L.A. Kings vs. Calgary Flames Post Game: Circle The Date, Mr. Lombardi

From Dean Lombardi in November of 2010:

“I’ve been amazed at how many people have been behind (building through the draft) and a lot of people stuck it out. I’d heard L.A. was a bandwagon town, but a lot of people stuck by us when we weren’t that good. I’m happy for them, but we’ve got to give them a lot more. It’s been 44 years and they have haven’t won a championship. If any place deserves it, it’s this town.”

To Dean Lombardi, we write: This is your team. The one you wanted. The one you built. With your coaches. And an open checkbook from ownership. We have done our part. We have been patient. In April of this year, it will be 6 years of patience…with you. But I have another date for you. Circle it. March 19, 2012. It is the 9th anniversary of your termination as general manager of the San Jose Sharks.

Do you think you will make it to March 20 this season?

Do you think you deserve to?

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  1. Jack Johnson -1

    • We all know he didn’t play a bad game, Willie kinda screwed that play up when he pinched in. The Kings dominated the Flames tonight, the puck was in the o zone the whole damn game, the flames had no sustained pressure, it was one bad bounce. In case you haven’t noticed that’s all they’ve been getting all fucking year. Green hit the post, Kipper made 2 if not 3 saves on sheer luck. Look at it this way, if the bounces keep going like this we might wind up failing for nail and win the lottery pick

      • The Flames hit the post twice. That kind of “luck” goes both ways. At the end of the day, the Kings could not generate enough 2nd and 3rd chances (they got some) and the forwards could not finish. Meanwhile, former LA Kings castoff and alleged floater (per Lombardi) Cammy BURIED his chance.

        • This is true, I guess what I was really getting at was the fact that this ‘luck’ hasn’t been kind to the kings in the offensive zone for nearly the entire season. Now when they score more than two goals its a statistical anomaly. Do you guys really think something is going to suddenly change this trend? It pains me to say it but I just don’t see it happening

          • “Do you guys really think something is going to suddenly change this trend? It pains me to say it but I just don’t see it happening”

            Totally agree. 59 games in and this? I don’t remember if the team has ever put together a streak of outright wins. Chicago goes down 6 then comes back with 2 wins. They fucking destroyed Columbus tonight. Can’t really see how things will really change that much even if we get Nash.

          • Youre right but you have to start somewhere, no? No one player can fix this team. But you can never add two good players if you dont first start with one.

            But tonight’s performance, and your comment, is exactly why Ive been lobbying for the Kings to acquire both Nash and Carter. I wrote a comment saying that last night most recently. I dont know why it is NHL GMs feel they can only add one good player a season, like it would be a crime to improve too much, you know? Why add Rick Nash this year, quickly figure out its not enough (which a smart GM would already know), then have to wait three more years for another good player to come available and finally get him because it turned out you needed to add more than one.

            Why not just grow some balls and get both of them? “It might mess with the chemistry! Too much turnover all at once!” I can hear that DL response right now. So fucking stupid. The Flyers traded their two stars and brought in a schmoregasborge of random players, from Simmonds to Voracek to Jagr, they brought in different personalities, some with egos, they brought in a huge rival player Maxime Talbot on a really long deal…

            You dont hear about any chemistry problems there. If it was the Kings, and they wanted Maxime Talbot, it would be some whole story about how they couldnt have offered him a 5 year deal because what message what that send to Rod Scuderi who only got a 3 year deal?

            There would be all this BS and concern about what someone might think and how it might affect the locker room and all that BS which, honestly, if everyone hasnt figured it out already, is the mark of a poor organization. Organizations like the Flyers know how a real organization is won. To the players they already have, it’s this mentality. “Your agents already negotiated your contracts, you had a fair negotiation, and you signed a deal we both thought was fair. You’ve got your money, and it has nothing to do with the people we sign now. We’re going to sign who we want, to the contracts we want, and if it takes a longer term or more money to sign someone than we gave to you, thats just the way it is, thats what it takes to get good players in here sometimes. Part of your job is to accept that. We are paying you millions, we expect you to welcome in anyone we sign, be a good teammate, and put the organization first, not worry about petty things like if we brought someone in with a better contract than you.”

            Thats how a real organization does things, and it works. But Dean Lombardi always has some excuse, like how he couldnt give Kovalchuk a better offer because Drew Doughty’s agent would use it against him.


            Ilya Kovalchuk is like a 20-time 50 goal scorer, one of the legendary goal scorers our game has ever seen, he’s proved himself over and over again his whole career, almost every season. Hes been consistent. Hes won the rocket (I think). Drew Doughty? He had one good season where he was nominated for the Norris… Kovalchuk scored 50 goals, multiple teams, which is the goal scorer’s equivalent of winning the Norris (or the rocket is, which he also won). Doughty was a Norris candidate, once, for one season, then he followed that up with a poor sophomore season.

