The Flyers Want To Trade James van Riemsdyk To L.A.? Color Me Curious

James van Riemsdyk.

Surly has been slow with the uptake around the league but I think even he knows who van Riemsdyk is. Let’s recap.

2007 draft, 2nd overall. I remember that draft. Every Kings fan remembers that draft, the “Hickey draft.”

Turning 23 in May. Like it.

6’3″, 200 pounds. Dig it.

Left wing…let me double check that. Yes, left wing. Love it.

A $4.25 million dollar cap hit through 2017-2018. Not bad.

Flyer. Ugh. Ok, whatever.

Does not capitalize the v in Van. A little weird but I like the three name thing. It’s like having our very own Ryan Nugent Hopkins without the –

Put up 15 and 21 goals his first two seasons. Meh. Not great but better numbers than any kid forward we have on our current roster, not that this is a glowing endorsement.

This season, he has…a concussion. Man, I bet it was one brutal hit he took. Wasn’t it that hit from that guy in that game where he did that thing that resulted in…


Did you like how, after this alleged hit, the Ottawa announcers’ first mention of it was the use of the word embellishment. In fact, I was laughing out loud when, after the hit, they don’t even bring it up…instead, they casually talk about the two many men on the ice penalty and the art of changing on the fly.

In any event, that’s the hit. Or non-hit. Or whatever the hell that was which caused the concussion. But he played again against the Islanders and was hit again? Does this sound like a recipe for disaster or just a minor set back? I don’t know. Maybe a Flyers fan or three can jump on here and give us their perspective.

At this point, you may ask, “Scribe, what does Philly want?”

Jack Johnson or so we are told.


I don’t know.

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  1. Looks to me like he a took an elbow to the chin. Those announcers clearly aren’t boxing fans. Doesn’t always take the most powerful punch to knock a guy out. Sometimes it just takes a really well placed one. I don’t want to take an elbow to the Part of the chin that when hit makes your jaw jam against your skull and rattle your brain.

  2. Simmonds already has 20 goals in the flyers system and you want to trade JJ for JVR?

    I hope your are kidding.

    Nash > JVR

    I don’t care about the cap hit. Most of us would be fine with gaborik at $7.5. What is 300K more for Nash?

    • Dummy. I never wrote I want to make that trade. I wrote “I don’t know.” What is with you lately? Can’t wait to leave Texas and your brain shut down? Get your shit together. :)

      • Hey, you are the one that wrote a blog about JVR. Not worth much to the Kings. Definitely not worth JJ.

        Stoll, Martinez and a late pick. Penner if they want him.

        • As if man, your going to have to give up more than Stoll and Martinez for JVR, he was a second overall pick and has a combo of size and skill (hard to come by in the NHL).

  3. No! hell no, fuck no. no

  4. YES, but only for Penner or Stoll. Or both……

  5. No way we make that move. JJ better not get traded for anybody other than Nash, Sharp, or Parise. No more damaged goods please!

  6. If we trade JJ for JvR I fucking quit. Seriously, that’s fucking it, I give up on hockey or go bandwagon the Redwings or something equally deserving of shame.

  7. These prospective trades have transcended even the realm of psychosis.

    Lombardi has made several moves I don’t like — and didn’t like at the time they were made — but his reasons for those moves made sense. Penner is a disappointment, but it was a good deal at the time (and may yet yield a positive outcome). Trading Simmonds and Schenn (along with a pick) roused me to anal rage. But I finally acknowledged it was a deal that should have helped both teams. Not re-signing Zus (or even Ponikarovsky) disturbed me mightily — and still does. But I understand why DL did it.

    All his wheeling and dealing have been based upon a plan, a coherent plan, a plan to make us contendahs for years to come. I disagree with those who constantly nit-pick at him for choosing Murray as coach and chastise him for his build-from-the-net-out philosophy.

    Fuck those who wanna swap the farm for Nash or van Riemsdyck or even Parise. I believe much of what DL has done has been positive and WILL produce results. We have not played poorly and WILL pay through this Homeric stretch of bad luck. Hysteria is NOT the ideal mind-set in which to negotiate a trade.

    • That should be “play” through this Homeric stretch . . .

    • One of the best lines…. if not The Best line I’ve read throughout this whole trade mania experience.

