Defense? What Defense? Kings Fall To Avalanche 4-1

My thoughts are clouded with rage. I can only think in the context of bullet points.

A funny thing happened today before the game. I grew to dislike Darryl Sutter. You play Quick in a back to back on the road? You fucking idiot.

Jack Johnson. Wow, man. He is in “kill trade value” mode. Brutal hockey player tonight and last.

Clifford. He gets first assist on that goal…was that the first goal? Second? I lost track.

Dustin Brown. When you figure out what kind of hockey player you are, be sure to let us know. Look, I don’t dislike Brown. But he does wear the C and when the chips are down and the team needs a leader ON the ice, what do you expect from your C? Do you see Dustin putting the game on his broad shoulders? Taking over? Leading by example? You are going to tell me he is not that kind of player. Then he should not wear the C.

Colorado Avalanche played a great game. Buried their opportunities. Kings. No finish. None. Zero. Niet. Shit.

Colorado made us look old tonight.

One game closer to Dean Lombardi’s termination. If I had any faith in AEG to pick a GM, that may give me hope. I have little.

Draft more defensemen, Dean. Draft more defensemen.

Let me disagree with everyone who claims Carter > Nash. I want a big, beautiful, talented, skating, sniper. However, Dean won’t get Nash. Because Dean is impotent about getting those offensive stars. Because he does not value offense. He values things you don’t see and can’t measure. Because he is a fucking idiot too. Nash will go to the Sharks. Do you know why? Because he idolizes Joe Thornton. I can see the interview now – “this is a dream come true for me.” Fuck me.

We are a sinking ship. This isn’t 1 game or 2. This is a carry over from the road trip. We can fix it. We have “moments” during games where we look good. We haven’t forgotten how to play hockey. We have just forgotten to play it for 60 minutes and we are playing less of it each game. We cannot put together a complete game and that, if it continues, will be our undoing.

Where is all that character Dean Lombardi has traded for the past six years? Oh, he can’t see it either? That is because character doesn’t score goals. Skill does.

If the defense and goaltending is going to go, we might as well become sellers.

I am at a level of frustration that is also beyond measure. I can’t see straight.

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  1. I agree with you, starting JQ over JB tonight was the dumbest mistake Sutter has made. What kind of message does that send to JB?

    I nominate you as the next Kings GM Mr. Scribe ;)

    • Absolutely unbelievable that they (DS) start Quick. Incredubal.

      The two key games imo wrt Quick…. so many – me included were saying to start Bernier the day after the AS Game. I figured, if you can’t beat CBJ w Bernier then your team really isn’t very good.

      Many were saying ‘Quick isn’t tired’. I did appreciate the psychic qualities of these people as they seemed to know best how he was feeling after no AS break and a cross country trip to Ottawa and back and then a game in LA and then Another cross country trip.

      The other game was last night. But no worries.
      It all smacks of desperation on the part of DS and Dean Lombardi. And absolutely horrendous use all season of your assets. Yes Quick has been good, but so has Lundquist, yet they’ve played Biron a number of times.

      Biron had a brutal game the other day. 4 goals in the first, yet Torts being intelligent left him in recognizing that he had to battle thru it And that they’d need him for the rest of the season and post season in spite of having Lundquist.

  2. As the late Aileen Wornos (sp) said in the weeks/days leading up to her excecution “they’re just daring me to kill again”.

    Well in the Dean Lombardi world, in his giant brain which like Noah Welch being donated to science to examine after death, the words:

    “They’re just daring me to make a trade again god damnit!”

    I guess now Bernier is going to get in that minimum 25 games he was promised before the season started?

    Quick 8 goals 2 games, fuck, there goes his Vezina.

    3 questions: Was it the altitude that contributed to the first 3 goals?

    Did Jack Johnson do a Tebow before the game?

    Why the fuck did Sutter insist on starting Quick in a back to back?

    Thanks guys for taking my call.

    Oh, Nick was it Ross Lonsberry?

    • lol. Are you that Neil? You dumbass, I have heard you on Kings talk.

      • That is me: Neil From Simi Valley. What gets my dander up, was I asked them “why the Kings in almost every faceoff, excluding the start of the periods, were being tossed.

        Darryl responded as to why PHX was just better than the Kings that night.

        That wasn’t my question, I wanted to know why almost every draw, even before the draw, the Kings player was being thrown out. No reason that I could see, but I guess I must have asked Darryl the wrong question.

        Asking why Cliche was not called up, and being told he is a center was a weak response. He could be a truck driver for all I care, if he can score bring him up, regardless of where you put him.

