Oh Joy, Jarret Stoll – Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes Open Forum

Sorry to let you down, but there is Kings’ related business that has nothing to do with Rick Nash.

Yes, that tedious old thing with which we have lately been disgusted, a hockey game.

Tonight in Phoenix marks Jordan Nolan’s debut as a 1st line winger. Take that Dwight King… oh wait. Dustin Brown gets the big slap on the wrist of playing 2nd line with Mike Richards. Jarret Stoll will probably center the 4th line if yesterday’s practice was any indication, but who the hell knows. Who the hell cares?

These games, the one’s that come when the chips are down and the team is in the doldrums, can be very telling about the team’s constitution. Read that as leadership in the locker room. Read that as Dustin Brown. I don’t earnestly expect an outburst of scoring, but I do demand a ferocity to their play. Effort is not enough. They always try… look where that has got them. I’ll be looking at puck battles and puck support. I’ll be looking for checks being finished in a manner that goes beyond perfunctory.

An exciting game would be nice too.

As for the Coyotes, well they may finally have found the bankrolling benefactor the NHL has prolonged them from needing. Mike Smith expects another piss & vinegar match, meaning he is chomping at the bit to fly off the handle again in between pointless fights, or what is euphemistically called a “playoff atmosphere.” They also should have two freshly called up rookies in the lineup, Alec Bolduc at forward and David Rundblad on defense.

If you feel like taking a break from all the trade business, then this is your open forum. Or if you prefer to watch the game fantasizing about what Carter or Nash would do on this or that line on such and such a play, well, that’s why it’s an open forum.


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  1. I can’t take watching Stool anymore. Really.

  2. I am a lot like the bad ass honey badger, I just don’t give a shit!! I feel another boring, uninspired game is in store for tonight. I really hope that I am wrong!!

  3. We will see what kind of reaction the Kings have tonight after getting called out by DS.
    Will they come out with a purpose or get punked again?

  4. I like to make things simple. We now have 23 games left. The Kings have 65 points. If we assume the Kings need 97 for the 8th seed, then, they need 32 more points. That boils down to 16 wins. For a team that is scoring 0 to 1 goals per game, how can they win 16 games. How can they win 14 or 13 games, if we assume that only 93 or 91 points are needed for the 8th seed.
    Besides, 8th seed or even 7th seed, means a 90% likely first round knock out.
    Look at the schedule, and it is nasty, with two games with Detroit, one with Boston, along with more with the Canucks, Sharks and Predators, and Hawks.
    To me, the team psychologically is destroyed and not prepared for such intense competition.
    The closeness of games is actually apart of their demise. Playing game after game in tight games is draining and demoralizing. It finally wore them out, and with barely much in key injuries that many teams suffer from each year.
    What does this all mean, is that the season is a failure to matter which way you slice it. They had to fire Murray. The GM is on the line, and the players might in their heart want to see that guy go anyway and not care to save Lombardi by better play.
    Many observers and fans have consistently commented that Brown and Kopitar are not compatible players. Kopitar is a hard guy to play with, as it is in his own world and will not play all possible ways to score. He plays a Euro style. Coyote Goalie Smith beat Kopitar up last Thurday and Kopitar glided to the bench with his tail under his butt. Kopitar is not, I repeat, not going to give this team any Cups or even an entrance to the 2nd round. Rather than improving, he just back slides with interest or skills or new ways to play.
    Brown is confused and has no way to know what to do anymore on the ice. His post game interview following the Flames loss was pathetic, where he was like
    in a depression stupor, so, so sadddddd… He said we have not score all seaon long and we have to find a way to score…
    When you top two forwards, and team Captain, are unable to play together, and have some kind of hate or dislike for each other, then, it is time for a big change
    where one has to go. Both can fetch some decent players or draft picks.
    I don’t want to hear about the so-called stellar defense and goal tending. The D men are not scoring, and that hurts the team. It is really the offense that is
    dead, indifferent, and drained. You can sense that they really wish tonight was their last night on the ice and they can go start their summer.
    Dolt Sutter is clueless and will be clueless on what to do to make this team score.
    It is all about a dead team that had troubles scoring last year and only magnified it this year. What more evidence does anyone need. The proof is on the table, they are not a team that can score, and hence, if anyone in Kings ownership wants a scoring team, they have to dump the GM and Sutter and re-constitute this team with scoring type players that really will get that job done.

