My thoughts are clouded with rage. I can only think in the context of bullet points.

A funny thing happened today before the game. I grew to dislike Darryl Sutter. You play Quick in a back to back on the road? You fucking idiot.

Jack Johnson. Wow, man. He is in “kill trade value” mode. Brutal hockey player tonight and last.

Clifford. He gets first assist on that goal…was that the first goal? Second? I lost track.

Dustin Brown. When you figure out what kind of hockey player you are, be sure to let us know. Look, I don’t dislike Brown. But he does wear the C and when the chips are down and the team needs a leader ON the ice, what do you expect from your C? Do you see Dustin putting the game on his broad shoulders? Taking over? Leading by example? You are going to tell me he is not that kind of player. Then he should not wear the C.

Colorado Avalanche played a great game. Buried their opportunities. Kings. No finish. None. Zero. Niet. Shit.

Colorado made us look old tonight.

One game closer to Dean Lombardi’s termination. If I had any faith in AEG to pick a GM, that may give me hope. I have little.

Draft more defensemen, Dean. Draft more defensemen.

Let me disagree with everyone who claims Carter > Nash. I want a big, beautiful, talented, skating, sniper. However, Dean won’t get Nash. Because Dean is impotent about getting those offensive stars. Because he does not value offense. He values things you don’t see and can’t measure. Because he is a fucking idiot too. Nash will go to the Sharks. Do you know why? Because he idolizes Joe Thornton. I can see the interview now – “this is a dream come true for me.” Fuck me.

We are a sinking ship. This isn’t 1 game or 2. This is a carry over from the road trip. We can fix it. We have “moments” during games where we look good. We haven’t forgotten how to play hockey. We have just forgotten to play it for 60 minutes and we are playing less of it each game. We cannot put together a complete game and that, if it continues, will be our undoing.

Where is all that character Dean Lombardi has traded for the past six years? Oh, he can’t see it either? That is because character doesn’t score goals. Skill does.

If the defense and goaltending is going to go, we might as well become sellers.

I am at a level of frustration that is also beyond measure. I can’t see straight.