James van Riemsdyk.

Surly has been slow with the uptake around the league but I think even he knows who van Riemsdyk is. Let’s recap.

2007 draft, 2nd overall. I remember that draft. Every Kings fan remembers that draft, the “Hickey draft.”

Turning 23 in May. Like it.

6’3″, 200 pounds. Dig it.

Left wing…let me double check that. Yes, left wing. Love it.

A $4.25 million dollar cap hit through 2017-2018. Not bad.

Flyer. Ugh. Ok, whatever.

Does not capitalize the v in Van. A little weird but I like the three name thing. It’s like having our very own Ryan Nugent Hopkins without the -

Put up 15 and 21 goals his first two seasons. Meh. Not great but better numbers than any kid forward we have on our current roster, not that this is a glowing endorsement.

This season, he has…a concussion. Man, I bet it was one brutal hit he took. Wasn’t it that hit from that guy in that game where he did that thing that resulted in…


Did you like how, after this alleged hit, the Ottawa announcers’ first mention of it was the use of the word embellishment. In fact, I was laughing out loud when, after the hit, they don’t even bring it up…instead, they casually talk about the two many men on the ice penalty and the art of changing on the fly.

In any event, that’s the hit. Or non-hit. Or whatever the hell that was which caused the concussion. But he played again against the Islanders and was hit again? Does this sound like a recipe for disaster or just a minor set back? I don’t know. Maybe a Flyers fan or three can jump on here and give us their perspective.

At this point, you may ask, “Scribe, what does Philly want?”

Jack Johnson or so we are told.


I don’t know.