    • We are hurting..players and fans alike ..I agree that Brownie and Kopi do not have the right chemistry, but I have to call you out on the comment that they have a dislike of each other.
      UNTRUE! If you spend any time observing the guys outside the game, you would see they are buds who hang together.
      Hoping for all the boy’s sake a W by 9:00 our time.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • No, I am not able to hang around to see how these two, Kopi and Brown socialize. I take your word for it that they are friends.
        I guess being friends off the ice does not necessarily mean that they can team together effectively game after game as line mates.
        We fans should not accept and tolerate this situation
        as it is just plain wrong if two players cannot play together on a consistent basis. Somebody has to go for the sake of the rest of the team.

  5. I still haven’t decided if I can bear to watch this game or not… I guess I really should since I’m going on out of the country vacation for 10 days, I’m just so angry.

    Come on Kings, learn to hockey!

  6. I like Rick Nash, but, the cost is high. What would it take to get Carter from Columbus and JVR from Philly?

    • Two PP goals for Jeff Carter against San Jose tonight. Carter > Nash for the Kings?

      • Definitely Carter > Nash. He’s cheaper, which means we can bring in more scoring depth instead of selling the farm for one player.

    • I don’t think it will take much to get Carter out of Columbus… It is known that Howson wants to ship him out. I can only hope that it will take Bernier for Carter and JMFJ for JVR.

  7. An exciting game would be nice too.

    … I dunno man, one goal games are pretty exciting. The Kings haven’t won the last couple of them, but they’ve been good games until the end.

    Jarret Stoll will probably center the 4th line if yesterday’s practice was any indication, but who the hell knows. Who the hell cares?

    … I guess I care? Sure, I care. If the Kings couldn’t win without Stoll, maybe they’ll win with him, I suppose?

    Effort is not enough. They always try… look where that has got them.

    … Effort + execution = wins. Or, something to that effect. I’m sure there are other ingredients to consider, but that’s the jist of it.

    One last thing. There are 23 more games to play. Over a quarter of the season remains. What I would like to see is for those people who have given up on the Kings now to just stay away the rest of the season. If you’re going away, then stay there. This is no place for fair-weather fans. If you can’t take adversity, then jump on some other team’s bandwagon. It doesn’t take any character to be a fan of a team when everything’s going right. If you don’t like the Kings, then find something else to do with your time. If you think hockey is boring, find another fucking sport to follow. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Thanks in advance.

    • No one here is a fair weather fan.

      We haven’t given up on the team, but doubt has crept in. This is simply a low point and as such, dejection has set in. There is a stark difference between being dejected and giving up on the season.

      • … I wasn’t calling you out in particular, and you only speak for yourself. No need to get defensive.

        Those who have given up know who they are.

        • thanx…wow that really helped…after 37 years of dissapointment…now…just right now….I was going to give up…thanx for showing us the light…now enough of this crap and im going to enjoy this hockey burger!!

      • Exactly. I don’t think a single person posting on this blog is a fair weather fan. 99% of us are Kings loving, fuck you other team for life in it no matter what fans. To not be dissapointed at the failure of this team to execute is a totally normal response and something the Kings shoudln’t be surprised at. We’re depressed, doubtful and upset.

        We want our team to win as bad as they want it, maybe more. Is that so wrong?

  8. So there is something to the rumor that the Kings have offered Lokti, JMFJ AND Bernier to CBJ for Nash? Wow. I mean…………… wow!! No problem, Zatkoff can slot in and be the backup (I hope for his sake) and no and’s, if’s or but’s about it. IF that trade goes thru, Quick will play every single remaining game this season.

    Best of luck to him.

  9. … Good thing the Kings have a curb level player to get them a goal!

    More curb level players, please.

  10. Go get’m DD!

  11. Finally, Doughty doesn’t hesitate when the puck is passed to him & he shoots. Imagine that. HE FUCKING SCORES!!!

  12. … Greene with a behind the back pass???????

    Who the hell are these guys.

  13. … How about another goal? Why, I don’t mind if I do.

  14. New I called the game wrong when I saw how fast the boys were playing.

  15. Exactly right!!
    No hesitation..
    Brown to assist!
    Then my baby. Russian with a baby wraparound.
    Did we get a third?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  16. Biz is a Jack Ass. Hope he gets his clock cleaned by Brown while he’s trying to climb over the boards.

    Brown’s gonna say “here, let me help you over, head first”.

  17. Two lucky goals. Lady luck likes us tonight. So far. Then again, the Kings are driving and shooting and hard work makes more luck.

    • Give the guys credit..so Smith is mortal and not an unpenetratable robot..
      That has happened enough to Quick..and we got their D out of position to to have a shooting lane.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • … I’d say only Loktionov’s was lucky. Brown’s goal was off of a deflection; you see those all the time.