        When I told Nick the Kings didn’t have enough to acquire Nash, he replied he disagreed. Well, I wanted to hear what great prospects the Kings had to entice Howson to get a Nash.

        All water under the bridge, for when the season is over and the obituary for Lombardi is written, his gravestone will read “God Damnit Wilson you Screwed me again”.

  3. If the Sharks get Rick Nash because Joe Thornton and Doug Wilson are good at convincing people to waive their no-trade clauses for them, like they did with Boyle and Heatley, I will stop watching NHL hockey. Period. Whats the point of a competition when the team that wins gets decided by whether they have a good friend of Rick Nash on their team, and whether they are good at getting past the tampering rules by being tricky and having their captain relay information from the GM to the other team’s player instead of doing it directly.

    The Kings need Rick Nash more than the San Jose Sharks. In fact the Sharks already made their big move, with Brent Burns.

    The Kings have way more to trade for Rick Nash than the San Jose Sharks. The Kings have been loading up on picks for years, the Sharks have been trading them all away, which is why they have the worst prospect pool in the NHL.

    The Kings want Rick Nash more than the Sharks.

    The Kings have greater need, greater assets to trade… but they are not going to get the player. Why? Because Rick Nash has a friend in San Jose who couldn’t win a Stanley Cup with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux on his wings, so every single time a star player becomes available, he calls him and flirts with him to get him to come to San Jose. And if his luck couldn’t get any better, this guy actually already knows him and likes him, and it should be the easiest sell of all.

    By all measurable accounts, the Kings should get the player, the Kings deserve the player, the Kings have identified him as the player they want and have much more to trade for him than the Sharks.

    But the Sharks will get him because they have Rick Nash’s friend.

    That’s not a fair competition. Thats… what is the point of that? The trade market does not function properly when that happens. Then as a result the game does not function properly. There is no competitive integrity. The Sharks traded for Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, Brent Burns, they used up all their prospects… now it is the Kings turn, they saved their prospects for precisely this situation, this player. This is their Joe Thornton trade.

    But the Sharks are going to get this guy, too, because they lucked out so much again that the one star available happened to play with their captain during the lockout in Europe?

    I mean you cant make this utter bullshit up. The Sharks are turning into the New York Rangers of the NHL except they never win anything, and instead of signing good free agents, they are building their entire team off exploiting no-trade clauses on other team’s top players.

    So if they get Rick Nash, that will just tell me that the NHL is completely compromised, and its not worth watching anymore. What am I going to watch for? If the Sharks win the Cup, which they should with that many stars, its no accomplishment, it means nothing, its just unfair, and BS. If they lose, its just a failure of even bigger, more embarrassing proportions.

    He just better not go to SJ. Dean better not let that happen. He cant.

    • Same shit happens in DET except players will take a severe pay cut to win. Don’t take it personal.

    • Rick Nash is not going to go to San Jose because his good buddy Joe Thornton plays there. If he goes to San Jose, it is because he thinks he can get his name etched on the Stanley Cup. Plain and simple.

      Also, it has nothing to do with who needs what more. Kings need offense, but have too many caveats about acquiring it. They sure as hell cant sign it, and they apparently dont want to coach it. All Doug Wilson wants is championships and he will do whatever he thinks is necessary to get it.

    • F’n A, man, that’s a whole lotta words to say some stupid shit.

    • lol, someone better tell Nash that he won’t win the cup with the Sharks. Its never gonna happen. Ever.

  4. Since the fourth grade the only thing I’ve said more than “that’s not my porn” is “there’s always next year.”

    And with this games, the “next years” are looking to take a hefty lead.

    Like an abused wife who says “it’s my fault, I don’t do the dishes fast enough,” I say things like “it’s my fault, I jinxed them by putting my jersey on left arm first instead of right arm.”

    I wanna have faith in this team, I do. But fuck a duck, guys. If you don’t wanna compete every battle of every shift, there’s some lame duck in the AHL who will. They may not have the hands, or the stamina, or the youth– but I’m sure there’s guys out there with heart.

    To my inner ten year old who is still standing in front of the TV in socks practicing toe drags (actually I’m 31 and still doing that so I’ll just say it to my fat self)–

    “next year, boyo.”

  5. So depressing lately to watch the team fall apart

  6. I just wish Rick Nash was never made available in the first place. When I heard he was, I thought thats perfect, thats amazing, the Kings can finally get their top scorer, and they have everything Columbus wants.