            Ilya Kovalchuk was a UFA, and UFAs cost more, by virtue of being UFAs they have earned the right to entertain offers from everyone and get more money. Drew Doughty was an RFA, only the Kings could sign him without paying a shitload of draft picks, and Doughty had much less leverage/options than Kovalchuk…

            Yet the better, more proven, more consistent, UFA Kovalchuk’s negotiation was going to affect Doughty’s? Lombardi couldnt make a top offer to Kovalchuk because he would get stuck paying Doughty the same thing if he did?

            In what universe? That’s the mark of a scared GM who sucks at negotiating, not anything to do with the reality. Any other team, any other GM, would just say “our negotiations with a proven UFA goal scorer have absolutely no bearing on our negotiations with your client, an RFA defenseman who only has one good season under his belt.”

            But not Dean Lombardi. And that right there can sum up why he sucks at GM as much as anything. Well, the bigger issue still is the eye for talent that sucks, but everything goes hand and hand. This shortcoming of his prevents him from getting the talent to LA even when he is able to identify it. There are like 50 things that have to go right for him to ever get a good player because he has so many faults, things have to fall perfectly into place, which is rarely does.

          • @3TeamFan I don’t know if you’ve played hockey or any other team sport but I’m going to assume you have.

            Here’s an example, so you have been with the team for a few years and you guys are fairly comfortable with each other but you’re struggling to win games.

            In comes a new guy outta no where. You may have heard of him but in he comes. He’s a loud mouthed asshole who likes to play his music super fucking loud and could give a shit what you or anyone else thinks. BUT you hear that the guy is/was good and can help the team. The guy’s ego is as big as the rink.

            Are you really gonna tell me that there’s no such thing as team chemistry? From your comments about this mysterious thing of team chemistry I’m assuming that you’ve never participated in any kind of team sport for any length of time.

          • Are you really gonna tell me that there’s no such thing as team chemistry? From your comments about this mysterious thing of team chemistry I’m assuming that you’ve never participated in any kind of team sport for any length of time.

            …You know, I always hear that. But I’ve seen several examples of teams winning World championships in pro sports despite a complete lack of “team chemistry”. I don’t buy the whole “hey you’ve never participated in a team sport” because last I checked, none of us have played in the NHL or the NFL or MLB or whatever.

            If a new guy can fit in with the other players who are out there with him while they’re on the ice, and they’re effective as a group and are able to execute – that’s going to be a winning combination, no matter how much of a jackass that new player happens to be off the ice, or how greedy he might appear at contract time, or how much of an ego he has when dealing with the press, or how loud he plays his music. If he can play a style of game which is compatible with the guys he’s been asked to play with, that team is going to benefit from his addition.

            Chemisty doesn’t build winning. It is built from winning, just as losing can destroy any chemistry in place and cause infighting and friction where there was none of that before.

          • Hat Trick,

            Youre talking about extreme examples. Yes, if you think Jeff Carter is going to come into the Kings dressing room wearing a dew, sleeping with Drew Doughty’s girlfriend, and defecating on his teammates while they sleep during road trips, that’s an issue.

            Of course.

            We’re talking subtleties though. No one has ever accused Jeff Carter of being any of those things. Mike Richards is his friend, likes the guy. Hes not going to come in and play loud music. The only character concerns are things like he doesnt block enough shots, or doesnt give 100% constantly.

            Those are the types of things Im talking about, and while theyre not ideal, I feel the talent outweighs those things.

            That was the point I was making, and also that since the Kings dont have any big asshole in their locker room right now messing with chemistry, it is also a lack of talent currently to blame, not chemistry.

            You used such a far out there example. Your argument that hypothetically, in a worst case scenario, a player could mess up a team’s chemistry and hurt the team. Of course, the hypothetical bad apple who could this. Of course its possible. But Im talking reality here. Is anyone actually doing that in the Kings locker room right now? No. Then why cant they score if not a lack of talent? Would Jeff Carter or Rick Nash really come in and ruin the dressing room that badly? No, so why not acquire them?

            I agree that its possible for a terrible apple of a person to cause chemistry problems, I just dont thiink Carter or Nash or anyone the Kings are looking at is that terrible apple. Just because you dont block shots face first and you go out drinking sometimes is not the same as being a locker room ruining cancer, I think thats the important distinction. Its not that I disagree with you that we shouldn’t bring a locker room cancer into the team, it’s not that I disagree that Carter or Nash is a locker room cancer.

            The overall point: these concerns about character are almost always overblown by old-school purists like Dean Lombardi (or whatever you want to call them).

          • A dew rag. Not a “dew” lol. Not that there is anything wrong with dew rags, it was just a joke.

