Your Reaction & Poll Answers To The Following L.A. Kings For Rick Nash Possibilities…

Please provide your reaction to the following trade scenarios involving the L.A. Kings and Rick Nash. As a side note, Curtis Sanford is on IR with an upper body injury. I bring this up because some of the trade scenarios involve him.

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  1. I think we are missing the true option here.

    Nash, Mason, Carter for Doughty, Bernier, Penner, 1st Round and maybe Stoll.

    • Ok.. that is over the top. I got into the spirit of adding Carter cause you guys did.

      Here is what I’d really like to see:

      Bernier, DD, Penner for Nash, AV and Mason.

      • Penner walks, what would they want a UFA?

        Stoll walks, why want a UFA that walks?

        Mason: Why would anyone want a crappy goalie? Mason will be lucky to be in the NHL much longer, as anything but a backup or down in the AHL.

        Sanford is 32 years old and a career AHL goalie.

        Here is what I would really like. Know exactly who the players are, before making a post, which makes no sense what so ever.

        • They take Stoll and Penner for the simple reason that we need them to take salary in order to fit under the cap with what they send back. It’s just the cost of doing business for them.

          From their perspective, it’s easy to absorb a fraction of a year of their pay. Plus if either of them actually work out, the BJs have the inside track to sign them (they own their rights until the UFA silly season starts 7/1.)

      • Why not only Carter? pure sniper, played with Richards, and more than 2.5 million saved in cap space over Nash.

    • I do that deal in a heartbeat. Talent is one thing, heart and desire another. Doughty could give two shits whether they win or lose (as evidenced by him laughing and carrying on multiple times while down in the game).

      I understand Carter comes with that baggage as well. My guess is that he will be a more dedicated player after experiencing what it’s like to have a team not want you. Plus they keep the heart/soul of the team in Johnson (although he is overrated). Done.

  2. Apparently…….I’m a very pissed off person right now.

  3. interesting choices to ponder….will see how my votes go!

  4. I just added one 3rd to last regarding Loktionov based on what I just read and heard

  5. just add depth!!! thats it!!! find the right guys to plug the bottom of the forward lineup!!! examples, Knuble and/or Moen.

  6. I can’t help but notice you had Johnson in every option, so I pretty much just had to mark pissed off the whole way down. Nash Sanford and Carter option was at least intriguing.

  7. I don’t wanna lose JJ or Brown. I say we enter the post Lombardi era with the same team, a New GM, New HC, and a New AC (Kompon fired, Sutter Fired, Lombardi fired, Luc Robitaille as GM, Jim Fox HC, Bernie Nicholls AC). Get rid of all the crap bottom line failures that DL brought in and replace them with the talent waiting in our farm leagues like Holloway, Moller, Toffoli, etc. The problem is still not with the players, its the still the god damn system. It can’t be the players because when they go play somewhere else, their offense springs to life (Wayne Simmonds couldn’t get more than 16 goals as a King, now he has more goals than Kopi with the Flyers?) It’s the system, starting from the GM and going all the way down to the coaching staff.

  8. Dean knows his ass is on the line. If the Kings miss the playoffs in the year that AEG opened up the wallet, then he is looking for work. So he will do whatever it takes to land a proven scorer. That means going against all his beliefs and giving up a guy like Johnson and our first rounder next year, if that’s what it takes.
    As horrible as it sounds, DL will fuck the Kings for at least 4 years, just to acquire Nash and show that he has done everything he can to address the team’s scoring needs. The Kings will then be saddled with the cap hits of Kopitar, Nash and Doughty through 2016. That’s $21.6M for 3 players or roughly a third of your cap spending. Name a successful team in sports that has one third of their payroll spending on less than 15% of their roster.
    If the Kings acquire Nash, then what kind of money will be available to sign Quick or all the other pending RFAs/UFAs in those 4 years? You might as well just trade Quick while you’re at it, because his cap hit will be at least $5M and sure maybe you can afford that, because Penner, Stoll and Mitchell come off the books. But then what? You’ve created more holes than you are filling and we are back at square one. If you thought the signings of Moreau and Hunter were bad, wait until you see what we can scrape off the bottom of the barrel.

  9. … I’ll be pissed off if any of the following gets traded away: Doughty, Kopitar, Brown, Richards, Voynov, or 1st round picks.

    • No Lokti?

