Outside The Box Or Lunacy? Trade Nobody.

Panic is a poor catalyst for decision.

Under most circumstances and almost without exception, it is a bad idea to sell a good stock when its value is low.

I was told yesterday that if you take the last four seasons in aggregate, the L.A. Kings are 30th in 5 on 5 goals per game. I have not verified it but if it is not 30th, it must be close. That isn’t coincidence and, contrary to urban legend, offense doesn’t come to L.A. to die.

You currently have Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Justin Williams, Mike Richards, Jarret Stoll and Dustin Penner falling below their career averages in goals and points. Simon Gagne was headed there before his head got in the way and ended his season prematurely.

Can the team wide illness be fixed by excommunicating one or more players from the roster and replacing him or them with others?

What happens when you bring a healthy person into a sick room?

Ask Dustin Brown who is allegedly ill and missed practice today. Jarret Stoll apparently got him sick. No truth to the rumors that Stoll was sickened as a result of another Drew Doughty reach around gone bad. The point is there are too many things going and gone wrong on offense over too long of a period among too many players for this to fall in the category of a “slump.” Then again, you could argue “look at the Ducks.” They were all but destined to go down in a heap of feathered flames this season but they have made an iniquitous turnaround. It’s nearly a carbon copy of what the New Jersey Devils almost did last season. But it’s not just this season with the L.A. Kings. It’s four of them combined. It’s a sick house or, if you prefer, a structure.

Enter the architect. Dean Lombardi.

I won’t take you through the road that brought us here. We have talked about it, together, at length. But I ask that you think about a trade for a second, a major one. What does it really state? To me, it states Dean Lombardi doesn’t know what he is doing. This is the team he wanted just as Terry Murray and Darryl Sutter were and are the coaches he placed in position to teach and run the household. He built it or maintained the player pieces from the last administration he believed worthy. Nobody forced his hand to do anything. His failures were and are his own. The L.A. Kings’ consistent failure to compete offensively with other teams is his own. Just as it was in San Jose, Dean Lombardi was not able to take the Sharks to the next level, to make them a contender, a legitimate one. That is not to say he didn’t do good things there. He did just as he has done here. But the ownership in San Jose stopped trusting him. They did not believe he should be given further discretion. Thereafter, the Sharks have found success.

Do you trust Dean Lombardi to make trades? To blow this up? To tear the house down and start over? Do you want to give Dean Lombardi any further discretion?

There is the question of “but who would replace him?” I haven’t thought that one through enough. I suggested a name to Surly a couple of days ago but it needs to percolate. It isn’t Luc. That issue is beyond the scope of this article. What is within the scope is trust. Between now and then, I ask again – do you trust the architect?

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  1. How would we say the Richards trade compares to the Thornton trade?

    My guess would be give DL one big .. BIG trade and then a season.

    After that … final decision.

    I think he deserves it based on how far he’s gotten us.

    • “How would we say the Richards trade compares to the Thornton trade?

      My guess would be give DL one big .. BIG trade and then a season.”

      Very insightful, except Dean Lombardi wasn’t the GM for SJ when Thornton was traded. Doug Wilson was.

      Maybe I misunderstood you, but your guess is about as your facts when it comes to Dean Lombardi being the guy who was GM when Joe Thornton was traded from Boston to SJ.

      The only one big thing Dean should be given is a box, to clean out his ego and his office.

      Thanks for playing though, and if I misunderstood, my bad, but I have a feeling I didn’t misunderstood, but I do understand you need to get your facts straight.

  2. Personally, I don’t trust DL anymore. Things have gotten away from him. I say we run out the season with what we have. Right now everyone knows we’re desperate and we will way overpay for anyone brought in on a trade. Finish the season as is. Fire the Architect 10 mins. before the final game. Get someone new, and fix the house in the off season. One person isn’t going to turn this season around.

    • Brian you and I agree big time on one thing: one person is in fact Not gonna turn this thing around. Mike Richards on a line with Nash would certainly create more scoring (given that Richards hasn’t had a goal in a month that wouldn’t be difficult), but most likely at a huge price.

      I’ve seen too many poor decisions out of DL at this point and think that a change may eventually be in order.

  3. I’ve been saying DL sucks for years

  4. Here’s the thing Bobby: excuse me bringing politics in, I’m not going there on a personal mission cause I’m not that bothered about it. But the point is, if you think things should be done in a very conservative manner, then no amount of liberal thinking will convince you….. and vice versa.