    How naive it was. Now I know every time a good player I want becomes available, it just means one more guy San Jose gets to trade for on a complete steal. At this point I just feel like I hope no one good ever becomes available, because at least then the Sharks wont get better. This way at least we can all stay the same.

    It fucking sucks being a Kings fan. That could change so easily if they just got Nash and for once won out over teams like San Jose to get the player. I mean cant Lombardi fucking fly to Nash’s house like Pegula did in Buffalo and convince him to waive, like Regehr. Just fucking make it happen. Will it to happen. Talk to the team psychologist before leaving if you have to, figure out what Nash’s psychological profile is, and figure out what buttons to push that he would like and make him want to come to LA. Im sure SJ is doing all that and more, probably consulting with 50 different firms about how to get this guy.


    • Yeah well drew dreamed of playing for the kings his whole life, that didn’t stop him from ass raping the franchise and costing his team with a negative start to the season with the hold out

  7. I mean how can it be this hard to sell male athletes in their mid-20s to come to LA with a million hot young actresses, its a paradise for these guys, its a glamorous place. Kings players are in a great sweet spot where they are pro athletes so can have status and women, but they arent big movie stars who cant go anywhere without being stalked by paparazzi and getting recognized.

    This should be an amazing place for hockey players to live. How can Dean not be able to sell anyone on it?

    • Hockey players want to win too. The Kings haven’t won dick.

      • Neither have the Sharks, and the Kings are younger, their ownership is committed to spending the money if someone would just come here. If they get Nash at the deadline, then maybe Parise gets more excited about coming, too, all of a sudden you have a powerhouse.

        I dont think its winning. I think the Sharks are great con artists who know how to play the game better than anyone, they have a really willing and desperate guy in Thornton to sweet talk all the players with these no-moves and get them to come to San Jose, they just keep finding ways to get these top players out of nothing.

        • Kings travel schedule is brutal.
          Not a serious hockey organization inf the eyes of the viewing public.
          Not a serious organization in the eyes of the media.
          Games are played too late, recognition is dimiinished; refer to Quick, J.
          Kings have never won.
          Kings play a tedious, rewardless defensive style of hockey.
          Chicks are everywhere, not just L.A.; I mean ohh my god!! Do you want to date a valley girl?
          The “core” of this team that a player would want to be seen with career-wise is limited to one poor bastard named Mike Richards.

          Other than that I see no problem.

  8. I just feel sick to my stomach. 😢

  9. I think we’ve been looking young. Other than a couple guys our forward core is the Manchester Monarchs.

    Why was Clifford in this game? He should have been benched after that series of dumb ass plays he made last game. Nice turnover tonight Kyle.

    The only hope I have for the season is that maybe once the deadline passes guys will breathe easier and stop sucking as much.

    Other than that it’s a wrap. Even if they make the playoffs, these Monarchs are gonna get swept in a round.

  10. If your piece is this filled with rageful woe, I can only imagine what Barry will write. Not that I disagree with you…

    “Because he does not value offense. He values things you don’t see and can’t measure.”
    |–>”Where is all that character Dean Lombardi has traded for the past six years? Oh, he can’t see it either? That is because character doesn’t score goals. Skill does.”

    This team seems to lack the character and intangibles as well though. I said to my friend after the game “This entire team has no chemistry and completely lacks direction and conviction.” In an homage to the fame makers, his response was:
    “Playing for coach Sutter is really nice.”

    “cause he kinda doesn’t coach us.”


  11. Yeah… when I said “Give me Bernier”… that’s not what I was talking about.

  12. Not that it matters much for this season, but I have finally come to the consensus that brown is a shitty captain. Didn’t really take much stock in it. But look around. The Doans, callahans, parises, iginlas… All these guys will carry the team on their back and find a way. Whether a goal, a fight, a hit, a voice in the locker room. The guide their team to winning. Lead by example. Lookin at brown in the interview after the second 1-0 loss. He looked like a dumbass. He has nothing to offer. He isn’t articulate enough to be a captain. Strip him. Richards seems like the obvious choice, but he probably already has the captain affect because he is a captain.

  13. Lombardi is an ASS!

    He didn’t see the writing on the wall at the end of last season, and even though I get him wanting to give Murray another chance, I disagreed with it because I felt offense wasn’t a priority under Murray.

    What really pisses me off is that, offense was the main issue with why many wanted Murray gone. The Kings ended up dead last in scoring this season, Murray was fired, then Lombardi stubbornly, and defiantly hired another defensive coach to replace the one he originally refused to fire last season.