      I think Lokti’s trade value is really low right now and he has a good amount of potential to tap still, don’t think trading him now is smart.

      • … I just don’t know about Loktionov. It’s hard to say whether he’ll ever get over the hump. He’s a project. I don’t think I’d be happy to see him go, but I wouldn’t be pissed off if the return was good enough.

        If you think he has a good amount of potential still there, that’s cool. I can’t really disagree with you, but I think he has a ways to go.

        I’ve said on many occasions that my ideal trading deadline would be one where the Kings make zero moves. I don’t think I can trust Dean to make a good trade for the franchise at this point. If Lombardi can pull off a deal similar to what he did to land Modin, great – I’ll be happy with that. Otherwise, just stand pat.

        • Loki is one of thos guys who is going to blossom nicely, once he is on another team.

        • “If Lombardi can pull off a deal similar to what he did to land Modin, great – I’ll be happy with that. Otherwise, just stand pat.”


    • completely agree with you, in my eyes we can sacrifice Bernier and JJ if we land a legite sniper like Nash.

  10. I know you can’t get something for nothing, but I really hate the idea of giving up jack Johnson. Too bad we’re not dealing with Sam McMaster. We’d get Rick Nash and Jeff Carter plus a first for Hickey and Lewis.

  11. Brown, Martinez, Stoll + Hickey for Pomonville and Gaustad.

    This off season is when the Kings make the blockbuster move.

  12. Long time, first time. I would agree that a trade would not fix the underlying problem with the Kings, which was mentioned in a previous article. The lack of scoring is a fundamental problem of DL’s defensive system. If you took the Kings current roster and placed each one of our players on a different team, I am pretty sure there production would increase.

    Note: The trade could actually work in a sense. We would still be low scoring, but slightly higher than before. After a trade for Nash and Carter, I could see us winning a lot of games 2-1, instead of losing 1-0.

    Still, the team would suffer offensively, even with more skilled forwards, IMO.

  13. I don’t think any amount of trades will help the Kings at this point. There is something wrong with the system or the attitude of this team. You want proof? Wayne Simmonds. We send a 15 goals/season, 3rd-line player to Philly and he becomes a 30 goals/season 1st-line player.

    I don’t know if it’s the system, a winning attitude in the locker room, or what…But the Kings are obviously doing something wrong.

  14. I’m ok with a Carter trade but not Nash. I really feel we need more than one piece. DL for Carter straight up – Do it De…RH!

  15. Trades for superstars are always for less than expected. It’s more about getting rid of Nash’s cap hit and Carter’s long term contract. They just want good futures and picks. Jack and Bernier are huge pieces for dean to use. Which means he won’t.

  16. If I am Howson I would do it for a lifetime supply of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale instead of Ruination. And only if I get to pick the 3 ice girls.

  17. Do any of the Ice Crew girls have a No Trade Clause?

  18. I really don’t give a shit at this point!
    I’d like to see us score a goal again this season.
    Trade Brown, Doughty, Stoll and Bernier for Nash, Carter, Boll and Sanford and fucking do it now!!!!

  19. Where are the Nash for Bernier + Brown scenarios?
    I’m sure you’d get fewer pissed off votes.

  20. Just thought of this. I wonder how JJ and his father, both UM alums, would feel about JJ plying his trade in Columbus Ohio of all places?

  21. 1st, you’re picture will always be next to my childrens’….then again, I don’t (and won’t) have kids.

    As I wrote to Bobby earlier today:

    Alas, playoff hockey ins SoCal will not be regal, it will be pond hockey. UGH.

    This is a situation where nothing will work. The coaching change might get their heads back together but is it still going be a structure that focuses only defenses (ergo cannot really be a long term success.) This is in fact situation that requires the players to actually start playing to their potential even in this damn hidebound system. They aren’t, that’s obvious. The issue is whether they can’t or won’t play better. Really, why can’t Richards or Kopi actually hit the net? And, even Penner isn’t a bad player — he’s just not performing. There is something wrong with the chemistry (Doughty’s money, Doughty’s best bud being shipped out, Brown being a passive captain, I don’t know.)

    I don’t know how to fix it. Do we leave things intact, forget this year but hope that a summer of dwelling and reflecting on their abject failure will change/motivate them? Do we keep a core? Do we dump everything, fire Lombardi, and get started on the 5th decade of building? Fuck if I know….

  22. JMFJ >> DD IMHO


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