    So to adapt the same principle, to me DL has a very conservative approach to the game that long term didn’t translate before the lockout. I of course allow for things he would have learned from his experience in SJ. That said, I simply don’t think a conservative approach works the way the league functions NOW.

    I’ve already posted this but will do it one last time as I found it very significant. The guys who were doing the afternoon show on nhl home ice (radio) talked about Burke. They both stated that Burke has been building the Leafs in a very different manner than he did w the Ducks, because he realizes that the game is changing and the importance of (sic) speed and/or skill. I can’t remember verbatim. But that says a lot.

    To your stat about 5-on-5 for the last four years. How can that not be significant.
    I’ll go out on a limb and state that it would be the most incredible goaltending performance in the history of the Stanley Cup – ever – to win a cup with an offense ranked dead last. I normally would say that it’s impossible, but I suppose that nothing is impossible.

    In summary, any move trade wise that he makes is gonna come thru the filter of the same philosophy with which he’s built this team. And I add to that that it would be a trade very much colored by desperation….., as A) they are desperate for scoring and B) his job could well be in play.


    wait till summer when the emotion has died down (if he’s still here) and reassess.
    ideally he’d turn to someone (a mentor of some sort) and get some feedback, but I can’t see him doing that for some reason.

  5. “There is the question of “but who would replace him?”” What’s Scotty Bowman up to these days? If he’s willing and able and the org really wants a championship, they should try and do whatever it takes to bring this guy in. Instant credibility and no bullshit.

    • Definitely, I suggested that a while back, but to hire him as coach. AEG has pretty big pockets, It wouldnt hurt to try. I think Scotty is a consultant to the Hawks working with his son? at least he was for a while.

  6. Ive lost a lot of trust in Lombardi with Sutter’s hiring. He really showed what a stubborn narrow minded approach he has to building and running a team.
    I hate to say my fears have come true, Sutter hasnt changed philosophy since his last coaching gig. He’s a defense first coach and hasnt improved the offense.

    Your absolutely right that we’d be selling low now and also negotiating from a position of weakness, so teams will look to hose us and expect us to overpay, fuck that.

    To me the way you fix this is to bring in another coach in the offseason and start with a clean slate. Full system reset.

    Its not letting the players off the hook, because really those guys look like they are playing pretty hard but they are always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Its realizing you hired the wrong guy and hes not going to fix whats wrong with the team. I would keep Stevens though.

    The other thing that pisses me off is, even if we had a shot to land Parise, meaning he’d be ok with playing out west, is that Ive heard him say he wasn’t happy playing a D first system, he was looking forward to more offensive freedom under Peter DeBoer. So I think there’s no way he’d want to play for Sutter.

    • “To me the way you fix this is to bring in another coach in the offseason and start with a clean slate. Full system reset.”

      A friend of mine pointed out to me before TM was fired that whoever the coach was that replaces him would be someone who echoed the vision of Lombardi. He can bring in every single coach he wishes and nothing significant will change unless His Philosophy Changes as Puckoff 23 points out.

      And chances of that happening? Well Lombardi seems quite intractable from what I can see.

      • “whoever the coach was that replaces him would be someone who echoed the vision of Lombardi”

        That would explain the Sutter hiring.
        Doesn’t look like there’s much hope for a real change of philosophy then given DL’s stubbornness.

        It’s lookin more and more like his days are numbered.


    Actually, that is the smartest thing anyone has said concerning this team coming up to the trade deadline.

    I am 50/50 about trusting Dean Lombardi. I think the way most do in that he has done a lot for this franchise, but I do not think he has what it takes as a GM to make this team a contender. Can that change? Sure, but it has to be a change within Dean Lombardi and his mindset, which then has to trickle down through to the coaching staff and then to the players. Will that happen? That is where I do not hold out hope. If he is kept, then something has to change, because I think the problem stops being the players when everyone that isn’t a goalie cant score.

    If it were up to me, and it definitely isn’t, but if it was, this is what i would do regarding the roster:

    – try to trade Penner for anything you can get. If there are no takers, waive him.
    – when the roster expands, call up Cliche and Clune and anyone else that brings energy that you can fit under the cap and let them run amok.

