To Whet Your Appetite. Rick Nash Goal Highlights…

Notice where most of his goals come from? The place Anze Kopitar won’t go and the rest of our team cannot finish when they get there. To the net!

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  1. First video at 3:15 Are you Fucking kidding me??? No doubt the guy’s a stud…we can Definitely use a guy like that but to give up JJ in the process…I’m not too hot on that plan. Why not Bernier, Voynov, Martinez?

  2. The place Anze Kopitar won’t go

    … It makes me sad to see you subscribe to this myth.

    • That’s fact. Kopitar does not drive to the net nearly as much as he used to. Shit, his first career goal was around Pronger and to the net. He’s been rocked a few times, the most notable one by Brooks Orpik, and his game has changed. I rarely see him driving outside and in to the net. Now, he drives outside and stays outside to go behind the net where coincidentally he got hit by Morrow (I think it was) recently. He doesn’t take command of the play and puck. He doesn’t keep his feet moving once he crosses the blue line with the puck.

      • Unfortunately I’ve been noticing the same thing. I think that hit by Morrow really fucked with his head.

      • I rarely see him driving outside and in to the net.

        … That’s because defensemen back off of him for fear of getting burned.

        He’s been rocked a few times, the most notable one by Brooks Orpik, and his game has changed.

        … I don’t see where his game has changed at all. In fact, he’s rarely had a chance to play his game this season.

        He doesn’t take command of the play and puck.

        … What do you mean by “take command”? What would you have him do? Go one on three? He’s created opportunities for his linemates, but unfortunately they haven’t been converting them. If you want to say he doesn’t get selfish enough or shoot enough, hey be my guest. But that’s been a flaw in his game from day one; it’s not like it’s new.

        He doesn’t keep his feet moving once he crosses the blue line with the puck.

        … That depends on the situation and the play. To say he doesn’t do it is a myth. He does do it. To say he doesn’t drive to the net is a myth. He does that, too. There has to be a purpose to it, however. He’s tried driving to the net against two or three defenders, and he’s lost the puck doing that more often than not. I don’t think he shies away from contact at all, and he’d be more than happy to carry a guy with him to the net if he knew he could maintain possession.

        Looking at the Nash videos, he’s usually racing in on breakaways, open in front of the net, or benefiting from a turnover. It’s one thing to drive the net when there’s an open lane to do so, and if Kopitar has that lane, he’s usually taking advantage of it.

        • The last point is my point. He has the lane or has the opportunity to expose it and doesn’t. 9 times out of 10, when that lane comes and he is driving, he stays to the outside. He doesn’t lean in with his shoulder, get on his edge and use that size to take the inside position. I am not addressing a situation when it is 1 on 3. That’s silly. I am specifically talking about what I did see him do far more a few years ago.

          As a side note, do you know exactly to what Orpik hit I refer? Not that I am asking you to agree with me or anything, but Jim Fox even mentioned it that season – specifically that Kopi was not taking the puck to the net in one on one situations or on the rush nearly as much as he used to do.

          Still, reasonable minds can differ. I will watch for it more next game. Maybe there is some truth to the fact his linemates are not helping the cause.

      • He also doesn’t jump in to loose puck battles. He hangs back strictly as support for a pass IF we win a battle. But that I think is more of a system issue than specifically a Kopi issue.

      • If our power forward/Captain doesn’t drive to the net on a regular basis, then why should our playmaking center?

      • Alas, all very true.

        Giant fucking sigh….and the depression deepens.

    • myth? Are you joking?

      I feel like he has improved on it from last year but he rarely goes anywhere but the outside when entering the zone with the puck.

  3. ya, insane, natural born killer. but going off the rumors, it creates more holes, than patch em up!! like fixing a leak in one end of the house, and springing a leak in another. imo

  4. Why are you doing this? Do we really have any confirmation we even have a chance to get this guy? I refuse to watch this, and even act like we are going to get him because I really do no want to commit the, “With one minute to go, Quick is going to get a shoot out…” jinx with trading for Nash.

  5. And yet there are morons out there that won’t trade JJ and his career minus 8000 for this guy, fyi there is a reason he is the best power forward in the game. Kings fans complain about the offense and how we have no true sniper, then when one is available they complain and the package going the way and expect to get him for nothing.

    • I will admit I am warming up to the idea of having him. It’s risky regardless. I just don’t know if I trust Dean to do it right. If there is a way to fuck it up, Lombardi will find it.

      • I absolutely agree with that assessment of DL, the problem is with not doing it we don’t know when another sniper is going to be available with the talent Nash has. I would hate to see Parise and Semin sign elsewhere then Carter gets traded and we are left watching Nash pot 50 goals in Det or NYR, but hey we would still have Bernier (playing a whopping 10 games a year) and JJ making stupid decisions in the back end while Voynov sits. We have a plethora of d men and goaltending lets use it to land of one the best snipers this decade.

  6. While I’ve been preparing myself to lose Johnson for a few weeks now, hearing Bob McKenzie on NHL Network say Johnson is not a big of a draw for Columbus Gm as some of the D they’re asking NY and Toronto for, is making me feel like we may not land this.

    I disagree with him, part home town bias, part watching him every other night and not seeing the East coast teams as much, but it could be their thinking too.

    But that move Nash pulls on the two Coyotes D makes my pants not fit right.

    • I hate to say this as I don’t mind JJ and he has come along way in the last few years, but JJ is not as valuable as McDonaugh or Del Zotto in New york or Schenn in TO. Also don’t kid yourselves with the whole discount to stay here bullshit. JJ is NOT worth $4.357 mill/year, sorry but its true.

  7. Thats what I was sayin the other day, the guy is practically unstoppable going to the net, he runs people over. Thats what Penner should be if he had some god damn balls.

    In the game with the clock problem against BJ’s, Nash knocked Doughy over just by leaning into him when Doughty went to make a check on him. Looked like Doughty ran into a wall, made him look like a rag doll. The guy is a beast. Playing with Kopi or Richards, he puts up 40 without breakin a sweat.

    • Fucking rights he does man! I personally would put him with Richards and Gagne on the first line, then put Kopi on the second line with Williams and Brown. Kopi would be better off playing against other teams second paired defence, as I agree that he seems to have lost his balls along the way and won’t drive the net. Richards and Nash are used to playing and excelling aginst the oppositions best defenders, Kopi is too inconsistent to be top line center IMO.

      • I was thinking about that too, Kopi is such a good 2 way player he may be better suited for more of a shutdown roll. Richards is a better set up guy and slicker passer than Kopi IMO.

        Or I dont know why they havent tried this but put Kopi on 1st line wing and Richards at 1st line C. Let Richards run the play and Kopi look to get open. Kopi has a great shot but it seems like he is always lookin to set up the play and make a pass, which is his job at C but they should take advantage of his shot by freeing him up to roam without the puck and pick spots.
        What have they got to lose, give it a ride. They tried Richards at wing but not the other way around.

    • The question is now are we still on his list or not?

  8. Boy we need you Nash but damn I hope it does not cost us JJ or DD. We need scoring that’s obvious but hate to give up on these two guys. Columbus needs everything so hopefully we can get a deal done without these two. My opinion is that Brown, Bernier and maybe Martinez or King or Nolan may work and a pick also they mY ask for a center so I could see Stoll being an option but they may want a better younger guy.

  9. It was cruel of you to post these with Rick Nash still in a Columbus uniform.

    Thanks for making the next week that much harder, asshole.

  10. Wow, it seems on most of his goals, he drives so close, he knocks into the goalie or goal post off.


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