      And I’m so glad the Kings took a penalty right now to add to the excitement of the game.

      • A deflection of the stick shaft while he was falling forward due to a light cross check. It’s not like he “tried” to deflect it :)

        • … Guys get cross-checked in front of the net all the time.

          Brown’s eyes followed the flight of the puck, and he did what he could to deflect it. I thought it was a nice play. I’m not one to judge goals, anyway; and the way the Kings’ luck has been this season, I don’t have a problem.

  18. Fuck Kings! Take this game back.

  19. Did you see the Sharks game tonight? I watched most of it. I know Carter got the hat trick, which is just what Ive been saying for awhile, hes really good. But I was even more impressed with Nash. Hes so good. He might be the best winger in the NHL. His combination of size and skill is amazing. Carter is big and skileld himself, obviously, amazingly so, but Nash makes Carter look slow and small. Nash is just so damn good. If I were the Jackets I wouldnt trade him for anything. To be able to get him for mere mortals like JJ and Bernier and whatever else, its a gift. GET THIS GUY DEAN, PLEASE. I will not be satisfied with the Kings at the deadline if they dont get Nash. I would have been elated with Carter a few weeks ago, but now that Ive gotten a taste of Nash being available, knowing they could have him instead, I cant go back.

    I cant go back to drinking the animal blood after tasting yours, Bella Swan. UMYUMYUMYUMYUM.

    Oh baby, give me some of that sweet stuff. Ohhh yeah, thats the stuff. Tell me how it is. Oh yeah. Preach to me baby. Now put that Marvin Gaye on and let’s get gay with each other, baby, only heterosexual style. Oh yeah.


    Dean, I want Rick Nash. I dont care what you have to give up. I just want him in a Kings jersey by next monday night.

  20. … It’s like the Kings have gone back in time to 1985, when they scored about 340 goals and gave up about 325.

  21. … That’s a great PP shift. I’m glad they’re actually getting rewarded with goals for it tonight. There have been so many shifts over the last couple games where the Kings have turned in great shifts and haven’t been rewarded.

  22. … And to think, I was going to take the under on this game. That’s why I’m not a gambloring man.

  23. Quick is a good goaltender, but not nearly as great as his numbers. Remember what happened in the playoffs last year? The moment the defense deteriorated, Quick looked human, poor, even. He blew that 4 goal lead… gotta make a save in there, somewhere, when the Sharks were building momentum. That was the series and he was bad.

    I think a great goaltender, when you have a four goal lead, even if all his teammates go off the ice, and its just him alone against the other team, he finds a way to win that game. An exaggeration, of course, but its a general idea Im getting at. A great goalie gets it in his mind that no matter what, he is not going to lose that lead, and then he also has the elite talent to execute that mentality and make it come true.

    Quick definitely wasnt there, or close, last season. Maybe this year he is. Definitely looks more solid, less soft goals. Definitely better, but the D is the real star.

  24. I’ll be looking for checks being finished in a manner that goes beyond perfunctory.

    … Well, there you go. Clifford will probably be suspended. I can see where this does the Kings a lot of good.

    • F us!
      Was it that late..was Cluify finishing his check..should he have stopped up????????
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Video review penalties? Oh really… What the hell.

    • That was bullshit. 2 minutes on that hit would have been somewhere between iffy and reasonable. 5 minute misconduct is just complete garbage bullshit refs keeping up with their “OT makes exciting hockey!” mentality and handing Phoenix the game.

  25. … For fuck’s sake. Quick had to overplay that? Really?

  26. Damn it! The game started out with all kinds of promise. Then Phoenix showed how to fight when your down.

    If the Kings were 2 goals down, I’m not sure they’d have fought back. Especially when the last 2 games most fans believed the game was over, as soon as the other team scored their 1rst goal.

    Richards? in the shoot out? Am I the only one who thinks that was a bad idea?

    • No, you’re not the only one who thinks that.

    • No..I am going with… he was off his game..as was Kopi..Flu?? It usually hits our team hard..we just haven’t heard about it..damn water bottles!
      And I also think Quick wasn’t on his best ..mentally not focused for full game.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • The Kings tried to change to open up a better attack, but, then, it became sloppy and turn overs that were causing Quick to immediately have to knee jerk and they let them back in the game.
        Dolt Sutter goes with Jack for the shoot out?
        I will be glad when this season is over with because all of the initial anticipation and hopes and ethusiams are gone for this team.
        In the last 3 games they have a possible 6 points and only pick up one stinking point.
        I think the players know that their season is lost and they want to go back home and do something else with their life and paychecks.


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