    If this team makes an attempt to go after a big time scorer the cost will be huge, because Lombardi is not dealing from a position of strength, and like Mr. Scribe said, desperation deals are the last thing this club needs. With a trade like that , you would probably need to add a couple of depth players, which would involve another trade or two, again, not dealing from a position of strength.

    It is just too late in the season to make any significant moves.

  8. Simply put, In Dean I DO NOT trust!!!

  9. “Under most circumstances and almost without exception, it is a bad idea to sell a stock when its value is low.”

    So what are you saying… I should have held on to:
    Fannie Mae
    All of the Dot Com Stocks That were at 300

    Damn, no wonder I can’t afford the beer prices at Staples.

  10. The saddest thing is that as it stands today, Lombardi has done a better job of trading or scorers than he has drafting them, which is the opposite of what his strength is supposed to be.

  11. Trade Penner and Stoll for picks. Fire Lombardi.

  12. I was told yesterday that if you take the last four seasons in aggregate, the L.A. Kings are 30th in 5 on 5 goals per game. I have not verified it but if it is not 30th, it must be close.

    … Besides that being wrong, that’s a really horseshit way of looking at it. The Kings were 19th in 09-10 and 16th last season. Not great, but not terrible either. In 08-09, they had close to zero offensive talent and were in the process of completely changing their philosophy of play.

    Over the last four seasons, the Kings have been tied for 28th in goals scored at 5-on-5 (2.17 per 60 minutes). Now, say whatever you want about being 28th, but that’s not 30th. Minnesota’s 30th (2.10 per 60). During that same span, the Kings have been tied for 4th in fewest goals allowed (2.21 per 60) in the same situations.

    If we look at the last three seasons, the Kings have been tied for 25th in goals scored (2.22 per 60) and 3rd in fewest goals allowed (2.12 per 60).

    Do you trust Dean Lombardi to make trades? To blow this up? To tear the house down and start over? Do you want to give Dean Lombardi any further discretion? Between now and then, I ask again – do you trust the architect?

    … No. Non. Nie. Nyet. Negative.

    There is the question of “but who would replace him?” I haven’t thought that one through enough. I suggested a name to Surly a couple of days ago but it needs to percolate. It isn’t Luc. That issue is beyond the scope of this article. What is within the scope is trust.

    … I’d give Dave Nonis a call. I’d give Mike Murphy a call. I’d ask Rob Blake if he was interested, and then tell the media all about it, just to piss some ingrates off.

    • I missed the part where it was a “horseshit” way of looking at it. So it was 28th. I didn’t say it was 30th. I said I was told it was 30th and I did not know. So, why is it horseshit? Because it is true or you don’t like the stat? Any Cup contenders that are near the bottom of the league in that stat?

      • So, why is it horseshit?

        … Because in the two seasons before this one, the Kings were tied for 17th in 5-on-5 offense. Big difference being middle of the pack and being dead last.

        It was also a big difference between the teams of 08-09 and 09-10. It’s horseshit to even make the 08-09 season relevant to the discussion. Before that season, the Kings were expected to suck. In the last three seasons, they have not been expected to suck.

        When you count this season along with the last two, the Kings’ 5-on-5 offense goes from 17th to 25th. That shows you how much the struggle this season has driven down the overall numbers.

        Any Cup contenders that are near the bottom of the league in that stat?

        … THE KINGS ARE NOT CUP CONTENDERS. Christ. This is a .500 team. Eight games over .500 two seasons ago, two games over .500 last season, three games under .500 this season.

        If they scored more goals, they’d give up more goals. They’d be the Maple Leafs. They’d be top 10 in offense but giving up three goals a game and people here would be constantly bitching “waah we don’t play any D, we suck, get a defensive coach!”

        The Kings are not good enough to be top 10 offense and top 10 defense at the same time. They do not have the talent for that. They’ve never come close to showing that. Perhaps a different head coach would improve the team; I mean, there’s always that possibility, but I doubt it highly. They need to get more out of what they have on the big league roster, but they also need to stockpile more talent from within or elsewhere if they want to get to the contender level.

        • Nashville is 13th in offense and 10th in defense. How do you explain that? Are you saying that Nashville is vastly more talented than the Kings? They are 27th in shots for and 25th in shots against. Yet they are 10th in 5-on-5 F/A.