      “These prospective trades have transcended even the realm of psychosis.”

      If the Kings could put one line together thats ha lf as good as yours… they’d for sure score more than one goal a game.
      Here’s to ya Tuan.

    • You have your faith. I have my facts. So long as we both have hope…

      • Facts?

        What facts can account for the guys whom we traded away and are now playing out of their asses for other teams?

        Or the incoming free agents and trades whose dicks went from diamond-hard to fear-and-loathing limp as soon as they donned a Kings uniform?

        Where Richards and Gagne and Penner have somehow failed to click, why do you assume that some fresh importee will suddenly be the spur up our ass?

        We haven’t been playing like useless assholes. As you yourself pointed out, we’ve done everything but score. The scoring drought is, I grant, a fucking horror story.

        But, like the philosopher says, “This, too, shall pass away.”

        So don’t look for any trades. Just pray for increased dick-stiffening among the troops we have — and a better goals-per-game than a less-than-bountiful God has thus far given us.

  8. Here are the latest rumblings. In case anyone cares about these things… But really, Gaborik for what would just cost us Bernier in a 3 team trade! C’mon…

    • Really c’mon… Too good to be true?
      But on can still fantasize…
      These kind of grumblings make me less grumpy.

    • Let’s think this logically, because Eklund certainly can’t. Rangers last I checked were #1 in the East. They have no reason to trade Gaborik right now. That would be a stupendously dumb move.

      • Agree! FYI that was are good friend Matt Barry’s post…if the Rangers gave up Gaborik with the season they’re having, would be very stupendously dumb!

        I think the Kings should go after a player like Erik Cole – fast, powerful, 21 goals and has playoff experience. He’s propably not available, but he’s a winner and the Kings really lack that quality in their identity.

        JvR did play really well in the playoffs last year from what I remember…so the big game factor is there.

    • There is no way in hell Bernier lands Gaborik, also it makes ZERO sense for the Rangers.

  9. Fuck that.. hes a pussy and a dick. Should go to the ducks. so some ass hole on the kings (westgarth) can shit all over him. then his pussy and dick will be covered in shit

  10. Just read that Quick has given up one goal times this year…. And Lost!!
    So where does that lead to in the future. How ironic would that be that a Dave Taylor pick who is the best goaltender the Kings have probably ever had, was made to leave because….. DL couldn’t manage to build a team (in five years) with enough scoring to get him enough goals so that giving up one would get him a win.

    Man, that is sad.

  11. I would take JVR but sure the hell not for JJ straight up. I think in LA JVR would thrive with the big bodies here and the fact he would get top six minutes. Maybe we could trade Voynov for JVR, I like Voynov but we need to sacrifice some d for o.

  12. Seriously, fuck all you people for suggesting we trade Voynov over JJ. Die in a grease fire.

  13. Riemsdyk was fantastic last postseason, hasnt been good before or since. He is the exact type of player who would come to the Kings with a lot of fanfare and then disappoint big time because hes just not the top player he would be billed as. Not yet.

    Simply, hes lost a step since the postseason. Whether he suffered an injury, or just didnt work hard enough in the offseason to keep his top speed, something is amiss. He should have taken a huge step forward this year after the playoff he had, not backwards.

    If you can get the JVR of the playoffs, thats something you discuss if the price is right, for sure. But this season’s JVR just isn’t the top player the Kings need. Hell just be another 2nd/3rd line tweener unless he gets his top speed back.

    • A 24 goal pace (a career high) is a step back for a third year, 22 yr old player? C’mon, now, lettuce be reality.

  14. As a Flyers fan, I honestly believe that would be a fair trade. From an outsiders perspective it may appear like he has completely underachieved so far, which is valid, but when this kid hits his stride there is no stopping him. He’s big, powerful and fast as hell. He seems to lack the heart and motivation to be as dominant as he could be but I think that stems from playing on such a deep and talented team like Philly. I feel like if he was placed on a team that needed the offensive help, like an LA or Toronto, I think he would regain some swagger and prove to be worthy of that 2nd overall pick. Any who, from Philly’s stand point he’s the most logical one to trade for defense and I’d rather see him be in a deal for Jack Johnson than another forward.


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