          • I agree with pretty much everything you said JT Dutch,

            but again its really beside the point. Jeff Carter isnt some total asshole, anyway, so it wouldnt even matter.

            I mean Hat Trick, you and Dean Lombardi need to think about the circumstances here. Jeff Carter had his world rocked when he got traded to Columbus. He hates it there. This year has been a terrible surprise for him, the whole season. He wants out. Hes in a vulnerable position, this is his life, he is stuck in a place he hates unless someone is willing to take his contract.

            And theres never any guarantee.

            He is not in an entitled position, ok? Hes not in a position to be cocky, or be an asshole. He just wants out. If a cool place to play like LA, with one of his best friends already on the team, trades for him, he is going to be very grateful. He is going to come in as friends with Mike Richards, Richards is going to introduce him to everyone else and help him become a part of the locker room. Jeff Carter will just be grateful to be gone from Columbus, and eager to prove he deserves his contract and can help a team. Because he will know, he doesnt have too many chances after this. Philadelphia traded him, hes basically asked for a trade for Columbus. If it doesnt work out with the Kings, there might not be another team willing to take his big contract. So he will be trying to make a good impression.

            That’s Jeff Carter.

            Rick Nash, there have never been any rumors of anything wrong with Nash at all, so we dont even need to talk about it. He would fit, too. I mean the Kings want to win. They cant score. They know they cant score. There are players in contract years, like Jarret Stoll, who have to be dying to get some assists here, some points. I think everyone would be happy if a weapon like Nash was brought in, it would help them score more and win.

            If a team doesnt want to win, then you have a much bigger problem.

            Hell, you can even go Kovalchuk. All this talk of him being a bad guy, Dean Lombardi has to not take shit personally during contract negotiations. It is not Kovalchuk’s job to be sweet and helpful to Lombardi during contract negotiations, its his job to try and get the best contract he can for him and his family. Just because youre standoffish in contract negotiations doesnt mean youre a bad person normally. I dont think Lombardi realizes this.

            Anyway, Kovalchuk’s teammates seem to like him, and hes playing great. And you know what, even if they dont like him, that just proves the point even more. Because whether they like him or not off the ice, they are playing great on the ice, and on his shoulders. He has been their best player. All this talk of how Kovalchuk shouldnt have gotten that huge contract from NJ when Parise is actually the better player is BS. Parise is the more canadian player, not the better player. Kovalchuk is bigger, faster, and more prototypically talented. Parise plays a more clever two-way game but Kovalchuk is the superior talent (at least he is now that Parise isnt quite the same as he was before his injury).

            Kovalchuk is their best player, he’s been fantastic, and he brings it when they need him to, down the stretch run. He scores game winners, he bears down in the shootout almost every time. Without his shootout prowess they may not even make the playoffs. Hes just a great player. I dont know what their locker room is like, what hes like in the locker room, but thats the point. I dont need to know! It doesnt matter at all when the player is that good and clearly makes the team better on the ice, which proves that great players make the team better on the ice no matter what theyre like in the locker room.

          • Nicely done. However, the L.A. Kings GM does not think like this.

          • @3TeamFan, My main disagreement was that it seemed that your position with team chemistry was a mythical thing. Something that doesn’t really exist or is a perceived reality.

            You talk as if getting Carter or Nash or Kovalchuck or whoever will turn this ship around almost overnight. What is going on with Kopitar, Williams, Richards, Brown, Doughty? Aren’t they a relatively talented bunch? Penner? Isn’t he supposed to be a stud? With the exception of DD, these other guys are 20-30+ goal scorers.

            You see I don’t believe that adding that one extra piece is what’s really going to ignite this team offensively. I think the problems are much more than that whether it be chemistry, management, coaching, personal, whatever. I think the talents there already and that’s what frustrates the hell outta me.

          • @JTDutch
            “I don’t buy the whole “hey you’ve never participated in a team sport” because last I checked, none of us have played in the NHL or the NFL or MLB or whatever.”

            Lol since when did playing in the professional ranks Only qualify as a legitimate team sport? Ever heard of high school and college sports?

          • Lol since when did playing in the professional ranks Only qualify as a legitimate team sport? Ever heard of high school and college sports?

            … If you can’t fathom the basic truth that there’s a difference between playing in high school or college and playing for a living at the highest level of competition in the World, I could talk with you for an hour about the differences and you still wouldn’t understand.

          • @JTDutch

            “… If you can’t fathom the basic truth that there’s a difference between playing in high school or college and playing for a living at the highest level of competition in the World, I could talk with you for an hour about the differences and you still wouldn’t understand.”