          • Nashville has two elements we don’t: (1) Their coach and system has been ingrained in that team because they have played it for so long. Though not identical to Detroit, they are very comfortable in their skin. (2) Shea Weber is their team’s identity and he commands respect with his play on the ice. Are we more talented that the Preds? I don’t know. They have solid goaltending and defense. So do we. At the forward position, I wouldn’t call us worlds better than them. Pretty close actually. Perhaps it’s as simple as execution which goes back to number 1 to some extent.

          • Nashville is 13th in offense and 10th in defense. How do you explain that? Are you saying that Nashville is vastly more talented than the Kings?

            … I don’t know about vastly more talented, but they’re better.

            Rinne is a better, more proven goalie than Quick.

            Weber and Suter as a pair are better than anything the Kings can muster on the blue line.

            But more than anything, they have far better role players up front. Look at the guys playing fewer than 15 minutes a game. Halischuk, Smith, Tootoo, and Bourque have 33 goals combined. Compare that to Clifford, Richardson, Lewis, and Loktionov, who have 11 combined. That 22-goal edge accounts for more than half of the margin that Nashville has over the Kings in scoring.

            Having said all that, I don’t believe that Nashville can sustain their good 5-on-5 play as long as they’re being outshot 31-27 at fives every 60 minutes. There’s some luck favoring them, and if it runs out, they’re going to struggle.

    • I also recall the “I have not verified it but if it is not 30th, it must be close” part, and I assume that 28th is close enough to 30th to be considered “close.”

  13. Dean =,s penis, sutter =,s hand rubing penis, players with this system( kings damd it ) =,s sperm, the net =,s our god damd contraceptive, we need the net to forget to a take a pill or two.

  14. If it is a huge, multi-player full teardown, I don’t trust Lombardi. But, the guy in play (Nash) would have to approve the trade and I doubt he would, and such a trade is not Lombardi’s usual MO.

    Maybe he would do a mid-level trade, in which case I would trust him because there are enough free agent spots coming due next summer that any new GM will have enough room to make his imprint as needed, almost no matter what Lombardi did.

    I doubt whether Lombardi could find trading partners that would take Stoll, Penner and Mitchell, anyway, so their contracts ending would make space for the new GM to maneuver. Also, Parse comes off the books. Even if Lombardi trades those guys all away, their low trade value now means that whatever the Kings get back probably won’t be a major commitment.

    Also enough guys are also in their contract years next year (Gagne, Scuderi, Richardson, Drewiske, Quick) that in just two summers so much of the team will require decisions from whoever is GM that a new guy will have many opportunities to shape the team.

    Just for fun, and knowing that you don’t get mulligans and also that the transactions involved below were made over multiple regimes, here is a roster of former Kings still active in the league that could have still been Kings now. Goalies suck, but not as bad as one would think. I doubt whether this roster would be much worse than the current team, looks sort of like a mid-pack team that would struggle, but at least they would score enough goals to have something to cheer about occasionally.
    LW C RW

    M. Cammalleri O. Jokinen J. Blake
    -31/548, 191+222=413 -93/1019, 287+384=671 -16/848,211+273=484

    M. Moulson B. Boyle W. Simmonds
    -7/251, 92+69=161 -3/245, 38+28=66 +10/298, 60+70=130

    R. Smyth M. Handzus A. Ponikarovsky
    -31/1126, 371+425=796 +20/899, 179+278=457 +44/614, 131+174=305

    T. Purcell E. Belanger T. Kostopoulos
    +2/248, 42+79=121 -24/770, 136+214=350 -44/592, 59+94=153

    B. Schenn G. Parros
    -4/39, 8+5=1 +12/403, 17+16=33

    L. Visnovsky B. Stuart
    +29/748, 116+329=445 +5/853, 73+225=298

    T. Gleason J. Corvo
    -6/534, 15+100=115 +37/624, 82+196=278

    K. Quincey S. O’Donnell
    -4/238, 16+76=92 +89/1215, 31+198=229

    M. Weaver
    -3/478, 6+63=69

    M. Garon J. LaBarbera
    2.82/.904 2.87/.907

    • Cammalleri, for example, is -31 in 548 games played, with 191 goals and 222 assists for a toal of 413 points. Obviously, the spacing did not hold from composition to posting.

      • Hey Player-X, just wanted to say that I always enjoy your posts. They’re very well thought out and almost always employ good logic. That’s something I don’t take for granted as you don’t always see that.

