guy is drowning out there alone. Sutter doesnt show much. I love how he interacts with guys during the game, such an improvement over murray. At the same time the look on his face at times looks like he is fighting back a huge fart.


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