            Again you’ve completely missed my point. It was about chemistry. So what you are saying then is that team chemistry only exists at the professional level? The only mention of lower sports levels was to illustrate that team chemistry is not Only limited to professionals. Does that make sense?

  2. Kings are sucking major ass…just fell out of a playoff spot…can’t score goals for shit…been dead fucking last in goals score pretty much all season long…what else is there to do???

  3. Poor Boys poor Fans..
    Another night of tossing and turning and bad sleep..
    Poor them.. poor us..
    Big Sigh..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. I thought he got canned at the end of the season? Now that would make things interesting around here if he didnt last the season.

  5. Loosen up D1 for God’s sake. Shoulda grabbed Carlyle

  6. One thing I realized in tonight’s game and maybe I just didn’t want to realize it…this team has Zero fucking chemistry. Zero.

    • That’s proven itself pretty evident hasn’t it? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense either, kopi brown and JW, the entire defense, it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like they blew the fucking team up over the summer. All the passes in the o zone are like shots in the dark, no one has any confidence that their linemate will be there on the back door for a pass, or anywhere in scoring position for that matter

    • I’m in agreement. A lot of talent, but not talent that knows how to play together at this point. If losing the way they have has not brought these guys together I really don’t know what would besides drastic roster change or maybe a nice buddy comedy scenario where they kill a hooker and have to figure out together how to deal with it might be the kind of team building exercise we need. We’ve all been talking/reading/cursing and or swearing by Johnson and Bernier plus some young bucks for Nash, but I think Brown might need to go and we set up a new captain to refocus the chemistry. I love the guy but new direction is needed.

      • This is all ridiculous. First it was bad coaching, now it’s bad “chemistry” even though the team has been together awhile.

        You guys are looking for anything to blame but the talent, which is what it is. Lines that are supposed to score, but do not have enough talent to score, will often look like they dont have chemistry, because its just hard for them to hold onto the puck, or get good scoring chances, because they’re just not talented enough to play the role theyre supposed to be playing.

        The issue isn’t chemistry. Its talent. Not enough speed, skill, or size on this team. Last season they at least had the size, and some know how around the net with Smyth and Simmonds, and that size was enough to make them 25th in goal scoring in the NHL. Now they dont have the size anymore, either, and theyre 30th.

        Nothing to do with chemistry, this roster just doesnt have enough scoring talent. Theyre clearly talented at playing defense, every game they give up 1-2 goals, they just cant score at all. If the chemistry was actually bad, they would be bad at defense, too. Chemistry works both ways. But its not the chemistry. the team knows how to play together, proven by the good defensive structure, they just cant score because theres no skill.

        • Listen 3Team…… I almost don’t want to bother my fingers to type this. I’ve been saying for two years….. even when they were winning a lot of games that up front there is a huge dearth of talent.

          Really, I mean, who is talented up front? Kopi and Brownie. Who was here when Lombardi arrived? K and B. Then he added the Schenn draft and paired him w Simmer for Richards. Very clearly Simmonds was a more important piece than one wanted to admit. DL badly assessed Clifford’s ability to take Simmer’s role.

          So now the three keys up front are Brown, Richards and Kopitar. So, credit to DL, he added one player to the top six. The problem is that if every six years you add one player of quality to your top six, you’re talking like 12 years in (I amortize since to take it literally Kopitar would be retired) and your gonna have a hard time competing with anyone.

          The moral of the story is that the architect has built a building that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. In hockey the goal is clearly to put the puck in the net, and they usually don’t do that.

          • Bother your fingers typing it?

            I agree with everything you said. Or rather, you agree with what I said. I think you must have misunderstood my point, because I was arguing that the Kings dont have enough talent up front, not that they do. I thought you were saying the Kings have plenty of talent, I was saying they dont. If you agree they dont then there is no argument.

        • Do you remember the 03/04 season and the Avalanche team? They had a slew of talent to take the cup back to Colorado. Here’s some of their players

          Joe Sakic
          Peter Forsberg
          Teemu Selanne
          Paul Kariya
          Milan Hejduk
          Alex Tanguay
          Rob Blake

          They probably had the arguably most talented team in the league. They lost to SJ in the 2nd round 4-2.

          Logically you can stockpile talent but it’s not as easy as that. Do I think we’ve got some of the most talented players in the league in the forward position? Not really but I think that what we do have is At Least capable of putting the puck in the net.

          Watch reruns of last year’s playoff of the Simmonds Richardson Cliffy line. That’s chemistry and it woulda been interesting to see how that line might have developed if they had been put together for more of the season.

          • Flukes. Flukes.

            Just because one super talented team lost a playoff series, that means talent isnt any more important than these other things? I dont remember that specific Avs team but its possible they didnt have as good a defense as their forward group, or maybe their depth was bad. Thats the point, you need both, you need all.