        I find your posts have a good deal of depth…. especially pointing out the ‘predicament’ of DL. And a predicament it is. It’s like you say, he’s done all of this building, and other than certain aspects he’s got the team a little bit ahead of where they were 5 years ago, but I’m not as convinced as some that they’re on the cusp of something tremendous.

        The fact is that every off season for the last three years I’ve asked the question ‘what can they do next year that will improve this or that aspect’ and I wasn’t finding an answer. Even last year, I pointed out to my friend that while they did bring in Gagne and Richards, there were just under 48 goals that left town in Simmer, Smyth and Zus for a team that was already having a hard time scoring. And I certainly don’t see the elements in the system or anything that make me think that next year would be a dramatic improvement.

        That’s why I almost think you need someone else to come in with a fresh point of view who could take what they do have and reshape it a bit. At least they already have a good defense in place.

        I didn’t expect to type all that. The point was just to offer up the complement.

      • Even just Moulson and Cammalleri would give the Kings two 30 goal type guys with finishing ability. Cammalleri has scored more in the past, probably isnt quite as good now, but hes still a 30 goal guy. I mean hes very talented. Moulson is on the up and up and seems to be getting 30 with ease these days. Even just those two guys, while not making the Kings a cup winner, would at least give them a dimension they dont have right now.

        You know, the dimension to actually score.

        Im a Purcell fan, too, but much like James Van Riemsdyk, when hes not at the top of his game, with his top speed, in great shape, he goes from great to average. Little in between. Those guys need that extra step, that extra jump, that allowed them to do everything else they want to do. Purcell and JVR had it last playoffs, neither have had it this season except Purcell is getting it back now.

        But just Cammalleri and Moulson even would help the Kings.

        • And Visnovsky…

          The Kings should never have let him go, hes so good on the powerplay, they need him badly. Hes one of the best powerplay quarterbacks in the league, like truly elite, only behind maybe Lidstrom.

  15. I trust Lombardi to bring in a defensively sound player that will look down his nose at players on the opposite end of the ice that engage in shenanigans that said player will not engage in because they have too much “character” and respect for the game (read: pussy) and this player will no doubt have the uncanny ability to the shoot the puck either directly at the opposing goalie’s chest or 3 feet wide of their net… But what really excites me as a fan is that this player will not only fit into the salary cap for years to come, he’ll also be the right fit for this team…. hoo-fucking-ray Lombardi… Too bad they don’t have trophies or parades for puzzle pieces or Excel spreadsheets…

  16. Wow, Anaheim is five points behind the Kings!! And based on what I’m seeing, they’re playing a darn site better than the Kings are. For that reason alone I wonder if Lombardi will try and pull of a semi blockbuster. I hope not.

    If the Ducks make the playoffs and the Kings don’t I have to believe that DL will not be in pretty shape at the end of the whole thing. So that’s one coaching change that is working.

  17. We’ve all been sold the moon but given a bag of shit instead…”No problem here Kings fans…just go and keep on buying your tickets and merchandise and turn the tv back on. Everything’s just fine over here.”

  18. Trade Penner, Doughty, Bernier and Stoll for Boll, Nash, Carter and Sanford.
    Change the lines to:




  19. At this point I hope that DL has to go to TL and AEG approval to make any moves. When the Murray-Sutter change was made, I was worried about DL making some type of trade that would be costly. Some type of reactionary move along the lines of “Sutter’s type of player” that would send the likes of Lokti, VV, JV or AMart for some scrub 3rd or 4th line grinder.

    The best move for the organization now is to not make any moves. To ride this out ‘as is’ and then have a full house cleaning. New GM, asst GM perhaps, coach, asst coaches and players are all evaluated. Don’t necessarily think Hextall needs to go. I think that decision would be better left to a new GM. The rest though need to go and the organization from top to bottom needs to be re-booted.

    Can’t remember where I read it a week or two ago, but someone that has ties inside said the guys constantly play under fear of screwing up. They play still to this day in such a structured and disciplined style that the guys fear making mistakes. Don’t know how true that is, but if that is the case then it goes all the way to the top. It wasn’t just TMu, but it goes all the way to DL.

    I firmly believe in playing responsibly, but at the same time you’ve got to play loose. Have fun out there, but know your role, responsibilities, marks, strengths and weaknesses.