    His ego refused to look at what is, and has been the Kings only weakness under his watch, and he hired a puppet that would not make big changes to a system he refused to change during the summer.

    His ego has continued to draft defenseman, centers, and goalies with his top picks instead of natural wingers, because everybody and their mother wants him to draft wingers who can score, and he’d rather do it in a way that says “FUCK YOU! I’ll tell you what we need”.

    So here we sit, with a team that still can’t score, a puppet of a coach who refuses to make major changes to a system that can’t produce offense, and the only option he’s left us is to trade for a sniper, which he hasn’t secured yet, with the deadline coming Monday.

    Why the fuck he would leave that as the only option, then wait till the last possible momment to get it done is what I hope is grounds for termination this summer.

    Make a choice already, and do something to address the problem. Sitting around and watching it unfold without doing something is absolutely the worst thing you could do.


    • Fuck yea bro! Tell it like it is!!!

    • ha ha. Dom on a rant. The Dominator.

    • I can see why DL would hire Sutter. If he brings in some unknown and rolls the dice there and they tank even worse, his credibility is totally shot. I think at that point it was all just damage control. He knows Sutter well and just minimizing the risk.

      With Sutter, who’s got the experience, if the team starts tanking he can deflect more of that responsibility to the coach and players.

      I can’t see how he’s gonna be around next season though.

    • Again, please watch the use of profanity. Using the word Mur*** is foul, unneccessary, and offensive. You’re better than that. Please consider a euphemism, such as “Hell’s shepherd,” or “He who made this hopeless.” Thank you.

    • Don’t know if you heard whoever it was doing the color last night talk about how they’ve made changes to the Colorado system that have improved the team?

      It was very revealing and said as much about the Kings as it did about Colorado. It said a lot about hockey in general.

  14. You can trade for players (The Nash/Carter), bench players, call out players, criticize players, play with line combos, pull your goalie, roll 4 lines and add as much lipstick and rouge to the face of this franchise but the bottom line is a polished turd is still a turd.

  15. “I am at a level of frustration that is also beyond measure. I can’t see straight.”

    Dude I didn’t even bother to watch the 3rd. Yes they coulda pulled off a Phx but I knew the chances were slim. When I start wanting guys to get into fights just for the sake of getting into fights that’s not a good place for me to be.

    Right when the 2nd was over and they got a shot of Quick he just got up and left. No staying on the bench to say something to em, hit on the shoulder pads/helmet…nothing. To me that spoke volumes.

    Possible upside: There’s more games to play and the squad starts putting together a string of wins.

    Possible downside: There’s more games to play and they crumble like a house of cards.

    Unbelievable how this season has just to turned to utter shit.

  16. You read it here 1st:

    Carter traded to Toronto

    Nash not traded at all

  17. Now will people start realizing the truth, JJ FUCKING sucks balls. You are now just starting to see what the rest of the league sees. Hmmmm what would you rather have a guy who scores a hat trick or a guy that constantly gives the puck away and takes dumbass penalties. Trade for Carter before JJ is worth nothing.

    • If you watched the game you would have heard Milbury call out Penner big time. He then said that Carter was barely a step up from Penner, in spite of getting a hat trick the other night.

  18. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh . . . .


    I think I handled that rather well.

  19. I’ve moved beyond anger…and now I’m just depressed. I sat on my couch, watching this team, and was flat out depressed.

    They’re tearin me up.

    I didn’t bother to watch the Phoenix game, I needed a break…and I only watched the 1st period last night…it’s too fucking depressing.

    They aren’t supposed to be this bad.

  20. Lucky for me, this hemlock tastes just like Mr. Pibb.

    • Im sick watching this team. I enjoyed watching the Jackets beat the Sharks and if the Sharks end up with Nash I’ll be even sicker, but it will not help them as they have huge problems in net and their d is very average. I herd Jackets want Logan Couture on the deal and that is not going to happen IMO. Kings needs to make Nash the face of the franchise make him feel like he’s the biggest name since Gretzky him the C buy him a house a wife

      • What ever it takes Dean as our current roster needs to be blown up! Now! I love the Kings but the current team you put together just sucks! No chemistry, no HEART, no fight! Make a deal. Brown, JJ, Bernier, Stoll, and prospects and 2 picks for Nash and Carter. Just release Penner.

  21. The players are thinking ahead…for early golf in April.

    Keep Quick, and trade the rest of the bums…

    Sutter: look what the cat dragged in last night….

    Lombardi: MIA. Out to Lunch Signs posted at his door….


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