            “Watch reruns of last year’s playoff of the Simmonds Richardson Cliffy line. That’s chemistry and it woulda been interesting to see how that line might have developed if they had been put together for more of the season.”

            That’s not chemistry. It’s some players who had it going for a few games. It might just be a matchup, the players they got matched up against on SJ over and over were players who they liked playing against.

            Clifford was also playing better last season. And the best player on that line, the one everyone else worked off, is gone. Simmonds held the puck better than either of the two, he could control it along the wall and by them time to get open, where they cant do that as well themselves.

            Youre probably right that the Kings could score more than they do, maybe be 25th in offense instead of 30th, but overall talent is the main issue, not chemistry.

        • There’s no doubt we need some top six wingers, but Brown-Kopi-Williams should be scoring with regularity. Instead, they go into long funks several times a year.

          Simply adding talent isn’t going to fix our issues. It also has something to do with our systems and tendencies.

          • Many don’t see Brown or Williams as top three forwards. So maybe they should be scoring regularly, but they’re not.

          • Brown looks out of shape this year or a little worn down, so that limits his effectiveness. It limits his talent, essentially. Kopitar is not a goal scorer. He should be giving you 25-28 but thats it. Williams isnt a sniper, hes a playmaker type guy, 23 goals or so is what you can expect.

            Thats a second line. Kopitar is a top line center, a lot because of his defense and size, but hes definitely a top line center even if hes not the most dynamic one offensively. But Brown and Williams are 2nd line wingers. So 2/3 of your top line is actually only talented enough to be a 2nd line. In fact Dustin Brown this year often only looks like a 3rd liner.

            Thats a talent problem, nothing else. Having a 3rd liner, a 2nd liner, and a good-not-great 1st liner (offensively speaking) make up your #1 line just isnt good enough.

            I do like what Jordan Nolan has brought. He has size, speed, skill. Edge control isnt the best but that hasnt hindered him. Everything else, acceleration, speed, strength on the puck, he looks like a keeper, someone who could add a bit of skill and puck-possession ability (which the Kings really lack) to the bottom-six.

          • Nolan has terrific weight distribution when he skates. I like his stride. His mid range speed is damn good for a big man. I haven’t seen issues with his edge control. What did you see?

          • So what would the pieces look like, in your opinion, that’s needed to make this team into a real contender? Who would you add/subtract? Would you keep the same coaching staff? Just curious.

          • I haven’t really noticed any edge issues either. Do you play or have played ice hockey 3TeamFan?

      • I begrudgingly agree with you. If in trading for Nash, I’m offering Brown.

    • The two rookies have chemistry..
      I think our boy’s brains are so stressed, whatever chemistry they do have is buried right now..
      It really sucks to be them..money or no money..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Yes they do I agree with you. The first game they played I saw it at least. They just knew where the other guy was gonna be most of the time and it was obvious, to me at least, that they look like they’ve played together before and for some time.

        That’s what frustrates the shit outta me. Kopitar, Brown, Williams have all been playing with each other for years now. What the hell is really going on??? And maybe you’re right about them being so stressed out and maybe Way Over Analyzing things Way too much at this point. So might as well blow off some steam and cut loose on a wild party. :D

  7. I am no longer at this team. I feel sorry for them. Almost everyone works their butt off. Now management is a different story. It’s time for a coup d’état

  8. Don’t want to admit it but the only thing different about this team and the team we had 5 years ago is our goaltending. they can do it but they aren’t doing it

  9. Hat trick says:
    February 18, 2012 at 11:35 pm
    They should all get fucking Wasted tonight, hire some strippers, do some coke, then get on the ice and play a pickup game. You can have the strippers dancing in the windows above the rink at Toyota when you walk in. Shit maybe even break out the disco ball for public skates while they’re at it.


  10. Browns interviews seems like they lost the Stanley Cup Finals :-p

  11. Depressions got a hold of me! Depression! Gotta break free! (blasting in the locker room)

  12. I was a DL supporter until the Sutter hiring.
    This is “his” coach, his team, he owns this whole fucking thing at this point. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs it’s pretty hard to defend DL.

    On the other hand, I fear who AEG would bring in to replace DL because they are idiots and they dont know what they have, that they have a solid D, solid goal tending and 2 good centers and they will probably trade away the farm just like they did before DL took over.

    12 yr rebuild coming if Dean gets fired mark my words.

    • I’d like to think Luc and Hextall would restrain AEG from going full retard if Lombardi is out.

      • Vegas….. well done. I too had posed the question, but actually wonder if they might not bring in someone like Luc. I think Luc is really savvy, understands the importance of defense…. while shockingly also recognizing that you have to score goals too.

        I think he was a better than average left wing during his career if I’m not mistaken (lol)

      • Tropic thunder! You never go full retard!