    Like TMu, DL has done a good job of building a solid foundation to build upon. Similar to what has happened in SJ. They got better and went further after his departure. Let’s hope the same happens in LA.

    The team needs fresh ideas, breath of fresh air and a new personality. Until then no trades, except for UFAs. Make the moves during the summer, when they will get a better return on assets. Move the UFAs to try get back a 2nd and 3rd, more if possible.

  20. Powerplay lines:

    1st- Nash/Kopitar/Richards

    2nd- Williams/Carter/Brown

  21. i probably will get crucified for this but fuck it…brown to the sabers for pomeville or roy. cant strip the “c” and ecspect him to be happy here anymore (love brown but a team gets its idenity from its captain, brown is to laid back and calm. we need a maniac). richards become captain. penner for a third. stoll for a second. trade bernier and a dman for carter. if gagne comes back…
    gagne- kopi- williams
    sorry lewis. great speed, play hard, but no goal production or toughness.
    i dont know. just grasping at straws. just know this team is a fucking playoff team.

    • We don’t crucify people around here. Instead we get you drunk, strip you naked and leave you at an undisclosed location within 5 miles of Staples Center where we wait for you to find your way back.

    • Trevor Lewis is a love child from Mike Donnelly and Brian Willsie. Like a guy digging a trench, all you see is asshole and elbows, gets himself free for shots and never buries ’em.

      • Hey X, do you think Lewis would put up better numbers on another team? I know im sure just about anybody would, but I get the impression from him that he’s another Moulson or Purcell. Lewis has shown flashes of some pretty good skill.

        • Actually, I don’t. Lewis’ problem with scoring is physiological; he is missing the “bury it” bone.

          He may develop the scoring instinct, but it would be hard to imagine him getting more than 10 goals in a year.

          The crazy thing about him is his playoff stats (albeit a super small sample) compared to his regular season stats:

          Regular Season: -17 in 142 games played, with 6 goals and 13 assists for 19 points, off a shooting percentage of 3.1.

          Playoffs-his plus/minus is even, and in 6 games he had 1 goal and 3 assists for 4 points, off a shooting percentage of 9.1.

          I guess an argument could be made for him to improve if he had better linemates for a long period of time, but it’s hard to see another Matt Moulson in him.
          What bugs me most about Lewis is the waste of chances that come to him and are not resulting in goals. Also, he almost never challenges for inside position; I want to scream every time he stops it up, doing the little buttonhook inside the blue line looking for the trailer that never comes while his linemates do nothing to get open.

    • Yeah I wonder how he’d handle losing the C. I definitely think a change needs to be made there regardless of wether or not they trade him. What about Mitchell for Captain? If not him then Richards.

  22. It’s time for a partial rebuild. Bring in an entirely new staff including GM.

  23. Next GM will be Gretzky. Not saying he’ll be any good, just that it’ll be him.

    This is something I’ve heard for sometime. Let’s see if my sources are better than our hosts’.


    • I pretty much came to the same conclusion. Wayne seems TOO available at this point. Sort of like he is waiting for something.

  24. Lombardi calling Doug Wilson (GM of the Sharks): I’ll give you Voynov and Loktionov for Mike Ricci. I think he is the final piece that I need down here in L.A. You still hold his rights, don’t you?

  25. The offense needs to work itself out of this scoring slump. And one suggestion is, CROWD THE NET KINGS! Goaltenders can make saves on blue line shots all day long.

    Trading someone of our awesome defense to pick up some scoring will likely not fix the problem. The roster the Kings have now should be scoring, but they’re not. Why would bringing Nash (or insert whichever player here) fix it and who would we give up to acquire him?

    When has late-season acquisitions ever worked for the Kings? We don’t need another Penner-Ronning-Carter on the team. The Kings already have plenty of non-scoring players.

    Fix the offense from within without altering the roster too much or cash in on this season and start thinking about next season. The Ducks look like a more promising team to make the playoffs than the Kings do right now. This entire season I’ve never thought the Kings looked that strong.

    I’m not sure about what should be done with Lombardi or Sutter, but definitely fire Kompon.

  26. Lombardi should do nothing.

  27. The most logical thing to do at the deadline, (Kings fans HATE hearing this) would be to trade Jonathan Quick being that his value is so high around the league and he is rumored to want Rinne money. Be hard to give him that. Try to get Nash for him, and actually have some faith in the goaltender that the organization drafted to eventually become the #1 anyways.


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