Sorry to let you down, but there is Kings’ related business that has nothing to do with Rick Nash.

Yes, that tedious old thing with which we have lately been disgusted, a hockey game.

Tonight in Phoenix marks Jordan Nolan’s debut as a 1st line winger. Take that Dwight King… oh wait. Dustin Brown gets the big slap on the wrist of playing 2nd line with Mike Richards. Jarret Stoll will probably center the 4th line if yesterday’s practice was any indication, but who the hell knows. Who the hell cares?

These games, the one’s that come when the chips are down and the team is in the doldrums, can be very telling about the team’s constitution. Read that as leadership in the locker room. Read that as Dustin Brown. I don’t earnestly expect an outburst of scoring, but I do demand a ferocity to their play. Effort is not enough. They always try… look where that has got them. I’ll be looking at puck battles and puck support. I’ll be looking for checks being finished in a manner that goes beyond perfunctory.

An exciting game would be nice too.

As for the Coyotes, well they may finally have found the bankrolling benefactor the NHL has prolonged them from needing. Mike Smith expects another piss & vinegar match, meaning he is chomping at the bit to fly off the handle again in between pointless fights, or what is euphemistically called a “playoff atmosphere.” They also should have two freshly called up rookies in the lineup, Alec Bolduc at forward and David Rundblad on defense.

If you feel like taking a break from all the trade business, then this is your open forum. Or if you prefer to watch the game fantasizing about what Carter or Nash would do on this or that line on such and such a play, well, that’s why it’s an open forum.