  13. the second time this week i’ve been disappointed at staples center. charlie simmer should’ve been a lot more harsh in his analysis of the kings form in this game. how could he not vomit with disgust after watching us play a sixty minute hockey game and not score a single goal. it truly was a sad day at staples when we honor a pivotal player in the triple crown line and we can’t score one, solitary goal.

  14. I don’t care.
    We have a good team. Really a great one if we find the net. It’s mostly psychological at this point. We need a disturbance in the entropy. Something to bust it loose. I don’t care if it’s McArthur, Carter, Nash or Aunt Jemima. We nee MOVEMENT! Dynamics. Killer instinct. Blood lust. Whatever you want to call it…
    Too much over-thinking going on right now. We need some motherfuckin’ Action!!

    That being said, Carter might be the way to go. Let’s reunite those party bros!!

  15. Organizations like the Flyers know how a real organization is won should say “how a real organization works.”

  16. The meltdown is now on. Even with a top sniper being brought in by the trade deadline, can the kings climb out of this hole? I am fearfull!

  17. http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/43529-Campbell-Darryl-Sutter-would-be-poor-choice-to-replace-Terry-Murray.html

    Burnside said: Burnside: As you know, I wasn’t a fan of the Darryl Sutter hire when Lombardi dismissed Terry Murray, and the team has continued to struggle offensively after a spasm of productivity and, not surprisingly, has slowly slid down the standings.

    Sutter hasn’t done a bad job, but when you aren’t scoring goals, hire a real excellent defensive coach….. even better than what you had before, and you’ll now only give up one goal per game. Pity it doesn’t help much.

    Wonder if DL takes responsibility for that? He got the man he wanted.

    • The point is: isn’t it interesting that hockey writers who make this their life’s work, said before the hiring that that wouldn’t get it done.

      Yes I know Barry Melrose and a few others thought it was the right choice. But even if it’s Scotty Bowman in his prime, you can’t give him the group of forwards that they have and expect miracles. You can’t give an all-star and former captain two AHL players with less than 15 nhl games experience between them.

  18. Quick deserves more.
    Last night was his TENTH loss in regulation/ot by only giving up ONE GOAL.

    Jesus Christ…is he already dreaming of what it’d be like in the east?

    • … Oh my GOD won’t someone think of the poor victimized goalie who faced all of 18 shots, had the easiest job of anyone last night, has made the All Star team, and will make a shitzillion dollars when he’s eligible for a new contract!

      Quick got outplayed by his opposing netminder (again). He raised his save percentage. His reputation is that of a God among many of the fans of the team with which he plays. He’s disappointed the team lost, but he’ll suck it up and get over it. You should, too.

      • Outplayed? You really think our offense is pretty good don’t you? You think that we do everything right in the O zone and that all there is too it is bad luck and Quick getting outplayed?

        So we lost because Quick let in a goal an Kipper didn’t? Is this your point? That we SHOULD have won 1-0 in a shootout or something?

        You know for the longest time, when Quick’s save percentage was only average but his GAA was good and he ha a lot of wins, you put him down saying that those are team stats and that his save percentage, the real goalie stat, was not that good so therefore he was average. Well now his save % is through the fucking roof and what do you do? Find a way to belittle it. To make it seem like it means nothing because he is just getting outplayed and he should be thanking the team for not allowing many shots.

        You don’t get to have it both ways. Quick was fine last night. Our offense is SO fucking bad that it turns every game Into a goalie battle. A battle that Quik keeps losin not because he is getting outplayed, but because eventually a team is going to find a way to score, except for us that is. Goals happen and every goalie lets them in. Kipper will Let in plenty as the season goes on, he’ll even let them in at a higher rate than Quick, as their save %’s indicate and prove, but when he or virtually any other goalie that doesn’t fall on his face plays us, that rule of allowing goals won’t apply because we are that fucking miserably terrible and pathetic at playing offense. And i’m sorry because generally I am a man who believe that perspective is a large contingency for any kind of truth, but that is pretty much the only way one can look at what is going with the Kings and why they are falling down the standings. We play great defense, Quick Plays winning hockey almost every night and we lose or tie and lose because we have no clue what we are doing in th offensive zone.

        There can be no hedging on that unless insanity is part of the recipe for thought. The ONLY thing left to do is debate why the offense sucks and what to do to fix it.

        So don’t give me this Quick got outplayed again shit. The defense played well enough to win. Quick played well enough to win. The offense did not. End of story. These are facts.

        • Outplayed?

          … Yep. Kiprusoff made more saves and made better, more difficult saves, including the save of the night on Richards. Are you going to say that Quick outplayed Kiprusoff? He faced 18 shots, of which at least 14 were routine saves. TOUGH.

