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  1. the referees did not lose this game for the Kings. The Kings lost if for themselves. What I want to know is, how in the fuck can you call a player for a 5 minute major and a game misconduct on a clean hit?

    • There were definitely some sloppy defensive plays. The 4v4 for the major looked pathetic and the 4v4 OT was mediocre at best, but as I said in the pre-game thread…

      That was bullshit. 2 minutes on that hit would have been somewhere between iffy and reasonable. 5 minute misconduct is just complete garbage bullshit refs keeping up with their “OT makes exciting hockey!” mentality and handing Phoenix the game.

    • I hate to say it, but that was not a clean hit.

      Whether it should have been 2 or 5 is something I think is debatable, but it was a penalty. Charging specifically.

      Fire Lombardi; dump Sutter; trade some of the core; and, begin Rebuild 14.0.

      • this is not an attack, but what about that hit makes you think it was illegal?

      • How is that a dirty hit? Clif hit him right in his chest. Brule was looking the other way and had just passed the puck. It looked bad bcuz clif is a foot taller and 40 lbs heavier than gil. Good clean hit.

        As for your opinion on the rebuild. Yea, a partial one and fire dl.

  2. Me neither. Now maybe the rest of the team knows how quick has felt all season

  3. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

  4. In order to ensure I can sleep tonight, the takeaway is: we CAN score goals, we got a point and we regained 8th. Score goals tomorrow, remember how to play defense, and get 2 more points.

    • My thoughts exactly, yea we lost but we are back in the playoffs, put 4 on the board and have a chance for 2 more points tomorrow.

  5. My one word – crap

  6. Devestating..crushing..depressed.

  7. 3 zip and lose? Inability to manage in-game situations is fatal. Inability to change style of play according to the scoreboard is mental. Not a smart team; period. X’s and O’s be damned, it’s mental preparation and mental toughness.

    • That is the problem..our guys are F’d up mentally with all the crap that has been happening with their play.

    • this team got a collective chubby when they scored 3 goals in the first period, which subsequently caused them to lose blood-flow and oxygen to the brain, which led them to stick their heads di-rectally up their asses and completely fuck themselves out of two points.

      “at least they got one point.” (my dad)

      “kiss my dick!” (Lewis Black, via me)

  8. Jack was a +1


    • Clifford’s late hit could mean to the 11-12 season what McSorley’s stick was to the Stanley Cup Finals.

      A real shame. A late season collapse…again.

      Doughnuts stopped skating after his goal. Trade him or send him to Somalia to play in the Mogadishu league.

  9. Facepalm…followed by Headdesk.

  10. Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing. Murphy’s Law at its finest.

  11. This is what happens when Quick and the pk have an off night. 3 pp goals to the WORST pp in the league. Un-fucking-believable!

    • I felt Quick looked tired, even in the (Kings dominated) 1st period. They should not have played him.

      • Listen, they shouldn’t have played him as soon as he came back from the All Star Game. They played CBJ and my friend and I were saying that Bernier needed to play that game. We were vehement about it.

        Of course many were saying ‘he’s not tired’. We said, fine, maybe not now, but he just did a back and forth cross country trip, and then was leaving the next day back across the country again!!
        So it will add up. How in God’s name people in management cannot figure that out I have no idea.

        But that’s what happens when desperation kicks in. DL desperate to keep his job and the team of DS and DL to get them into the post season come what may.

        Poor decision making ….. again.

        Why even have a good back up? Oh, it’s just in case Quick get’s injured or has a really bad early part of a game and needs to be pulled.

  12. There was no initial call on Clifford’s hit so how can they go back and issue a major penalty? Either way, if the Kings were better they wouldn’t have given up 3 PP goals.
    The Kings found a way to fuck up a three goal lead on a night they could have capitalized on the Sharks losing.

    I’m one frustrated Kings fan, as I am pretty much every year.

    • That’s what I want to know. Why the fuck were they talking to Toronto to figure that out? Did the rules change while I wasn’t looking?

  13. Quick: “Hey forwards, I’m gonna show you how it feels to have a big night and still lose the fucking game!”

  14. What the fuck Clifford???
    That was two complete dog shit plays by Clifford.
    That was a bad hit, It was late and he may not have directly targeted the head but the hit was high enough that contact was made, brule probably has a concussion.

    Doughty with turnovers and total fucking slop play.

    That’s why I keep sayin this team with its young dumb full of … players won’t be ready for a cup run for another couple years. Too much immature sloppy play and not enough focused mentality that comes from age and development.

    Thats why AEG can take their “time is now”
    Bullshit and go fuck themselves.

    Get Real

    Yeah we should make a trade to improve the top 6 but stop pretending this team should be contenders. It’s gonna be a few

  15. First JJ takes a penalty which leads to the Coyotes first goal, which spurs the comeback, then he can’t hit the fucking piece of shit net in the shootout. Why is he on this team again, trade this useless fuck before I snap. Oh and for all the Carter/Nash bashers out there, Carter got a hat trick and Nash got a goal and an assist against the Sharts, while JJ sucked and Bernier didn’t play AGAIN!