          Well now his save % is through the fucking roof and what do you do? Find a way to belittle it.

          … Look, I know you’re pissed off about the game last night and maybe got up on the wrong side of the bed or something, but this is full of shit. I’ve praised Quick’s save percentage time and again, and you know that full well. I said he earned his All-Star berth, that he’s elevated his game, and he has. And, let me tell you something else – you’re not the only one pissed off about the loss.

          To make it seem like it means nothing because he is just getting outplayed and he should be thanking the team for not allowing many shots.

          … YOU’RE saying it means nothing, not me. He did get outplayed, as he was outplayed by Smith in the game before. It’s not personal, he just was. You can say all you want about how the Kings’ offense sucks. No shit. They still had more chances than the Flames did, but Kiprusoff shut them down. He was the superior goalie last night.

          I didn’t say whether he should thank the team for not allowing many shots, but I’m sure it’s been a huge help to him as a goalie. The point is that this “poor Quick boo hoo” shit is fucking lame. If the Kings had been outplayed and still won, people (including you, by the way) would be falling over themselves to get to the computer to say Quick STOLE the game. But when the Kings outplay the opposition and lose, it’s the offense’s fault. How convenient. How about YOU don’t get to have it both ways.

          • Hey JT. How many times have I praised your posts? LIke…. many many if you go back and look. But really, I can’t back this one up. If you want to be literal about it, ok Quick was ‘outplayed’ because he gave up one goal and Kipper none.

            The reality is that if you ask virtually any team out of 30 in the league ‘will you guys go with this deal…. we have to give up one goal tonight, but only one’?, every single team of those 30 will not hesitate for a second in saying that sounds pretty damned good.

          • … I know all that. And, I’m not saying Quick played a bad game last night. He played well. The goal he gave up was probably off of a bad bounce, but he did allow two to get by him and hit the post.

            Again, my point was that this feel sorry for Quick thing makes me sick. It’s a team loss. Quick could have played a bit better and the game could have went to overtime scoreless, and the Kings would have at least received a point in the standings. And yes, the Kings could have scored a fucking goal. That would have worked, too.

            No one was “victimized” last night, except the diehard fans I suppose.

          • Look, I know you’re pissed off about the game last night and maybe got up on the wrong side of the bed or something

            Guilty on both counts.

            If the Kings had been outplayed and still won, people (including you, by the way) would be falling over themselves to get to the computer to say Quick STOLE the game. But when the Kings outplay the opposition and lose, it’s the offense’s fault. How convenient. How about YOU don’t get to have it both ways.

            In general, yes you are right, you don’t get to have it both ways because the other goalie sometimes steals one fr their team the way your goalie can steal one for yours.
            However the trend has been going on too long for me to just say over and over and over again that the other goalie stole one. Our offense is stealing games away from us. Smith played decent, it helped that every quality open chance we has was either shot wide or directly into his chest. Kipper is a great goalie too. But Roloson? Whoever the fuck was in goal for Florida? We didn’t just get unlucky and run into 4 goalies in a week and a half that stole games for their team. When it becomes a trend that the other team’s goalie ‘steals’ a game for their team, and those other teams are variables, you mathematically and logically HAVE to look at the constant, and the constant is the offense. So I’m not really having it both ways, I’m having it one way because the offense always sucks except for the occasional statistically insignificant aberration, and here an there Quick does just play out f his mind and steal a game despite the constantly sucking offense. Your point about me having it both ways applies in a general sense to hockey, but in regards to this specific season and what has transpired and why, it’s a false analogy.

            Now in terms of boo hoo poor Quick. Yes absolutely boo hoo poor Quck. And poor Mitchell and Scuderi too. Poor Kopitar for letting Murray burn it into his head that worrying about back checking always takes precedent to scoring, despite the situation. Poor forwards for getting a second defensive coach in a row. Poor team for being managed too far in one direction. Mostly poor fans for having to pay to watch this unravel.

          • Smith played decent

            … Oh man, I totally beg to differ here. Smith was magnificent, both in keeping the puck out and playing the puck. He made a great save on Lewis on a rebound chance, in particular.

            We didn’t just get unlucky and run into 4 goalies in a week and a half that stole games for their team

            … Although you know that I DO feel the Kings have been tremendously unlucky this season, it’s not that they all stole games. They just played really well, really consistently. Nearly every game the Kings play seems to turn into this Mexican standoff. I think what would be great is that the other goalie could blink first, not Quick.

          • Smith smothered rebounds well I’ll give him that. But we sent our bet chances wide and he didn’t need to make what should have been the toughest saves.

            Also, with the Lewis chance, you don’t get to have it both ways! You know better than anyone that Lewis is everything bad about Craig Johnson reborn offensively! Is it a great save or can Lewis just simply not score at the NHL level, one awesome breakaway notwithstanding? :)

            Nearly every game the Kings play seems to turn into this Mexican standoff. I think what would be great is that the other goalie could blink first, not Quick.

            I see that as totally unfair. I think those last two games could have gone 12 periods and the Kings wouldn’t have been able to score.

          • Is it a great save or can Lewis just simply not score at the NHL level, one awesome breakaway notwithstanding?

            You aren’t talking about the penalty shot are you? Cause I know he has two goals and one was a penalty shot.

          • Maybe I am… I probably am.

            He has two goals?

  19. Changing one or two players with a trade is not going to make a big difference. The problem is with the system and not with the players. I just wish that we stop referring to our top 6 as forwards. The Kings currently put on the ice 2 forwards and 3 defensemen.

    • The system starts at the top because its the GM who decides what type of game he wants his team to play, what types of players and what types of coaches.

  20. JT Dutch,

    I agree with your sentiment that we shouldnt feel sorry for Quick. Hes got the starting job on an NHL team that is very defensively oriented. Hes been fantastic this season, but no goaltender gives up 1-2 goals every game unless the team is playing a tight defensive game in front of him. This probably means Quick will get a big contract next year, similar to what happened with Byrzgalov (although it shouldnt be nearly that big), and then we may find out that Quick was only as good as the LA Kings defensive system (like Bryzgalov was only as good as Tippet’s system). Quick has played great but its just one season and I hope the Kings dont give him too much money.

    Regardless, hes a starter on a good defensive team, hes going to get a raise next year, we shouldnt feel sorry for him. Hes in a good situation. You can say oh he only let in 1 goal its not fair to him that the team didnt score for him, but people who say that forget that the only reason he only lets in 1 goal is that the team is playing good defense for him.. This isnt like pitching in baseball where the pitcher is (almost) separate, like a good pitcher not getting run support. In hockey the skaters contribute to a good GAA just as much as the goaltending, so feeling sorry for Quick because he doesnt get goal support gets balanced out by him being lucky that he gets such good GAA support, so to speak.

    So I agree, we shouldnt feel sorry for Quick.

    That said, and I dont think this is what you were saying anyway but, Quick is obviously not the problem, and just because Kiprusoff outplayed him for one game, the problem is still the goal scoring talent or lack thereof, not Quick. But Im sure you agree anyway so it goes without saying.

  21. How many posts did Kippy give the Kings last night?
    At least two or three, the Kings didn’t finish, that wasn’t a goalie beating Quick!
    That was Quick’s own shitty offensive team giving him a tenth fucking loss this season after giving up only one goal.
    I’m starting to think we’re fucked even more, why wouldn’t Quick want to go to New Jersey, Philadelphia or Boston and get some goal support.
    I don’t see our $7 million dollar man doing much scoring these days.
    Do people really still think Doughty is worth more money than any other player on our roster.
    Stick a fucking fork in us, we’re done!!
    Anaheim will steam roll right by us.
    Dean, do you still think you picked the right replacement for Murray?
    From where I sit, you’ve once again been schooled/bested by the team’s gm done the road south of you!
    Mr. Lombardi you’re becoming the Buck Showalter of hockey, you get a team close and can’t finish the deal.
    Apparently someone else will have to get this team the offense it needs.
    Grow some fucking balls and pull the trigger already, you’re costing us more than this season.
    We’re becoming the laughing stock of the Western Conference.
    Hell, even the Clippers are more important than us in our own building!!!
    This is my low point as a Kings fan and I was able to stomach seven years of not making the playoffs, so that’s saying something!

  22. Last 10 games: 1/23/2012 to 2/18/2012-

    Goals for-19
    Goals against-16
    Overtime Losses-1
    Shutouts For-0
    Shutouts Against-3
    Possible Points-20
    Actual Points-9

  23. I am not going to berate players or management on this round. I am going to get on my soapbox and berate “fans” who come to maybe one or two games and are extremely annoying! DO NOT COME TO STAPLES WEARING A KINGS JERSEY AND KINGS HAT and spend the entire game booing every Kings player and booing the team in general. You annoy the fucking shit out of me!!!! If you are a fan(?) you should realize that their are ups and downs in sports. Do not sit there and say my section is quiet and sitting in the 100’s is better than 315….why oh why did I not smack you so hard your head would have bounced on the seat in front of you????????

    I know the Kings are not in a good place right now but I am not going to sit and boo them like a jackass!

    Would you be up to me following you around in your day job and screaming you suck as you sit and worry about keeping your measley little job?
    Don’t you think the players feel bad about what is going on and very frustrated about their performance without their “home” crowd booing them.

    Yikes!!!!! I feel so much better now…thanks Surly and Scribe!


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