  16. Shit man…this was a tough loss. No doubt there were some really lame penalties had that cost us. The PK looked like shit against the Last place PP unit in the league. BUT the squad scored 4 goals. 4 Fucking goals. 3 in the 1st period. Maybe this whole trade shit is to wake the team up.

    Now if they can find that balance they might be able put a string of wins together!

  17. … I feel SO bad for Jonathan Quick. I mean, total boo hoo. The Kings just never give him enough goals to attain those meaningless “goalie wins” which would-

    Oh, wait. The Kings scored four goals. So much for that.

    I guess it isn’t so easy to be the bestest goalie in the universe when the defense isn’t excellent, is it?

  18. Well…at least that was a different way to lose…

  19. Hey people.
    That hit by Kyle Clifford wasn’t fucking illegal ok!
    There’s a reason that no penalty was called originally.
    What the Fuck?
    This bullshit of a lineman being able to call a penalty after the fact!
    I can understand a blatant high stick, a cross check or even a third man into an altercation these are things a referee might not see but, this was absolute bullshit!
    Remember when everyone was saying how the alleged clock malfunction against Columbus could have a huge effect on the playoffs this season?
    Well, what about a phantom major penalty that gives the team in front of us two points they don’t deserve and takes away one we probably should’ve had?
    I’d say that’s kind of a big fucking deal!
    Is our esteemed NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sending a team of crack investigators to Phoenix/Glendale to find out what happened with the missed call that became a major?
    I didn’t fucking think so!!
    By the way, what ever happened with that investigation?
    It kind of went away didn’t it!
    Bettman is a lying, fucking, a$$$$$$hole!!!!

  20. Come on, buddy. Look at the POSITIVES!

    a) we likely won’t give up 3 pp goals a game the rest of the year
    b) Quick will not give up 4 goals a game the rest of the year
    c) Clifford suspension means Pancakes gets to play!
    d) the Ducks lost, finally
    e) San Jose sucks
    f) Terry Murray isn’t the coach
    g) you can actually buy me a beer Saturday, okay?
    h) we won’t be getting Nash OR Carter!

    • I personally would be OK with the Kings doing nothing this trade deadline. If they make the playoffs, great. If not, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. I just really hate the idea of losing JMFJ for a forward that’s going to underproduce as soon as he dons a Kings jersey. Screwing with our usually awesome defensive team and getting someone like Nash is not likely to fix our problem.

    • …and I personally don’t think I want Carter. Still on the fence about him.

      • As for Carter…. he seems to be a great goal scorer, but with certain questions about his character. Also doubts around his capacity to compete on a consistent basis and his playoff stats are barely mediocre.

        I’d have big doubts about it and would be more inclined to do something like that if the contract weren’t such an issue.

  21. now I can’t decide which is worse. to watch them get shutout and lose 1-0 (consecutively), or to blow a three goal lead. this team will lead me to drink….oh yeah i already do.

    the Clifford contact was legal. elbow down, stick down, shoulder to chest. no follow through of the the forearm or elbow. the contact was and is clean. the contact to brule’s head is entirely due to difference in size. Clifford can’t be penalized for that.

    what wasn’t clean and lead to the discussion and ultimately the major was the timing and the direction of the hit. the hit was 0.2 – 0.3 seconds after brule moved the puck. the timing of the hit after brule clearly has moved the puck will cause debate. both on the ice, in the NHL office and on blogs/forums. the direction of where Clifford initiated from will also cause issue. he did hit him from a blind spot and you clearly see this in the replay.

    it happens fast and not every hit will be perfect. hits like this fall into the proverbial ‘grey area’ that ignites debates, leads to suspensions and fights on the ice. raffi torres is notorious for hits just like this…how ironic he was on the ice at the time. unfortunately not the one being run through.

    if it was torres hitting one of our guys i guarantee at least half the people here would be yelling ‘late hit’ and ‘cheap shot’. you live and die by the sword.

    was i happy with the call? no. at the same time i know why it was called. ive hit guys like this and been hit like this. it’s a coin toss on what the outcome will be during the game.

    my guess is that Clifford gets no suspension. no initial call, which would send up an immediate red flag that a major infraction did occur. only after an on ice conference and input from a linesman was the call made, doesn’t lead me to believe that Shanny will do anything. if anything he will review it and maybe send notes to LA and Clifford on why/what to do in the future.

  22. I posted this earlier on LKI but it should work here as well:

    As seen elsewhere, according to the official box score, Clifford was assessed a match penalty drawn by YANDLE, not BRULE. Hits to the head do not require a MATCH penalty but a head butt is an automatic match penalty. Since Clifford was given a match penalty one could logically assume that it was for the head butt. I also believe that a match penalty carries an automatic suspension but I am not sure about NHL rules.


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